Emotional, Special, Totally Unbelievable – We’ve Done It!

Jens Der Supermann

I was going to post something late last night, but it would have been an incoherent mess after one of the most emotional nights I have ever witnessed – obvious comparisons with Anfield 89’ and on the other side of the scale the FA Cup Semi Final against United at Villa Park a few season ago.

At the final whistle I almost cried it was so emotional!

It couldn’t have been a more tense game. I was frozen for the first 85 minutes – I couldn’t believe what I was watching. It was basically a performance that was a carbon copy of last seasons FA Cup Final against Manchester United.

But could we defend for most of the game and would our luck eventually run out?

Then Jose Mari, who made his appearance after 63 minutes won a, f*ck it I’ll say it, a penalty for a cheating the referee. Yes, there was contact, but if you’re going to give a penalty for that then it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if Arsenal were awarded 10 last night for what can only be called wrestling in the Villarreal box.

And this was it. On 88 minutes Villarreal get a penalty to equalise, and none other than the mercurial Riquelme is the man to even the game.

And you know if this goes in its over.

Arsenal haven’t been any kind of an attacking force all evening and if anyone is going to get another goal in extra time it’s going to be Villarreal!

But then Super Jens Lehmann stepped up and saved against all odds!


Some of you might argue that there should have been a penalty in the first leg, but I’d also point out that Henry had a perfectly good goal ruled out at Highbury as well.

Plus, that Jose Mari is a f*cking diving tw*t anyway.


When that full-time whistle went I was bombarded with text messages, mostly saying “What a f*cking save from Super Jens!!”.

What a f*cking save indeed.

I still haven’t got over what happened last night, and it could not have been a more tense game and the roller coaster of emotions was intense.

Jens was clearly the best Arsenal player on the pitch, but you cannot deny Arsenal defended well, as well as of course we rode their luck at times.

What a night for Arsenal, what a night for football and what a night in El Madrigal!


5 thoughts on “Emotional, Special, Totally Unbelievable – We’ve Done It!

  1. I cant belive this is going to the wire for Spurs and Arsenal, like Liverpool and Everton did last year. You couldnt write a more perfect script, although i do think if 4th is the aim for cl if you reach that you should get through. I do believe that if you guys do win it, you deserve to defend it. Surely a qualifier system should be employed with one of the useless minnows from finland or something who never ever do anything, when a league has two different teams within it winning it 2 times on the trot and has lots of other strong teams that could compete in the cl (like Liverpool did last year)?

    Anyway, what a season, i cannot wait to see what will happen next!


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