Leicester City Epitomise Everything That Is Wrong With Arsenal

First of all, a huge congratulations to Leicester City on winning the Premier League. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, I am over the moon for the club – they have been the best team in the country this season and completely deserve the Premier League title.

They have played excellent football and have been a team that works incredibly hard for each other. And while their achievement is quite simply phenomenal (they deserve all the superlatives they will receive over the coming days and weeks) it can’t help leave a sour taste for Arsenal fans.

Leicester City are everything Arsenal aren’t.

First of all they are a club with supportive owners, owners who clearly have a massive affection for Leicester.

They had a clear plan for Leicester when they first arrived at the club in 2010. They were bottom of the Championship when they purchased the club and famously had the “5 year plan” to win the Premier League in that time. It is subject of many jokes that they actually failed as they “only” won the Premier League one year outside of that plan but the key point remains – Leicester City’s owners have the clubs best interests at heart and understand the importance of the fans. You would have all heard about the beer and donut offering to their fans a few weeks ago to celebrate the vice-chairmans birthday – they just understand the supporters.

What’s the best thing we’ve received from Arsenal Football Club? A cap on the already extortionate ticket prices.

Secondly, Leicester have players who fight for the manager and the club. Arsenal don’t have that – instead we have over paid players who clearly don’t care if we win or lose. No-one could argue that Leicester have a better squad than us yet they are a million miles ahead of us in the Premier League table. What Leicester do have however is a harmonious dressing room full of players who respect the manager and give him 110% every single time they step over that white line.

Another thing Leicester have that we don’t is a manager who is tactically aware. Arsene Wenger is famous for “only concentrating on his own team” and quite frankly he has not moved on with the times. The same mistakes happen season after season and after 12 years of not winning the league it’s all just getting a bit tiresome now.

Claudio Ranieri is a good manager – you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would put him in the upper echelons of the greatest managers – yet he knows how to win football matches. Arsene Wenger is stubborn and doesn’t correct his mistakes. Things you can guarantee with Arsenal are things such as always bottling it against Chelsea, under performing at Old Trafford, making the same defensive errors to concede stupid goals, never signing a top striker – the list goes on and on!

So while Leicester City (quite rightly so) celebrate into the night, you just can’t help thinking why Arsenal are stuck in this ridiculous rut.

It’s time for change, because at the moment most Arsenal fans just don’t care about the club anymore.

Alex Iwobi Is ALREADY BETTER Than Walcott And Sterling

Yesterday Arsenal got back to winning ways and on the scoresheet in the 2-0 win at Everton were Danny Welbeck and Alex Iwobi.

After impressing at the Camp Nou, the Arsenal youngster was given his full Premier League debut by Arsene Wenger and he was immense. I’m not talking about his pace, determination and even his goal, but I’m talking about his footballing intelligence.

At 19, he’s much younger than Theo Walcott (27) and a couple of years younger than Raheem Sterling (21). Both Theo Walcott and Raheem Sterling are full England internationals, and are both included in Roy Hodgson’s latest squad to face Germany and The Netherlands in a few weeks.

But even at the tender age of 19, his performances against Barcelona and Everton show that his quality and maturity are no fluke – and he is the real deal.

Theo Walcott and Raheem Sterling are over hyped players who rely on their electric pace. Theo Walcott is a decent finisher to boot, but isn’t a team player, can’t link up well with others and in terms of his passing is poor for a professional footballer. Considering he came to Arsenal at 17 years of age he hasn’t actually progressed as he should have. Look at Gareth Bale – a massive wanker when at Spurs but you can’t doubt he’s fulfilled his potential. Theo on the other had has stagnated – why in the last 10 years has he not learnt a trick, and how to use skill to beat a defender? He is only effective if he’s played in behind the oppositions defence – otherwise he’s useless – hence his lack of appearances this season.

Sterling is not much better. He shows a bit more intelligence than Theo but £49 million? That is obscene and while he offers pace in abundance, he still lacks the maturity on the ball and it’s no co-incidence that Manchester City’s failings in the Premier League have come when Sterling has joined the club.

Alex Iwobi however is a different story. The boy has pace, bravery but most importantly of all footballing intelligence and maturity – he understands the game. His touch and vision are also very good for 19 years of age and he is clearly a player who can progress and develop in a team which has an ethos for beautiful football.

The touches and movement he showed (along with Sanchez, Özil and Welbeck yesterday) were top drawer and showed an excellent understanding of the game.

In recent months Arsenal fans haven’t had too much to sing about, but the emergence of Alex Iwobi is extremely promising and Arsenal supporters should be getting excited.

If he doesn’t play every game from now until the end of the season, I would be very disappointed.

