Cole Sues, Milan Inter Henry & Fulham Styles…

Less Complicated Times…

The main Arsenal news today is that Ashley Cole is suing The News of the World for their gay footballer rumours, which I haven’t heard much about to be honest. The story gets more complicated however, since Cole is suing because he wasn’t named. Work that one out! There’s a good piece by The Times Online explaining exactly what’s going on.

Although the News of the World didn’t name the Premiership footballers, the Internet has been rife with haphazard speculation and I won’t bother support the sites by posting the links on here.

I could care less about the whether a player is gay or not, but we all know that the press are hell bent in uncovering these stories since they sell newspapers. I thought he was marrying that girl from Girl Zone anyway. Or is it Girls Are Very Loud. Whatever.

Cesc Fabregas is making the news again, after his impressive performance against the Ivory Coast for Spain midweek. He made one of the goals and had a very solid performance. Apparently Real Madrid want him now, and bringing it up now sure isn’t a co-incidence with the 2nd leg next week.

Jose Antonio also played for Spain, coming on as a second half subsitute and scoring a great right-footed goal. Why can’t he do this for Arsenal more consistently?

There are more rumours about Henry’s future, and apparently Inter Milan have joined the race with Real and Barca. Henry is good friends with Becks and he’s come out and said Henry will be staying in London so I think I’d believe that more than any speculation.

Arsenal’s official website informs us that Freddie and Dennis are back for the Fulham game tomorrow, which is good news. I’d like Bergkamp to start tomorrow but I have a feeling that Henry will be partnered with Emmanuel Adebayor again.

Bergkamp hasn’t had a decent run in the team this season which is a real shame. He obviously isn’t the same player he was a few years ago but he can still find that killer pass which is something we’re really struggling for this season.

I hope he gets to start against Madrid next week. When watching the game at the Bernabeu the space Real left at the back was perfect for Dennis – he would have ripped that defense to shreads, and that would have given Henry more licence to concentrate on scoring goals, instead of trying to create chances for everyone else.

Rob Styles is the official for tomorrows game, and looking at this article it seems he has a problem with Fulham, awarding penalities against them and showing cards like David Blaine. Let’s hope if he has a bad game it’s in our favour! We need all the help we can get in the league…


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