The Transfer News Is Starting To Gather Pace…

Only a couple of days left in the tranfer window and it seems the transfer news is starting to pick up speed, with Arsenal today being linked with Brazilian superstar Adriano.

Arsene has officially stated he was offered the forward, but Inter Milan wanted a player in exchange. While there has been no official word about who that Arsenal player is, many reports are saying that it was most likely Tomas Rosicky. Other sources have said Inter were after Gilberto Silva.

Depending how you look at it, this could have been a very good or very bad move for Arsenal.

Adriano has reportedly been overweight and lazy, and apparently hadn’t scored a single club goal in 18 months until recently. And to swap him with Rosicky would be crazy as he is one of only a few players in our squad who is capable of playing out wide.

But is it so mad? Rosicky is much happier playing down the middle and Arsene has shown that in the absense of two fit strikers he would rather play Hleb down the centre. Also, if any coach in the world can transform the fortunes of a mis-guided player then it’s Arsene Wenger. There’s no doubt Adriano has the raw ability and talent to terrorise defenses and score goals when on form.

But it’s not going to happen!

The other news at the moment is over the future of Jens Lehmann, who the boss insists is staying at Arsenal. I think Wenger is telling the truth but if Jens was ever going to leave then before the deadline would make sense, and we’ve seen it before when players have left Arsenal – it’s all under wraps and we don’t actually find out until the deal has been completed.

Will we see any departures or arrivals before the deadline?

I’d be surprised if we didn’t!

Despite what the manager says – he’s hardly going to give away any of his transfer dealings now is he?


6 thoughts on “The Transfer News Is Starting To Gather Pace…

  1. Pls Arsene, we don’t need Andriano at Arsenal fc. Pls sir, don’t bring him in. He is very selfish,instead go for OBAGOL. In OBAGOL Arsenal is fulfilled.

  2. yea im afraid i have to agree dont expect a signing i have completly given up on any new faces. i feel we really need a striker to play alongside v.p. I see ade as a player you can throw on with half an hour left to mix it up a bit. i dont think he will get enough goals. as for da silva i think it would be very unfair to make an opinion on him because of the time he has been with us. he looked promising in pre season and could even be used as a emergancy winger. as for bentner is nt ready to play for us yet and needs atleast a season of breeding.
    Yea if adriano was offered as part of a swap deal i think wenger was right to reject it however i would nt mind seeing him come on a years loan deal.

  3. he Transfer News Is Starting To Gather Pace…… erm no it isnt “There is no movement in or out,” said the Arsenal manager

  4. cant see anything happening. which is a great shame because theres great potential in the team but we look like were one dimensional and dont have a plan b. if we get injurys again were straight down to the bones. im shocked we aint spent more money in the transfer market than weve made this summer. only thing i can think of is that wenger has 1 or 2 big 20 million signings either in jan or next season. problem is with other teams spending and getting better it will be harder to finish 4th this year than before.


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