What Was All The Fuss About?

So Arsenal win at their last ever match at Highbury, finish fourth and overtake Spurs into the final Champions League spot. Even with a piss-poor penalty fron Teddy Sheringham.

Ever in doubt? 

The best possible send off to Highbury – emotional stuff!

Do I believe in fate?

Well Spurs went down with food poisoning, which when I first heard I thought it was a ploy to beat West Ham – if they successfully had the game re-arranged for later in the week you could guarantee that Pardew would play NO first team players, especially with the FA Cup Final only next weekend.

But surprisingly the game went ahead, and Spurs had to play at Upton Park. I thought Spurs would be successful in trying to con the FA and the Premier League.

But for once the authorities actually stood strong!

At Highbury it was a game no Arsenal fan could ever forget – it had action, goals, suspense – everything!

Arsenal went 1-0 up after 7 minutes thanks to Robert Pires, after a knock-down from Sol Campbell from a Cesc cross.

But then Arsenal conceded after minutes of the re-start, thanks to a goal from Paul Scharner who was an Arsenal fan as a boy. What a moment for him as he scored at the final ever game at Highbury.

And on 34 minutes Wigan went ahead from, it has to said, an audacious from David Thompson who saw Lehmann out of position and cleverly clipped his freekick into the near post.

But if anyone was going to be the star of the show then it was best player in the Premiership, captain of Arsenal and all-round genius Thierry Henry, who scored a hattrick for the perfect Highbury send off.

His first was a classic Henry goal, after being fed by fellow Frenchman Pires. The second was a cheeky goal, taken from a David Thompson pass-back. Then finally to seal the win and the 4th place in the Premiership, Freddie won a penalty which Henry converted with aplomb.

Could today have been any better?

It was the perfect day, the perfect send off and the perfect result.

I’ll see you in Paris!


28 thoughts on “What Was All The Fuss About?

  1. big up ARSENAL!!!!!

    What a finish, Henry hat trick says it all really!

    The atmosphere must have been immense..i must admit to being a little teary just thinking about Highbury and my Grandad who used to live along Avenell road who is sadly no longer with us!

  2. Too right! Arsenal finish the season in 4th and are in the Champions League final!

    And after all the talk Sp*rs finish 5th! Haha! 🙂

    To all the Sp*rs supporters – the final league table doesn’t lie!

    Thank God there’s justice after the scum tried to cheat at Highbury a few weeks ago – what goes around comes around!


  3. should make a banner with a chef painted on it with A.W s head on the chefs body…take it to Paris for the final…youve got to laugh the spuds were so certain of success

  4. its great being an arsenal fan isn’t it!

    today felt like we won the league, and its no wonder really. Most of my mates are spuds and i have taken soooo much stick this season. One more win and one signature and we can all sleep easy!!

  5. A great game for Arsenal and Highbury.
    The Spuds never realised that they were food poisoned because of their cheating at Highbury a few weeks ago.
    God pulish them!

  6. LOL @ tunadog!!

    Yesterday was truly an emotional rollercoaster – and the start of something great. Let’s hope it all begins on May 17th…

  7. What’s the real difference between 2nd and 4th?

    Yes, you don’t have to qualify but we’ll play some crap Russian team and easily get into the Champions League next season!

    4th and a Champions League final or 2nd and a Carling Cup?

    I know which one I’d choose!

  8. Im disappointed to finish 4th, sure… but what a SEASON!… and unlike ManUSA and Sp*rs, our focus is to WIN the Champions League.. not just be in it

    Hey Slur Alex, why the long face… oh wait… that’s Ruud

  9. not making this up… after the match Martin Jol said… “We’re gutted”… hahahahah…

  10. you numptins – we have allready won it in the past . The point is we managed to finish 16 poionts ahead of you despite not having a midfield all season. oh yes and by the way is funny how great the champions league is all of a sudden . your idiot manager last season compare Liverpool’s final as nothing special and i quote his words not mine ”is like Milwall reaching the FA cup final and the only way to measure how good a team is to just look at the premier table” . oh well is great when it suits you i suppose. hahahahahaha

  11. What gets me is that how bad was the food poisoning? We’ve all had it before and when I have it I can’t bare to stand nevermind play a football match!

    You’re right, I reckon Sp*rs tried to get the game delayed so West Ham would field there reserves!

  12. We You have a good Season like this, GOD should give you some Luck at the end, that what happend at Upton Park. I wish We Will get another one at Paris Stadio

    Forza Gunners


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