Do Not Believe The Sanchez, Bender & Debuchy Rumours

If you read the newspapers and online reports, it would seem that Arsenal are nailed on to sign Mathieu Debuchy, Lars Bender and Alexis Sanchez.

But the fact is, we’re nowhere near to signing those players.

Arsenal are the only football club where the media have no idea what is going on. Arsene Wenger is probably the only manager who keeps his cards so close to his chest that they’re inside him (sorry, couldn’t come up with a better metaphor). My point is, Arsene and Arsenal are super secretive about transfers.

We heard all the media bullshit about Felliani, Higuain, Suarez and Bender arriving at The Emirates and how many of them joined Arsenal? Exactly.

That’s why the media are so desperate to have an Arsenal scoop. Arsenal need a new right back and midfielder? Then it’s got to be Debuchy and Bender. A forward? Then we’ll link Remy and Sanchez.

Second guessing Arsene usually proves to be futile. Last summer we desperately needed a centre forward, so we signed Mesut Özil. Remember when we signed Andrei Arshavin? We needed a defender in that January transfer window.

The best thing for Arsenal fans is to ignore all the rumours because that’s exactly what they are – rumours.

Every “report” I’ve seen on Arsenal transfers has lacked any quotes, details or information from a reliable source. You might as well pick a random player and he would have more chance at joining Arsenal.

And come to think of it, how many people called the Mesut Özil signing? Exactly.

And even when Gareth Bale finally signing to Real Madrid, most of the media told us it was Di Maria who was joining Arsenal!

Twitter is even worse – every Tom, Dick or Harry can be “In The Know” and make up some shite about Arsenal’s next signing. The problem is, Arsenal fans are so desperate for new arrivals that they will believe almost anything. If I made a list of players who were “definitely” joining Arsenal it would be as long as my arm.

Take my advice, sit back, relax and try and enjoy the summer.


Arsene Has Reverted To Type / Özil Signing Was A One Off

In a week where Arsenal have rejected the chance to re-sign one of the best midfielders in world football, and someone who knows Arsenal and the Premier League like the back of his hand, another transfer revelation is that we are going to re-sign another former Arsenal player instead, in Carlos Vela.

Regular readers will know that I was astonished at how Arsenal could even pass over the opportunity to bring Cescy back. For £30 million or thereabouts, it’s a complete no brainer. Emotion aside, it still made perfect sense. Midfield was an area we struggled in last season in terms of strength and depth, Cesc already knows Arsenal and England so wouldn’t need any time to settle in or “find his feet”, he has improved over the last few seasons and was already one of the best players in the Premier League, a league he knows like the back of his hand. In short, he would improve any top team he did join.

And when you consider players like Adam Lallana are being valued at £28 million, signing Cesc for £30 million is an absolute steal. Juan Mata was £37.5 million and doesn’t have the goals, physical presence or assist record of Cesc. And Cesc has more pace and can tackle as well.

So when the disappointment of the Cesc saga sunk in, you assumed that Arsenal passed up the chance because he wanted to use the money elsewhere – and sign some big players in other position such as defence and attack.

But it now appears that Arsenal are bringing Vela back, for around £3.5 million.

It could all be paper talk, but wouldn’t that be Arsene all over? Pass up on a big-name signing which would improve our squad and improve the moral amongst the team and the fans, and sign a striker who has yet to prove himself in England for peanuts.

If you thought missing out on Cesc was the start of big money buys in other areas, you would be wrong.

Now Arsene has secured his new contract he’s back to the same old shite. Trying to find bargains from France usually, in the form of young players with “potential”.

Was the Özil signing a complete one off? You bet it was.


Why Cesc Fabregas Should Join Chelsea

With disappointing reports that Arsene Wenger has snubbed the chance to re-sign Cesc Fabregas, it’s open season in terms of securing his signature and Chelsea look favourites to sign him.

It makes sense – his family are in London, he likes the capital and apparently Manchester United have cooled their interest after Louis Van Gaal took over at Old Trafford.

And if Arsene has lost the plot and can’t see the advantages to signing our former captain, then Cesc should join Chelsea. Chelsea have the financial power to give him excellent wages, he’d be working with Jose Mourinho who is a born winner (although we joke that he’s the specialist in failure, you can’t knock his outstanding record) and the bottom line is Chelsea will be right in there when it comes for challenging for the major honours next season.

With a decent striker they managed to reach the Champions League semi-finals and were right in the title race for the Premier League with 2/3 games to go. Yes, they finished the season empty handed but with a squad with obvious limitations, Jose Mourinho did an excellent job.

