Henry Leaving? No Chance!

Henry: Man On Fire…

A routine win over Charlton is the latest chapter in the Thierry Henry show, who has been in phenomenal form over the last few weeks.

A fantastic goal at the Bernabeu, a masterclass at Fulham, a real captains performance against Real at Highbury to progress in the Champions League and another brilliant display against Charlton Athletic.

Is Henry leaving?

You’ve got to be kidding!

Henry loves this club far too much, and moving to another team just does not make any sense.

Yes, Arsenal are having an uncharacteristically inconsistent season – but 4th place and a Champions League spot are no longer a distant possibility.

But is jumping ship after one bad (although it’s turning out okay at the moment) season a little hasty?

And why would Henry leave his mentor Arsene, the man who masterminded Henry’s extraordinary career which has resulted him in becoming one of the best players in the world today.

He is an Arsenal legend, a man who has smashed Ian Wright’s goalscoring record and a guy who people compare to Ronaldinho.

Where else in the world can Henry have a team based around his strengths, like at Arsenal?

And a manager who gets the best out of him?

And Henry has a family in London – would he just up and leave for Spain or Italy?

It doesn’t make any sense at all.

Henry indicated that he was going to stay in January, and to me that is good enough.

Wenger has stated that the next contract Arsenal offer him would be the last one of his career, so everyone has to make sure that is the right one.

Arsene has delayed signing contracts in the past, and people have always speculated about Wenger going to Real Madrid or somewhere in Italy.

But he’s always stayed.

Henry has always had hunger and desire playing for Arsenal and his reaction to Adebayors lack of a pass when he was through against Charlton doesn’t seem like the reaction of a guy whos mind is elsewhere.

We’ll see where Henry is next season…


20 thoughts on “Henry Leaving? No Chance!

  1. I think your article is a touch naive, his comments in january are completely meaningless, he has since then said he does not know what he is going to do. Clearly the earlier he signs the quicker he starts getting the extra 30k a week, so I assume he will either not sign or really doesn’t know. Personally I think he has handled it all very badly and is treating the club and fans like crap, if he is waiting to see if we are going to be in Europe next year (which in it self is a disgrace) he should tell everyone, that is the case. he is the club captain and should act accordingly, Ballack is leaving and has had the balls to admit it. I also disagree with your comment about his reaction to Adabeyor’s screw up, that was the reaction of a player who thinks he is better than everyone and that the world should evelove around him, which thankfully it did not on saturday. As captain he should have been more supportive to a new player finding his way in a new team and league.

  2. Although I think he will stay, must agree that the reaction to Adabeyour was disgraceful. As a captan you walk up to him and talk to him about it. You don’t make a public specatacle of it.

  3. The situation is pretty confusing unless Henry comes out and says what he’s thinking. Henry SHOULD be loyal to Arsenal because of everything we’ve done for him, but football doesn’t work like that. I think it’s 50/50 whether he’ll stay or not.

    Good point by Dan though – if he signs on the dotted line now then he starts getting the extra money he’s after, so signing now doesn’t make any sense if he was going to sign all along.

    But in the case of Barcelona, then you have to wonder if they’ve actually persuaded Henry yet. We all know clubs (like Chelski with Cashley and even E’to) all over the world make up stories to destablise players – even Real did it just before our Champions League game with Fabregas. Hell, teams do it all time.

    And we know with Arsenal transfers are usually cloaked in secrecy – Vieira to Juventus was a quick deal, and when Overmars and Petit left (and arrived) at Arsenal it was pretty out of the blue.

    So if Barca and the media are going on about Henry then they are obviously trying to unsettle our captain.

    I’d be worried if a deal had already been struck with Titi and Barcelona, and we didn’t hear anything in the press about it!!

  4. i think wenger should take it out of henry’s hands and just keep him – his contract doesn’t run out until 2007 – buying wenger more to get in a replacement for the next stadium. cos this summer he’ll only have 1 yr left, and we’ll get a rubbish price for him anyway!

  5. “and his reaction to Adebayors lack of a pass when he was through against Charlton doesn’t seem like the reaction of a guy whos mind is elsewhere.”

    Good point.

    At least you can’t say he looks disinterested anymore.

    The Fulham, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Charlton matches have seen a different Henry to the one who disinterestedly swanned around, not making the runs and not closing down defenders.

    If we win the CL and/or finish 4th we can put this season behind us and pretend it never happened.

  6. Quite simply the guys not in it for the money.

    Sure he`ll expect a decent contract out of Arsenal, but pushing for the highest salary isn`t his motivation. Otherwise the lure of articles placing him at Real Madrid, AC Milan or Chelsea would have influence him.

    No.1 – Its all about the football, though the champions league will matter he… he is numero uno at Arsenal.. and with a whole host of talent coming through the squad why leave.

    No.2 – And probably as important to Henry as No.1, is one person – Arsene Wenger. The guy is a genius… and no one should under-estimate the bond between this player and manager.

