10 Iconic Premier League Moments

The Premiership as we know it was founded in February 1992, when it was decided English leagues needed to be improved so they could compete with international leagues. Up until it was founded much of the football in Great Britain had a bad reputation, caused by violent fans, poor revenue and the loss of talent to clubs belonging to Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A, among, others.

The Premiership is made up of twenty teams that battle it out to avoid relegation. The three teams that end the season with the lowest points in the league are forced into move down to the championship. In return the top two teams in the Championship move into the Premier League. Top scorers in positions 3-6 then face a playoff competitions to battle it out the one remaining place in the Premiership. This system works all the way through the Football league from the premiership through to the lower divisions.

Over the years since it began the Premier League can be credited with the improvements of many football stadiums in the UK, and due to its popularity more and more avenues for income are being founded in the sport. Not only can you go to your chosen club to support your team, with or without a club membership, but you can also visit these stadiums in style by opting to experience a sports hospitality package delivered by your chosen club.

For many football fans across the world the Premier League has become one of the most prolific leagues in the history of the sport. In fact the premier league itself can be credited with making football more popular than ever. Now we have international players that aspire to be a part of our football leagues.

During its reasonably short history the Premier League has provided fans, players and many more with incidents that may have been missed if the league hadn’t existed. Ten of our favourites are listed below.

1. David Beckham’s Epic Goal 

If you were to ask any fan about the greatest goal ever scored in the Premiership then David Beckham’s halfway line goal against Wimbledon might just be it.

You wouldn’t be forgiven for forgetting just how unbelievable Beckham was with a football. His strike was incredible. In fact skills like his had not been seen in English football, before he made his name in the sport. Aged twenty one at the game in question, Beckham made sure that he would go down in history by showing off his talent.

The former united player is now retired from football but remains one of the most influential men in world when it comes to the sport. In fact the term bend it like Beckham was born from his amazing ability with a ball.

2. Wayne Rooney aged 16 at Arsenal

No self-respecting football fan would be forgiven for forgetting the way that Wayne Rooney burst onto the scene aged just sixteen.

At the time the youngster was on a meagre £80. He was bought on to face Arsenal who at the time were at the top of their game. Proving that it wasn’t going to faze him, or dull his skills on the pitch, Rooney ended Arsenals 30 game unbeaten roll with an outstanding goal. He actually took the ball down on his shoulder, span it and curled it into the goal off the top of the bar.

The goal and Rooney went down in history as he became the Premier Leagues youngest ever Goal scorer.

3. Ouch Suarez

Even non-football fans will forget this one!

Yes, Luis Suarez is undoubtedly a talented player and yes, he seems to be indispensable, but one moment he will never be forgotten for is when he decided to take a chunk out of Branislav Ivanovic during a Liverpool home game against Chelsea. Unfortunately it wasn’t easy to see the offending bite immediately however when inspected it was clear to see. The talented player simply saw red, He isn’t the only player to be responsible for misconduct on the pitch but this is one incident that will certainly be remembered! Suarez now plays as a striker for FC Barcelona.

4. The Eric Cantona Kick

One of United’s most iconic players managed to get himself a whopping nine month ban in 1995. After finding himself sent off in a game against Crystal Palace, Eric Cantona faced a barrage of abuse from the home fans. One fan in particular felt the wrath of Cantona as he reacted to the abuse with a full on kung fu kick! Fortunately the kick didn’t actually hit the fan but the attempt was there. Manchester United were expected to drop the Frenchman following his unacceptable behaviour, however they supported him and saw him come back to play for them and re build his reputation.

5. Liverpool’s 4-3 match Against Newcastle 

Arguably one of the greatest matches in Premier League history is the match that took place at Anfield Liverpool in the spring of 1996.

At the time Newcastle and Liverpool were great rivals and played some amazing games, this one fixture however stood out from all others. Stan Collymore managed to score an amazing goal during the final minutes of the game resulting in a thrilling end to an amazing battle.

This match is possibly one of Liverpool’s most iconic and any fan will recall the tension as the game was played out at Liverpool’s home ground.

6. Wayne Rooney, again 

You have to forgive us for giving Rooney more than one mention. It doesn’t matter who you support but talent should be recognised by all football fans. After all if you’re not a United fan then you are likely to be jealous that this one isn’t on your side.

His first goal in the premiership was amazing, but this one is one he will take with him until his retirement. It was perhaps his greatest ever goal.

At the time Rooney had publically expressed a desire to leave Man United – a statement that didn’t go down well with any of the fans. Following a discussion with bosses, he later changed his mind but was forced to win the favour of the supporters that had been effected by his attitude towards leaving.

So Rooney did what he does best, he reacted to a well deflected cross and showed off with an overhead kick that resulted in an amazing goal. His efforts secured a victory for Man United over their major rivals.