At Manchester City, they have the midfield partnership of Fernandinho and Yaya Toure which is formidable, while Frank Lampard has just left Chelsea and it makes sense signing Cesc to be his long term replacement. They also sold David Luiz for £50 million so they definitely have the available funds. Cesc is a proven talent in the Premier League and would be a massive asset to Chelsea – and I’m sure Jose Mourinho would love to sign Cesc and have him comeback to haunt Arsenal in some way.

If Arsenal are stupid enough to let this chance pass them by then Cesc has every right to look for the best option for himself and his family. And if he wants to return to England, then they option is Chelsea Football Club.


[Vote Here] Do You Want To See Cesc Fabregas Back At Arsenal?

As usual, the same rumours about Cesc Fabregas coming back to England (and Arsenal in particular) go around the rumour mill. For the last two seasons he’s been linked strongly with Manchester United, while it’s common knowledge that we have a “first refusal” on him if he ever did decide to leave the Nou Camp.

But do you want to see him back at Arsenal?

My stance is that even though we have a lot of midfield players the fact is we need a stronger squad to compete at the top of the Premier League. Last season we lost Mesut Özil, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Mathieu Flamini, Abou Diaby (*chuckle*), Tomas Rosicky and Mikel Arteta for varying periods during the last campaign. Adding strength to our midfield wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

The other factor to consider is that if Cesc does leave Barcelona (and I have a gut feeling he won’t) but if he did, then he would undoubtedly strengthen our rivals. If he went to Manchester United, Manchester City or even Chelsea, you can see that we would regret the decision not to get him back. He is most definitely still a world class player who has the ability to improve any team in world football.

So would you like to see him back at Arsenal? Or can you do without him? Maybe you think he’s lost it. Vote below and leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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Mario Balotelli, Carlos Vela, Karim Benzema, Cesc Fabregas, Sami Khedira & Loic Remy

With the season over, I thought it would be interesting to see who Arsenal are linked to in the transfer market and the chances of them actually arriving at The Emirates this summer.

Mario Balotelli – 10% Chance

Silly season has already started and Mario Balotelli is a player we’ve been linked with, according to the Daily Mail. The reasoning is that we need a striker (the whole man and his dog knows this) and Super Mario is unhappy at the treatment he’s been receiving in Italy, a country that has problems with racism in football.

He’s also been linked with Liverpool, as they look to strengthen their forward line with the possibility of losing Luis Suarez to Real Madrid this summer.

Could Arsene Wenger handle him? Seems like another Nicklas Bendtner situation (although Balotelli is obviously more talented) and while he would probably be a decent signing (as our only real attacking option is Giroud) I can’t see this happening.

Carlos Vela – 10% Chance

According to ESPN, we have a clause that allows us to re-sign Vela back to Arsenal for only £3.2 million. He scored 16 goals in 37 games last season and while that’s a decent return I can’t see Arsene bringing him back just for the Mexican to sit on the bench.

Would be a decent squad addition but it won’t happen.

Karim Benzema – 20% Chance

We were linked with Benzema last season (along with Higuain) and in the end it was the Argentine striker that left Real Madrid – although it wasn’t to us it was to Napoli. The Daily Star believe Arsene Wenger has given a “massive hint” that the Frenchman is on the way to The Emirates.

He is French which makes the chances of him coming more likely, but unless Real bring in another striker it won’t happen – and for me he’s just not an Arsenal player. There’s better strikers available in my opinion and while he has a decent record he’s not world class. I suppose he could potentially work well with his ex-Madrid teammate Mesut Özil though.

Cesc Fabregas – 25% Chance

If he wants to leave and Barcelona want to sell, then it could happen. People argue that we have enough midfielders but the fact is that this season, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Mikel Arteta, Tomas Rosicky and Mathieu Flamini have all been missing for varying periods last season and surely if we have aspirations of winning the Premier League and doing better in Europe then we need a strong squad. Chelsea and Manchester City have extremely strong squads and they seem to cope fine with keeping the vast majority of players happy. If Cesc was going for around £25 to £30 million and we didn’t sign him, it would be criminal.

Sami Khedira – 15% Chance

If Arsene Wenger fails to bring Cescy back, then apparently our backup option is Sami Khedira. The 27 year old German international would be available for £15 million and the only way I can see us bringing him in is if Arsene Wenger feels that Mikel Arteta can’t do the same job anymore.

Loic Remy – 40% Chance

The Newcastle (well, QPR) striker would reportedly be available for around £8 million making this a more possible addition. It wouldn’t break the bank and I thought we should have brought him in last summer and even in January.

He has blistering pace, something we’re missing from our centre-forwards, and is a quality finisher. He’s been playing for QPR and Newcastle and surely coming to a top side like Arsenal is something he would thrive. Depending on his performances, he is capable of being Arsenal’s main striker or a very competent backup.

We definitely need a stronger striker force and buying Loic Remy for under £10 million would be an extremely smart piece of business.