Did Arsene Wenger Finish Outside The Top 4 On Purpose??

Let’s be honest here, for the last few months if you’re an Arsenal fan like me then you’ve probably just been sick and tired of all this “Wenger In / Wenger Out” crap and been bored senseless of all the speculation over Arsene’s future.

The club at the moment is a complete mess; we have owners who do fuck all – I’ve heard more noises from the Loch Ness Monster than I have from Silent Stan – and why does Ivan Gazidis get paid? Seriously? Is there another Chief Executive in world football that does less than him?

Arsene Wenger is a great man who is carrying all of Arsenal’s problems on his own shoulders and the fans know it. Silent Stan, Ivan Gazidis and the Arsenal board have been a completely disgrace with their treatment of Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans – deciding not to talk about what their intention are. What do they want? Do they actually want the club to be successful??

There are a million questions that need answering and it’s just mind-boggling how quiet the Arsenal board are. They’re more than happy for Arsene Wenger to take the bullet week in, week out and it’s just pathetic. The Arsenal board in its current form is destroying the reputation and trust the fans have in the club.

Arsene Wenger made a series of revealing comments after the Everton game yesterday, admitting that his future disrupted the players and had an affect on the teams performances. That was the first time he admitted that and it’s quite interesting to see why he’s decided now is the time to admit the truth.

Of course, it would have been stupid to say otherwise before the end of the season but to admit it at all seemed like a shot to the board and owner Stan Kroenke. It also seemed like a dig at the board when Arsene said he’s turned down every single offer from other clubs from around the world, to help transform the club, and that he loves Arsenal. From that it appears Arsene Wenger is telling the world that he is perhaps the only man at the club who actually cares about Arsenal.

And it would make sense. The owners are always absent and their lack of public comment is deafening. Do they care? Do they fuck?

What do the owner care about? Money. We’ve seen that from Stan’s other sports franchises that he only cares about taking a yearly profit from his teams, and on the whole, they’re not successful on the pitch. Because that’s not what matters to him.

And look, business is business. Every successful businessman is out to make money but in football you want a billionaire who actually respects the fans and wants to see success for their club. Stan is clearly not that man so thank you very much for the last how many years you’ve been here, but fuck off.

And that got me thinking – did Arsene Wenger finish 5th on purpose? He’s not getting enough backing to improve the club and he knows better than anyone that the best we can do is finish in the Top Four and reach the last 16 in the Champions League. What’s the best way to shake things up? Not get into the Top Four.

Arsene Wenger is now the man with all the power because where do the Arsenal board go from here? There’s no way in hell they would recruit someone else now as Arsenal aren’t such a big attraction without Champions League football and they know it would take a magician to get Arsenal back into the Top Four – or Arsene Wenger.

This could be a power play by the Frenchman who has for all intents and purposes been left to hang out to dry by the board. Finishing 5th isn’t a disaster but sends out a message to the Arsenal hierarchy that they shouldn’t forget who’s in charge and if you want to fuck with Arsene Wenger then he’ll make sure your yearly profits that you take from the club year in, year out, take a hit.

I Hope Alexis Sanchez Leaves and Joins Chelsea!

Reports have come out today that Alexis Sanchez is Antonio Conte’s main transfer target this coming summer. The reason why this story has come out now is that Chelsea are apparently thrashing out a new deal for the Italian and part of the talks involve discussing his future plans for Chelsea.

Alexis is on £130k a week at Arsenal and is apparently demanding  £250k – the way he sees it is that it’ll be his last big contract and that he is worth that weekly wage.

Added to that the discontent around the club, centering around the future of Arsene Wenger.

But those who support the club know our problems are much deeper than that. With Arsenal at the helm we have no backbone, there’s no leaders on the pitch – we’re stuck in a constant fight for fourth, with no chance or actually challenging for the Premier League or Champions League.

Alexis Sanchez has been at the club 3 years now and for all his blood, swear and tears, he’s won an FA Cup.

Whatever you think about the man, he always gives 110%, and as a fan that’s all you want. You don’t care if they’re limited ability-wise, you just want the players who wear the red and white of Arsenal to give it everything on the pitch. But too often we see tepid, lethargic and spineless performances. 

