Arsenal Lose Gamble, While Spurs Cash In…

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I’ve had a lot of time to think about what happened at the weekend – and most Arsenal fans will be disappointed how the last ever North London derby at Highbury panned out. Although Wenger rested key players you can see why he did, with a huge, huge game against Villarreal tomorrow night – but like we saw against Pompy making wholesale changes is a big risk.

Despite that, Arsenal were second best in the first half even though Spurs failed to take their chances so we were lucky to be in 0-0 at half-time. But how many times has that happened to use this season?

Then it all kicked off on 66 minutes.

You all know what happened.

Eboue and Gilberto collided into each other and the ball ran to Michael Carrick, who obviously hesitates while the Arsenal players seemingly stop – expecting the ball to be played out (after all, that’s in keeping with the spirit of the game right?). But after Carrick dwells on the ball, he clearly continues with play, after deciding to see what has happened.

Now at the time, I was incensed because of what just happened and it was clear that they took advantage of a situation while players were injured on the floor.

After all, Davids fed the cross to Keane from where Eboue would have been!

And Arsenal actually put the ball out for Spurs later on in the game when their player was injured.

People will say who are we to take the moral high ground, but the fact is we put the ball our several times against a diving Villarreal team, against the cheating Spurs at the weekend – and when we did score a dodgy goal against Sheffield United a few years ago we offered to replay the game!

The most annoying thing to come out of all this is the BBC’s coverage of the whole incident, and the blatant lying of Martin Jol and his ‘team’.

Sky Sports revealed yesterday that when Carrick recieves the ball, Martin Jol can be heard quite clearly shouting ‘Play!, Play!’ – so you didn’t see the incident you cheat?

You can download an actual clip of the incident on Arsebloggers site.

The BBC were taking the moral high ground again last night on MOTD2, with Gavin Peacock saying Wenger must apologise for the comments he has made.

Is he a total idiot? Surely being a pundit he would have heard about Martin Jol urging his players to cheat?

And anyone who would have read Goals on Sunday would see that Chris Kamara tells us all what really happened.

After the game I heard all the b*llsh*t about the Spurs players ‘not seeing the incident’ and ‘not knowing a player was injured’ – and I actually believed it! 

Carrick, Jol and the rest of the f*ckers just blatantly lied to everyone.

But the facts are that Spurs had to cheat to get a result against Arsenal, and even then they couldn’t beat our second team.


14 thoughts on “Arsenal Lose Gamble, While Spurs Cash In…

  1. Absolute nonsense. “Play, Play” is just as likely to have been a command to Carrick to play the ball quickly before Davids strayed offside; and you’ve conveniently forgotten Kamara and Co exonerating Jol on Sky Sports yesterday morning. As for Wenger’s comments – well, he’s let himself down, and not for the first time.

    Face it: a draw was about fair; if anyone deserved to win it was Spurs. Get over it.

  2. I can totally understand all the uproar from the Gooners – after all spurs are a team of British players and should be playing the games in the country’s tradition.

    However an area that has not been debated is when do you stop the match ….. surely two players being outskilled (or skinned) and as a result running into one another is not a reason to stop a match ?

  3. I am a spurs fan but this is a a blatent mistruth. If you had watched Chris Kamara you would have seen he totally exonerated Martin Jol who was clearly not looking at the incident where 2 inept defenders colided and then got up.
    Peter Hill wood the Arsenal chairman has also issued a statement on behalf of the club stating that their was nothing wrong with the goal.
    In fact in a past Arsenal Sheffield United FA Cup semi Final (not the replayed game) Arsenal did the exact same thing and their manager at the time,a certain A.Wenger was quoted as saying that you shouldnt stop until the referee blows the whistle.

    Pot,Kettle and black come to mind

  4. As an Arsenal fan, although it pains me to say it, Spurs did nothing wrong. Our players did get up and then fall down again. Jol wasn’t looking at them. Carrick won the ball fairly. Should Sunderland players crash into each other every time their goal is threatened so play gets stopped. The referee is the match official, not Michael Carrick. The ref waived play on and Carrick took his lead from the ref. They outplayed us for 66 minutes which is annoying and hard to swallow. But what can we do? They are in the driving seat now for the CL next season. If we don’t “do” it this year, it looks like the UEFA cup for us next year.

