Should Henry Do The Right Thing And Step Down?

Thierry Henry or Gilberto Silva?

As early on as watching us beat Manchester United at Old Trafford I had the feeling that Gilberto was the man to captain Arsenal Football Club and his performances against Chelski and other teams recently has just confirmed it.

Gilberto just gives more to the team as captain as opposed to King Henry.

The Brazilian has always been a big part of the first team squad but ever since he has worn the captain’s armband he has been nothing short of inspirational. Even against Watford he made a fantastic last-ditch tackle to save Arsenal going a goal down and then scored the opening goal 5 minutes later.

He takes responsibility for the team and every Gooner would have noticed that when players like Eboue, Senderos and Van Persie have got into scuffles and arguements with the other team Gilberto is the first one to step in and calm down the situation – just like a real captain.

Henry and Gilberto are totally different players and at the same time different people.

Thierry wears his heart on his sleeve but is more concerned being courteous to the opposition and would rather have a go at his own players than the other team.

Gilberto is a quieter, calmer influence on the team who gives everything on the pitch and leads by example. He is not the most vocal but encourages the team by showing them what he expects by his performance – similar to Vieira when he was captain.

Arsenal have lost 5 times this season to CSKA Moscow, Manchester City, Fulham, West Ham United & Bolton Wanderers – and Henry was playing for 4 of those games.

Now people will obviously argue that Henry has captained Arsenal to numerous wins as well but under Gilberto’s captaincy Arsenal haven’t lost a game. Of course, Gilberto has only captained the team in a few games but it is clear that with Gibertlo leading the team Arsenal have something else about them – an extra edge and that extra desire.

Would we have beaten Manchester United with Henry as captain? Would we have scored that late goal against Wigan and would we have kept going to seal all 3 points against Watford? Would we have got a result against Chelski?

A lot has been made about Henry as captain over the last two seasons and that’s because it obviously isn’t working. Arsene gave Henry the captaincy to make him stay at the club he loved and Arsene won’t take it off him – so would Henry ever step down?

Maybe it’s time Henry didn’t have the burden of Arsenal Football Club on his shoulders and did what he does best which is winning matches with his exceptional skill and goalscoring ability. After all, the best player in the team doesn’t have to be captain do they?

Look at Ronaldinho at Barca, Ronaldo at United and Lampard at Chelski!


16 thoughts on “Should Henry Do The Right Thing And Step Down?

  1. The only problem should he do this would be to spark the tabloids off on: Henry loses his love for Arsenal, Hes going, every man and his dog will be putting in bids apparently , and just possibly the furore that will be created might just undermine all the good work that has been done in the last few weeks. This is still a young side and as such requires stability, as much as I believe that Gilberto is doing a good job I think the cons outweigh the pros.

  2. Good article ! You are asking the same questions the fans are debating. My answer is and has been for some time……..YES ! Silver must be captain & TH14 should do the decent thing for the team.

    Now can you answer a few questions from me?

    1) Why is it that Arsene cannot see potentially great players when they are on his doorstep ? ( Foster, Young, J Cole, D Bent & many more)

    2) Senderos had a very good second half, and should be in the side next to Gallas / Toure……so why keep dropping him?

    3) I belive that we have a great squad but the best players are not being played all the games when its possible. I would revert to a 3-5-2 formation to include them all & make us invincible again ie;


    Toure Senderos Clichy

    Walcott Fabrigas Silver Gallas Rosicky

    Van Percie & Adebayor

    This would mean that Siver & Gallas would be our Essien & Makelele.

    Please Arsene use them at least once ?

  3. Could not agree more…Gilberto is a great captain, he has really stepped up when needed….leave Theirry to do what he does better than anyone else in the world….destroy the opposition….and enjoy doing it!!!

    If the tabloids start the usual rubbish so what? Henry has stated that he wants to finish his career at Arsenal so, for the good of the team he SHOULD do the right thing and step down, I’m sure that if anyone can persuade him Wenger can>

  4. gunner pete, you have seriously lost the plot if you think clichy could play in a three man defence, if you wanted to play a back three you would have to put gallas our best defender in there,

  5. gunnerpete,

    allow me to answer those questions:

    1) potentially great does not mean great. i wouldn’t rate any of those mentioned as arsenal quality. also being english inflates a player’s value way above their worth.

    2) senderos was injured and had a few shocking moments when he came back. he did not deserve to start last night.

    3) i think your 3-5-2 would leave us quite exposed out wide if you are asking rosicky and walcott to play as wing backs.

  6. For me, although Henry is and always will be an Arsenal legend, the role of captain never sat right with him. It never suited his role on the pitch and the whole thing seemed to smack of a don’t go to Barca sweetener than a good tactical appointment.

    I really rate TH14 but his personality and disposition is that of a genius – he will always be ‘out there’ and just can’t lift the team when things aren’t going well for him. GS19 has been immense this season and deserves the armband.

