Arsenal Robbed But Probably Deserved To Be?

A Tough Night In Moscow…

A more than difficult night in Moscow for Arsenal tonight.

Before the game Arsene Wenger said it would be a hard match with the travelling, jeg-lag and the conditions over in Russia and the pitch proved to be hard for Arsenal to play their slick, quick passing game.

And CSKA Moscow packed the midfield and played deep which didn’t give Arsenal any space in behind and in the first 60 minutes Arsenal were pedestrian at best.

The only (allowed) goal of the game came on 25 minutes when the poor Djourou hauled down Dadu on the edge of the area. CSKA’s Brazilian Carvalho stepped up and smashed the freekick past the wall and straight into the Arsenal goal.

Arsenal had patches of nice passing but didn’t have any sort of threat in front of goal.

The best opening for Arsenal came just before half-time, when Robin Van Persie was released on the right hand side but failed to pick out Kolo Toure or Thierry Henry in the middle and ran straight into the CSKA keeper. Kolo was furious and so were all the Arsenal fans watching!

Cesc and the rest of the midfield finally found their feet with about 25 minutes remaining and Arsenal began to make a few half chances.

The introduction of Gael Clichy gave Arsenal extra impetus and Arsenal’s late pressure seemed to have paid off when Henry coolly controlled a long freekick and slotted into the far corner.

But amazingly the Spanish referee ruled to goal out and gave Henry a yellow card for handball!

Maybe he’s a Barcelona fan but after numerous TV replays it wasn’t clear that the hand was used at all. If anything it just looked like Titi cushioned the ball with his midriff.


10 thoughts on “Arsenal Robbed But Probably Deserved To Be?

  1. It was a poor decision. I thought we deserved a draw, what did Jens have to do exactly? If Arsenal don’t turn up and steamroll somebody there’s a tendancy for people to say we didn’t deserve it. They weren’t any better than us. Thought the referee had a good game up until that decision.

  2. Not sure we deserved a point from this game following on from the very poor first half performance. Titi was robbed at the end, but I think even most of us Gooners would concede we were poor tonight.

    Not too worry though as I fully expect us to cane them at Home and finish off the complete job when Hamburg turn up for the last home game.

    Cheer up peeps, we cannot win every game, honest.

  3. I always believe a foreign player should be given a season to settle.Well Alexander Hleb has had that season & i still see the same player constantly giving the ball away & refusing to shoot when given the opportunity…i now have serious doubts as to whether he will make the grade at Arsenal.I have no such doubts about Justin Hoyte…he is simply not good enough to play for Arsenal.

  4. Oh, how many occasions did Gilberto continuiously giving the ball away? He is simply disgusting. I only saw Toure and Fabregas playing football, the rest r not worth mentioning.

  5. Hleb has settled, he is just a bit slow at changing his game to include what you want him to include. Wenger is hardly pressuring him to do so. Pressuring players to change inhibits them. That’s not AW’s way. Look at Van Persie. The guy still hasn’t learned to pass to teamates better positioned to score. Hleb may take longer than you’d like, but AW takes the long view. Managers like Mourinho and Ferguson don’t. Which is why AW can build several dynasties, why Henry stayed, why Fergie and Mourinho can only buy dynasties (Beckham and company were a fluke, having little to do with Fergie).

  6. I just knew before the game we would lose. Was it because we have never won in Russia before? Before the match I was reminded how we got tanked 4-1 a few years ago over there – we’re just not good in crap conditions!

    The fact is almost everyone played shockingly poor tonight with the exception of Kolo Toure and Cesc, who only started playing well in the last half an hour. And I thought that Hleb should have come off instead of Rosicky, who was our only decent attacking player!

    Cesc was so pedestrian in the first half I was disgusted! But then most of the attacking players were just pathetic tonight.

    Did you notice any decent attacking play involved Toure who is a bloody centre back!

    Anyway, I’ve had my rant – we’ve just got to move on, look forward and get back in winning ways!

  7. We deserved a draw and got the goal we needed for it but a tool of a ref took it away again. Poor performance and a bad result, nothing more. Win next game in the league away to Reading. Send the reserves and youngsters out for the league cup game at WBA. Then its 2 home games. Beat the toffees at the grove and turn the russians over too.


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