He has his moods but I think all Arsenal fans not just understand his frustrations but share them. We are gutless and if our players had as much fight as they had ability, we’d be far better off.

Could you blame Sanchez if he ditched us for Chelsea? I don’t think Arsenal fans would treat him like they would Fabregas as it’s clear he isn’t going got win anything with us.

If Chelsea went in for Sanchez I’d wish him all the very best. A player who has guts, ambition and fight would do well at Chelsea – a team full of players who always fight and leave it all on the pitch.

Conte is a manager who you can tell would motivate his players and make them fight week in week out, and you can see it this season light as day.

Sanchez Should be Treated Like a God: Give Him What he Deserves


Source: Alexis Sanchez via Facebook

Recent reports on the Alexis Sanchez contract saga now say that the issue won’t be resolved until the summer – which probably means that the best player to wear a Gunners shirt in years will be sold off to the highest bidder. So why aren’t Arsenal doing more to keep hold of their shining star?

Gunners fans continue to stare at news of this stalemate between club and player with shocked and appalled expressions on their faces. It’s clear to all and sundry that Arsenal should be doing everything they can to keep Sanchez at the club. Aside from offering the Chilean the kind of weekly salary a player of his quality deserves, the Arsenal board should be polishing his shoes, installing Sanchez shrines and statues, and building him his own wing at the Emirates Stadium. The former Barcelona man has had an incredible season and is still in with a chance of ending as the Premier League’s top scorer. With 18 league goals to his name, using Player Props betting with Sportsbet.io to wager on whether Sanchez will score in a given game has been a shrewd way of betting this season.

Probably the best player to wear the red and white since Thierry Henry, Sanchez has been a picture of clear frustration this season (see video below), as despite his best efforts the side continues to underachieve. This is a player oozing with passion, desperate for success, and someone who will not allow his career to stagnate and dry up without collecting trophies. Clubs all over Europe are ready and waiting to table offers for the silky attacker in the summer, and draw up lucrative new contract deals with the added promise of success. So what can Arsenal do to keep wolves like Inter Milan from the door?

Here’s a thought: How about making him the captain at the Emirates? He wants to play every minute of every match, gets into a sulk when things are out of his control, and genuinely wants Arsenal to do well. If he was given the responsibility of leader he would have more influence over his and the team’s situation, and may feel as though he can lead them to glory. It would make him the undisputed main man, a role every football fan knows he desires.

Of course, there’d have to be the promise of actual strong reinforcements in the transfer window this time. Who remembers Lucas something-or-other who Arsene Wenger brought in last summer as striking backup? They need bigger names to work alongside the likes of Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. Arsenal aren’t in debt anymore and have the money to spend on quality players. With the teams around them making bigger moves, the Gunners can’t afford to sit still in this respect.

And what about actually giving the player what he wants and increasing his salary to reflect his worth? No offence to Danny Welbeck, but the club have spent the best part of two seasons paying the injury-prone striker’s wages while he’s been in the treatment room. If they can afford to do that, they can afford to pay Sanchez his due.

People Power Will Force the End of Wenger’s Gunners Reign


“Arsène Wenger” by Ronnie Macdonald (CC BY-2.0)

As disgruntled Gunners fans prepare to fly a banner at the next away game calling for the sacking of Arsene Wenger, the 67-year-old has admitted that people power will play a part in his future.

“Fans will have an influence,” he admitted in a recent news conference. “You consider everything. It will not be the most important factor but you consider it, of course. I’ve worked very hard for 20 years to make the fans happy and when you lose I understand they are not.”

Make no mistake about it, with the rising groundswell of opposition to the long-time boss being offered a new contract this summer, Wenger’s days are numbered at the Emirates. While the Frenchman has largely enjoyed the support of the majority of Gunners fans over his 20-year tenure due to success on the pitch, their patience is now wearing thin.

There is arguably nothing more influential in football than popular opinion. Take, for example, the capping of away match tickets at £30 by all Premier League sides at the start of the season. The move came following the concerted and continued efforts of supporters’ groups, who had long protested that they were being unfairly hit in the pocket by clubs. According to a recent study by money-saving website Voucherbox, which takes into account both ticket and travel costs, Gunners fans would actually save around £183 a year by attending each of the club’s 19 away games rather than going to home matches.


