Things Get From Bad To Worse For Sp*rs?

My initial thoughts when Sp*rs wanted the game against West Ham delayed on Sunday was that it was an attempt to cheat the system. After all, it’s clear that if Alan Pardew has a congested fixture list then he has no problem fielding the reserves and give his big players a rest – so if the game was pushed to Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday then West Ham would play their reserves with the FA Cup Final only days away.

But then we find out the Sp*rs decide to play the game. Martin Jol tells us that after doing a quick warm up that the players WANTED to play. So the food poisoning that you and I get must be different to the illness professional footballers get – you can run around and play football. When I get food poisoning… Well, I won’t go into details!

So the game finishes and West Ham play excellently and do Arsenal a favour – Arsenal are in the Champions League next season!

And that’s the end of the story right?

When there is time to reflect on the situation, the media paint out Sp*rs to be unlucky, and somehow Arsenal are the bad guys for ‘stealing’ 4th place in the Premiership!

But then Sp*rs do us a favour and make themselves look like utter fools.

Chairman David Levy decides play with the idea that they will sue the Marriott Hotel for food poisoning. After all, it’s their fault right?

Sp*rs are hell bent on finding out the exact reason for the ‘food poisoning’ because then there will be someone to blame!

Hmmm.. There must be foul play afoot…

And in the meantime, David Levy sends an open letter to the Premier League, demanding that the fixture should be replayed – and all pretty convenient really, since West Ham would field a reserve team. Would they ask for a replayed fixture if it was Chelsea? I doubt it.

Another open letter later, Mr Levy decides to complain again, this time questioning the rules of the Premier League.

We are the victims!

Now we find out there are major doubts that it was food poisoning in the first place!

BBC News Link

Now there are rumours that The Marriott Hotel are considering suing Sp*rs for defamation! Sp*rs should have just left it alone and accepted it but now they’re looking like proper fools.

Maybe they should look at their own players before blaming everyone else!

It’s been a good week so far! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Things Get From Bad To Worse For Sp*rs?

  1. Good week so far? Unbelievable…and it gets better…outbreak of same virus at trainning ground prior to Sunday’s game. Spurs are liars and cheats from top to bottom. Good luck in Paris, Arsenal…Up The Irons!

  2. The Marriott should sue Sp*rs not just for defamation but also for taking the damn stomach bug into their hotel in the first place and risking the health of all their other guests.

    Levy is a chancer; he thought he could screw us over with this little charade. My advice to him is, when you’re down in a deep hole, stop digging!

  3. Couldn’t have put it better myself! Why on earth are we getting the blame??!?It’s not our fault they ate dodgy lasagne!

  4. Why are you gooooooooooooooooners so facinated with Spurs, you are a bunch of bullies, is it because the spurs mateys have no verbal to respond with, wheras Chelsea, man utd and liverpool can destro you at any moment………………………..
    BULLIES, you are just a bunch of bullies

  5. Haha! After months of you Spuds going onto Arsenal sites over the last few months and having a go at Arsenal for finishing 5th!

    After your cheating at Highbury your food poisoning incident is just desserts. Or should that be just lasagne… 🙂

    See you in the Champions League! Oops wait you’re in the UEFA Cup aren’t you?


  6. Bullies, hah! Excuse me if I don’t have any sympathy for you. There are some respectable spuds around, but the large majority were coming over to our sites in record numbers this season just to rub their league position in our faces. Suffice to say, I have never visited a spuds website to gloat. And I even had some respect for Jol for his time in the Netherlands and last season when he responded admirably to the referree’s cockup with the Roy Carroll incident. But when the shit hit the fan, his character was found wanting. If you can’t take gooners celebrating on their OWN website, then get the fuck out.


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