When Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse!

After defeat at Goodison Park and Anfield could Arsenal get things back on track against West Ham?

Well the only small positive we could take from this season was the unbeaten record at the Emirates.

But this afternoon at team who started the day second from bottom ended that run.

Could things get any worse?

I could go into detail about how Arsenal dominated the match but in the end wastefulness in front of goal cost Arsenal yet again. Although credit to Arsene, he dropped Aliadiere and Baptista to the bench.

But Adebayor was supported by Rosicky, Freddie & Hleb – hardly prolific in front of goal this season!

The ironic thing was that despite the injuries to Henry and Van Persie, you would say that Arsenal had the strongest possible team out on the pitch against West Ham.

The starting line-up was:

Lehmann, Eboue, Clichy, Toure, Gallas, Fabregas, Gilberto, Freddie, Hleb, Rosicky & Abebayor.

You couldn’t get any stronger than that really.

Arsenal had 25 shots and 11 of those were on target, while West Ham had 5 shots in the entire game.

But I suppose that’s been the story of our season.


34 thoughts on “When Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse!

  1. I hope Arsene wakes up finally. He must stop thinking that buying kids can win the Lea.gue. Good strikers need only one chance. Arsenal kids need 30 chances to scrore one. Can you remember the last time Arsenal scored from a well worked pass? Its been too long. If the current board cant come up with the money, sell the club. If we continue like this we will be playing in the UEFA cup. Stop the rot, please, Mr Wenger

  2. Any Arsenal side with Hleb in it cannot be described as the strongest available.Can’t shoot,can’t pass,can’t tackle,can’t cross,can’t head,crap work-rate.Total waste of space. Serious,serious changes – both in terms of players and attitude – needed this summer.If we’re still as poor this team next year Wenger should be man enough to resign

  3. Forget the world class nonsense, Arsene needs goal scores we have too many midfielders who can’t score to save their life. Cesc and Tomas in the middle of the pack where the only people who you knew could score.

    Today is the worse day to be an Arsenal fan. UEFA looks more likely than 2 which was realistic few weeks ago. That cheque book that they have being holding tight should be brought out and Aliadare and Baptista should leave. Get 2 stikers and two wingers who can score goals so that Tomas will compete with Cesc for the creative role in the middle and Hleb have competition.

    Reyes must come back and money must be spent. Arsene hasn’t being himself this season and he has to think properly, yes I am saying this and that and that might not be the solution. Remember no Theo, Thierry, RVP, then add Nicholas to that.

    If Reyes doesn’t come back then Ribery has to be bought.

  4. This is totally crap! Arsenal has managed only 1 point out of 12 from its last four matches against West Ham. Are we still reliving the 1980 FA Cup Final or what? The last 3 league games have been really worrying – 1 goal and ZERO points to show for.

    Almost scoring goals is really not good enough. The shots were either too near Robert Green (which made him look superb) or just far enough to strike the woodwork – this is not hard luck but crappy finishing. AW will realise that only a top striker can turn these chances into goals, and we have none of these. At this rate, it’ll be a miracle if Arsenal remains in the top 4.

    Maybe a season without Champions League football might give AW something to think about, and the chance to act. Not buying a good striker during the transfer window (but relying on the likes of Baptista and Aliadiere) has cost us dear. The Kroenke millions now look very inviting indeed.

  5. dont despair . its difficult to stop a bad run esp when there is not a lot to play for. The players have to realise that the 4th place is in jeopardy.

    A response is crucial at Newcwstle now

  6. I was saying before that we will lose our record to west ham.

    4-5-1 was working very well and the hammers goal was a one in a million fluke.

    We dominated in the second half but we lost some of our edge when Baptista came on. He’s so CRAP. PLEASE GET RID OF HIM.

    Aliadiere looked good and then Gilberto came off for Diaby!! Come on Arsene, Gilberto is the only midfielder scoring goals and you put a kid on in his place!! I’m SICK to the stomach of people rating Diaby. I fckin hate the stupid idiot and he does not offer extra chances to score for us.

    Gilberto and Toure looked the most likely to score with Fabregas hitting the woodwork.

    The ball just didn’t seem to want to go in for Arsenal and Baptista should never ever ever wear an Arsenal shirt again.

    4th place??