7. Manchester United and Extra time 

The term ‘Fergie Time’ is a well-known one in football today and refers to a time when, seemingly, former Manchester United boss, Sir Alex Ferguson, gained extra injury time at home games.

The extra time seemed to come about when United were losing and it gave them the extra they needed to ensure that the opposition conceded more goals.

Following his retirement the former boss shockingly admitted that he did lay on the pressure to referees to award extra time.

In a bid to discover if the extra time branded Fergie time actually existed the BBC launched an investigation that worked out the average extra time United managed to get at home. It was discovered that they did in fact receive just over a minute in extra time every time they were losing a match, as opposed to any extra time that was awarded in games that they were winning!

8. Thierry Henry is made a statue in awe of a particular!

Thierry Henry not only managed to impress everyone at Arsenals game against Tottenham in 2002, he also made an impact so strong a statue was erected in his honour.

The goal in question was scored in a solo run, whilst it appeared that he was perhaps a little arrogant in his celebrations and with his ability, it can’t be argued that the goal was anything other than remarkable.

He certainly deserves a mention and his iconic status at Arsenal. Since his time in the Premiership he has gone on to represent Barcelona and the New York Red Bulls.

9. Keane and Vieira Battle it Out

The Premier League has not been without its fair share of rivalry in the game. But not many could compare to the battles that Man United and Arsenal have endured.

For almost ten years both teams fought for the title between them at the end of the season. Captains Keane and Vieira took charge of the rivalry that occasionally went beyond the sides of the football pitch!

Perhaps greatest example of this rivalry was lived out in the tunnel at Highbury in 2005, when Keane was offended by comments Vieira made to Gary Neville.

10. Di Canio’s Moments of Fair and Foul Play 

Paolo di Canio could possibly have scored one of the greatest goals in Premier League history, during his days on the pitch, but it is perhaps one particular moment of sportsmanship that cements the memory of his game in the Premiership.

Everton’s goalkeeper, Paul Gerrard, collapsed with an injury and di Canio picked up the ball and stopped the game. It would have been all too easy for him to have taken advantage of the situation and score a goal. Rather than halt proceedings to make sure that the keeper got the medical attention that he required.

This was a true display of sportsmanship and proved that the game that was fast being commercialised still held on to old fashioned traditions. First of all who would want to score a goal that was so easy? Where is the skill involved in that? Secondly what is the point of the game if it is unfair? Di Canio surprisingly did what he would expect another player to do in return.

Greatest Comebacks in Champions League History

The Champions League is seen by all fans around the world as the absolute pinnacle of football, even considered higher, by many, than international football. The best clubs from all around Europe pit themselves against each other in the ultimate tournament to see who comes out on tip. Sometimes there are upsets where the leading team in the world gets stuffed by a minnow but other times, the unexpected threatens to happen but the losing team find a way to defy the odds and come back. With this in mind we decided to list what we consider to be the greatest comebacks in the history of the Champions League. (not in order of greatness).

Deportivo La Coruna vs. AC Milan, 2004 – (Losing 4-1) Won 5-4

No doubt about this one being one of the most outrageous comebacks the CL has ever seen, trailing 4-1 from the first leg quarter final against the holders A.C Milan, Deportivo La Coruna fired back to win 5-4 on aggregate and meet F.C. Porto in the Semi’s. Beautifully orchestrated from midfield by the one and only Juan Carlos Valeron the Galicians hit the team from Italy with both barrels going 3 goals up in the first half thanks to Valeron, Pandiani and Luque, wiping out Milan’s first leg advantage. With 13 minutes remaining RCD club captain Fran struck a volley sweetly and it nestled in the back of the net to cement this comeback as one of the best ever probably paying out ridiculous amounts on football bets all over Europe.

Liverpool vs. AC Milan, 2005 – (Losing 3-0) Levelled to 3-3 & Won on penalties

No list of the greatest Champions League comebacks is complete without this one, The Miracle of Istanbul. A.C. Milan, with a star studded squad including Pirlo, Kaka, Shevchenko et all were leading 3-0 at half time and on their way to European Triumph, only, nobody thought to tell Liverpool that I was done and dusted. The reds flew out of the traps at half time and set about reducing the deficit, club captain Steven Gerrard notching the first, Smicer adding the second 2 minutes later and Xabi Alonso completing the unlikely comeback a further 5 minutes after. After both teams battled to come out on top throughout regulation and extra time, the game went to penalties. Liverpool triumphed from the spot marking this game as one of the most talked about in the history of football.

