Grit, Determination & Spot On Tactics!

Rosicky Is Arsenal’s Ideal Czech Mate…

Arsenal left Anfield as 3-1 winners after superb goals from Tomas Rosicky and Thierry Henry and excellent tactics from Arsene Wenger.

I predicted 2-1 but Henry ruined it by scoring with 5 minutes to go – but I’m not complaining!

From the start Arsenal look comfortable at a place where Liverpool haven’t lost against domestic competition since Chelsea last season and set their stall out to restrict Liverpool to very few half chances and stand-in keeper Almunia didn’t have a save to make in the first 45 minutes.

Arsene’s got his tactics spot on and Arsenal let Liverpool play in front of them and played on the counter-attack – and on 38 minutes they attacked to devestating effect.

Hleb picked up the ball on the halfway line and played a couple of smart one-two’s with Rosicky and just like the goal that Flamini scored against Chelsea Hleb played a smart ball inside to Rosicky and the Czech hit a first time chip into the top corner.

A simply outstanding goal!

And sensing another chance Arsenal attacked again in numbers 8 minutes later when Henry played the ball into Rosicky outside the area. Rosicky looked to give Henry the return but he was unavailable so he waltz past 5 players and slotted the ball into the bottom corner for his and Arsenal’ second!

With Arsenal leading 2-0 going into the break it was inevitable that Liverpool would put on the pressure and we were on the backfoot for the rest of the game and the home side managed to score with 18 minutes remaining but then King Henry settled the game with a brilliant goal.

Without really being involved in the match for large portions of the evening Henry picked up the ball at the halfway line with 5 minutes on the clock and clipped the ball past final defender Jamie Carragher and the race was on. Carragher managed to get in front of the Arsenal captain but Titi stole the ball from him and charged into the Liverpool area, cutting inside and drove the ball past Dudek for Arsenal’s third.

Another fantastic goal!

Arsenal had surprised everyone and beaten the FA Cup holders 3-1 in their own back yard. Wenger got his team selection spot on and his high-pressure counter attacking game worked to perfection. Liverpool tried and tried to get through the Arsenal rear guard but couldn’t get through until it was too late.

2007 looks like it will be a good year for Arsenal!


14 thoughts on “Grit, Determination & Spot On Tactics!

  1. very impressed with the Arsenal tonight. they got everything spot on and had to against a strong liverpool line up. kept Gerrard and Alonso quiet all night. Liverpool hardly ever concede or lose at home so we cant under estimate this result. 3 goals!!! But again it proves we can beat any team that is prepared to play football against us.
    I think we can repeat the trick on tuesday but Blackburn away might be a different story.
    I must agree with TH in his interview that Senderos, Gilberto and Flamini did really well especially second half. all this without Fabregas! sweet as a nut.

  2. You mean they defended for the whole match with 10 men behind the ball and played on the counter

    Yeah real good team that needs to resort to that.

  3. Ah poor bash yeh we defended hoof ball from your lot as usual and still you couldnt score…! ten men behind the ball funny how we scored we times eh wack…..!!! Never mind we will only beat you one nil tuesday with the reserves….. Now go wash ya shell suit for tuesday….

  4. shell suit. Fuck that never got anyway near them, thank you very much.

    you did score 3 goals, but they were all counter attacking.

    there is a difference between hoofing and passing, just watch alonso for a match.

    Henry being the cocky twat saying at the end he really repects are fans, but what about the cupping when he scored, 2 faced twat

  5. Alonso does pass the rest hoof….! play off the giraffe is all you can do… when gerrard aint on song your pretty 2 bob…..! As for counter attact the last goal was counter attack and the first two you had men all around us and defended like shit…! How many saves did our goalie have to make…??? one the whole 90 mins…! piss poor….! Get rid of rafa bring back Souness !! wait til Sissoko is fit its back to right midfield 4 Stevie G…. back to mediocrity again…… thats about right actually.