10 BIG Reasons Why Arsene Wenger Has To Leave Arsenal!

This season is getting more and more painful as it progresses and with Arsenal getting knocked out of the FA Cup against Watford yesterday, the abuse towards Arsene Wenger is getting more and more out of hand.

The man who is undoubtedly the greatest Arsenal manager of all time is being subjected to unnecessary outrage from the supporters – unnecessary in the case being it should have never have got to this stage.

Arsene Wenger has built a fantastic club, spoilt the fans with some amazing success, but unfortunately from an Arsenal supporter who idolises and worships Wenger, even I have to admit that his time is up.

Painfully, here are 10 reasons why Arsene Wenger has to leave:

10. His staff are full of yes men

We all know Arsene Wenger has ultimate control at Arsenal and while he has engineered a position of absolute power at the club, he has surrounded himself with staff who never question him. Every manager needs a sounding board for ideas, not people who blindly agree with him and his ideas. Arsene Wenger is always right and his stubbornness is killing the club.

9. His style of play is dated and predictable

For the first 10 years of Arsene’s reign, Arsenal played pyrotechnic stuff – the best football in the country by a mile. The passing, movement and precise style of play was amazing to watch but it was also effective and devastating at the same time. We would score for fun, all the while entertaining the fans and finding new ways to score beautiful goals. Of late though, we’ve become boring, predictable and sterile. We struggle to score goals despite huge amounts of possession and teams find it ridiculously easy to absorb the ‘pressure’ and get us on the break.

8. He is not ruthless enough

The team is full of average players. We have world class talent like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, but they are supported by a cast of average players like Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud, et al. And in terms of his team selection, he is not ruthless enough. Too many players who underperform are never dropped, and left to struggle when they need a rest. He has assembled a squad which should have cover in most positions yet doesn’t drop players when they are clearly suffering from fatigue or are just out of form. This affects performances and therefore results, and that’s one of the reasons we have struggled badly over the last 2 months, resulting in Arsenal bottling it in the title race and FA Cup.

7. He can’t see the teams’ weaknesses

Our poor run (4 wins in our last 14 matches) has coincided with injuries in key areas – central defence for example. Gabriel has been at the heart of our defensive frailties but every man and his dog could see we needed strengthening there and yet he refused to buy quality centre backs. Centre midfield is another position we’ve struggled with and we bought in Elneny, but is that good enough?

But how many transfer windows have we had where specific signings haven’t been made? How long did it take us to get a world class goalkeeper? And to be fair, we only bought Cech because he asked for a move away from Chelsea and wanted to stay in London. It wasn’t anything to do with Arsene Wenger making a coup or doing anything clever – Cech was too good an opportunity to turn down.

6. He refuses to spend money on players

This touches on the last point. We have so much money at our disposal (in relative terms, compared to the barren years we’ve had) and while Arsene has splashed out on Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, we haven’t continued our spending and lost ground in the Premier League.

In a season where Chelsea and Manchester United were going through transitions, we missed out big time. A couple of massive signings would have pushed us right into the title race this season, instead of tailing off like we usually do. Considering how much Arsenal fans pay for tickets, transport and accommodation (for away days) which is astronomical – the club have a duty to reward the fans with spending money on a squad which is clearly not good enough to compete at the highest level. I’m not asking to spend stupid money on useless players, just to strengthen where the team needs strengthening.

5. Olivier Giroud

Why does Arsene Wenger persist with this guy? He isn’t good enough for Arsenal, and isn’t a top class striker. To even try and win the Premier League and at least compete in the Champions League, you need a world class forward. And the strange thing is, we already have one at the club and Arsene refuses to play him there.

Alexis Sanchez is in the mould of Luis Suarez – technically gifted, gives 110%, never gives up and can score from all angles – yet Arsene Wenger plays him wide on the left. With Mesut Ozil feeding a warrior like Sanchez, we’d be scoring goals for fun.

Olivier Giroud is a joke and while he will score (who wouldn’t in an Arsenal team?) he still manages to miss the easiest opportunities. Giroud being our first choice striker is a farce.

4. He doesn’t know his best team

Since the start of 2016, Arsenal’s form has dropped dramatically. We were top of the league at the New Year and since then we’ve picked up 10 points from a possible 27. We were 2 points clear on New Year’s Day and now we’re 8 points behind the leaders Leicester. The change in fortunes has been unbelievable and the lack of form is partly down to Arsene Wenger changing his team too much, because he doesn’t know what his best team is. Arsene Wenger has turned into the ‘Tinkerman’ and for example against Watford he should have started Danny Welbeck – why start Giroud when he played midweek and Welbeck has been ready to go? Ozil and Sanchez have needed rests for a while now and in defence, I struggle to understand why Chambers isn’t given a chance at centre back, considering his performances of late.

