Is Arsenal’s Season About To Start Unravelling?

It’s been confirmed that Arsenal will be without the services of Hector Bellerin and Alexis Sanchez, two of our main starters this season. Bellerin looks like he’s out for a few weeks with an ankle injury, while Alexis apparently has a hamstring problem – meaning he won’t be back any time soon.

Arsenal have been playing well recently but stuttered against Tottenham at home last weekend, where we put in a somewhat subdued performance. No we have injuries to two of our most important players – so is this the start of our collapse?

There is always a time in the season, usually around November where we drop points and lose ground in the title race. Our first game back after the International break is at Old Trafford which could prove to be our season defining game.

Win and there’s confidence that we can actually challenge this season – but a defeat would mean the same old story and the belief that the best we can achieve is a Top 4 position once again.

It’s a game I am really worried about for several reasons. Firstly, it’s Old Trafford. Apart from the FA Cup game a couple of season ago, we haven’t won there in ages. And generally speaking, when we have lost there it seems to have sucked all the life out of us, affected our performances in the games following on from that match. Secondly, it’s Jose Mourinho. We all know what a sneaky cunt he is and tactically, he’ll have us sussed out. He also has a knack of shitting on your parade and we all know what he did to Liverpool with Chelsea, that season where the Merseysiders were favourites for the title.

The Manchester United game is one where I would love a win so so much but reluctantly accept that if we leave with a draw then it would be a miracle.

Vote Here! Can Theo Walcott Fire Arsenal To The Title?

There’s no doubt that Theo Walcott is on fire for Arsenal at the moment.

He’s scored 8 games in 10 games which for a winger, is already an excellent return. Don’t forget his highest ever scoring season was in 2012-2013 when he scored 21 goals in all competitions.

The forward line for Arsenal has seemed to just fall into place this season. We all thought that Olivier Giroud would be the main man, with Alexis Sanchez on the left and then possibly Lucas Perez on the right. Alex Iwobi was just about breaking into the team towards the end of last season but it was thought that new signing Perez would be making more appearances than he has so far.

In fact, the forward line against Manchester City in our last away game of the season was Giroud, Sanchez and Welbeck.

So you wouldn’t think Theo had a look in.

But this season he has been excellent. And all Arsenal fans are thinking the same thing right now: the season has only just started and while Theo has been fantastic, he’s at the time of his career where he needs to perform at a top level for a whole season.

Alexis Sanchez as our main man has works wonders, and has brought out the best in not just Theo Walcott but Alex Iwobi and Mesut Özil. Those 4 players are taking on teams with some serious attitude (and pace), and with support from players like Cazorla and Coquelin, Arsenal are looking really good right now.

So the big question is this – can he maintain this level over the whole season?

Can Theo Walcott fire Arsenal to their first Premier League title in 12 years?

Cast your vote here and leave your opinions below!

Mesut Özil Has To Be Careful The Arsenal Fans Don’t Turn Against Him


[ Credit: joshjdss ]

It’s been a good start to the season for Arsenal – we’re joint top of the league (only behind Manchester City on goal difference) and the team is playing well. We had a jittery game against Swansea at the weekend but generally speaking we’ve been very good.

Theo Walcott is on fire for Arsenal (I couldn’t care less if he isn’t performing for England), Mesut Özil is chipping in with the goals, Alexis Sanchez is a real team player who everything good goes through, Alex Iwobi looks like a real player and defensively (again, bar the Swansea match) we’ve looked excellent.

In midfield we still have Aaron Ramsey to come back, although Cazorla and Coquelin have looked brilliant. Xhaka is having mixed fortunes, scoring some real thunderbolts but then seeing red against at the weekend.

So at the moment, things are rosey at Arsenal.

The only real issues at the moment are the contract renewals of Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez – two of our best players.

While the Alexis Sanchez contract negotiations are being kept out of the spot light, issues are surfacing about Mesut Özil. Essentially, the two main sticking point are a wage increase and our ambition to win titles.

Now don’t get me wrong, he is a top quality player. And look, he’s a likeable guy – if you follow him on Twitter or Instagram, you see he loves playing for Arsenal and has a real connection with the fans. And I like him. But there is a real danger that this situation could get sticky at the very least.

