Overmars, Wiltord & Now Adebayor!

Adebayor Joins The Chosen Few…

Well I think I’ve finally recovered from the huge game yesterday – only just mind.

Arsenal and Arsene Wenger in particular can be proud of themselves after the decisive win at Old Trafford yesterday. With Arsenal having their worst ever start to a Premiership season and United having their best, everyone except the Gooners had Arsenal to lose. And lose convincingly.

As I thought, Wenger started with the 4-5-1 formation with Adebayor playing the lone striker role and Hleb, Freddie and Rosicky supporting from midfield.

Even with United in such fine form of late Arsenal arrived at Old Trafford and totally dominated the game from start to finish, with United having their customary good spells.

Adebayor was excellent on his own upfront, making brilliant runs and caused United all kinds of problems and deserved his goal when it came 5 minutes from the end.

Manchester United couldn’t get hold of the ball, but that didn’t mean they didn’t have chances to score – Lehmann used his face to save a rasping Ronaldo effort just before the break and with only 2 minutes left on the clock, the German made one of the best saves I have ever seen from United favourite Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. [video]

Arsenal had numerous chances and almost paid for not scoring them. After only 12 minutes, Adebayor made a darting run and United keeper Kuszcak pulled him down for a blatant penalty – this was the moment we had been waiting for!

But Gilberto Silva slipped as he struck the ball and the stand-in keeper made a comfortable save. And seconds later Adebayor had a header saved and pushed against the post!

Were Arsenal going to rue those missed chances?

But Arsenal dug in throughout the 90 minutes and never gave up. Fabregas tackled Christiano Ronaldo on 84 minutes, kept on running towards the United penalty area and slipped a superb ball into the path of Adebayor, who coolly slotted the ball into the United net. [video]

Once the goal went in I went totally insane! The release of finally taking the lead in such a big game was absolutely immense!

And this goal added Adebayor to Marc Overmars and Sylvain Wiltord as players to score the winning goal at Old Trafford in the process – wins which helped Arsenal to win the league title.

A great game, a great performance and a great 3 points. We’ve just got to make sure we take this form into the rest of the season.

There were so many amazing performances, particularly from Adebayor, Fabragas, Gilberto, Lehmann, Toure, Gallas – in fact the whole team!

It’s amazing how things have changed in one afternoon.

After only 5 games Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea have lost a game, and Liverpool have already lost two!

The Premiership is getting closer not just because the top 4 teams are getting better, but because the rest of the league is improving too, and games are much harder.

But not for Portsmouth it seems!

Arsenal have Sheffield United, Charlton, Reading, Everton, Watford and West Ham in the next 6 league games and we have to take the confidence of the United game into these matches and make sure we put the pressure on the other teams at the top.

And after yesterday’s display why not?


19 thoughts on “Overmars, Wiltord & Now Adebayor!

  1. Move over United and your faggot Ronaldo and Shrek impersonator and serial granny shagger Rooney.

    Move over Chelsea with your overrated Michael Bollox and your latest hello moto recruit with the IQ of

  2. We have to build on this result. Theres no point beating the mancs at their gaff if we dont go on a good winning run from here. We have the players to do that.

  3. I agree IF we start winning we can make a challenge to the EPL this year.

    However, remember in four games we have scored three times.

    That is not good enough.

    We need to score early and carry on scoring throughout the game.

    Yes Rosicky looks like he will shoot when the chance arises but to win the EPL we need to start scoring.

  4. Why is everyone so gloomy? We’ve beaten United at Old Trafford! They haven’t lost at home since Blackburn beat them over 12 months ago!

    Do people actually think that Wenger will intentionally NOT build on this result or something?

    Arsenal beat United at the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ without Henry, Senderos, Van Persie, Clichy, Lauren, etc… and United had their strongest team! Rooney, Ronaldo, Scholes, Saha – the players who have been storming the league so far!

    Well done lads and COME ON ARSENAL!!

  5. Oh im not 1 bit gloomy. Im fucking delighted we beat the mancs, and at their place too. Great stuff. All im saying is this has to be the start. Wenger seems to think we can go on from here. He says last week was the first chance he has had a prolonged spell on the training ground with the team. It did look that we are starting to click yesterday. If that continues , and i feel it will, then we can look forward to a string of good results, and some more goals too. COME ON THE GOONERS

  6. Yeah, Arsenal looked really impressive yesterday – totally different from the first 3 league games of the season. The problem with Arsenal is that Wenger’s system depends of every player being in tune but with the International break it hasn’t been possible for Arsenal to gel.

    The promising thing is that Arsenal aren’t playing like they did when Bergkamp and Pires were still there, and the current players looked really comfortable yesterday.

    God damn it I hate the fucking Mancs! ADEBAYOORR!!!

  7. I was at in the front row and I celebrated so hard that I sooooooo nearly fell into United’s disabled section down below us. Great result, great performance. The whole team was outstanding, but for me Hleb was man of the match, he ran the show. All this and I was sat next to the Walcott family as well, Theo’s missus is v.nice.

  8. Yes a great win and yes we played well and yes even Fergie did not begrudge us however it could easily have been so different.
    If Ron Aldo had gone for the goal instead of Mad Jens’ face, If Jens had been a fraction less perfect in saving Solsjar’s shot, if the same Ron had not given the ball away in mid field what then?
    It was a great mid field and defensive show but we still do not look like scoring goals regularly. Let us hope that it is a matter of confidence and we have turned the corner.

  9. Yeah i thought Hleb had a cracker too. Along with Rosicky and Cesc they bossed the middle of the park. Gallas has settled in nicely. When we get a LB again , him and Kolo will be immence at the heart of the defence. Both sublime defenders with no fear. Ade ran his socks off too. And The Beast put in a nice little cameo too. That run and shot thet just missed the post. More please.

  10. All ifs and buts Graham A. What if Gilberto scored the penalty. What if Ades header went in. What if Rosickys shot pinged into the bottom corner. We on the game, on merit too.

  11. Good shout about Hleb – I personally thought when he was replaced that Arsenal lost a little bit possession-wise and we missed his probing runs. Everyone had a great game, and even Eboue started to look like his old self again.

    The save Lehmann made was unbelievable – did you see Solskjaer’s face!!

  12. See, i told u so, this team is just gelling, we will win the premiership, trust me on that, i have said it before and i will say it again, we will indeed win it, what a result guys, from nowhere to title challengers, what a performance, this is just the beginning, the next six games will be wins and our goals will start flowing, it shall be well with us, and if Fabrigas had not attacked Ronaldo, he would not have won the ball, this is football, not just someone gave the ball away, that is what he (Fabrigas) did last year agains Gerard, when he was just on him that Gerard gave a wrong pass which Henry scored, Fabrigas will be a legend and all the players did well, God bless them all and all arsenal fans.

  13. well,Its monday evening now,and I’m back on earth.
    What a good win yesterday,let’s build on it….
    Come on you GUNNERS!



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