Arsene Wenger’s Mistakes Have Cost Arsenal

Middlesbrough (2) – (1) Arsenal
Rosicky (90’+4)
The Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough

Arsenal lost 2-1 this afternoon at Middlesbrough, and on the performance Arsenal deserved nothing.

With injuries to key midfielders Cesc, Flamini and Hleb we couldn’t get our passing game going at all. The story was the same at St James’ Park, where Newcastle dominated for the majority of that match.

The key to Arsenal’s success on the pitch this season is the quick, one-touch passing in midfield which no-one in the league has been able to defend against this season. Another reason Arsenal have been so successful this campaign is that they push high up the pitch, and put the opposition under constant pressure.

Without Hleb, Cesc or Flamini, Arsenal can’t play their normal game. This was shown in the second half at Villa Park, and for most of the game against Newcastle and then Middlesbrough.

But the ironic thing was that despite these injuries, Arsene had enough options to compensate for their absence.

Gilberto is a passenger in this team.

He is too slow, cannot pass the ball and only succeeds in giving the ball away, was fouling everywhere and is just not in tune with the current style of play. He struggled against Newcastle and today he was second rate.

He was completely lost.

It was like Arsenal were playing with 10 men for the entire game.

Arsene should have played Diarra and Denilson who are much quicker on the ball and have much better passing ability.

Arsenal’s passing and ball retention is usually excellent but too many times moves broke down in midfield. This only served to give Middlesbrough more confidence as the game progressed and gave Arsenal an uphill struggle from the start.

Gilberto has played against Sevilla, Newcastle and Middlesbrough in recent games and it’s safe to say those 3 games have been the worst we have played all season.

A midfield of Rosicky, Diarra, Denilson and Eboue (or Walcott) would have given Middlesbrough a totally different game.

And unfortunately, Eduardo is another player who has cost Arsenal dear.

Against Newcastle he was anonymous and at the Riverside he was worse. He hasn’t settled as yet to the Premier League and Arsene really should have started Bendtner who would have caused Newcastle and Middlesbrough problems.

People say you can’t start two big players upfront but Bendtner was the more sensible option. And if Arsene was so opposed to starting the two tall men he could have played with a 5 man midfield – but to do so with both Eduardo and Gilberto was a liability.

Arsene really has to think about his team selection for the next league game against Chelsea.

The Arsenal defence of Sagna, Toure, Gallas and Clichy who have been excellent this season were exposed far too many times. And the players themselves knew our midfield was not strong enough. Clichy didn’t push on down the wing as much as he usually does, and Kolo decided to bypass the midfield area completely with long ball after long ball.

And once again Adebayor was isolated in attack.

Wenger has been ruthless in dropping Jens, and he has to do the same with Gilberto.


69 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger’s Mistakes Have Cost Arsenal

  1. Outplayed by Boro!! Shouldn’t even be possible. We’re stuck in some weird parallel universe.

    Where has our resilience gone?

    Gilberto’s been a great servant, but I’m afraid he’s finished at this level. Eboue was non-existent again today.

    Our midfield completely failed to screen the defence and were unable to support the attack either. It would have helped if we could have called on Diaby to shore up central mid. But, as usual, he’s injured every time we need him.

    I dread to think what Chelsea will do to us next week if we don’t get some of our injured players back.

  2. Gilberto is too slow and Eduardo a waste of space, PLAY BENDTNER FFS!

    Eboue would´ve been better with Denilson and Nic on the pitch…

    Sad to say it but Gilberto must go….

  3. Passing was sloppy, midfielders weren’t making runs for the defenders to get the ball out and Toure had to frequently resort to long balls throughout the game. Passing was very very sloppy. When Arsenal passed the ball around it was lost almost immediately lost most of the time.

    I’m losing my patience with Eduardo. He had no influence today when he played in the first half and had about 2 touches on the ball. Walcott should have started on the right wing instead of Eboue and Bendtner upfront instead of Eduardo.

    It was a disgraceful performance. Hoping to see a better one next week against Chelsea.