“Arsenal FA Cup Parade 2015″ by joshjdss (CC BY-2.0)

Similarly, Cardiff City is also an eminent example of people power in action. When businessman Vincent Tan took over the Bluebirds in 2012, he extraordinarily ended over 100 years of tradition by changing the club’s trademark colours from blue to red. Understandably, Cardiff’s fan base were unimpressed with the abrupt switch-up, which Tan incredulously justified by describing red as a “lucky” colour. Following three years of widespread fan protests in the Welsh capital, the Malaysian investor performed an even more extraordinary U-turn by reverting the club’s home colours to blue two years ago.

With Arsenal currently lying fifth in the table, missing out on Champions League action next season seems a genuine possibility – with the FA Cup remaining the solitary, but admittedly slim, chance for silverware. For a lot of fans, this is no longer good enough; Arsenal have struggled to keep up with their Premier League rivals over the past several years, and title contention has barely seemed likely.


“Arsenal Members’ Day 2015″ by joshjdss (CC BY-2.0)

If fans can drive down ticket prices and force about a change in the very identity of their club, regime change is surely not out of the question, either. Indeed, Wenger should be concerned by a recent statement from Arsenal chairman Sir Chips Keswick, who despite claiming that “any decisions [on Wenger’s future] will be made mutually”, refused to give the Frenchman the board’s full backing in the form of an extension to his current contract, due to expire in the summer.

Do you have any thoughts on Wenger’s future at the Emirates? Let us know in the comments section below.

Arsenal Facing Uncertain Future


Alexis Sánchez“ (CC BY 2.0) by Ronnie Macdonald

Arsenal are staring down the barrel of a dangerous future, with the potential departures of manager Arsene Wenger and key players Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

Wenger is the longest-serving boss in the Premier League, accruing 20 years to his tenure in the Gunners’ dugout, but he has yet to confirm that he will be staying with the club for next season. However, many of the club’ supporters would not mind seeing the back of the Frenchman due to Arsenal’s stagnation over the past decade.

The fate of Sanchez and Ozil is also in limbo given that their contracts are about to expire and no new deals appear to be in sight. The Gunners’ predicament appeared to take a turn for the worse when reports suggested that the Chilean forward had become disillusioned with life at the Emirates Stadium, leading to disagreements with his teammates and Wenger after being left out of the starting line-up in the club’s 3-1 defeat to Liverpool.

A handshake between Sanchez and the Frenchman signalled that the issue may have been overblown, although that will not ease the fears of supporters over the direction the Gunners are heading in the Premier League and the potential loss of two of their star players.

It has never been more important for Arsenal to finish in the top four of the top flight this term, with the club being backed in the latest football betting odds at 11/8 to claim a Champions League place.

A failure to finish in fourth place or above would be the first time the club have failed to accomplish the feat in Wenger’s tenure, highlighting a decline in their fortunes since their defeat in the final of Europe’s elite competition in 2006.


Arsène Wenger looks on“ (CC BY 2.0) by Ronnie Macdonald

Should Wenger, Sanchez and Ozil all depart this summer, it would leave a huge void in the spine of the side and the foundation of the club itself. Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri has been touted to replace the Frenchman, although whether he could be convinced to leave the Bianconeri in the midst in the most successful runs in the team’s history would be another matter.

Allegri also inherited situations at Juve and before during his tenure with AC Milan with sides in positions of strength. I Bianconeri had previously won the league three seasons on the bounce under Antonio Conte before his arrival, while Milan boasted a strong squad featuring Alessandro Nesta, Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in their Serie A triumph in the 2010-11 season.

As Pep Guardiola has proved at Manchester City, there’s no guarantee of immediate success in the Premier League.

Marco Reus, Isco and James Rodriguez have been suggested as potential replacements for Sanchez and Ozil. However, the German has had huge issues with his fitness, while both Isco and Rodriguez have failed to make the grade at Real Madrid – something which plagued Ozil during his time at the Bernabeu.

If these players fail to offer an improvement on the duo, especially Sanchez who has been indispensable to the Gunners with his 17 goals and nine assists in the Premier League, Arsenal could take a further step back.

This could be the biggest summer in the history of the club should they lose arguably their three most important assets. And although replacing Wenger may seem a good idea at the moment, there’s no outstanding candidate out there to take his place in the dugout.