We all know players want more money and football agents are the driving force behind this, that’s just the nature of the game as it stands at the moment. And while this is nothing new this has the potential to ruin Özil’s relationship with the Arsenal fans.

In terms of ambition, again this is another thing agents bring up to increase their players earnings. But the ambition argument for me is something which is going to cause a problem the further these talks go on.

Because while he’s been successful for Germany, in terms of club football his honours list is modest to say the least.

He’s played at the highest level for 10 seasons and won the German Cup with Werder Bremen (in 2 seasons), La Liga and the Copa del Rey in 3 seasons at Real Madrid and 2 FA Cups with Arsenal in 3 seasons.

So he’s not like Paul Scholes or even Philip Neville in terms of trophies won.

So talking about Arsenal’s ambition is a little rich considering the titles he has won over his 10 years in football.

The long the contract talks go on the more it’s going to turn against Özil. Questioning the ambition of a club which has moved forward considerably in the last few seasons and is playing some excellent football isn’t always the best bargaining tool.

We’ll see what the next few weeks hold but hopefully, things won’t turn too ugly.

How Can Wenger Keep Hector Bellerin Away from Barcelona?

Hector Bellerin has been at the center of rumors and speculation for some time now, especially with regards to his future at Arsenal. If you look at the latest Premier League lines, it is easy to conclude that Hector might be heading back to Europe soon.

Hector left Barcelona in 2011 when he chose to join the Gunners. Ever since then, he has had to work really hard to force his way into the first team. Additionally, he has become a full Spain International.

Now, intense speculation about Hector’s next move has begun to emerge, with many voices linking the full back with Manchester City and Barcelona. Wenger cannot afford to lose a talent like Hector.

And the fans have rightly begun to murmur in anxiety about Hector’s possible departure. And it isn’t like they do not have good reasons to worry about the Defender. Barcelona hasn’t come out to justify any of the rumours floating around about their interest in Hector.

However, they haven’t denied the rumours either, and according to most European Football analysts, there is a good chance that Barcelona is looking at Hector as a good replacement for Dani Alves.

A product of La Masia, Arsenal’s bid to keep Hector in place will be complicated by the fact that interest for the player extends beyond Barcelona. Manchester City has also begun lustfully gazing at Hector.

City Boss Pep Guardiola is a highly enticing coach for any player looking to make their mark in the football arena. And if all these rumours and speculative conversations were not enough, some outright statements of intent have been made in recent days.

The Barcelona Vice-President was recently heard making conversation about the potential possessed by players that leave and then come back to the club. He talked up the importance of developing players, releasing them to go find their fortunes elsewhere and then pulling them back once they had garnered enough experience.

Hector Bellerin is only 21-years-old, and everyone agrees that he is one of the most exciting fullbacks to play the game. Having triumphed over Theo Walcott for the title of fasted Arsenal Player, Hector’s technique is what you would expect from an ex-Barcelona youth product.

With an outrageous pace and plenty of potential to grow, Hector’s chances of success are strengthened by the fact that he has such an impressive attitude. Unlike some other premier league players within his age range, you do not need to teach Hector how to defend.

At this point, you would think that Arsenal fans wouldn’t have much to fear. After all, theirs is hardly the team that Hector joined five years ago. New TV deals and sponsorships have made financial issues a thing of the past, what with cash flow having recently reached record levels.

There is no offer that can be made to Hector by any club in the world which Arsenal cannot match, at least in terms of wages. Of course, they have struggled to win trophies, and Hector couldn’t be faulted for running off to a side he thought had a higher chance of prospering.

It is up to Wenger to make his team more appealing for Hector than Barcelona and Manchester City.

Henderson or Xhaka? Whose Goal Was Better? Vote Here!

This weekend saw some excellent football – Liverpool shocked at Chelsea (well, under Klopp it’s a bit less of a shock), Arsenal convinced at Hull City (kind of), Watford thumped Manchester United and Manchester City once again played some scintillating stuff.

But the goals of the weekend have to be between Jordan Henderson and Granit Xhaka.

Both were fantastic strikes which gave the goalkeepers no chance.

So whose was better?

Granit Xhaka:

Jordan Henderson:

Credit: Copa90

Once you’ve seen the goals, cast your vote below!