Was David Dein’s Exit Down To Arsene Wenger?

As expected, the tabloids are full of stories of an ‘Arsenal Exodus‘, and a huge crisis at Arsenal but to be perfectly honest I think the speculation is ridiculous.

The papers have painted David Dein as a divine saviour for Arsenal, a man who Ian Wright has called ‘Mr Arsenal‘.

Now don’t get me wrong, while David Dein has been excellent for Arsenal Football Club and done some wonderful things it would be naive to think the club would just collapse with his depature.

It’s as if ALL of Arsenal’s success was due to him. I think Arsene Wenger might have had a little somethng to do with it.

Peter Hill-Wood has already issued a statement saying that along with the other board members – including Danny Fiszman, Lady Bracewell-Smith, Richard Carr and Peter Hill-Wood himself – have agreed not to sell their shares for at least another year.

And the fact is any sort of ‘hostile takeover’ which has been mentioned almost everywhere would be hard to achieve anyway. With the board members already holding 45% of the shares it would be virtually impossible to succeed in taking over Arsenal, especially when the board can easily pick up another 5% from the other small investors to inevitably block any proposed takeover.

But that doesn’t stop the stories and despite his close involvement with all things Arsenal and his relationship with Wenger, it’s worth remembering he didn’t see eye-to-eye with Arsene on everything.

Arsene Wenger was instrumental in the development of the new Emirates Stadium, and was backed heavily by Peter Hill-Wood and Danny Fiszman through the entire process.

David Dein however, opposed the move from Highbury which Wenger was such an advocate of.

And Arsene has always stated time and time again that he would be against any sort of takeover from foreign investors. And obviously the rest of the board agrees with him – and not Dein.

It’s always amusing to read stories that Wenger might leave – did he ever support a takeover?

You would probably find Wenger would be more likely to leave if a takeover was to actually take place!

Arsene has put so much work into the 11 years he has been here throughout the entire football club so an unlimited transfer kitty to spend on the likes of Ronaldinho, Eto’o et al is not his style.

And yes, we’ve heard that Henry is close with Dein’s family and his son was the best man at his wedding (I never tire of that story…) but it’s funny that Henry is so close with Dein that he was thinking about leaving Arsenal for Barcelona!

Surely if they were that close then the thought of leaving Arsenal shouldn’t even be an issue should it?

And Ian Wright has proved to be talking utter b*llocks yet again. He was such a great player for Arsenal and I will always remember the great things he did but he does talk a lot of sh*te sometimes.

He says that David Dein loves Arsenal, which I’m not disputing – but just because he was always there and has done great things doesn’t mean he isn’t in it for himself does it? I’m sure he’d just love to run Arsenal with Big Stan’s money and being at the helm.


27 thoughts on “Was David Dein’s Exit Down To Arsene Wenger?

  1. I wish I could share your optimism. I just watch the press conference there and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Arsene as cagey on the subject of extending his contract.

  2. To be honest Wenger has never been anything but the way he was today, he never speaks too far into the future with regards to contract. Remember that time he actually came to the end of his contract, there was no panic then and there is none now, papers are just in overdrive mode as usual.

    This is his team he will see this through to the end, can you imagine him handing it over? not a chance.

  3. Good article.

    Everyone seems to think David Dein is unaccountable, but let’s not forget he’s done some shady things in his time.

    And Wenger always discusses extending his contract once his current deal has expired. That’s the way he’s always done it!

  4. Why are you all so terrified of change ?????.Dein had to walk to come back and even if we lose Wenger there is still a lot of top class managers around.I have been a fan for more then 25 years and i remember the journos calling Arsenal finished when Graham left………..wuptido in came Wenger and the club progressed to new levels of success…….

    I predict this time next year Arsenal will be spending lots of Yankee Dollar.

  5. What poor analysis. Someimtes the obvious is the obvious. Go back to your day job.

    arsene wenger only repeated what dein agreed they should say.

    if dein is not back by 2008 he will be gone.

  6. So the papers are in overdrive mode while you lot have greater insight nto the current situation, right? Fact is, none of you know anymore than what has already been written. Anything that you write is pure conjecture. In fact, much of your rationale for your arguments are pretty weak and come across as wishful thinking. Wrighty is closer to the players than anyone of us; therefore, has a better sense of the mood in the club. I wouldn’t be so dismissive of his input.

  7. For those of you can’t remember, before David Dein bought into Arsenal the club was going nowhere. 1 trophy in the previous 12 years and no sign of any more forthcoming. The club has changed dramatically since 1983 and Dein has been the driving force behind this.

    No, he hasn’t coached the team but he brought in George Graham & Arsene Wenger.

    Is it coincidence that Arsenal have enjoyed continued success since Dein bought into the club?

    Dein is an Arsenal fan through and through. The same cannot be said of Hill-Wood, Bracewell-Smith & Edelman.