  4. Have to say that not a single Arsenal player came out of the match with any cedit. As well as the above mentioned, Diarra got caught out of position too often, the full backs had their poorest games this season, and what on earth was Toure doing when he gave away a penalty when the ball was going away from goal, probably destined for a goal kick. But fundementally, our passing and ball retention was dreadful. ‘Boro didn’t need to close us down, we just made it easy for them by giving the ball away so often.

  5. I’m not worry at all. From the first minute Arsenal want to lose the game. Remember last season Arsenal draw a lot of games but they had a lot of chances to shoot and they just keep on passing the ball.Arsenal is the 2nd richest football club in the world.Last season Arsenal still had a lots of debts because of the new stadium.In just one year they are making good money.Don’t you think it is amazing?In just two games,Arsenal will get more than enough money to spend in January.The games against Boro and New Castle was not real game.Their playing attitude was excately like last season.I am sure Arsenal will be the champion this year.

  6. Think back to the Sevilla game when Fabregas got injured. In a game that the manager clearly had given less priority than the upcoming league game against Villa, he chose to rest Rosicky, Adebayor, Gallas but not Fabregas, his most indispensible player.

    On a different note, I see why Flamini starts ahead of Gilberto and Diarra. I love Gilberto as a player but watching him today was rather painful. He looked like a man who has not only lost a step or two but has also lost all desire to play in this Arsenal team. In some ways I can’t say that I blame him after the way he was treated by Monsieur Wenger early season.

    Toure was well below average. He needs a rest and then he needs to stop hoofing it foward because he is not good at it.

  7. gilberto, dudu, ade= stupid ==> must go…

    nacer barazite, fran, gibbs better than them

    buy nasri/ribery , anelka, benzema,

  8. disgraceful performance.cant believe i was watching the team i love bein outplayed, out-everything.horrid.
    watcott needs to start starting matches with bendtner.and we need a more defined central midfield pairing.wish diaby wasnt injured coz this was his chance.
    we need a big rethink for mid-week-tactics,personel and implement them to test for chelski.
    wouldnt wanna be at training this week.

  9. I totally disagree with you guyz on this one. Remember Gilberto has only started 3 games since the entire season and you shouldn’t expect him to be amazing. Last season he was the one that saved our asses and socred 11 goals. So give respect where it is due.As for Eduardo, you can’t blame the lad how do you expect him to score goals and play well if hes not receiving the ball. Give him time like the prof said wait until feb. As i felt since the beginning of the season “ADEBAYOR IS A SHITTY PLAYER” hes either really good or shit but most of the time hes shit. he cant pass he holds the ball toooo long which kills the attack. Overall, I cant wait for the return of VAN persie and Daiby.
    Dont worry Gonnerz will definitely bounce back.

  10. The last three games we have performed gradually worse and worse – the Villa game should have sounded the alarm bells, it certainly did for me … we were lucky to get away with that result …. THEN two games against teams we should be running all over result in points dropped – that is very poor form indeed. ManU must be loving it. Can’t believe Wenger stuck with the same side again today. It was soooooo obvious that we were going to get into trouble today.

    As for the individual players they should all be beaten with a heavy stick – that sort of capitulation is just not good enough … Eduardo is invisible and he’s done nothing to warrant a starting place. I’d much prefer to see Walcott in there OR play 4-5-1 with Rosicky in the hole. Eboue is a bleeding liability and was lucky not to be sent off. Gilberto – simply awful … he is way off the pace and style of play we aspire to and is rightly described as a passenger. He has to go.

    There’s something not right in the team at the moment and our squad does look a little thin if we can’t play without Cesc, Flamini and Hleb in the side.

    Grim and very very depressing. We should be 6 points clear at the top and now we have the Chavs bearing down on us, so that game becomes a massive must win next w/e, let’s hope that the missing payers can come back and slap ’em.