  5. well, first question to u, was eboue treated for an injury?
    next question, did u actually deserve anything from the game?
    i think the answer your looking for is no.
    u were crap the other day, blame your team for the performance, not spurs.
    u were outplayed and for some reason u gooners are finding that hard to come to terms with?

  6. I agree with the guys comment above , as a gooner it hurts me to say it but we were totally destroyed for 75 minutes of a game that should have been the more important of the two scheduled ones this week. Lets face reality that if we do manage to beat Villareal Barcelona await6 us in the final & with most probably the greatest footballer most of us have ever witnessed playing against us then well I would have concentrated on a one of game against spurs.
    As for the ‘cheating goal’ again I have to say it ,that we were totally in the wrong, our manager as great as he has been if you remember in years gone by ‘ I never saw the incident’ mmmm seems its come back to haunt him, but actually I don’t think there was anything wrong with it anyway it was a great goal by Spurs & to be honest wioth ourselves should have been one many they could have scored, we were lucky lets face the facts & just hope we perform better against Villareal otherwise we could be playing Westham in UEFA cup , perish the thought

  7. To be frank, the talk about ‘when to put the ball out’ is total b*llocks. Arsenal had absolutely nothing to gain from Sp*rs putting the ball out of play by the halfway line. If the f*cking Yids were through on goal then that would be a different matter.

    Arsenal always put the ball out as it is keeping with the spirit of the game. Even against the divers of Villarreal for gods sake. And when we scored that goal against Sheffield United then we did the decent thing – the game was replayed.

    Well Yids did you think when Mark-Vivien Foe ‘fell down’ it was a Benny Hill Moment? Of course you would say no in retrospect because you knew what happened after.

    The point is when you saw him or Eboue fall you didnt know what was to happen afterward, neither was Carrick or his team-mates. These people are Footballers, not doctors or physios capable of determining an injury from 10/15 yards away, so he couldn’t could claim Gilberto and Eboue both looked okay.

    Because footballers are not capable of assessing injury they put the ball out as soon as they can so someone who can comes on.

    I could guarantee that if Henry or Paulo Di-Canio – true professional sportsmen, had been in Carrick or Davids position they would have put the ball out.

  8. PS forgot to say , Arsenal are a bunch of w*nkers , with sh*t support & ageing & pony players with the exception of the arrogant mug upfront

    Come on you Spurs , roll on next season , early exit for the scum from the Uefa cup & the Spurs a great CL campaign….


  9. Mate get over it you total tit …. sad sad sad cretin that you are ..

    Why would we kick the ball out, there was nothing wrong with your player he realised he was out of position so faked an injury we played on.
    he was ok when Kick Off resumed wasnt he??

    Football is a mans game, if your players cant handle it then they should go and play netball, the fact of the matter is .. TWO AFC players collided, why should Tottenham kick the ball out

    Get over it, you were lucky you didnt get a pasting and I would love it, love it too see you and your pr@ck of a manager get turned over tomoz it probably wont happen but the rest of London, Manchester and Merseyside hope it does ..

  10. I would like to say to the majority of Arsenal fans on this site and who i have spoken with well done for taking a sensiblefootball view on what happenned (apart from the author – take your arsenal shaded glasses off mate) i was expecting to come on this site and see you guys all ripping jol and carrick apart without really considering what happened, just cos it was against spurs. I am pleasantly suprised to see you guys reaction, and you get my respect for that. The ref was right next to the two ‘injured’ players who checked they were ok, then play to the whistle – simple as that.

    As for the one voice that brought up Vivien-Foe, he collapsed and died you fool! Dont think the magic sponge would have cured that. Both your players got up and one fell back down once he realised he was out of position after rushing in and losing the challenge.

    I personally would love to see all English football get away from this diving and staying down when not injured culture that the foreigners have introduced to our game. It has to be agreed by all the managers, and then be enforced by the managers first and foremost. For them to say ‘if you do that again i will fine you’. This is not aimed at Arsenal at any way. All the english league’s. Kids are copying you, so for gods sake stand up!

    As for cl final, this ridiculous change in rules means if you guys win we get pushed out of cl if we make 4th. That means half of me wants to see you beat Barca, whilst the other wants an english team to lose as spurs will not make cl. Surely that means the rules are shit…cos most sensible spurs fans dont want to be thinking like that!



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