Should Arsenal Sell Alexis Sanchez? Vote & Comment Here!

So here we are, the Alexis Sanchez conundrum.

The forward, and Arsenal’s best player, is into the final 12 months of his contract and is apparently looking for a move away from the club – and that club seems to be Manchester City after Bayern Munich’s interest has petered out, added to the fact that they have just signed James Rodriguez (on loan) from Real Madrid.

So the million-dollar question is should Arsenal sell him?

The £50 million valuation from Arsenal seems to be a sticking point as no club has yet to officially submit a concrete bid for the Chilean. So the question is are Manchester City looking at getting him for far less?

As a £50 million bid from the blue side of Manchester would put the ball in Arsenal’s court.

Alexis Sanchez is currently on £130,000 per week and it’s reported that Sanchez is looking for an increase to £400,000 per week – a figure Arsenal are never going to pay in a million years – the consequences to our existing wage structure would be catastrophic.

Our first option is to basically keep Sanchez, hope he keeps performing at his usual high level and use him to try and win the Premier League – selling him for nothing at the end of the season.

And the other is to sell him for £30-40 million (no club will offer the reported £50 million for a player with 1 year left on his contract) and re-invest that money into buying another player, such as Thomas Lemar from Monaco.

The thing is, for all his mood swings and negative demeanour on the pitch, he is our best player, someone who can win games on his own. Arsenal fans forgive his hissy fits because he is truly world class. You may laugh, but he is a player we are lucky to have at Arsenal and in the Premier League, only a handful of players come close to his level. Don’t make any mistake; if we lost him we’d suffer.

So is it worth strengthening our rivals? Manchester City want him and Chelsea, who lost out on Lukaku this summer, need a forward. Selling to either one of those clubs automatically makes them much stronger and solves a problem they have. Keeping Sanchez however gives them problems that help us in the long run.

But with Arsenal, it will probably come down to the maths.

Why We Should Sell Alexis Sanchez:

Selling him is probably Arsenal’s first preference considering the big lump sum we would get. Arsenal would argue that the fee received could go towards another player to strengthen the side and added to that, we would get rid of a “negative influence” from the squad.

And why would we want to keep a player who doesn’t want to play for us?

Why We Should Keep Alexis Sanchez:

We have one of the best players in the world at the club, and are paying them £130,000 per week – when players of similar stature are demanding well in excess of that.

Alexis Sanchez is apparently not the kind of player to sulk and would still give 110% week in, week out for the team, which would help us go as far as we can in the Premier League.

Arsenal paid £35 million for Alexis in 2014, have had 3 productive seasons from him and would get one more. £35 million for a player of his calibre, for 4 seasons, could be considered a bargain looking at the transfer market as it is today.

So what if we have to release him next summer for free? We’ve had one of the best talents the Premier League has seen for 4 seasons and paid the same amount that Liverpool did for Andy Carroll for Christ’s sake!

Vote & Comment:

Anyway, place your vote below and also leave a comment about your thoughts on the Alexis Sanchez situation – and I will replying to any comments!

Do You Want Mesut Özil To Leave, Or Stay At Arsenal?

The future of Alexis Sanchez is still up in the air, with the forward strongly linked with a move to Manchester City. Some people have said that it would be worth keeping him for the last 12 months of his contract but we all know how football works these days – and there’s no way in hell Arsene Wenger or Arsenal would turn down something in the region on £50 million if that was offered. We might strengthen a rival but that’s the game today and unfortunately, how Arsenal conduct transfer business. We’ve sold players to Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea in the past, so Sanchez to City shouldn’t surprise anyone.

But I digress, it is our other superstar player I wanted to talk about this morning.

Mesut Özil is the other big player who is stalling on a new contract but unlike Sanchez doesn’t seem to be looking for a move away from The Emirates – although that may not be down to him. Alexis Sanchez is a player who has been linked with Bayern Munich, PSG, Manchester City and even Chelsea over recent months – with the vultures circling ever since it was revealed Sanchez wasn’t signing a new deal. For Mesut Özil on the other hand, there have been absolutely no links to him potential signing for anyone else.

Why is that?

Is it because he is a luxury player that no big side that wants to win things can have in their starting line up? Is it because he’s overrated?

Özil is a player who divides opinion and it’s almost as if Arsenal fans need to convince themselves thats Özil is a useful player who Arsenal need. But is he world class?

