Arsenal On Fire & Madrid In Real Trouble?

The Ace In The Pack…

I haven’t been excited about an Arsenal game, well since the last Real Madrid game, but the point is that I am preparing myself for possibly the biggest game of our season so far.

The signs look good, with a 4-0 thrashing of Fulham at the weekend in which Thierry Henry showed the Premiership a masterclass in football. He was all over the pitch and watching the game you could see some really hunger and desire – something which some fans have questions over the last few months.

At times, Henry has been branded a lazy player who doesn’t care about Arsenal, but he has always played that way – with a swagger that makes him who he is. Sometimes if he can’t get into a game he does look like he isn’t bothered, and I for one will admit to questioning his commitment at times. But that is a mistake on my part I am happy to admit – Henry loves this club.

But when things go badly fans always look to blame something for the poor form, and with Henry as captain it is easy to fault his performances.

So let’s hope this can be a change of fortunes for us in a difficult transitional season for the gunners…

Although Spurs are 5 points ahead of us, it is comforting to know that Arsenal are having the most problematic season for almost a decade, while our neighbours are flying by their own standards. If they don’t finish above us this season they never will!

Real Madrid in comparison are having real in house problems of their own.

Florentino Perez quit as Real Madrid’s president because of the big problems behind the scenes at Madrid – like Ronaldo threatening to quit because apparently the fans don’t love him, no-one celebrating with Sergio Ramos when he put Real 1-0 up against Mallorca and David Beckham has spoken out how off the field problems are affecting the team.

Although Madrid have so many egos in the team, it is surprising to me that problems are arising now – they’ve had the biggest players in the world join them over the last 6 years and have done pretty well over that time, although I believe that they haven’t won anything for the last 3 seasons.

But of course, it would be stupid to underestimate Real Madrid tomorrow night.

We all know what siege mentality can do to a team, and we might just find that Real will be fighting harder than ever before to salvage thier Champions League status.

Not many people are giving Real a chance tomorrow night. But who gave us a chance two weeks ago?

Get ready for the biggest game of the season.


3 thoughts on “Arsenal On Fire & Madrid In Real Trouble?

  1. Arsenal need to score in the first half, because the longer it goes on without a goal will suit Real Madrid. If it’s 0-0 by half-time then Real will only need one and if they get it things could get ugly!

    And if they get two goals we’ll be in big big trouble!

    Luckily Lehmann has been just brilliant this season and I have a feeling he’ll have to be on form tomorrow night!

    Come on Arsenal!

  2. this is jus like liverpool and gerrard last season: it looks like gerrard mite leave l’pool and they ended up winning the champs league and he ended up stayin!

    henry might be wonderin about his future but we’ll wait and see at the end of the season!!


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