  11. Horrible performance from the team! It just reminded me the game with Sheffield United last December. Agreed that Gilberto lost his place correctly. He is much less dynamic than Flamini. Then most of the time, after he tackled and came down, he would just looked at the referee to wait for a free kick to him. Not a right attitude. Our midfield simply cannot hold the ball w/o Cecs or Helb. Disappointed with Rosicky. He should make use of this opportunity to show his influence but nothing came from him. If we remain in these formation, I am afraid we will drop several points until our regular return. I just hope the team will not lose its confidence and show character in this critical time.


  13. you know what’s worse? is that ferguson just said we’re gonna drop the form and start slipping… this is quite a psychological blow…. but hey maybe its good losing this way. its plain to see something is not right and wenger will not stick with this lineup… arsenals still a young team..

  14. This period was always going to be challenging, it did not take a genius to work out that we were gonna drop points. We will bounce back, up the Mighty Arsenal

  15. read many blogs and funny no one mentioned why the heck almunia came off his line in the penalty incidence? again the same o same o almunia making woeful decisions – if he had stayed and guarded the near post ali would’ve to shoot across and just may be toure needed not risk such a challenge; but then if we had the same in the 2nd mins at the other end – we would NOT have got a penalty; just the way it is

    sure wenger knows more about football but i guess not all spectators and fans are completely stupid; we do see patterns emerging… giberto is disruptive not by desire (i hope at least) but he’s simply too slow and his ways do not work these days in our ‘new’ tactics – he relies on intercepts and fouls but that’s not exactly how flamini has been successful – he got the ball and feed midfield (yes they were mostly injured) and take it from there. Midfield these few games had no service from gilberto and diarra wasn’t much better though – holds the ball too long and slowed our attack

    anyhow the team as it performed (not on paper or whatever) ain’t balanced – eboue i thought was okay; if midfield (others) were going he could play a part; walcott could also do the job of course

    rosicky is the playmaker for his country but the standard isn’t the same; his through balls haven’t the quality we need – our style/ success demands precision unfortunately and so far only fabregas and hleb have that ability so despite his tireless effort rosicky hasn’t been able to step in and rescue us

    finally couldn’t not rant at ade – another blogger sums it up so succinctly that ade could only do a few wonders but with all his failings what oculd we expect of him, for example,

    * he couldn’t get to high ball (isn’t he over 6’2”?) or just fouls the defender instead of drawing fouls;
    * his back side faces the opposition goal more than his face during our attacks – unless his back side could shoot we are stuffed; and
    * he’s becoming more henry by the game in many undesirbale aspects

    just not good enough overall – as arsenal we have the right (that’s right!) to at least get a point even if we had to defend 90mins; we supposedly have the players don’t we?

    to sum it up nicely – downing said we let them play in the post match interview; how generous of us…

  16. this article hits the spot. gilberto was terrible today, i do not understnd why wenger played to defensive midfielders in diarra and gilberto, that was a big mistake on wenger’s path. we could not string two passes together and even though i am not a football expert, after seeing the team news, i knew the match was going to be like this.
    the other thing is that adebayor was found wanting a gain today, i know he is the top goal scorer in all, but any team striker in the arsenal side can be made to look good by the recreativity of helb and fabregas. adebayor is not committed and not good enough for arsenal.

  17. Arsenal fan for 40 years.

    What i cannot understand right now is how someone so good at what he does, ie Ms Wenger, cannot see that Eduardo is a passenger, Gilberto doesn’t have a ticket, Senderos got lost on the way and Rosiky is essentially being impersonated by someone half as good at football as he was.

    Diarra I think is a good player but when you have a partner in CM that cant pass, tackle or defend properly, your not going to fare too well. Gilberto. What a wanker.

    Gilberto must go. Eduardo should be dropped until he shows he can do something for more than occasionally shoot in the first 5 minutes.

    Adebeyor needs to remember what makes him a useful part of this team and stop believing his own hype.

    Eboue should never play again for Arsenal, he is one of those cheating types we all detest. I find him embarrassing. His football has been weak recently.Maybe he is only useful as defensive cover but his attitude sucks.

    I missed the game due to oversleeping after watching Hatton Mayweather, and now having thought that at least I would see us start to fire again today against a poor Boro side, we put out the same singularly unimpressive team and formation, and I am left feeling completely pissed off to see how we succumbed to opposition, who were getting demolished quite easily by everyone else! Then we come along and make them look good.

