Arsenal’s Biggest Test Yet: Those Cold Away Days

The fact of the matter is that this season, Arsenal have so far been sensational and surpassed expectations of the vast majority of the fans – including this one.

But as the darker evenings set in Arsenal will face the biggest test of the season so far.

Those cold and wet away days.

As you can see from the fixture list in the graphic above (you may need to refresh to see the latest version) Arsenal have just played 4 away games from their last 5 matches, and from the next 5 have another 4 away games; this time travelling to Sevilla, Aston Villa, Newcastle & Middlesbrough.

It’s going to be a tough November & December.

And even before the new year, Arsenal have to travel to Blackburn (Carling Cup), Portsmouth and Everton.

Even the most optimistic Arsenal fan would be surprised if we managed to get through all of those games unbeaten. There are some really tough matches in there.

Sandwiched in between those away games we have a Champions League qualifier against Steaua Bucharest, and Premiership matches against Chelsea and Tottenham.

If Arsenal can get through to January still top of the league, or at least within touching distance of the leaders then I will start to believe we can win it.

These tough away days will be games where things might not go our way. There will be dodgy decisions against us, hard tackling and we will find it hard to play our normal game. The remainder of November and the month of December is Arsenal’s biggest test so far this season and real questions will be asked of our young squad.

It’s whether Arsenal can get through this adversity and still win like they have been so far this campaign.

And it looks like it’s not just Arsenal fans who are wondering how the team will perform over the coming months. ITV, Sky Sports and Setanta Sports will be covering every Arsenal game in December, as well as our trip to Sevilla in the Champions League in November.

Looks like Arsenal were worth watching after all.


8 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Biggest Test Yet: Those Cold Away Days

  1. I hear what you are saying feller, but to be honest, I have seen MORE than enough already this season, to know that we will come through these away games & the xmas period, still in command or not far off!

    Wenger will chop & change it a bit and as we’ve seen from the lads who come in (Carling Cup & Slavia Away), they can do an awesome job too!
    N’ let’s not forget RVP to come back this weekend, or next week, at the latest! He’ll be raring to get at any defense in his way!

    Just a shame England look like they’ll qualify for Euro 2008 after all! Was really starting to enjoy the whole “England are shit, because of Wenger & his foreign buys” argument! It was the most un-educated, pathetic, knuckle dragging statement, I think i’ve ever heard!

  2. yes all I keep hearing is when we do this that or the other I will then beleive. people said it before spurs, west ham, liverpool, united etc. at some point you have to stop testing them. YOU SHOULD BELEIVE NOW. this is Arsenal. you have to have faith in our team. If everyone just has a bit of faith it might actually make things easier instead of constantly thinking we’re going to lose any day. fear does not help at all.
    personally I felt a certain belief after the man city home game and regardless of if we lose a game, my faith wont disappear. chelsea and man u have lost games you dont see them giving up or losing faith do you?

  3. I’m sick to deth of the so called next big test, we are playing some unbeliveble football,on top of the league unbeaten in all competitions this season and there are still people out there talking about our next big test!

  4. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of trepidation, because football is a fickle game and sometimes small things can make a huge difference. Remember the 2002/2003 season? We were fantastic that season and played some amazing stuff. Unfortunately Manure took advantage of our poor end of season form and nicked the title from us.

    I think the Christmas period will be tough though. Especially against physical teams like Everton, and we have to remember all the other teams know how good we’re playing so won’t hesitate to kick the sh*t out of us. These teams can get away with murder against us, considering how crap the officiating is in the Premier League!

    It’ll be interesting how we react. William Gallas needs to keep fit throughout that time though, because without Toure we will need more fight that we have ever needed before.

  5. I stoped reading when you said (If Arsenal can get through to January still top of the league, or at least within touching distance of the leaders then I will start to believe we can win it.) How can you claim to be a true gooner and say things like that!!!!!!!! We Will Win the league the question is what else will we win. LooooooooooooooL WE ARE THE ARSENAL IN EVERY SENSE!

  6. flip you for you such a silly heading like that,you sound like one of the doubters going on bout every weekend is our biggest test,cold nights bigger test than anfield crowd??bigger test than Champions visiting the Grove???come on raise your standards a bit this is becoming tiresome and down right boring.
    i guarantee that byt the time we get thru this phase andare about to meet liverpool again and ManUre away,you will be here again bleating about the next big test,THE NEXT BIG TEST FOR ALL OF US IS WHETHER YOU ARE REALLY A GUNNER WHEN THE CHIPS ARE DOWN OR ONE OF THOSE SO CALLEDS THAT JUS JUMPS ON THE WAGON WE ON AN UNBEATEN RUN….

    check yourself!!!!


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