Reyes Returns / Wenger Fights / Everton Preview

The curse of leaving Arsenal has struck again as Jose Antonio Reyes looks like he is no longer wanted at Real Madrid. Now he doesn’t want to return to Arsenal and is looking to move back to Sevilla in the summer – funny how that because Sevilla are top of the Spanish League he wants to go there! This guy is more of a mercenary than Lucas Neill!

But would Reyes be worth a place in the Arsenal squad next season?

I will admit that I thought we could have done with his energy at times this season and whatever you say about him he’ll put his foot in and run for the cause. Not many people will agree with me but I thought Reyes was a decent player for Arsenal.

Arsene looks to be having one of those seasons as he is facing a disrepute hearing from the FA for telling it how it is with the crap officials in Cardiff. And Wenger’s best mate Raymond Domenech has continued the war of words, say that he has a clear conscience and it must be know Henry has played for Arsenal 3 days after playing for France.

Er… isn’t that because he plays for and is under contract at Arsenal? Surely you’re not blaming Wenger for not resting Henry because he played for France days before an Arsenal game? Thierry Henry is an ARSENAL player and resting one of our best players isn’t the best way to win a football match!

But then again wasn’t Domenech the guy who was criticised for treating Makalele like a slave?

Anyway, we play Everton at Goodison Park on Sunday in what should be an interesting game. Kolo is back after his suspension and should partner Gallas in the centre, although Eboue and Clichy are out with injuries so Wenger will have to re-shuffle the back four.

Adebayor, Henry and Van Persie are out so it looks like the forward line of Baptista and Aliadiere will start and hopefully they will start to remember where the goal is.

In more positive news, Rosicky and Hleb look to be fit again so we should have more penetration in the final third – especially with the fact Rosicky actually shoots from distance!


Hopefully we’ve finally managed to get our shooting boots on so I can see Arsenal winning 2-1. Everton will probably score at home, and probably from a set-piece.


15 thoughts on “Reyes Returns / Wenger Fights / Everton Preview

  1. I agree Reyes was a good player for us and we could do with a lively left winger who knows how to score, but he clearly doesn’t want to be here (whether “here” is “Arsenal” or “England”). I thought maybe his spell at Real might have got him over that distraction and made him more likely to settle down with us, but he is now pushing for a move back to Seville, which seems to disprove that.

    Also, TH always gave him a ahrd time which didn’t help his confidence or help him to settle down properly.

    To sum up, a good player, but I can’t see him coming back, or finding his best form if he did come back.

  2. I fully support AW’s argument with the FA over the dishonesty of the officials in the League Cup Final, as it’s about time the club made a stand against continual poor treatment from officials. But why does he need to pick a pointless argument with Domenech? What does he stand to gain from it? This is why he has a reputation as a moaner (admitedly amongst Arsenal haters, but arguments like this give their arguments weight).

  3. Reyes was a player of unfulfilled potential at Arsenal, I don’t think him coming back is realistic or likey to be honest. Yes he was a better player than most gave him credit for he had the most assists last year. And we have missed him, more so because we have no wingers at Arsenal. I’d sooner see some fresh faces at Arsenal, Ribery or Babel of Ajax. Players who want to play for us. Plus Reyes form at Real has been abysmal he doesn’t even look like the player he was at Arsenal.

  4. Reyes was an excellent player for us when he first arrived in January 2004 and his form until the end of the ‘Invinicibles’ season was spot on, so I don’t think the weather excuse holds any weight because he arrived at Xmas!

    Reyes would be a better player if it wasn’t for Henry and his arrogance towards the player. Obviously we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but you usually see Reyes happy and smiling while it’s Henry who is the moody one. But obviously if Henry doesn’t like Reyes then Wenger only has one option.

    I think Reyes was never the same after the United 49 game when he was kicked around the pitch and that’s probably when he decided the English game wasn’t for him.

    Before that though, you can’t deny he was an excellent player – at the start of the 04/05 season he was our top scorer after 10/15 games!