    Couldn’t figure it out until after Wednesdays shocker, its simple. Every piss poor performance that I can recall this season has contained one maybe two lightweights. Gilberto definately and Eduardo possibly more than a few times. Its like we are playing with not just 9 men but actually when Gilberto constantly gives the ball away, its 12 vs 9, cos Eduardo is almost invisible as well and no use in defence as we saw against Newcastle for their goal.

    So in summation this is what I believe. Until players like Gilberto, Senderos and Eboue are not seen anymore – i think Eduardo MAY prove to be a good player sometime – dont expect to see much of our quality flowing play if all 3 of them are on the pitch, cos when some of our lemons are in the team, there is always a self-inflicted disaster awaiting to happen.

    Also Senderos started this terrible run of poor performances when he made that standard Senderos error against Seville. The guy is simply Igor Stepanovs after some cosmetic surgery. Get fucking rid of them FFS.

  18. Well….

    He has been ruthless to Gilberto, Flamini has taken his place, remember?

    As for playing him today and the other night, remember that Denilson has been injured..

    You’re too focused on making your point clear that you overlook the facts..

    That’s not a quality…

  19. Today was a disgrace.

    Rosicky was left to run everything by himself and with that midfield with him he didn’t get any support at all. He should have played in his favourite position behind the striker, and we should of had Walcott (great pace and guile) and Eboue on the wings. Why the hell won’t Wenger give Rosicky a chance in the middle? Regular play-makers Hleb and Fabregas were injured!! If Rosicky can’t get a change in the middle when those two are out then he must be getting so frustrated.

    I agree about Gilberto and Eduardo, but Eboue and Adebayor have been very, very poor as well. And they were crap against Newcastle two.

    Arsenal can’t afford so many players playing so rubbish. Adebayor, Eboue, Eduardo and Gilberto have all been shocking recently. Bendtner, Walcott and Denilson need to play as at least they would f*cking try!!!

  20. I think Wenger should resign immediately and put you in his place. With no access to the players in training, no experience and no insight into the physical condition of the players, you no better than Wenger.

    Seriously I am impressed. Anyone want to set a poll up to get this guy installed as Arsenal manager?

    I’m sure we’d still be top, qualified for the next round of the Champions League and watching a team that will only get better, if you were in charge.

  21. Finally! Gunner fans are opening their eyes and seeing that Adebayor is not Arsenal material. Gilberto has retired and not told anyone. I’m withholding comment on Eduardo; Wenger has been playing him out of his natural position and teamed with Adebayor – no chance of a partnership forming. I thought after Newcaslte, Wenger would place Denilson with Diara and Bendtner with Eduardo. But no, he sends out the same limp side. As much as I admire the man, he is stubborn about some players that we fans think should sit on the side or work elsewhere.

  22. did anyone see rosicky crying after the game due to frustration? me and my fellows saw that and eduardo was completely lost in the attack. Our tactics failed during the match and bendter was good when he got the ball. diarra was poor and gilberto is a great man on his day. Next week chelsea? Did we break boro’s defence? no, chelsea’s defence was exellent in their sunderland match and i just can’t accept this team’s performence. flamini will be back and i just cant see us getting a draw against chelsea without hleb. I AM GUTTED

  23. I have been saying this ever since the Champions’ League final defeat and I say it now: Almunia lost the final for us with his poor goalkeeping: beaten at near post by Eto and through the legs for the second goal and he’s a big liability for us again. At Newcastle, he totally misjudged Taylor’s shot and yesterday, his idiotic rush of blood forced Toure to foul for the penalty. Lehmann has already been punished enough, please bring him back or at least give Fabianski a run out before it’s too late. Even the penalty was saveable but somehow Almunia managed to let it slip under his body.

    Adebayor has been having two stinkers of games. His positional awareness was woeful against Newcastle when Rosicky could have slipped him in to put us 2-0 ahead and finish off Newcastle but he inexplicably forgot the offside rule. Yesterday, he played without committment and his touch was again horrible. I think he needs competition; he has become too complacent and certain of his place.

