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So we’re 25 games into the Premier League season, and the Top 5 positions look like this:

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Leicester City are in phenomenal form, recently brushing aside Liverpool and Manchester City in the space of a few days with really fantastic performances. They say that football fans who don’t support Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester City and Manchester United are cheering them on, but I have to say I’ve been hugely impressed with Leicester and hope they do well.

Their excellent performances in this campaign have been rewarded with a 5 point lead at the top of the Premier League table and the Foxes show no signs of wavering yet. Arsenal have had a very dodgy January but a professional performance against Bournemouth yesterday puts us “back in the race”.

So how is this topsy-turvy season going to end?

You would be stupid to write off Leicester because they have shown so far this season they have the desire, motivation and energy levels to go right to the very end. They fight for each other and say whatever you want about ability, price tags and reputations, nothing trumps sheer desire and the will to win. Leicester could win the league this season and a main component would be that the players and staff of the “bigger clubs” – Arsenal included – were too complacent.

This season has showed that no team has gone on a really consistent run and if Arsenal fail to win the Premier League this season, then every Arsenal supporter and his dog will know that it would have been a massive opportunity missed.

So who will win the Premier League this season?

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Where Will Arsenal Finish This Season? Vote Here Now!

Leicester City deservedly won at Manchester City yesterday, taking all 3 points and comfortably winning 3-1. A surprising result perhaps, but one that puts Leicester City firmly in the driving seat.

The result puts them an amazing 8 points clear of Arsenal, who sit in 4th place behind Leicester City, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur. A win against Bournemouth (which is by no means a given) would put us 5 points behind the league leaders, joint on 48 points with Manchester City.

But where will Arsenal finish this season?

Our form of late (essentially in 2016) has been a shambles with draws against Southampton, Stoke and Liverpool alongside a defeat to Chelsea – which has given us 3 points from a possible 12. Dropping 9 points at this stage of the season is just indicative of a team which has basically bottled it.

Arsenal are in a slump and need to snap out of it as soon as possible. Losing further ground to a side which is full of confidence, goals and ability is something we can’t really contemplate if we actually want to compete for the Premier League title, as opposed to just finishing 4th like we usually do.

Do you think we can get our act together and mount a real challenge with only 14 games remaining? Or have we dropped to many points to challenge the teams above us?

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Ticket Price Hike Shows Arsenal’s “Unjustified Greed”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Arsenal sent out an e-mail to Gold Season Ticket Members basically charging them an additional surcharge of between £17 and £30 (depending on which seat the member is in) for the Barcelona game. The charge will be added to next seasons season ticket.

Unsurprisingly, the fans are outraged and rightly so. Arsenal have by far the most expensive tickets in the league and the charges are unjustified. Look, I’m not naive and it’s obvious football clubs need to make money to pay for overheads, players wages, transfer fees, maintenance, etc. but the problem is Arsenal can’t really justify their prices.

Arsenal are charging top money but aren’t a top club. If we were winning trophies like Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Manchester United and even Chelsea, then the prices “could” be justified. But in the last 10 seasons we’ve won 2 FA Cups!

Don’t get me wrong, the prices fans currently pay are obscene and it would be a slightly lesser blow if we won big titles like the Premier League or even progressed well in the Champions League. But we’ve consistently not challenged for the title and usually finished 4th in the league, and we’re usually out of Europe at the first knockout stage.

The irony (is it irony?) is that this extra charge for the Barcelona game will most likely end up with a humiliating defeat, compounding the anger for this extra charge. Messi, Suarez and Neymar are in unbelievable form and if we get battered at The Emirates then expect a hostile response from the fans.

Arsenal have “graciously” offered fans the option to opt out of this surcharge, on the condition that they give up their Barcelona ticket. Who in the right mind would do that? Arsenal have the fans by the short and curlies and they know it!

With Arsenal’s season going down the pan and with the team dropping points at an alarming rate, this really is a PR disaster for the club.

It’s Only February And Arsenal Have Already Blown The Title Race

So Arsenal drop points in the “title race” yet again.

I put title race in quotations because it’s no longer a title race for us.

Since the new year we’ve completely stalled. We started 2016 with a stuttering victory at home against Newcastle which ended 1-0 – and it was a game we could have lost without Petr Cech’s heroics.

Our results in the Premier League in 2016 are as follows:

Newcastle (H) 1-0
Liverpool (A) 3-3
Stoke City (A) 0-0
Chelsea (H) 0-1
Southampton (H) 0-0

From a possible 15 points, we’ve managed to pick up 8. We’ve dropped 7 points.

And from our last 4 Premier League games, we’ve won 3 points from a possible 12.

Our form is atrocious and apart from the Liverpool game (in patches), our performances have been well below par.

Arsene Wenger has failed to get his players mentally prepared for a vital part of the season, and at this rate 4th place in the Premier League is going to be a struggle.

I Knew Arsenal Would Bottle It Against Chelsea – That’s Why I Bet On It!

So Arsenal lost to Chelsea. AGAIN.

Arsenal’s record against Chelsea is awful and we all know that against Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger has failed to win once (except in a friendly game masqueraded as a trophy). I believe that in the last decade our only win was at Stamford Bridge when AVB was in charge (I may be wrong). Nevertheless our record is atrocious.

We went into yesterday’s game as league leaders (kind of) and were up against a side badly struggling at the wrong end of the table.

Yet I still felt we’d bottle it.

First of all, Chelsea always show up against us and secondly, we just don’t believe we can beat them. We don’t have the “mental strength” to overcome a physically intimidating side.

I was so convinced that I put a bet on Chelsea to win, with odds of 11/4. The £20 bet gave me a £75 return.

I felt dirty doing it, but Chelsea matches are the closest you’ll get to printing money. When it comes to Chelsea, we bottle it big time.

And so the game started. Things were pretty even until 18 minutes when Mertesacker lost the plot. He made a ridiculous challenge and once the red card came out, the game was over.

Or was it? Ordinarily a 0-0 scoreline with 10 men is difficult but it isn’t impossible to see out a draw. But unsurprisingly we endeavoured to make it harder for ourselves, making mistake after mistake.

The first mistake was taking off Olivier Giroud. Our one striker who is in form and he gets taken off. The one player who could nick a goal from a set piece. Utter madness.

The second mistake was giving the captaincy to Theo Walcott. If anything he should have come off as he is well off form at the moment – and his lack of control or involvement in the game proved that.

And the third mistake was taking off Joel Campbell and not Theo Walcott, when Alexis Sanchez came on.

Yet another Chelsea game where Arsenal gave it their best shot of royalty fucking it up. Maybe it’s better off to just give them the 3 points in the future and rest the players instead.