    I doubt we’ll achieve that this season. But don’t worry – next season we will be better… YEAH RIGHT!! I WANT NOW NOT NEXT SEASON!!!


  7. Anyone who thinks that this about bad luck just hasn’t been paying much attention. This is about an Arsenal team led by a self-deluded, self-indulgent Frenchman whose obssession with teenage footballers has led to the team’s current demise. This is about a club that has placed too much trust in a man without much accountability. This is about a team without a single proper goalscorer beside Henry and RVP. This about a team whose training sessions are primarily five-a-sides; no heading sessions nor freekick practises. Finally this is about a team headed to the UEFA cup with the ultimate insult being that they wil be overtaken by Bolton or , worse yet, Spurs.

    There is only one way out of this morass:Sell the club to the Americans, whose foresight and ambition are enough to take this team to the next level.



  9. I AGREE!!


  10. The main problem here is that wenger is forgetting that the focus should be on filling the stands so we make money but it will never happen if we keep loosing and dont have new good stars and big names specially if we dont make the champions league our fans can only stand so much so cut the little kids thing and start wining games, i wounder how can business men like our owners stand there and do nothing

  11. Oh my word, JD, I quote “If we’re still as poor this team next year Wenger should be man enough to resign”!!!!! I’m not an Arsenal supporter, I support Liverpool, so I am not looking through gooner tinted glasses when I say that that was the most ridiculous comment I have ever seen. Without Wenger, you guys will be lucky to be in the UEFA cup. He is the best manager in europe, including, at this stage, Rafa. Rafa is tremendous, we love him, but he hasn’t yet the consistency of Wenger on a tight budget. If Wenger had the budget of a Fergiscum or Moronho, you will be unstopable.

    Still, it could be worse, you might be beaten to 4th by Bolton … come on you poor man’s manc ;o)

  12. what a load of tossers you lot are. Sell thr club to a man who only wants it to make millions, not to produce better football. Most of you sound like 13 year old idiots with your comments. Plasic fans.

  13. Pathetic performance we have been transformed in to a team of performing seals that couldnt score even if their life dependent on it

  14. The American wants to make a profit so therefor will do his best to make sure the team is at winning ways.

    What’s wrong with that??


  15. I agree with those of you says that todays result is not just about bad luck. It`s a good picture of our season. We`re just not good enough – as in the squad`s not good enough. Wenger is talking about mental strengh and a promising youth. I`m not sure that Mr. Wenger knows anymore. Football is about today as well as tomorrow. We all knows that the past years many promising players have left Arsenal without given a go in the first team (I`m not saying that those players would make a difference this season). It`s time for some of the firsteam players of today to leave Arsenal this summer (Hleb, Eboue, Ljungberg, Aliadiere, Baptista, lehman) and to be replaced by experienced players! 4th place is important for the future of our club. I still believe!!!

  16. those players couldn’t score in a brothel. its not good enough to get through on goal you actually have to put it in the net. I have said lots of times that any Arsenal team with Hleb, Ros, Cesc and Gilberto will not win a game and most certainly cannot win the premiership. I am pretty sure (though please correct me if I am wrong) we have NEVER won a game with those 4 players in midfield. way too predictable. all played in front of the opposition defence week in week out. if those 4 play continue to play we wont get 4th place. this team needs wingers!!

  17. whats worse is henry did not had a good game all season and last season he seemed to have lost his pace, will his rest bring back the henry of old or is he er getting old, we all love him but a swop with eto would be the best thing for the club and it seems that wont happen so we will have to just wait and see if he is finished or …. rvp is another with big potential but he is hardly ian wright, he is our only hope for the future for scoring goals… we need two goalscorers on top of those two… will we get them? and of course a goalscoring pires winger, ribery would be fantastic…. toure is not a centre half… oh dear oh dear…

  18. It’s not a ridiculous comment if we’re going backwards for 3 years in a row. (including next season as I said)
    The problem is Arsenal’s problems have not changed for 18 months & he refuses to do anything about it – the worst team in the league at attacking set-pieces, the worst team in the league at defending them,no wide player who can score goals,cross the ball or tackle, only 2 left-footed players (Clichy,Van Persie) in a squad of 25 meaning everything goes inwards from that side, a central midfield that’s all too often kicked out of the game & a defender who gets picked every time he’s fit despite having no interest n defending & spends most of his time either divng or causing needless fights. (you’re a Liverpool fan- who’s got more talent – Eboue or Finnan?Who would you want in your team? bet it’s 2 different answers.)

