Am I The Only One Worried About Tonight’s Game?

Newcastle United (St James’ Park)
Wednesday 5th December, 2007
Kick Off: 7.45pm – Live On Sky Sports 1

Everyone is banking on Arsenal to cruise tonight against Newcastle, who have been pretty toothless recently under Sam Allardyce as he proves how much of an overrated manager he actually is.

But against Arsenal, his record isn’t bad.

With Bolton, he would be direct and that would cause us real problems. Obviously he is not getting results in the North East because he is forced to make a team actually play decent football, which is a far cry from his tactics at the Reebok.

But with only 4 points from their last 6 games Newcastle – and Allardyce in particular – are desperate.

And with this desperation it could signal trouble for Arsenal.

With injuries to Diaby, Fabregas, Hleb and Flamini our midfield is pretty bare, and with the Walrus urgently needing something from this game to keep the fans and board off his back who says he won’t try to kick Arsenal out of the game?

It looks like Diarra, Denilson and Gilberto will figure in tonight’s game and they will have to be on top form if they are to withstand the physical approach from Newcastle.

I think tonight will be a tough game and I’m just not comfortable with everyone putting 3 points in the bag before the game has even kicked off.

Newcastle have played poorly of late, but against the unbeaten league leaders they will raise their game tenfold.

Let’s make no mistake about it, tonight will be a fight.

I think we’ll just about edge it but I don’t think it will be as straight-forward as most people are making it out to be.


17 thoughts on “Am I The Only One Worried About Tonight’s Game?

  1. No, trust me… you’re not!

    I’ve got to keep reminding people of our record at St. James’ Park too! Let’s just say, in recent years, it hasn’t been 1 of our best successful away grounds!

    To be honest though, on current merit, we SHOULD beat them… but in football terms… That means fuck all!

    Who would have thought Bolton would have beat Man Yoo, few weeks back?

  2. totally agree. Newcastle is a dangerous team to play, as they are extremely talented, but desperately under-performing at the moment. that leads to them being written off- which sets up the “Nobody gave us a chance” win that pro-athletes are infamous for. As they need motivation to play (apart from hundred thousand pound a week salaries…)

  3. As a Newcastle fan I am very worried about tonight’s game. The reality is the the Gooners are playing breathtaking football and the Toon are playing…well something that might resemble football. You guys might worry about your midfield but we simply by-pass ours so they might as well not be there. In all honesty you guys have the ability to easily beat us. Having said that though it was when you beat us in the League cup that our luck seemes to change so perhaps we can turn it again against you. May the best team win…I mean Arsenal of course.

  4. After 58 years of uffering as a Gunner, Im not suddenly going to stop my usual nervous build up to a match. I fear them all, but mostly the officials & sometimes our goalie & centre backs.

    Tonight without all our flair players…Hleb, Fabs, Van P, Diaby, an of course the player of the year so far Flamini…..i forecast this game will not be as entertaining as the Villa match, and our injury list will probably grow. But even allowing for the fact that the Walrus is Fergies golfing partner and probably caddie, surely he wont send out the troops to cripple again?

    If its a footballing contest I expect us to win 2-1 but if its a clogging match for men oop north then it will be horrible to watch unless you are a manure fan.

  5. This game? I am nervous before every game. All it takes is one blown call, one slip-up and presto we drop some points. Plus I have the uneasy feeling that Barton is going to scythe down of our lads.

  6. Im not worried. We should wipe the white stripes off their arses!

    Why be worried. Be a little anxious, but not worried. We have been killing teams this season and Newcastle are primed for a twatting!

  7. Goofle, you are an idiot.

    Agree about the first goal. If Newcastle get it their fans will make the atmosphere unbearable, so we can’t let that happen!

    At least our defence is in tack as Gallas, Toure, Sagna and Clichy are all warriors on the pitch.

  8. Well, I hope we will not have to booing our own players and managers again tonight. We are all re-United for this match, not just to save Big Sam’s job as Newcastle manager, but more to our Geordies Pride.

    May the best (…and lucky) team win!

  9. Dunno about all over us, Wenga Bus…

    Draw was probably a fair result!
    Ref was a complete cunt though! The amount of Newcastle challenges he let fly, but yet when we tackled, free kick or yellow straight away…

    Anyways, fuck it! Top of the league! 4 Points clear & STILL unbeaten…
    Beat Boro’ on Sunday and that’ll be 7 points from a possible 9, from 3 away games in a row! I think we all would have take that, if we were offered it, before the Villa game, yes?

  10. er, Clock End Gooner – newcastle got 3 bookings (2 for dissent) and arsenal got 2 (1 for diving!) – so i don’t think you were more harshly treated by the ref.

    arsenal definitely played the better football, but newcastle’s pressure and hard work earned a point – and probably had more chances to win it.


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