  8. dickbait andy – hill-wood’s family are arsenal fans and are in the third generation of running the club. hence, one can surmise the guy is a fan. you stupid prick.

    as for this article – great piece. at last, someone with a fucking brain. well done writer!

    let’s leave andy to chase the yankee dollar and suck stan’s cock. and the day he realises that stan only wanted to make money out of it will be the moment that andy knows he fucked up.

    fuck off to chelsea andy.

  9. Anyone remember the “Terry Neill Out” demo outside Highbury after an abysmal home loss to WBA in 1983? Some short-sighted fans even shouted “who the f*** is David Dein” but in face his arrival was the catalyst for everything that followed – Don Howe blooding the youngsters incl. the great Rocky Rocastle, followed by the Graham years (excusing the awful 1993-95 period) and then Wenger. Dein could see what was required and pressed the intransigent board for change. Generally I have much preferred the years since 1983 than the years immediately beforehand when, believe it or not, we often played second fiddle to Tottenham (and with interim strikeforces like Hawley & Hankin, Meade & Kosmina, this wasn’t difficult). Arsenal will always be a great club, but DD made it that bit greater and I will always be grateful for what he achieved for AFC. He was also a very nice bloke, as I found when I chatted to him at a pre-season game v Borehamwood. I’m sorry to see him leave and I hope to god he comes back.

  10. It’s hilarious how these recent events have polarised blogosphere. It’s obvious that all those who are living in fear of any change of any type are now in a frenzy to paint Dein as an inconsequential old fool, and Wrighty as a sensationalist liar, in a final feeble attempt to bury their heads in the sand, and pretend the inevitable isn’t happening. Both have done huge amounts for our club, and deserve our respect- certainly more than the aristocratic, buffoons we’re now left with running the club.

  11. Good article. Reading through everything the only thing that’s certain is that we won’t know whats going on for a few months. If there really is no transfer money available over the summer it’ll all become apparent then. But as things stand at the moment no one (other than at board level knows everything). As for Wrighty, I’ve already said it today, he was great but sometimes he should keep his trap shut (and remember that he’s got a new radio show at the moment, so anything controversial will bring listeners!!!)

  12. Most of the comments on here are pathetic – a couple of barren seasons and suddenly all these ‘fans’ are begging for Big Stan’s money!

    James are you that naive? You don’t think the papers are making an issue out of nothing? It’s slow this time of year with no transfer speculation to make up so of course they’re going to blow the Dein exit out of all proportion! If you actually sit down and think about the situation then a takeover is very, very unlikely.

    Well of course Ian Wright is closer to players than we are! But it doesn’t mean he knows it all, and I doubt very much that he chats to Arsene much! Don’t you remember his ‘comments’ on Thierry leaving for Barcelona?

    I would think twice before thinking everything Wrighty says is gospel mate!

  13. nutsack, before you start throwing your toys out of the pram, do some research. Take a look at the history of the Hill-Woods. If Peter Hill-Wood was that big a fan, why did he sell all of the shares he inherited? He is 3rd generation and is only there because he inherited the shares. He has no interest in the club only seeking kudos as Arsenal Chairman even though his power in the club is non-existent. The man is an old codger who has no vision.

    Edelman is a spurs supporter and Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith has no interest in football.

  14. All those who think a takeover by a yankee will lead to loads of cash beeing injected into the club are way off the mark! They will invest nothing. The only thing that is going to happen is that they will take money from the club! they view clubs as a profitable buy. That means making money from what you bought! The situation with an Abramovich type of owner is different as money is not an issue, the club is his new toy and he only wants to win trophies from which he ain’t going to get any money!

    I fully agree with the club’s stance of not wanting anything to do with Kroenke as he is not and never will be injecting cash into the club other than buying the shares which as such does not bring one penny to the club!

    Stop dreaming unless one fan gets outrageously rich and doesn’t mind wasting millions without anything in return we will never get the purchasing powers of Manure and Chavski….

  15. With regards to “injecting cash” into the club, can you be absolutely certain that he won’t?

    How much cash have the current directors put into the club? Looking at the accounts over the last 10 years I can’t see any money coming into the club from the shareholders.

  16. If Hill-Wood, Edelman, Nina B-S and Fiszman have so much money they don’t need Stan Kroenke’s millions (which is what Hill-Wood said) maybe they would like to invest some of their millions in the club so that Arsene has some money to spend in the transfer window, because otherwise there won’t be any money for players.

    Who’d you prefer: (1) Dein plus Kroenke plus Arsene or (2) Hill-Wood (sold out long ago), Edelman (accountant), Nina (director of football?) and Fiszman (tax exile retiree)? Hopefully, Hill-Wood et al will drop the anti-foreign attitude (they do know Arsene is French don’t they?) and sell their shares.