  7. think if we qualify he stays but if we dont he is being forced to make a very tough decision that he doesn’t want to make. I think he may even stay if we aren’t in the CL perhaps due to the new stadium. What everyone wants though is an Henry who wants to be at the club, and is not dreaming about being somewhere else or wondering whether he is at the right club. Once he signs he needs to be committed. He seems to be wondering whether Arsenal can match his ambitions ie he thinks we are below him, but in reality once this new stadium opens we are one of the top 4 biggest clubs in the world and no european club can promise him trophies, not even barca.

  8. Henry will stay.

    People play to much Football Manager these days and believe players are all money orientated.

    Henry is a multi-millionnaire who makes twice as much money from image rights and advertising, boot deals etc.. than he does in wages.

    so despite what people say money will never be a deciding factor for someone like Henry.

    Players also have families & feelings and have to consider things like private lives, he has just had a baby and his londoner wife and her family are close.

    Staying at Arsenal he not only doesnt have to move his family, he gets to play football in a brand spanking new stadium for a team and club who is entering an amazing new journey.

  9. Unfortunately gunner b champions because of new UEFA rules players over the age of 27 or 28 can buy out the last year of their contract, so effectively Titi could pay his own way out. But personally I think he will stay, the new ground, captain of a great new young team and Arsene will be enough to persuade him to stay, I don’t think he’ll risk jumping ship, fingers crossed !!

  10. If he was definately going to stay he would have signed already it is a simple as that, he is causing huge grief for the fans, players and his beloved mentor. he knows what damage he is currently doing and I would therefore assume he simply has not made up his mind. I do not think he can buy out his own contract, the maximum fee would be based on the final year’s salary but he can not leave on his own. If that is the case which i am sure it is the case i agree fully that we should make him see out his contract. For anything less than $15m they should make him stay (will never happen mind you). If he is baseing the next 5 years over whether we get in the champions league for one year, then all these arguments about his family, wenger, him being top dog, etec etc are all clearly rubbish, because all those factors he knows already, the only outstanding issue is Europe next year and that is what I assume he is holding out to see and in my humble opnion is completely short sighted and out of order and shows he does not really love the club.

  11. Hi,

    another talent spotter with the FF15 away shirt I see! Great site btw, far better than some that just bang out match reports with no opinions! If any of you guys get a minute please check out the site under my name, any comments would be well appreciated, cheers, kep up the great work on here!

  12. Like every other Gooner, I have had innumerable conversations regarding Henry. But does anybody really consider what he may want.

    Arsenal have been blessed with many Great players. Many of those have played out their careers at Highbury and in doing so achieved their greatest potential. And since beating Liverpool in ‘89, we gooners have been blessed. Forget Manure amd Chel$ki, ours is not a club that runs on money alone, but true passion and true support.

    The list of players who have shown their Loyalty is truly impressive. From Mclintock’s double winning team in ‘71 through to the 90’s, Arsenal have shown what a truly singular club it is, and under Wenger really has been pure footballing Nirvana. But when it comes to exceptional, Henry has been a privilege.

    Bergkamp is without question, the greatest foreign player to grace these shores. When he was announced, how many of us thought “Dennis Bergkamp is going to play for us”? Watching this Master in his prime, and by way of confirmation, the fact that so many great players have been drawn to OUR club and English clubs in general, there can be little doubt of his impact on Arsenal and the rest of the Premiership. Then we get to Henry.

    A replacement for the talented but surly Anelka, who seems to have been a replacement for the irreplaceable Wright. 200 goals plus since joining, first player to score 100 goals on his home ground, top scorer in the league how many times? And what goals!

    Remember, we have NEVER won Europe’s top prize. And in the ranks of the top teams, we are, at present, also rans. Henry has given EVERY football fan the privilege of watching true football genius. And the fact that he has done this at ARSENAL would be pure fantasy if it were not true.

    He has surely earned the respect and admiration of all of us. We want him to stay, and under Wenger’s new rebuild, we hope that is his wish also. But, he IS a special talent. He has done everything to make this Club truly a great experience. If he decides that Barcelona will be his swansong, I for one will say thanks for the experience, thanks for helping to develop a team of exceptional talent and potential, and yes, if he decides to jump ship, he has earned the respect and the right to make that choice.

    Oh and remember, we now have Reyes, Van Persie, Walcott, Adebeyour et al, who will surely compensate. We are gooners and we are gooners because of Arsenal football TEAM!

    The futures bright, the futures ARSENAL.

  13. I’m sure our players spend their time training HARD (after which they do get tired) and studying videos and strategies for their next games. Maybe he’s a perfectionist and doesn’t want to distract his mind off the next game.

  14. I think he will stay, but you have to consider the better climate in Spain combined with playing next to Eto and Ronaldinho.

    Henry is getting older and he will be much better off with injuries and the slower pace in Spain.

  15. if henry goes, he is a twat because he goes on about racism in football and how he hates it but if he leaves he would be going to the capital of racism

  16. im glad henry is staying coz all my mates said he was leaving and i was like no hes not so im glad hes not (:

  17. what do we expect barca have been dyin for him. Xavi, Eto”o and ronaldinho all want him to come. According to london lite if henry went he will make barca the worldds best forwatd line in the world. We should wish him luck!!!!!!!!!!!


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