  6. Henry was giving his own fans stick you donut, he genuinely likes your ground so take that as a compliment. Counter attacking goals or not how many shots on target did your lot have? We took three chances and buried them. Its called tactical football.

    Denilson and Fabregas will destroy you on Tuesday. Oh and Gallas/Lauren should be back too….

  7. C’mon, Bash, where’s the supposed spirit of Anfield?

    Sometimes you just have to say, “Fair play,” when somebody wins 3-1 in your house — no matter how they get the goals.

    I didn’t see any cheap deflections or weird bounces, either. Every goal was crisp and technical. Great stuff, and exactly what happens when you let a gifted team run loose.

    If Pool’s passing was as neat and brilliant as you seem to think, where were the goals? Or even the chances? Kuyt’s goal and all the other chances near the end came from desperately throwing in crosses.

    That’s fine, it worked once and we can’t complain if we didn’t defend one of them correctly.

    But on the other hand, you really can’t whinge on about how great your team played when they got ripped for three in their own backyard. If I’m counting properly, that’s 6-1 between the two teams so far this year.

    Don’t you have to admit eventually that maybe Arsenal can play a little football?

    No, I guess not.

    Well, at least your Reds will be well-rested on FA Cup weekends the rest of the way!

  8. Arsenal kept Liverpool so quiet it was unreal and usually Anfield is a fortress but Wenger was tactically sound and left with a 3-1 win. How many visiting teams can say that? Give Arsenal some credit!

    We defended for the whole match? It couldn’t have been the whole match, how did we managed to score 3 goals?

    All Liverpool did was hoof the ball to Peter Crouch at night!

    Arsenal identified Liverpool’s only threat (which was long balls and crosses) and coped easily. Pennant is useless unless he crosses the ball but tonight Clichy kepy him quiet. In fact Liverpool’s only real chance (and the goal) came from a corner! Whereas Arsenal’s opening goal was brilliantly crafted and scored even with 9 Liverpool players around Rosicky!

    And we had 10 men behind the ball?

  9. Great stuff from the Arsenal! I think Bash is upset that his team only ever looked like scoring from a set piece even at home. Face it dude, you try to play football against Arsenal and you come off 2nd best. Nice to ram Gerrard’s words from midweek back down his throat. Was he even playing today btw? Always nice to have the last laugh on Pennant as well.

    More of the same from Rosicky week in week out would be nice. Obviously super talented, now needs some consistency. Sour news about Bendtner though. Hope it isn’t too serious.

  10. A very gutsy and determined performance by the lads and we deserved our win, but I think 3-1 flattered us a bit, not that I am complaining.

    Sorry Bash, but you have to take your chances when they come and we took ours with applom and your lot created sweet fanny adams mate. Yes, you had a lot of the possession without doubt, as you would expect of the ‘home’ team, however, you did knack all with it.

    Some great work by the lads, particularly Senders, Gilberto and Kolo. I thought Clichy was weak a lot of the team and his distribution was poor at times.

    Tuesday will be a different game altogether, but I think we can win once again, especially as we will have Fab back to run the midfield. Hopefully Gallas will be back as well and that should snuff out anything the scousers throw our way and his experience will be an added bonus, if he plays.

    Liverpool were pretty woeful today, apart from Kuyt who was the only one who really threatened our defence at all. Did Gerrard play?

    Onwards and upwards.

  11. lol, 3 counterattacking goals. You’re attacks crap then mate, cos when Rosicky scored his second, from 18 yards out, he was surrounded by most of your team.

    Scouse twat, go nick a tyre and sign on.

  12. I can’t see how people can say we just got Liverpool on the counter attack, since the only real ‘counter-attacking’ goal was the last one by Thierry Henry.

    For both of Rosicky’s goals, there were 10 Liverpool players around the ball when he struck both of his efforts!

    Sour grapes from the Scousers!


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