It is generally accepted that if Alexis Sanchez left Arsenal, it would be a disaster. But what about Özil? Do Arsenal fans care if he did leave?

The strange thing is, even if Özil does keep stalling on a new deal, then there might not be any clubs out there who would buy him anyway!

So do you want Mesut Özil to stay? Or would you prefer if he left and Arsenal spent the money on someone else? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Wenger In Rome – Bad News For Potential Arsenal Signings?

You will all know by now that Arsene Wenger is in Rome for a charity football match.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, we’ve missed out on Falcao as he moves to Manchester United, and now been linked to Jermaine Defoe.

So what does that mean for any potential signings? It’s all quiet on the Arsenal front and as time ticks on, it seems the more likely we’ll have Yaya Sanogoals as our main striker for the next 4 months.

Ah well, to cheer you up here’s a tweet I posted a few days again which is being ridiculed, mainly by fans of Manchester United:

If anything happens in regards to arrivals at Arsenal, I’ll be sure to post about it!

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Falcao To Follow In The Steps Of “Idol” Henry?

When Falcao joined AS Monaco from Athletico Madrid last summer, he said one of the reasons why he joined was that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his “idol” Thierry Henry.

Aside from the fact AS Monaco offered him mega money to go there, it was strange he made up the crap about Thierry Henry.

He’s obviously a mercenary and that is obvious. But that doesn’t take away the fact that he is a world class striker. Not just top class, but world class. And that’s something we badly need right now.

So want to follow in the footsteps of your idol Thierry Henry?

Then surely the next step is to join Arsenal and work with the man who moulded Titi into the phenomenon that he was!

Can Arsenal Pull Off The Falcao Deal?

Reports earlier on tonight from The Guardian suggested that AS Monaco were offering Falcao to Manchester City for a fee of around £55 million.

Does that mean Real Madrid don’t want to buy him? This would seem strange after they managed to scam Manchester United out of £59.7 million for Angel Di Maria. With Falcao in their line up, they would be the best team in Europe by a mile – although I suppose they could feel they have too many attacking superstars, with Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and James Rodriguez all at the Santiago Bernabeu.

So that’s were we are, so we thought. Now The Guardian suggest that Arsenal could be in the running for Falcao, and all Arsenal fans know the pain from yesterday when the BBC were duped by a fake David Ornstein Twitter account and reported that Arsenal were in discussions with the Columbian striker for a £20 million one-year loan deal.

The problem Manchester City have, although they are keen on the striker, is that they are concerned about being within the FFP regulations. Reports suggest they would need to sell before they can buy, with time against them. Maybe Arsenal could put in an offer for Edin Dzeko? Who knows what’s going on behind the scenes.

The reports about Arsenal being in for Radamel Falcao are far from being based on any real evidence, with all of the major news outlets putting two and two together and getting five. The “reason” why Arsenal are in for Falcao is because of the response of Arsenal fans after the disappointing defeat to Leicester City this afternoon, and the poor performance from Giroud’s replacement, Yaya Sanogo.

The fans are far from convinced that Sanogo can filled Giroud’s shoes with any real competence and believe Arsenal will struggle without a top class striker.

But when has Arsene Wenger ever listened to the fans?

The only way Arsenal will sign Radamel Falcao is if the higher ups at the football club don’t trust Arsene’s judgement and bring him in without his consent. We saw what can happen two summers ago, when Arsene lost 8-2 at Old Trafford and brought in Andre Santos, Per Mertesacker, Park Chu-Young and Mikel Arteta. Even though Mertesacker and Arteta have done well for Arsenal over the subsequent years, you cannot say categorically that they were all Arsene Wenger signings.

So what does the next 24 hours hold for Arsenal?

We are all either going to be hugely disappointed when no-one comes in, or we are all going to be massively surprised when a player like Falcao or Cavani rocks up at The Emirates.

And if it does happen, like with Özil last summer, you will have to wonder if it was all planned just to get the Arsenal fans excited and giddy for the new season.

Like last season, it would give the club, the fans and the players a huge lift, so who knows?

There’s one thing I do know for sure though, if Arsene delivers an Arsenal team that includes Mesut Özil, Alexis Sanchez and Radamel Falcao, I will jizz my pants. Repeatedly. In my bosses face. With this face:


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