The End Of Football As We Know It?

Well it’s official, Michel Platini has been appointed the new UEFA President beating Lennart Johansson and could this be the end of football as we know it?

Platini has expressed his desire to ignore video technology (which has helped other sports like Rugby for example) and wants to use 4 linesmen instead! What the hell happens if the two linesmen in one half disagree? And if one awards offside does that overrule the other linesman who thinks it wasn’t offside?

Apparently the new UEFA President has also said in the past that he would like to ban tackling from football.


But probably the biggest change he would make would be to reduce the number of teams from England competing in the Champions League from 4 to 3. With Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United relying on this competition it would really effect the English game.

But the question is would Platini allow more teams from other countries or simply reduce the number of teams in the actual competition?

Because if he starts adding more teams from lesser leagues then the quality of the Champions League will suffer dramatically.

And is Michel Platini just a puppet of Sepp Blatter? Because we all know about the crazy ideas that Blatter had being the President of FIFA so I hope Platini doesn’t follow suit and ruin the game from the inside!


2 thoughts on “The End Of Football As We Know It?

  1. Don’t know about the other ideas, but i’m fully in favour of a max. of 3 teams per country in the CL. Put simply it will in a small way help spread the wealth through European football and not just to the big clubs in the big leagues. The result hopefully will be greater competition both domestically and in Europe. And if the league champions of Slovakia can afford to keep their players then they won’t be clogging up the lower regions of the premier league

  2. This is bad news for football. Mainly because of the 3 teams per country rule for the Champions League – the big 4 Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea are so reliant on qualifying it would signal big problems if one of those was to be excluded. Even Alex Ferguson has spoken out about it already!

    The thing is I can see the G14 disbanding, forming a European Super League if one of their teams isn’t in the Champions League. And with that the G14 will take all the money and all the big names along with it! And that’s not going to be great for football!


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