Whatever Happens This Weekend, Arsenal Will Be This Years Carling Cup Winners

Arsenal are in a win-win situation this weekend in the Carling Cup Final because of the way they have approached this competition and the performances the young players have put in over the last few months.

There is seemingly no pressure for the young guns against a Chelsea side which most would assume would be at full strength.

Arsenal’s kids have played some really outstanding football in the Carling Cup, especially against Everton, Liverpool and Spurs on the road to the final and in the process getting all the plaudits – and rightly so.

Chelsea on the other hand have stumbled to the final, without anything worthy of note.

I personally can’t even recall a single team they’ve beaten to make the final!

The progress of certain players like Aliadiere, Denilson, Traore and Hoyte this season has shown that the future is bright for Arsenal Football Club.

It might be and old cliché but even if Arsenal’s kids lose on Sunday they will be seen by many across the land as the success story and therefore the winners of this years Carling Cup.

Good luck boys and I’ll be seeing you in Cardiff!


7 thoughts on “Whatever Happens This Weekend, Arsenal Will Be This Years Carling Cup Winners

  1. I don’t wanna be funny but this “kids” thing is condescending to the young professional players we put out in those matches, as it is to their opponents.

    And I’m fairly sure that this year’s carling cup winners will be the team that actually wins.

    That isn’t to say I’m not pleased and excited by what some of the players we have on the verge of breaking into the first team can do and how they’ve played so far.

    But in a year or two people won’t remember who played, they’ll remember which team won.

  2. Nice story! I’m with you, the people that count will remember the remarkable efforts the ‘kids’ put in. Here’s to finishing off the job on Sunday 🙂

  3. Frankly nobody remembers anything particularly if they lose.
    A chance of making these so called ‘kids’ of ours a reference point for the future will only start from pointing to this final if they win. I’m sure a lot of purists rememeber that Barca won the CL final but don’t really remember the amazing football their opponent (Arsenal) played leading up to the final.

    What I’m saying in short is that it will become very distant memory if they are beaten by Chelsea on Sunday but ‘may’ be remembered when they get even better in the future (if they win this Sunday)

  4. I remember with relish the Dutch team that lost in WC74 for their football mind and exquiste style. How many of us remember the winners of WC82 and 90. Contrary to what the Americans want us to think, winning is not everything!


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