Discuss: Arsenal Through To Champions League Semi-Finals!

Another Great Team Performance…

Arsenal produced another superb display in Europe, and are now into the Champions League semi-finals for the first time in our history! We will play against surprise package Villareal, who dumped another Italian side – Inter Milan – out of the competition last night.

Barcelona beat Benfica 2-0 tonight as well, and will play AC Milan in the other semi-final. Out of the teams remaining, Arsenal would surely prefer Villareal to the other 2 European heavyweights.

I’ll leave the floor open for people to leave their messages about our historic achievements! Although, of course we all hope that history is made by actually winning it!

Well done Arsenal!!


5 thoughts on “Discuss: Arsenal Through To Champions League Semi-Finals!

  1. Cheers to the best defensive record in the Champions League ever.

    I hope Ashley Cole was watching his “teammates” in action (although he was probably at a disco with Sheryl Tweedy, or a film premiere or something) — and I can’t wait for Wenger to offload him to Madrid or the Chavs for £16 million ASAP.

    Well done the back 4. The unexpected legends.

  2. Great performance again in the Champions League – after a dodgy start to the season Arsenal have finally shown what they are capable of this season.

    After all the worry and problems at the beginning of the campaign, it turns out that Arsenal have only had a half a bad season, in the last 10 years under Wenger. After Vieira left, it was always going to be strange playing without him, since he was such an influencial player over the last 7/8 years. But now we have all seen what Wenger’s Masterplan is all about. There’s no doubt that next season we should be able to mount a much bigger challenge on the Premiership that we have this year.

    It’s funny how Sp*rs have had an awesome season by ther standards, and by comparison we’ve had an indifferent one. Even with that, Arsenal are favourites to get that final Champions League spot – if Sp*rs can’t get above us this season they never will!

    Arsenal have made history tonight, and let’s hope they can make it again in Paris in the Champions League final…

    Bring on Villareal!


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