Everything Rests On March 8th 2006? Probably…

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of…?

After the Real Madrid game, every Arsenal fan realised how big a result it was. Yes, Real weren’t at their best – but that was partly down to our excellent performance and determination.

Who would have given Arsenal a chance at the Bernabeu?

Wenger instilled some real belief into the team and it paid divedends. Amazingly, Arsenal now have shorter odds than Real Madrid and Chelsea – something no-one could have predicted last week.

But then Arsenal travelled to Rovers, and it was the same old story…

It’s hard to be critical of a team that produced a brilliant performance at a place no other English team has ever won, and you sort of knew that the Blackburn game was going to be a little flat.

Arsenal’s away form is terrible this season, and we already have 8 defeats on the road.

And we currently sit in 7th position, behind the two teams that we can’t seem to beat – Bolton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers.

Even the most optimistic gooner is resigned to the fact that 4th place has become a fading possibility. Our away from has been disgraceful, and there are no signs that it will improve any time soon.

Can Arsenal completely turn it around and start winning away games when they’ve been struggling with them all season?

It’s not as if Arsene hasn’t been trying.

The Frenchman has tried different formations and different players but nothing is working.

The problem is that every Premiership team knows how to play Arsenal at home. Just keep 2 banks of 4 behind the ball and play deep.

Exactly what Arsenal did to Real Madrid.

Like Real, Arsenal play all their football in front of teams, so no matter what formation or which players are on the field – it won’t make a difference.

So with the dire league form Arsenal’s game against Real Madrid is bigger than ever…


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