Ashley Cole Slams Arsenal And Now Chelski…

The Times has continued the serialisation of Cashley’s book about how ‘Arsenal let him down’ and all his pathetic little whining. I haven’t actually read any of it and let me tell you now there’s no way in hell I’m going to buy this piece of shite when it’s released.

But when looking for Arsenal news you can’t avoid it but today Cole has apparently ‘slammed Chelski‘ for their evidence in the tapping up enquiry.

Yesterday he accused Arsenal of not wanting him anymore and today he’s apparently having a go at Chelski. This guy is living in a world of his own!

The thing that gets me is that he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Cole wanted £60K a week and Arsenal offered it – what’s the problem?

But his agent Jonathan Barnett insisted on a percentage and Arsenal – quite rightly – said if you want your fee you can take it out of the players wages, therefore taking £5,000 from Coles weekly wage and leaving Cole with £55,000.

It’s not down to the club to pay the agents, it’s the players!

But we all know all this. Arsenal offered Cole £60,000 but because his agent wanted a cut then he engineered a move to Chelski.

As Arseblogger says, are Arsenal going to argue over £5,000 a week?

It’s quite funny how Chelski and Arsenal carry out their business. Arsenal and Arsene Wenger wished Cole all the best for the future, and in return Cole slams Arsenal to cause a stir and ultimately sell units of his ‘book’. Anything for a quick buck eh?

And then Chelski and their PR machine decide to publicly attack William Gallas as soon as he steps out of the door. Gallas’ response? To deny all of the ridiculous accusations and be the bigger man and ignore all the hype.

You can’t buy class can you?


12 thoughts on “Ashley Cole Slams Arsenal And Now Chelski…

  1. Oh Pulitzer Ashley is a thick cunt.

    Here’s a question – from the extracts, how many of the longer words would the Chelsea Rent Boy actually have really heard of?

    This one syllable word cogitating muthafucker should pipe down as this will without doubt be the lowest selling book in history.

    After all, who wants to hear about some greedy thick fuck who marries a slapper, whores himself to Chelsea and then doesn’t give us any of the juice about his mobile phone hobby.

  2. Can’t wait to boo the little twat when he plays at the Emirates!

    But with Chelscums massive squad I bet Wayne Bridge will play that game!

  3. For £6.99 it is a fake shirt – the description even says ‘Replica’…

    You’ll find out that it is fake when you receive it, as the quality won’t be as good as a proper shirt sold in the UK.

    I’ve seen a few fake shirts in my time and if you’re lucky the one you get will be a decent fake. Some of them are really good, while others are pathetic copies!

    Just don’t get it dirty and wash it too much or the stuff comes off!

  4. Thanks for the help guys – to late i have ordered it but i can return it so if its real or a VERY good fake i’ll keep it – if not i;ll send it back!!


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