Barcelona vs. Paris Saint-Germain, 2017 (Losing 4-0) Won 6-5

The most recent on this list and seemingly, one of the most unlikely given the score line, Barca trailed PSG 4-0 from the first leg of the Champions League last 16 and seemed to be down and out, especially when even after Barca pulled 3 goals back, Cavani scored for PSG to give them the edge on away goals. It was 5-3 to PSG when in the 88th minute Neymar curled in a pearler of a free kick, and just 2 minutes later was hauled down for a penalty and dully tucked it away. With the scores at 5-5 PSG still went through on away goals but in the 95th minute stand-in right back Sergi Roberto for Barcelona popped up in the most unlikely of positions and managed to score. Camp Nou erupted as did much of the football watching world to the biggest comeback of the last decade.

Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich, 1999 (Losing 1-0) Won 2-1

As they were prior to Alex Ferguson’s arrival, Manchester United are forever in Liverpool’s shadow in the comeback stakes with everyone remembering the Miracle in Istanbul and not many ever mentioning this game. United were second best for much of the contest after Bayern took an early lead through Mario Basler. It took until the 91st minute for United to equalise through Teddy Sheringham and level the tie. With golden goal extra time looming, uniteds late goal specialist Ole Gunnar Solskjaer popped up and scored in the 93rd minute to send the Red Devil’s fans into a rampage and claim the UEFA Champions League.

Chelsea vs. Napoli, 2012

Another often overlooked achievement is when the terrible looking Chelsea of 2012 managed to scrape themselves a UEFA Champions League Trophy. The team was serious struggling but managed to win the entire tournament and there’s no doubt that this game was the catalyst. After losing the first leg 3-1 many thought it was all over for the Blues but even after Napolie scored again, Chelsea managed to level it up at 4-4 and take it to extra time with goals from Lampard, Terry and Drogba. Salvation came in the form of Branislav Ivanovic who scored in extra time to send Chelsea through and on their way to win the whole thing!

Arsenal Top-Four Dream is Kept Alive

Recently, we’ve experienced an incredible match when the Gunners clashed against the Red Devils of Manchester United. As you all know, Arsenal was able to end the 25-match unbeaten streak of Manchester United in the Premier Leagues with a great score of 2-0 at the Emirate Stadium. At the same time, Arsenal has revived all hopes of securing a spot on the top four of the league after the goals scored from Danny Welbeck and Granit Xhaka.

The game was indeed Arsenal’s first competitive win over Manchester United under the management of Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese coach preferred to keep his players fresh for their Europa League match instead of keeping their chance of staying in the top four position in the Premier Leagues alive. The last time United lost a match was in October, and rotating the life-up for the Arsenal Vs Man Utd match has proved to be fatal for Mourinho.  Now with just a couple of matches left, the Gunners are keeping their fingers crossed to move up a rank on the table.

The Gunners managed to stay in the hunt for this much coveted fourth place in the Premier League during their awesome match against Southampton lately. The goals came in from Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez in the second half. This was Arsenal’s 4th win in their last five matches and if they can move within just one point of Liverpool, they can beat Stoke City.

It was Sanchez who played fabulous in the second half and slotted home in the box after wrong-footing two of the defenders. Giroud later came in as a substitute and nodded one in from a close range. Southampton was not threatening, with only one chance in the first half when Gabbiadini got a close range shot and forced Petr Cech to make the save. After this defeat, Southampton stays in their tenth position on the table. On the other hand, Arsenal has moved up to the fifth position, with only three points separating them from Manchester City, who are currently clinging to their fourth spot.

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Arsene Wenger seems to be handling the pressure well and has made his team deliver on the pitch despite many fans wanting him to step down. This short recovery of the team could mean that we will continue seeing him manage the team. He would most probably have to prove that he can still make Arsenal reach the top -four position in the Premier League for the twentieth year in a row. With their confidence boosted after their last few wins, we can only expect to see them bring out the best of football for this end of season.

Cheap Players That Arsenal Should Consider Buying

It has been speculated recently that Arsenal are going to spend big this summer, having learnt their lesson from before. However, what is more likely is that Arsene is going to spend as he usually did in the past – buy at reasonable prices and hope for the best.

Trying to buy the best players at reasonable prices is next to impossible, but as Football Manager players know, there is always the possibility of investing heavily on one or two world class players and then buying a couple more free agents with the pocket change left.

In this article we will look at 3 extremely cheap, but quality options, which Arsene can buy this summer to improve Arsenal’s squad depth. We have already done the scouting, so Arsene, if you are reading, please go for these players since this is a unique opportunity and it is just like being given an offer code completely for free.

Diego Laxalt

At the end of the season Arsene Wenger started playing with three centre backs and two wing-backs in a shift to formation which surprised everyone. The 3-4-3 was popularized this season by Conte and soon managers like Pochettino and Mourinho followed suit.

Arsene was the last to jump on the train, but it seems like he made the change at the right point of the season since it was early enough for some improved performances and crucially for an FA Cup trophy.

That brings us to our first transfer target, Diego Laxalt. The Uruguayan is still only 24, currently impresses for Genoa in Serie A and can play left wing-back or left winger. He is quick, pacey, difficult to shake off when marking, times his tackles to perfection and can deliver a killer cross.