  7. nice article. Please give Henry a break. This season has been quite difficult for him. Let’s wait and see what he’ll do when he comes back. we can then make a good judgement. But for the mean this, Gilberto is brilliant. The 3-5-2 system would be good. but i think these players would do better Lehmann,Toure,Senderos,Gallas,Gilberto,Hleb,Frabregas,Rosicky,Van Persie,Adebayor,Henry

  8. Hi I think the problems at Arsenal does not reflect the captain situation because armbands do not play football. Our main problem has been injuries to key players such as : Lauren, Henry, Senderos, Gallas, Rosicky, Eboue and also to other players who can consolidate our midfield like Diaby.

    For me Arsenal need to be more cautious in its play and when the whole squad is fit we should play like this:


    Eboue Toure Gallas Clichy

    Lauren Gilberto

    Hleb Fabregas Rosicky




    Eboue Toure Gallas Clichy


    Lauren Fabregas

    van Pirsie Adebayor Henry

  9. A captain never frowns at his own team mates when they miss chances. A captain never frowns just because he thinks he is in a better position to score a goal. A captain never thinks he is God’s gift to football. A captain leads by example.

    Reyes could have been a star for Arsenal but because Henry always gave him the stick, he left for Real Madrid. It was a blooming lie when he said he could not adapt to life in London. I studied in London and loved every minute of it. I have been to Spain, yes a beautiful country but how do you compare to the English hospitality.

    The club is bigger than even “the God” so step down and do what he does best, score. Let someone more worthy be the captain of the greatest club in the world.

  10. We only need Lauren when we play against some teams that are to over physical in order to increase some physical presence in the team. For example, Lauren should hve had played yesterday (possibly in midfield) if he was fit instead of Hleb or Rosicky playing in such game.
    Still in my opinion, Arsenal best squad is:


    Eboue-Toure- Gallas- Clichy.

    Hleb- Gilberto- Fabregas- Rosicky.

    Adebayor- Henry.

  11. I think we should buy ‘Buffon’ in January and then use this combination:






    1. Van Persie
    2. Walcott
    3. Baptista
    4. Senderos

  12. I seriously think everyone should lay off Henry. Some of you seem to forget that before he became captain he had already become the greatest goalscorer in our history. I totally agree that goals don’t make leaders but in his first season as captain he led the team to the final of the Champions League without the great Veiera. We started this season three very important experienced players light with Bergkamp, Pires and Campbell moving on, which would explain some of the results away from home, not the leadership qualities of our captain. Henry has played non-stop for a long time and needs the break. When he comes back he’ll be back to his best and ready for the Champions League and I hope all you Henry knockers remember the comments your making now before you jump on the ‘King Henry” bandwagon come May.

  13. Arsene Wenger will never play 3 at the back and we all know Arsenal will either line-up in a 4-4-2 or a 4-5-1 formation. The strongest team we can put out is:

    Lauren – Gallas – Toure – Clichy
    Hleb – Fabregas – Gilberto (c) – Rosicky
    Van Persie / Adebayor

    And we have a more than capable bench with the likes of Baptista, Walcott, Eboue, Senderos & Flamini, etc.

    But back to the captain situation, I think Gilberto would be great if he was the main captain then Henry the vice but it won’t happen in a million years as long as Henry stays at Arsenal! How many captains have given up the captaincy of their own free will?

    Okay, besides David Beckham?

  14. Chris,

    I don’t think anybody is knocking Henry, maybe a couple of digs, what a lot of us are saying is that Gilberto has been a true captain, Henry did not become a better player after he was made captain, and saying that he lead us to the Champs league Final is irrelevant, he lead us there, he didn’t single handedly get us there, a big difference and, who knows, maybe without the responsibility of capataincy, he may actually have won it for us!

    I still believe he is THE BEST in the world but, I believe he will be better as an out and out striker without the burden of being captain.

  15. Spot on article.

    Some people are just not meant to be a captain of a football team and Henry just isn’t cut out to be one.

    All I’ve heard from Arsenal fans is to point out the negatives of Henry’s captaincy – his attitude to his fellow players, his lack of leadership on the pitch and his apparent off the field antics (i.e. his appearance on the sidelines against Spurs that pissed off Arsene)

    Did Arsenal fans ever have a go when Adams or Vieira were captain?

    Don’t get me wrong, Henry is a brilliant footballer and probably one of Arsenal’s greatest but he’s just not captain material.

    But has anyone ever said anything positive about Henry as captain? Exactly.

  16. Dear Chris

    I will be the first to jump on the King Henry bandwagon but no way will I ever say he is the right captain for Arsenal. I respect him as a scorer and my earlier e-mail is clear on this.

    At the end of the day, I do not think Henry is as big a man as Beckham. Henry will not resign despite his lack of popularity as a captain.

    For us fans, we just have to live with it because Wenger will never remove Henry as the captain.

    Just wish that someone at the club reads all these postings and make the right decision to replace Henry with Gilberto. After that, we train Toure or Cesc to be the next captain.

    Did Vieira or Adams ever sulk at their own mates on the field?


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