    Wenger has been magnificent for Arsenal but he has lost his way & sadly seems unwilling or unable to address such blatantly obvious problems.

  19. Well said Mek 6:21.
    Toure needs to move into mid field and add raw strength, power & pace to the engine room of the team. He has this urgency in his play whenever he moves forward. He appeals to me more like a midfielder than a defender, Senderos or Djuro should play center back with William Galas. He will be a good enforcer in our team, we are too light in the middle. Baptister is not working for us, he should go back to Spain, toure is the real beast. Hleb should be dropped to the bench or better still be sold.
    Wenger please wake up and take responsibility, no more sentiments nor excuses, we are better than this. I still believe in this team, just a bit of tinkering here and there would do.

  20. Also, Wenger should please get two real wingers that can also score goals, one on the left and the other on the right. A 23-26years old stricker also that can score 18+ goals a season to add to TH & RVP.

  21. I’m starting to wonder why I’m reading comments on this site. So much bullshit… True, we don’t score enough goals. Since our two prolific strikers are injured, we are suffering from not getting enough goals from our other departments. However, I remember Manure had the same problem a couple of seasons ago. They didn’t have to make wholesale changes to rectify this problem. I’m also quite confident Cesc will start scoring soon. Last season, Barcelona’s Iniesta couldn’t scored if his life depended on it. This season he’s already scored 8 goals. If he can do it, so can Cesc. However, we do need one more prolific scorer – and that’s what Wenger should address in the summer. Apart from that, we do not need to change too much.

  22. The more Arsenal lose, the more the message has to be rammed home that Arsene doesn’t actually know anything anymore.

    Kroenke’s arrival will hopefully mean that winning, and not excuses, about injuries, luck, potential, etc, etc, etc is the top priority.

    Wenger has too much power at Arsenal and this must stop. He is living in his own dream world of total football and foreign starlets at the club’s expense.

    To have been beaten home and away by a bottom three club speaks volumes about the level of quality we currently have in the squad.

    Wenger says Arsenal have “a little bit of the disease we have shown all season – creating, creating, creating, and not finishing.” Perhaps belatedly, very, very, very belatedly he has finally seen the light and will buy quality including a top class striker and ship out the dead wood in the summer.

    When England lose games the buck stops with the manager, when Arsenal lose, the Arsene disciples blame everything else they possibly can except Wenger. Can one of you lot please explain this logic to the rest of us..?

  23. This is getting ridculous now – we had so many chances today it was unreal. I couldn’t believe what I was watching!

    Arsenal ‘dominate’ games in terms of possession but can’t score! The problem is we have players who cannot finish. Teams will sit back against us and nick a goal because they know we can’t put the ball in the net! Zamora scored a decent goal with one of very few West Ham chances – just like most team such as Blackburn, Everton, Sheffield United and most of the Premiership.

    It’s not bad luck we go a goal down in games, it’s because OTHER TEAMS PRACTICE FINISHING. At this level, you have to make your chances count!

    How many teams need 30 shots in a match to score?

    I would say every team in the league except Arsenal need 5/6 chances to score a goal, and I’m including teams like Charlton, West Ham and Watford.

    It’s pathetic that when two players are out – Van Persie and Henry – we totally collapse.

  24. Completely frustrated but I think we need to wait to the end of the season to see what changes will be made.

    Clearly some players are lacking in confidence but it’s times like this when your looking for your players to stand up and be counted. Cesc, despite not playing particularly well today and having had a complete nightmare in front of goal all season continued to get himself into positions to score and hit the crossbar from 30 yds. Because he’s bollocks!! Hleb on the other hasn’t. He does not have the mental strength to play for Arsenal and that can be said for a number of the players.

    Actually thought Aliadiere did ok today when he came on.

  25. I can’t believe some are saying that Arsene should resign. He is arguably the best manager in all of Europe and his methods and tactics have changed the way the game is played. So suggesting that he should leave Arsenal is just plain crazy. It isn’t Arsene’s fault that players can’t put the ball in the back of the net. Van Persie scored goals and so did Henry. They’ll both be back next season and will score loads. Fabregas will also start scoring, as will Walcott. Adebayor will only get better. Clichy and Eboue will only continue to improve in aiding the attack. Aliadiare, Baptista and possibly Hleb should be sold off.

