Eduardo da Silva Lining For Arsenal Fans?

Goals, Goals, Goals!

Well Arsene has done it again.

He’s bought a player and no-one had any idea it was going to happen. Arsene Wenger is the ultimate stealth in the transfer market – and we all know only report on completed deals and not speculation!

So who is this new signing?

Well it’s the Brazilian-born and Croatian International Eduardo da Silva, who gave Arsenal a scare last season when he scored the first European goal at the Emirates for Dinamo Zagreb – finishing off Toure’s failed interception and slotting past Almunia in the Champions League Qualifier last August.

He’s also 24 years old, the sort of age Wenger likes to bring in talent.

And Dinamo Zagreb President has said on record that the deal is £16.24 million although there are reports that he was mis-translated and the fee is closer to £8 million. He’ll be joining on a 4 year deal subject to a medical.

His record for the Croatian National team is 7 goals in 12 games which isn’t bad, but he also finished last season with a record 34 goals in the Croatian league – which is quite impressive.

Just take a look at his goals in the video link below.

It might not be the big summer signing of Torres or E’eto that a lot of Arsenal fans had probably been hoping for but I for one am excited about what this guy is capable of.

You might knock the Croatian league, but notching up 34 goals shows that he has at least the natural goalscoring ability that will be vital in converting the numerous chances Arsenal make every game.

That was a big problem last season.

Wenger obviously believes this guy is good enough for Arsenal and the Premiership and who are we to disagree?

The main thing is that we all give this guy a chance.

He might be coming from Croatia but they beat England in the qualifiers – and ‘Dudu’ scored the opening goal in that match. Scoring against Paul Robinson before even joining – that’s a big plus in my book!

Another interesting story is that Fabregas’ agent Joseba Diaz has outlined the little Spaniards desire to stay at the club, but also pointed out Arsenal are going to buy a lot of good players. Does he know something we don’t?

It could be just hearsay but who knows?

Video: Eduardo da Silva’s Goals 2006/2007 (YouTube – click here)


15 thoughts on “Eduardo da Silva Lining For Arsenal Fans?

  1. I am glad someone other than Arsenal is finally buying Torres so that Europe will finally learn the guy is just better than average but nothing more, just like Reyes, Garcia and Morientes. Good but not great like the Spain National team itself. Wenger is a wise man and we should always wait and see how his discoveries play out and never worry because the purchase is unknown.

  2. Good article.

    This guy should be given a chance. We know Wenger isn’t a person to just panic buy (bar Baptista and Gallas obviously) so he must rate Da Silva.

    I’ve heard he’s scored 34 goals in 32 games which although is in a weak league is still a decent return. The good thing is that when he gets a chance he looks like he’s a guy to take it. I remember his goal at the Emirates, Dinamo only had one chance and Da Silva took it!

    If we can score more of these opportunities then Arsenal will be much better next season.

    The future’s bright, it’s red and white!

  3. you lot bought a brazilian croat. what does that tell you , basically he was so shit in brazil that he had to leave and go as far away as possible you mugs

  4. notagooner, isn’t it past your bedtime – or or did you just stay up extra late
    to play with your incredibly small penis?

  5. Wow, a Sp*rs fan having a go of a player because of where he comes from. Racism at its best! I could explain how he left Brazil as a kid to Croatia and all the other stuff but it would be wasted on you.

    I rest my case.

  6. Gallas and Baptista were not panic buys. Wenger had wanted both of those players for a while, but due to numerous things couldn’t get them earlier. The fact that they were late in the transfer window doesn’t make them panic, in fact the Gallas deal was an excellent one, so I don’t quite see your point about that. Baptista didn’t show much quality last year, but there’s no denying he has loads of ability (like a certain Chelsea striker I can think of) but the fact that both of those two didn’t have good seasons doesn’t mean they were panic buys either so =/.

    Da Silva looks like he has the attributes and the attitude to succeed at Arsenal, so good luck to him.

  7. Looks like this kid has an eye for goal which is good. We lost and drew too many games last season because we couldn’t get the ball in the net! Silva looks like he is direct and looks like a decent finisher which is good. Him and Van Persie will be firing on all cylinders next season!

    People talk about getting another winger in but I think Walcott is what Wenger’s got in mind for that position. He isn’t really a centre forward and is too lightweight to play up top so attacking from the wide areas would make sense.

    And to notagooner (very imaginative by the way, did you think that up all by yourself?) you’re just bitter you’ve paid £16 million for a player who is completely overrated!

    And if Da Silva is so crap as you put it, how did he score against an England defence of Neville, Terry and Rio Ferdinand? And wasn’t your crap keeper in goal too?

  8. Oh, I forgot to add I wouldn’t be too gutted about missing out on Torres.

    How many Spanish players have actually set the Premiership alight except Fabregas? Who was brought in at an early age? And maybe Xabi Alonso at Liverpool.

    Reyes, Garcia, Josemi, Morientes, the list goes on!

  9. isn’t it better for Arsenal that the guy has a european passport?
    work permit, international games etc….

  10. 34 goals in 32 games is no mean feat. Watching the youtube clips, seems more of a Vanestroy kind of finisher. I like the other statistic about him; he had the most assists in the croatian league last season

  11. i’m from croatia, and i’m a dinamo zagreb fan. don’t worry about dudu. he’s a great player. i watched his every match since he joined dinamo’s first team. last season he excelled in every single game. as you were all saying, he scored 34 goals in 32 games, but you were are all worryed about the weakness of the croatian league. well, don’t be. of course, our league is weaker than the english premiership, but our football is very physical and very tough. our defenders are very strong and dudu had to deal with it, and you all know what he did. so, again, don’t worry. he’ll know how to deal with terry, rio ferdinand, king, carragher and all the others. all of us dinamo fans are very happy for dudu to sign for arsenal ‘couse we all know it’s a great club and we all hope you’ll accept dudu as one of your own. we accepted him and loved him and we all know what we got in return.

    p.s. he scored 7 goals in 8 international games, and all together 54 goals in a season counting all competitions

    hope dudu will be great for you as he was for us

    c ya

  12. It’s like when United lost Van Nistelrooy to a Spanish club, they won the league the next season!

    Henry’s loss won’t be as big as most people make out.


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