Wenger Stays: Arsenal’s Greatest Ever Signing

Well with impeccible timing as always, Arsenal’s greatest ever manager Arsene Wenger has finally signed his contact extension which means he will stay until 2011 – and who knows maybe beyond that.

Since joining in 1996 from Grampus Eight in Japan, Arsene has transformed Arsenal from a decent team into a title-winning side. The 1997/98 season – his first full season in England – was sensational, and his revolutionary training methods and attitudes to football, nutrition and fitness have become the milestone for the rest of the Premier League clubs.

Has any other manager been so influential?

All Arsenal fans knew that the man would sign, but as long as the contact hadn’t been signed then you would get all the press speculation that he might leave.

But we all know he has some unfinished business.

Currently building his 3rd Arsenal team, it would be ridiculous to even suggest he would leave without seeing how all his hard work will develop and compete for honours.

The news of Arsene’s extension is a welcome diversion from all the rubbish surrounding David Dein and a possible takeover. Whatever happens in the future – until 2011 anyway – Arsenal will always be Arsene Wenger’s club.

And that is great news.

And as ever, the most important thing to Wenger is the team – so he announces he is staying during the boring International week so it doesn’t take anything from his players or their wonderful start to the season.

Arsene Wenger has contributed so much to football in the last 11 years he has been at the club and what he has done with Arsenal Football Club is simply astounding.

Who else in world football with a top football club has the balls to nurture a young side and play stylish football in the process, especially in an age where winning is everything?

Who else would pass up on proven superstars and create his own?

Arsene Wenger is literally one in a million.


9 thoughts on “Wenger Stays: Arsenal’s Greatest Ever Signing

  1. Fantastic news! Arsene Wenger is the best thing that’s ever happened to Arsenal Football Club.

    Pity about David Dein’s remarks though, saying in April Arsene was thinking of leaving after Dein’s departure! Arsene Wenger is Arsenal, while David Dein is an arsehole!

  2. Brilliant news for the club and for us fans. Worth every penny for the positive changes he’s made to the way we play, all the trophies we’ve won since he arrived and he’s revolutionised English football in terms of the fitness and training of players. No wonder we have the best league in the world. That’s benefited all the premiership clubs and the English game would be poorer without him.

  3. It will be interesting to see what silverware (if any) Wenger wins by September 2010. There is no doubt Arsenal are a great club but it has to be said that at the moment that are lagging some way behind Manchester United, Chelsea and even Liverpool.

  4. Thank God. The newspapers can finally stop wasting rolls of newsprint on the death Arsenal. If only David Dein can…. then we can have some peace and quiet.

  5. Arsenal have many many issues! First their players show absolutely no loyalty to the club, perfect example being Thierry Henry. Whilst everyone slated Cashley for holding the club to randsom, TH continually stalled on contract talks only to increase his own bank balance! All the other players love Arse-ne Wenger more than AFC. An interesting prediciment for when he retires!

    Secondly, the club has no loyalty to England and English football (agreed they are not alone). If Arsenal had the choice I am sure Bentley and Pennant would all be back in the squad/1st team. And lets face it Upson is a darn sight better than the mighty Senderos! Wenger ignores English talent (or potential) for players that only look good in a solid team: Ade (couln’t-hit-a-barn)dor, Flamini, Senderos, Hleb are but a few. He finds some gems but many are not.

    Good luck to Arsenal this term and their talk of top 2 finish and Champ Lge??! It reminds me of Man City beating ManUtd and AVilla against Chelsea, all the fans start to talk about pipedreams and unrealistic eventualities.

    Spurs to finish above Arsenal, and good on them, swelling which English players!

  6. Typical of a spud.

    You dont get the big picture do you? No player is bigger than the club. What did you guys say when Big Sol left you dry for greener pastures accross the road? What effort have you guys taken to keep Michael Carrik? And you think all your players wouldn’t take a chance to join a ‘Big Four’ if they had it? And I’m still wondering where I can find a spud with brains. You guys are just jelous.

  7. This particular United fan is delighted by the news. It’s not just good for Arsenal. it’s good for the entire EPL.

    He, more than anybody else, brought in the idea that professional footballers should train, keep themselves fit and not go out on the binge after every weekend match.

    He also lost Arsenal that ‘boring’ epithet. Frustrating, annoying and argumentative they may be, but never boring!

    And, written with gritted teeth, they do play beautiful football


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