    This was always a rebuilding season. Today’s game just amplifies what we already know – in our current form we are rubish without our key strikers. Arsenal will still finish in the top 4. It was a rough game and it is most definitely a rough time to be an Arsenal fan. This isn’t a team in crisis, this is a team poised to explode into one of the strongest sides in Europe – and next season it will happen.

  26. Major league idiots on this board today. Wenger should go??! Henry for Eto’o??!

    Bloody hell guys, get a grip!

    This is a much improved performance on the last 4-5 games and thank God for that! It’s not a result that we wanted obviously, but at least we are getting chances now rather than looking lethargic.

  27. IF AW/ Arsenal keep on losing games there is one outcome. We will see gaping holes in the ES maybe in the next few years.Anyone who watches the gunners play will know they like to attack leaving one or two defenders behind.
    When an attack breaksdown the defenders are facing one on one situation as in the BR game when Mcarty scored and in the Sheff ut game when Toure was beaten for pace. There are other examples.
    The opposition teams have wised up but the gunners are still playing the same way inviting a sucker punch.
    And it seems to me the gunners are unable to score from corners these days. Something is drastically wrong for a team that could beat MU three months ago injuries not withstanding.

  28. Afternoon everyone, like everyone I am pissed off but not really surprised as this team and its management is a joke that is getting worse every game.

    What can you say? How many more times is it gonna happen before the penny drops for AW. The players take a share of the blame but ultimately the buck stops with AW. He picks the team, coaches them and directs things from the bench (or doesnt). He is the one responsible for wasting the clubs money on players who are clearly not good enough and in some cases taking the cheap option of potential rather than someone who can improve the team right away.

    To waste 10M on Hleb is criminal, but to constantly pick him when he is low on confidence and is giving the ball away for fun is just taking the piss. To waste 7M on a lanky streak of nothing in “Forrest” Adebayor also suggest that AW is getting more big money transfers wrong than right. Before anyone says, “but he gives 100%” – so what, he could run two marathons every game but he is a striker and doesnt even look like scoring, he can barely shoot for gods sake and spends most of his time on the wing now, we could have had Johnson for 1M more, one fucking million !. It may seem harsh to isolate these players but it is selecting players like this that has got us in this mess.

    You cant blame the players though, they arent good enough to play for AFC but they are and probably cant believe how lucky they are. The fault is with the manager who picks them and stubbornly insists they are good enough despite it being clear to a blind man that they are not.

    AW has created a team of lightweight fairies from players that are either too young, too old or just plainly not AFC quality and we are seeing the results unfold before us. The team was broken up but this was due to age and players wanting a new challenge and I dont think AW can be blamed for this. He must take the blame though for replacing warriors like Viera,Petit,Parlour,Keown,Lauren,Bergy with tarts like Hleb,Eboue,Ali,Forrest Gump or with kids who might produce in 2/3 years time ( there is no guarantee that they will be here then by the way ) especially if we lose 4th place. This team has no heart, no leaders and absolutely no cutting edge and seem to think that fancy football will win them matches.

    Goals win football matches not consecutive passes or 70% possesion and 30 odd shots. People who say but we’ve got our top 2 strikers injured need to wake up. This shit has been going on all season – CSKA,Toon,Boro,Everton,Villa,SheffUtd,Pmouth,Fulham,Wham and I’m sure there are more, how many more times does it have to happen before people realise it is endemic with this team?. Two good strikers are injured but our back up is a joke and why cant our midfielders step up and take responsibility with a few goals like lamps,scholes,ronaldo – I know, cos they arent good enough and that is solely down to our manager. This situation is embarassing for a club the size of AFC, but it is not surprising and AW seems almost resigned to it, he sits on the bench looking like a broken man out of ideas !.

    It is all very well building for the future, but not when you ignore the present. Every AW quote now is about how things will be in the future or how he must have belief in his young squad. He needs to remember he is managing AFC not a pub side or a youth project in france, transfer windows are there for a reason and can shape a clubs season if used well. These ridiculous quotes about being happy with his squad are beyond belief, this squad doesnt need ripping apart but 3/4 proven players need to be added. These players need to be quality with the right attitude and people who our kids can learn from and who can show leadership when thing are going wrong.

