Why Falcao Will Flop At United And Welbeck Will Shine At Arsenal

Arsenal fans are upset with the signing of Danny Welbeck, and even more upset about missing out on Radamel Falcao.

But let’s put this all in perspective.

Two years ago, Falcao was immense. At Athletico Madrid, he was simply phenomenal. Behind Messi and Ronaldo, for me he was the third best player in the world. He was quick, aggressive, direct, and had the ability to score some really outstanding goals.

And as the lads on Football Weekly pointed out, two seasons ago along with Edinson Cavani, they were two two most coveted Number 9′s in world football – and they both moved to France in mega money moves.

But since then, they have been disappointing. Both Falcao and Cavani have failed to impress in a league with is inferior to the Premier League, La Liga and even Serie A. While players such as Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez have drastically improved, seeing their careers go in an upward trajectory, the careers of Cavani and Falcao have stalled somewhat.

And don’t forget, Falcao demands ridiculous wages and is almost 29 years old. Added to this, he’s had 3 major surgeries so far in his career, implying that he might struggle for fitness.

So passing on those two and signing Danny Welbeck makes sense, and is the sensible choice.

Arsene was never going to put Arsenal’s financial situation at risk by signing someone on loan who you can’t guarantee will even be match fit and someone we’d have to pay ridiculously high wages.

Welbeck however is only 23 and has his best years ahead of him. He is quick, direct, fit and knows where the goal is. He is willing to learn and at £16 million, could represent excellent value for money (something else Arsene would have considered).

Before the window closed we just wanted someone better than Sanogoals and Welbeck is big improvement on him.

The squad we have is competitive and now the window is closed we must get behind the team we have.


[Video] Danny Welbeck Can Fire Arsenal To The Premier League Title

A lot of Arsenal fans were upset about missing out on Radamel Falcao as he moved to Old Trafford on a season long loan and instead bought Danny Welbeck for £16 million.

With Falcao’s loan move costing around £20 million, we’ve essentially funded the Falcao move, which gives Manchester United a player that is capable of scoring at least 30 goals for them this season.

So where does that leave Arsenal?

They have a player who is only 23, has bags of pace and does have an eye for goal. Welbeck has been strongly linked with the “demise” of Manchester United, but that criticism is a bit unfair. Don’t forget that under the Moyes era and early Van Gaal era, Rooney, et al all heavily featured.

So it doesn’t take anything away from the talent and potential Danny Welbeck has.

His goalscoring record isn’t the best, although there are mitigating circumstances – including being second fiddle to Rooney and Van Persie, and not really having a decent run in the Manchester United team.

United fans will be happy because we’ve taken an unwanted player from their squad and paid good money for him, while they’ve brought in superstars such as Radamel Falcao and Angel Di Maria. But as most football fans know, you can’t just fill your team with megastars and expect success.

Arsenal have a very good squad and Danny Welbeck gives us something extra – he has a lot of pace and can finish. And when compared to Yaya Sanogo, which ever way you look at it, it is a definite upgrade.

And he has a knack of scoring in the big games.

Mark my words, in a couple of months time when Arsenal are playing well and Welbeck is scoring goals, you’ll all forget how “stupid” this signing was.

Watch the video below of his highlights last season and you’ll see how talented this kid is. And with a run in the side, who knows what he can do?

[Video by JavierNathaniel]

Danny Welbeck Is Officially A Gooner – And I’ve Ordered The Shirt!

Well there we have it, Danny Welbeck is a Gooner.

And I’ve ordered the shirt!

What do you think of his signing?

We’ve paid £16 million for a striker that doesn’t have the best strike rate, but works really hard.

So is it a good signing for Arsenal? Have your say below:

Wenger In Rome – Bad News For Potential Arsenal Signings?

You will all know by now that Arsene Wenger is in Rome for a charity football match.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, we’ve missed out on Falcao as he moves to Manchester United, and now been linked to Jermaine Defoe.

So what does that mean for any potential signings? It’s all quiet on the Arsenal front and as time ticks on, it seems the more likely we’ll have Yaya Sanogoals as our main striker for the next 4 months.

Ah well, to cheer you up here’s a tweet I posted a few days again which is being ridiculed, mainly by fans of Manchester United:

If anything happens in regards to arrivals at Arsenal, I’ll be sure to post about it!

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Manchester United Fans Are Just Pathetic, Just Like Falcao

Last night it looked like Manchester City and Arsenal were in for Falcao, but instead the Columbian striker has moved to Manchester United in a one year loan deal.

Surprising is not the word – you would think he would have more aspirations than to be at a club that’s failed to win a single game this season and isn’t in the Champions League, but alas it’s clear that he is a mercenary of the biggest order.

Who else would join AS Monaco (a team in a rubbish league) and then Manchester United. Footballers get paid obscene amounts these days and you would think that ambition and glory would count for something – obviously not to Falcao though.

Unbelievable really. At least at Manchester City you’d be in the hunt for trophies, and at Arsenal it would be a similar story. But Falcao is just interested in making as much money as he can.

There was a part of me that did think we could bring in Falcao as our massive deadline day signing (just like we did with Özil last summer) but it looks like stubborn Arsene has got his way and will use Sanogoals for the foreseeable future.

The Manchester United fans are as pathetic as ever, constantly retweeting a post I clearly made in jest a few days ago:

However, the joke’s on them as Manchester United will still struggle to get in the Top 4 this season. They have Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie, Juan Mata, Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao. Their signings smack of sheer desperation and how can you possibly accommodate all of those forwards?

The silver lining of course is that they are spending ridiculous amounts of money, getting themselves into even more debt and they still will miss out on Champions League football next season.