Wenger & Gallas On The Attack…

Wenger & Gallas Will Respond In Time…

The International break has got to be one of the most annoying things that can happen in a football season. I hate it with a vengance – especially when England managed to make Macedonia look like a decent team! Maybe we should support Scotland considering they’re top of a group that has the two World Cup finalists in! Anyway, enough about Internationals…

Arsene Wenger has re-opened the Cashley Cole/Chelsea saga and has said:

“What was really annoying was they contacted Ashley Cole two or three days before a match with Manchester United which was a crucial game for us.

“I’ll talk about what happened later for there were things said in that meeting that were impossible for Arsenal to accept.”

And to be honest with Cole’s book probably filled with lies and false accusations then Arsene has a right to voice his opinions on the matter. Arsene knows…

And Mr Wenger proved yet again that he is a genius by telling us that Scotland could be France’s toughest test – and we all know Scotland beat France 1-0!

Meanwhile, William Gallas has threatened to reveal all with the dealings with Chelski in a television interview. He wants to straighten everything out and he believes that by discussing the issues on TV that nothing will be misconstrued – which is fair enough.

To be honest, it’s probably better leaving everything alone but on the other hand it’s good to show that Chelski can’t just go around saying what they like about other teams and other players.

In other news, Super Jens has stated his desire to stay at Arsenal for another season – which is a bit of a u-turn from when he said next year he’ll be moving back to Germany.

With his form over the last few seasons you’d have to say that Arsenal would probably offer Jens a new deal and at 36, should have a couple of seasons left in him. But we’ll wait and see what develops.

You’ll notice that some of the stories are a couple of days old – that’s partly because I’ve been away but also because nothing really happens in the International break. Did I tell you I think it’s crap?


10 thoughts on “Wenger & Gallas On The Attack…

  1. Shame this Cashley/Gallas saga can’t just bite the fucking dust, but I can totally see where Gallas is coming from!

    Chavski have tried to disgrace his professional & personal image, with that pathetic statement and he’s got a right to defend himself, but in the long run, I just can’t see how this is going to benefit anyone.

  2. Has anyone actually bought Cole’s book? Chelscum fans won’t buy it since it’s all about his time at Arsenal and Arsenal fans won’t buy it because well, we’re not stupid!

    I suppose once Gallas and Wenger set the record straight on Chavski’s lies then we can just move on and keep winning games!

  3. I think Gallas should swallow his pride and play a blinder at the Bridge in December. No one believes Chelsea and anyone that does is beyond any fucking semblance of help anyway (i.e they are Chelsea fans). Internationals suck arse.

  4. It’ll be good for the Chavs to get on the defensive for once in a while – if Arsene and Gallas have the moral highground then they have a right to expose Chelsea as the pathetic team that they are.

    Making a referee retire, tapping up players, accusing opposition managers of talking to referees at half-time – I’m sure there’s much more they’ve gotten away with!

  5. Well it’s Wenger’s turn to payback it seems, I’m having this strange feeling that he dropped the issue back then because Arsenal were in a difficult situation then. But now the team has found it’s feet and is on the rise, there’s no harm in putting Maureen under a bit of pressure Arsene must be thinking. hehe

  6. I just hope whatever le boss and Gallas are cooking up they do it with class. Chelsea may behave like scum but we should not lower ourselves to their level. to be fair wenger never does so I trust him.
    just let them act how they want, they’ll get their comeuppence in some form.


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