Roy Keane Blasts ‘Conmen’ Who Ruin The Game!

After the Upton Park incident which was blown totally out of proportion football – and Arsenal fans in particular – needed a laugh and good old Roy Keane didn’t disappoint today.

He’s gone and blasted the Premiership because of ‘conmen’ who dive and try to deceive the referee:

“I see lads I’ve played with dive, and going down like they’ve been shot. It drives me crazy.

“I’m glad I’m not playing in the Premiership anymore.

“Trying to get another player sent off is cheating. And a lot of players are trying to put one over on the referee.”

Not like Roy Keane would ever do that eh? Especially in the Premiership!

Well take a look at this video of Roy Keane in his United days… [video]


2 thoughts on “Roy Keane Blasts ‘Conmen’ Who Ruin The Game!

  1. I’m an Arsenal fan and yes that was an incident where he pushed ball too far and went to fall over Hendry – but if you look at his comment he means the players who roll around on the floor trying to make challenges look worse than they are to incite bookings. Different thing.

  2. You can say what you like about him, but Roy Keane was never a cheat.
    He’s an absolute legend – if he played for Arsenal you’d love him too.


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