    Going by recent quotes, we will have a similar squad next season and yet AW is still beating the same drum “we will be stronger next season” or “these players have learned alot”. How will anything be any different, will Hleb stop giving the ball away – no, will our midfield score goals – no, will Forrest start looking like a pro footballer – no. It will be exactly the same, as some players arent good enough or not suited to the EPL and no amount of coaching will change that.

    I would rather AW and the board came out at the start of the season and told us straight “due to the stadium move, and our managers inability to find players in his price range ( you pay peanuts, you get monkeys dont you ), we are going through a transition period and have filled our squad with young players. We ask the fans to be patient as we wont be challenging for anything for3/4 years until the squad matures, but we will still charge you over a grand a year to watch his little boys though. We will do everything we can to finish in the top 6 however, and we are confident of challenging for the title in5 years time, thank you”. This way we would know where we stood and would have no false hopes and wouldnt have to listen to the same crap evry week like “we were a little jaded, this team has so much potential” or my fave “we lacked a little maturity in key areas”, well you would when you field a youth team in the EPL !

    I will probably be labelled a “bedwetter” by some who have their heads buried in the sand, but thats fair enough – each to his own and all that. If expressing my concern at the way thing are going or questioning recent tactics or lack of transfer activity makes me a bedwetter rather than a fan who is worried about the club, then I dont get it ! I am 100% behind AW as I feel what he has done for us means he deserves time to sort this mess out, but next year is his biggest test. He will stand or fall by how he handles the tranfer window, if nothing is done and we start the season with the same squad then he has nowhere to hide if we see no improvement, and by that I mean a realistic title challenge over 38 games not a cup run or two. He will have seen the problems and failed to address them and will therefore be solely to blame and it maybe time for him to move upstairs and for a change and and a new start, I hope I am wrong though.

  29. We need a LUCKY CHARM!!
    how else could you explain the misfirings and the number of saves from the goalie and woodwork ??
    YES! Wenger, this summer by all means go BUY a STRIKER, C DEFENDER and GOALIE. But above all go to the Far East and get a LUCKY CHARM!!

    Good Luck Arsenal!

  30. I find myself caught right between two of the debates going on here. There are some things that we can all agree however……

    -Baptista is a turd of a player. Bad touch, bad finishing. Against Liverpool let’s remember Dudek and Paletta were playing. Only league goal against Reading and their centre backs arent exactly anything approaching class.

    -Hleb has been the second most irritating player this season. Good feet and acceleration but no end product, lest not forgetting his amazing ability to just pass the f*cking ball to any opposing player. Get him on a angus burger diet to thicken the wimp up.

    – Midfielders who cannot score. After seeing Rosicky against the USA, I got the impression he can pop a few away. Wrong. Too many times he hits the ball with the outside of his boot trying to be little artsy ‘mozart’. Buckle up you c*nt and strike the ball properly.

    Some people though need to consider if they are getting carried away with all the Wenger resignation chat. He’s the best thing to happen to our club and he deserves our patience. The reality is that he knows alot more than any of us about arsenal and football in general. Yes, he has his flaws but he has not let us down before. Our current crisis arrives from the fact that we are deflated after a premature end to the season. Couple this with an ongoing frustration at being cack in front of goal for a whole season, and you have a recipe for near disaster. We will be back and changes have to be made. Here are my few requests I implore AW to consider (if you are reading)

    1) Get Julio “the useless tw*t” Baptista on the next easyjet to Madrid
    2) Send Hleb, Rosicky, Fabregas to finishing school all summer
    3) Send Aliadiere back to the set of Planet of the Apes
    4) Fine Eboue next time he acts like a total prick
    5) Buy Ribery and a solid central midfielder
    6) Pray for injury-free seasons for Henry and Van Persie

    = Success

  31. not gud enuf frm the gunners, especially wen expectation is so high , at d start of dis year we wer dreaming of d title, r evn a trophy which we havent 1 in d lat 2 year at d end of dis 1 , evn do we reached a champions league final , now we mitent evn hav champions league football at d end of dis , people not gud enuf r, flamini , aliadiere, baptista , hleb. senderos, dey should all leave


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