  17. what’s the worry?it doesn’t matter who owns the club,they are all run as businesses……i don’t care what happens off the pitch..?.i’d support em if someone sold the ground the team and the players and we dropped down a few leagues.i wonder if some of you would?

  18. As I see it, Wenger and the board does not want Kroenke to take over the club. Dein went behind the board and probably also Arsenes back when he started dealing with Kroenke without telling the others.

    My guess is that Wenger is lettting Dein have his legacy, but I am quite sure he is shocked at what Dein did.

    If I am wrong and Dein let Wenger know he dealt with Kroenke directly, then Wenger is in on it and we for sure will have opera for quite some time. I think it is pretty unlikely thou…

  19. good article stevus, i too remember from 78 to now,
    the spuds were the better team with villa and ardilles ,hoddle etc and we had the hankins ,marriner then losing brady and stapleton.
    but like you said, dein came along and don howe blooded the youngsters and while ive been following THE Arsenal we’ve won every domestic trophy and got to all the 3 major european finals losing 2 and winning 1 of them.
    footballs changed now, the greatest team to come from these shores(liverpool) have realised that 18 years since there last title could not compete with arsenal and united and now chelsea too.they sold out to the americans, even utd with there mass resources and gate reciepts realised that chelsea blew them away financially and sold out too.
    so if we stand still we will fall further and furher behind
    one thing hill wood said made me laugh,
    “We are all being seduced that the Americans will ride into town with pots of cash for new players. It simply isn’t the case. They only see an opportunity to make money. They know nothing about our football, and we don’t want these types involved.”
    so £4.50 for a hot dog and £2.70 for a tea bag in a plastic cup and the highest priced tickets in the prem is not about making money then?

  20. I have found the blogs and other Arsenal sites far more comprehensive and well-considered than the sensational hysterics in our daily papers! We cannot know for certain what is going on in Wenger’s mind, but he is and always has been, an honourable man. If he doesn’t want to commit himself to a comment that he is unsure about he just won’t discuss it. Likewise, if he has a strong view or belief he is not slow in stating it. But he certainly wouldn’t just repeat the words of someone else, even if that certain someone IS David Dein! If he has publicly stated that he is against a foreign buyer then that’s what I believe. I respect him enough to trust his opinion. And remember, as BG says, how do we know Kroenke would have waltzed into the board-room with an open cheque-book and a shopping list with E’to, Torres or even Ronaldinho at the top of the last? We know very little about the man. Maybe we ought to look into the sporting involvements he has in the US before we make claims as to his true intentions at the Emirates. After all, he may intend to invest, just to make money – as has been stated before – and not necessarily to invest copious amounts of american dosh, which now at $2 to the £1 and falling would become less and less copious anyway! Finally, the current board members are multi-millionaires, true. But when they put money in the club, does anyone honestly believe that they just write a cheque with their name on it? Of course not! That money will come from from assets sold or from smaller companies that they own, as after all, that is where their money lies as such investments are how they maintain their wealth. Not in a shoebox under their bed! So, stating that they have put nothing into the club, in financial terms, is a little naive. So, at the end of it all, Wenger will stay to see his future teams come to fruition. And David Dein and Kroenke? No-one knows, not even Ian Wright!

  21. Wenger Holds the key to Arsenal’s Doors.
    In our opinion Wenger has now become the most important person in this struggle for power. He will undoubtedly be coveted by both suitors to remain with the club. And therefore he alone can help tip the balance one the way or another. And he should!

  22. Koenke will launch a takeover bid for sure. There is no other reason he would buy shares the way he is buying them. He is buying them every week.
    He is shrewd enough a man, he owns four sports teams and builds shopping malls and is married into the millionaire Walton family.
    He will know that he can make money fromrsenal, but also that success on the pitch is integral to him making money from the club.
    What matters is that Wenger:

    1.) Learns to defend from set pieces.
    2.) Get Henry and Van Persie fit.
    3.) Bring in another wide man to help slower thanhe was Freddie and still learning Theo compete with Hleb and Rosicky.

    The rest is above our heads.
    But if we do not do these above things, e will not win the league again for ages. As fans, we CAN make our displeasure of the manager known.

    But having been a legend, let’s give Wenger more time.

  23. well – how spooky, i have this conversation with my partner this morning, i think the boss knew that the end for DD was near, i also believe that to the press he remains loyal to DD with his comments – second half yesterday was the best we have been for a while and against what is now a good spurs side – i dont think all is doom and gloom, to the contrary, i think things are going to improve and very very quickly..

    just watched Bentdner – awesome header
    muamba – not bad, but i think he will leave
    doyle – the goalie we have been linked with today – outstanding and would be a great catch – lets hope if muamba goes, doyle is coming our way in the deal –

    and now unless something from Mars lands and makes us lose the last three games and concede many goals – champs league is secure – roll on next season – i for one cant wait.

    and come on newcastle – beat or draw with the russians…………..


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