Firing Blanks Leaves Gunners In The Cold…

Chance After Chance After Chance…

With Arsenal cruising against Liverpool last week and putting themselves right into the title race you would have thought we would have made light work of Newcastle United yesterday who before the game were in the relegation zone.

But when Kieron Dyer slotted in the opening goal on 30 minutes you just knew the curse of the Emirates was going to strike again. How many sloppy goals do Arsenal want to concede this season?

It’s no good saying we had most of the ball and had more chances – if we can’t put the ball into the net then we won’t win games.

The major problem we have is that teams know they can get a decent result against Arsenal at the Emirates if they just defend deep and are well organised.

The fact of the matter is while we have one of the lowest goals against figures in the entire league, because we give away the first goal and fail to overturn the deficit each goal we concede – on average – is costing us 2 points each time!

Only teams like Liverpool and Manchester United will come at us and that is where we have had the most success. But any other team in the league – including Chelski – will look to catch us on the break.

Now there are a few reasons why we didn’t get the win yesterday. Thierry had played 90 minutes midweek for France and was rested at the start of the match against Newcastle, and the fact we gave away another soft goal didn’t help.

Is there a problem with Arsenal’s finishing?

I know Shay Given had an ‘inspired’ game but this happens far too much with opposing goalkeepers who play against Arsenal – could it be our finishing is just not good enough?

Too many times this season we have failed to score when we should, especially against teams like Everton, CSKA, West Ham United, Boro, Villa – the list goes on!

I’m not sure what our problem is but I know our title hopes are left in tatters…


4 thoughts on “Firing Blanks Leaves Gunners In The Cold…

  1. Also, we have only scored from set pieces against Boro, Everton and Newcastle. We are also too young and inexperienced to come back from a goal down. It is frustrating because I believe we are good enough to win the league, but not consistent enough to acheive it.

  2. It feels like the problem at Arsenal is so big but I tell you, it isn’t. As steve noted, we have levelled 3 of the 4 draws with set pieces. What does that mean? Our open play scoring tally has gone down. Why?

    1. The pressure is on TH14 to score is so much than ever before. He is slightly off form and we are suffering from that.

    2. We di not have a stable back 4 until last week really – causing the leak.
    3. There is a lack of mental strength to fall back on when things/luck is not on our side.

  3. Ya Arsenal seem to be strugling a bit sometimes. But I think yere reading into it a bit to much, they have an amazing team and one of if not the best passing games in the premiership. Like this is coming from me and I’m a Man U/Irish fan like. (No doubht sooner or later ye’ll be putting pressure on Chelsea for 2nd place, Man U won’t be moved.)
    In all fairness though it’s not that yere finishing was off on Saturday it was more to do with Shay Given being in goals. He was outstanding, he always seems to be a thorn in Arsenal’s side, any teams side when he plays like that.

  4. I agree that keepers seem to be having brilliant games against us far to often for it to be just a co-incidence!

    Apart from Henry and sometimes Van Persie, we don’t have anyone in the team who is deadly in front of goal. Fabregas’ shooting is average, Hleb only shoots if there isn’t a pass on and Rosicky is still finding his feet. Even Henry seems to always have the same, predictable shot – the curler into the far corner!

    The problem is at home Arsenal are under a lot of pressure to score the first goal and we over-commit too many players and too many times get caught on the break.

    When Dyer scored for Newcastle it was Clichy and Eboue with him chasing back – where the hell were Gallas and Toure?!


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