  5. I was a big fan of Reyes I remembered how he would stretch the defense of opponents and if the was any game that we should remember about reyes, it is the game away to Real in Spain he ran circles around Real Madrid that day.

    Reyes was suppose to be a great player for Arsenal but he just could cope with the culture and we have to respect him for that. If he didnt say anything and let it affect his game then that was different.

  6. Give me Reyes back anyday ahead of Baptista – Great first touch, lively and always dangerous in and around the box.

  7. Reyes has already burnt all his bridges and will definitely not be welcomed back by AW unless Real make it difficult for us with Baptista. Baptista will be a monster for us next season has he gets used to what the EPL is all about. He will have to be patient though as AW uses the coming pre-season to decide what his best strikeforce combination is. Will it be Henry-Adebayor? or Henry-Baptista? Or Henry-Van Persie? It will not be an easy decision and I can forsee some unhappy campers moaning next season too.

  8. Everyone seems to forget that the hard time that TH started giving Reyes became more obvious after the incident with Aragones which TH not having done anything to deserve those horrible horrible comments from Aragones should at the very least be the beneficiary of some public support or any kind of support from a team mate which was never forth coming.

    Remember also that last season, Reyes started almost all the CL matches, but when Pires recovered from injury, Reyes was dropped in favour of Pires for the final against Barca. This is because Reyes looses possession of the ball too often, and With Arsenal playing Barcelona, AW knew that Barca will punish us if we kept losing the ball, so he rightfully played Pires who was a better player any way in favour of Reyes.

    Just remember also that Reyes is a good player, but good players should and must surely give place to better players. If Arsenal want to be dominant over a sustained period, we need players who are better than some of the good ones we currently have.

  9. wenger just loves young boys. we no u cant we anything with kids. trust its all got to do with money. wenger iat times he makes me sick. he needs to buy if we are gonna win anthing.

  10. A lot of Arsenal fans find it all too easy to critisize TH, especially when it comes to his relationship with Reyes. I find that very appalling. One has done a hell of a lot more for the club, and loves the club passionately, the other did and said everything possible including going on radio to chat rubbish about Arsenal and England, and even went as far as wearing another teams colours. All you guys should make your mind up about who deserves more crititism than the other.

    No one was more arrogant than Eric Cantona, but you will never hear Manure fans chastising him the way we do Tierry Henry. George Best was arrogant, but again, you will never hear Manure fans saying stupid things like we so easily say so openly about TH. In recent times, no one has done more for Arsenal than TH. Be grateful. I am sure all or most of the players read stuff like these from newspapers and websites alike. Lets all be grateful so that when he reads stuff like such, he will only see the positives, and kill himself just a little bit more for the club he loves soooooooooooo much.

  11. wenger just loves young boys something is not right about him. hes got money so why dont he buy any world class players. for the last few season hes going crazy bringin in young boys.

  12. I have to agree that Reyes gave us something we lack this year. In a word enthusiasm. You could never doubt his committment. Ok some said he dived at times but every time he came on as a sub the whole nature of the game changed from a static passing game to a very active passing game with some punch. and when he played from the start we were far more direct because of his runs at defences. We have needed his (and Bobby Pires) runs at defences this year to drag the midfield into the attack. But a fan of Reyes as I am I don’t want him back if he doesn’t want to play for us.

  13. I thought Reyes was an excellent player, bags of skill, lots of energy, not averse to odd crunching tackle. I think this year would have been his year had he not left, even Henry towards the end was warming to him. I would definitely welcome Reyes back, you can’t blame him if he was struggling with the weather, food, language and Henry’s attitude towards him. Give the guy a break.

  14. I think he was home sick and now that he is back home,..may be Seville will solve his sickness.But coming back to Arsenal is the last thing i think will happen.

    Not to over exergerate his lack of form, madrid entirle this season have been below standard and so some excuse for Reyes too.



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