3. Players aren’t playing for him anymore

Probably the most alarming thing about Arsenal’s recent demise is the lack of effort from the players. They all talk a good game if you listen to their interviews yet on the pitch, most of them couldn’t care less. They certainly aren’t playing for the fans and they certainly aren’t playing for the manager. Arsene Wenger is the type of manager who will always make excuses for his players but what ends up happening is the players are never culpable or responsible for the teams’ poor performances, so they just stroll around knowing they won’t get called up on it.

I don’t know what Arsene Wenger’s pre-match talk is about or what he says but clearly, the players aren’t listening to him anymore. The motivation, attitude and belief the players have on the pitch has to come from the manager and for whatever reason, they are just not responding.

2. His recruitment policy has gone backwards

Gone are the days where Arsenal could pick up a quality player from under the noses of everyone else. We used to be able to buy players like Patrick Vieira, Lauren and Kolo Toure who were relative unknowns at the time but ended up Arsenal legends. Instead we now buy players like Gabriel and Elneny who are good squad players but not good enough to be fighting for a first team place. Apart from Cech, Sanchez and Ozil, who have we bought that really added to our team? And those players were obvious buys who everyone knew were quality signings. What does Arsenal’s scouting network actually do?

1. He is tactically inept

In terms of preparing his Arsenal team for the opposition, well that’s none existent. It’s common knowledge that Arsene concentrates on his team, making sure they are at the peak of their attacking powers. Yet he never even considers which team he’s playing against, because his belief is that the best team will win. While tacticians such as Jose Mourinho will have a carefully prepared dossier on the other team so his side is well prepared to get a result, Arsene Wenger doesn’t bother with that. Which is fine if you’re the manager of Barcelona, but he isn’t and his stubbornness in this area is killing Arsenal’s progression.

Too many times Arsene has been out-thought during matches and his only real ‘move’ during a game is to throw on strikers and forwards if we need a goal. He can’t change formation during a game, change the tactics or change systems which would benefit the team to get a positive result. Too many times we’re all bombing forward to score a goal and end up getting sucker punched on the counter attack. It happens too many times and he never learns!

Tonight Shows We NEED A World Class Striker!

Our slump in form has coincided with the lack of goals which is a strange phenomenon for Arsenal fans. Usually when we “bottle it” in the title race and in Europe it’s because our defence has been awful, and while it hasn’t been the best, the biggest problem is not being able to put the ball into the back of the net.

We had something like 19 shots tonight and only 3 were on target. Again, that man Giroud missed some chances and you wonder why Arsene Wenger persists with him. Despite being 2-0 down from the first leg, Arsenal made enough chances tonight to trouble Barcelona but our strikers are, quite frankly, shite.

The bottom line is we need a world class striker and considering we were in for Gonzalo Higuaín a couple of seasons ago, and put in that ridiculous £40 million plus 1p offer for Luis Suarez, Arsenal have failed badly at strengthening an area which we are severely lacking in.

A defensive mistake from Koscielny made the tie virtually impossible to overturn but a great finish from Elneny gave us some hope. But on reflection, we missed a top striker who can actually score a goal. Giroud’s speciality is missing an easy chance and then looking to the heavens, while thinking about how good looking he is.

Arsene Wenger is under a huge amount of pressure now but it’s all of his own making – actually spend some money a top striker and he would make life a lot easier for himself.

Can Arsenal Go On A Run And Win The Premier League?

As it stands, Arsenal are 8 points behind the leaders Leicester City with 9 games remaining. In terms of the title race, and with Leicester in excellent form, it would take a minor miracle for Arsenal to pip them to the Premier League title.

But can Arsenal do it? And what do Arsenal need?

Essentially, Arsenal will need to win 8 out of the 9 games to stand a chance of Premier League glory. And that means going on another winning streak – which Arsenal have done before.

We have a lot of tough fixtures coming up, and our remaining games are:

  • West Brom (H)
  • Everton (A)
  • Watford (H)
  • West Ham (A)
  • Crystal Palace (H)
  • Sunderland (A)
  • Norwich City (H)
  • Manchester City (A)
  • Aston Villa (H)

It’s an old cliche (but a correct one) that there are no easy games in the Premier League. But for me, there are 3 games in particular which will prove to be very difficult, which are the Everton, West Ham and Manchester City matches – all away.

Can we go on a winning run? Of course we can but whether we do is another question. It’s not out of the realms of possibility but it would take an extraordinary effort from the team to pull it off. We need to make up 8 points on a team which is in form and full of confidence.

And even if we did win our last 9 games, there’s still no guarantee we would win the title.

So do you think Arsenal can still win the league? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!