He would be ideal for Arsenal’s new formation as Wenger would have two quality outlets down the wings with the Ox on the right and Laxalt on the left. In addition, he will also come quite cheaply as his current market value is no more than €8 million.

Ilija Nestorovski

Nestorovski is a natural goal scorer who can be considered as a late bloomer. He was unearthed by Palermo’s scouts last year after they saw him scoring for fun in the Croatian second division.

You would think that it is a big step up to move from the Croatian second tier to Italy’s Serie A, but for Ilija, it wasn’t. He was Palermo’s top goal scorer this season, notching 11 goals and 3 assists in a frankly rotten side which was relegated as early as April.

His current value is no more than €4 million and he is arguably the smartest purchase in Europe right now with the likes of Everton, Atletico Madrid and Fiorentina following his situation.

Etrit Berisha

Berisha is Albania’s and Lazio’s first choice keeper and he has had a terrific season. He is currently valued at only €6 million which makes him a bargain even if his price goes as high as €20 million in today’s inflated market.

Arsenal: The Chaff from the Wheat

It’s time to sit down, accept Arsene Wenger will be the manager of Arsenal for next season, and focus on what we need in the team to be Champions come May. There’s going to be a lot of talk about possible players coming in, with Kylian Mbappe and Riyad Mahraz looking real possibilities, but before we start getting excited about the new action men we need to clear some space in the toy box. There were some real disappointments last season but who should be cast aside and who should we hold on to like a Macron handshake?


So, an easy kick-off, as Petr Cech must stay. He hasn’t had the best of seasons, but Liverpool’s costly errors between the sticks proved what a tricky position this can be to get right. David Ospina should also remain and have game time in the Europa League and League Cup, shared with the young rookies Damian Emiliano Martinez and Matt Macey.


Talk of Hector Bellerin moving is disturbing and, as one of the best in his position in the world, he must be retained. Laurent Koscielny is also a keeper and Nacho Monreal has done enough to be retained but shouldn’t be the first choice at left-back. Carl Jenkinson seemed to be out the door in January and should certainly be gone this transfer window. He’ll likely be joined on the bus out of Emirates Stadium by Kieran Gibbs, Mathieu Debuchy, and Calum Chambers. All of whom showed some promise but are unlikely to be representing a Premier League club with title ambitions ever again.

It’s been a long time since Per Mertesacker showed promise but his performance in the F.A. Cup final coupled with his experience and voice in the dressing room make him a valuable squad member. With Sead Kolasinac arriving on a free transfer from Schalke, we’re left with Shkadran Mustafi, Gabriel Armando de Abreu, and Rob Holding; of those three, Gabriel should be moved on.

Assuming Wenger continues to play three at the back, that gives us Koscielny, Mustafi, and Kolasinac, with Mertesacker, Monreal, and Holding as back-up. Bellerin is superb at right wing-back and we require someone of his quality to be brought in to take up the left wing-back role.


Source: FC Arsenal Live via Facebook


Who knows how our season might have turned out had one Santiago Cazorla not been so needlessly risked and subsequently injured. Hopefully, those injury woes are a thing of the past and he can form a midfield partnership with Granit Xhaka, with Aaron Ramsey and Mohamed Elneny providing cover in the centre. That leaves no room for Francis Coquelin, who has not been up to standard, and Alex Iwobi, who looks unlikely to ever make the grade.

Theo Walcott is still a great player, with a good goal and assist ratio and should obviously be retained along with Lucas Perez, who didn’t really get a chance last season. I would have been in favour of keeping Ales Oxlade-Chamberlain but if The Ox has had his head turned and is unsettled, we should get as much as we can for him. The same is true of Jack Wilshere; if you can’t hold down a place in Eddie Howe’s Bournemouth team, you’re not going to walk into the Arsenal team.

That leaves us with a few youth players to get some minutes in the cups and the elephants in the room, Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. It goes without saying that they should be retained and a marquee signing or two early in the transfer window might just be enough to convince them that their future with the Gunners has the prospect of glory, despite what the bookmakers might think; Arsenal are an outside 12/1 for the 2017/18 title in the early football betting.

If they can’t be retained, Arsenal should make sure they don’t ply their trade in the U.K. next season and spend an obscene amount of money replacing them.


Source: Arsenal via Facebook


This is easy; Yaya Sanogo is on his way, Danny Welbeck and Olivier Giroud remain at the club, and we spend big on a colossal centre forward who can guarantee twenty plus goals per season.

It’s crazy season for transfer gossip and rumours but let’s sort our house out first and only retain those that can make a meaningful contribution to the team. It’s a make or break season for Wenger and, without European football to really worry about, he needs to sculpt a team that’s capable of making up an 18-point gap and he can’t do that with deadwood lolling around the club.