    Eduardo was even worse. It seems he wants to go home with his totally uncommitted performance. If we can punish Jens, we should punish others too. I think we should bench Eduardo and Ade and for our next meaningless game agains Steuea, let’s put Walcott and Bendtner up front. Diarra and Denilson in the middle and give Traore a run out because Clichy looked totally exhausted yesterday and he needs a rest.

    Lehmann has to come back in goal PLEASE! Almunia is an accident waiting to happen over and over again!

  24. Rosicky had to do everything in midfield… Gilberto had a shite game, as he did vs Newcastle. I have never rated him at arsenal… he is forever giving away the ball and looking lost.

    Eduardo and Ade were useless cuz our midfield was pathetic. I really think Bendtner is a great player and I wish he would start more often.

    How can eduardo Score if he is never given the ball?? The ball is always given to Adebayor and as usual he does nothing with it.

    Don’t forget we were due for a blip and hopefully this is it and hopefully it doesnt last long.
    Also don’t forget that the middlesbrough game was the fourth consecutive away game.

    Next week we playing Chelsea at the Emirates. From what i’ve read and heard it looks like Flamini will be fit but Cesc and Hleb might not make it.

    Chelsea are also without Essien who is suspended and Drogba…. And frankly Chelsea arnt the same side without Drogba.

    We have though games coming up: Chelsea, Sp*rs, Portsmouth, Everton and West Ham. Hopefully no more players get injured in that time….

    Does anyone know when Toure and Eboue have to leave for the ACN???

  25. Gilberto was appalling today. But he’s had no run in the team – he’s not the type of player that can just come in and do a job. The time is up for him I’m afraid as he isn’t going to get a run in the team. The last 2 games he has been woeful – far, far too slow.

    Eboue – trying to remember something positive he has done in the past couple of months. Didn’t he cross the ball foe Ade’s goal against Newcastle? Erm… can’t think of anything else.

    Eduardo. Anonymous. Again. Not quite sure what is happening there. He’s still scoring goals for fun for his country but not his team. Hmm…

    Almunia. Still think if we had our first full strength team out then Almunia would the be the obvious weak link. I find it hard to believe that a team can win a title without a first class keeper. I still get nervous when I see him play. Perhaps I’m being too harsh?

    Bendtner, Denilson and Walcott: Need to be given more opportunities. Especially in place of Gilberto and Eduardo. And possibly Eboue.

    Me thinks the boss may need to make a 1 or 2 buys in January. Or promote some players from the reserve teem

  26. stop blaming these players. they are commited to the cause and that is why they are still on top of the table.lets look forward to the next u all know that essien and drogba were the chelsea players that scored against us in our last 3 matches? so i guess something good is comming this week. 1st in our champs league group and goin back to 4 points ahead in the epl.
    lets all get behind the team now at the crisis period rather than being fair weather fans.

  27. We have hit a patch of bad form in the last few games. But to be without 4 of our first choice midfield and striker, and most of them our attacking players then we of course were gonna struggle. Without Hleb and Cesc our ball retention and attack are weakened considerably. On this seasons form theres no team that wouldnt miss those 2.Flamini has been a revelation and his drive was missed most yesterday as both Gilberto and Diarra were anonymous. And when you need a player who can get you a goal from nothing we have been without VanP for a while now and he would have made a differences against boro. Add to this that we have just played 3 games all away and up norf without those linchpins then something was gonna give. Now its time to see if these guys have what it takes to pull it around. The sooner those players are back in the team the better as they are absolutely vital.

  28. With Hleb, fabregas, flamini out the same old stratergy 4-4-2 is failed.
    If wenger goes with 4-1-3-2, the result could be different.

    Sagna, Toure, Gallas, Clichy with their ordinary positions offcourse; Diarra should play as CDM to give extra force in diffence which looks sloppy when mid and forwards does not find the space to move the ball around. Rosicky should play as LM and Eboue as RM, as both of them are excellent in the respective wing and also try to penetrate the opposition’s
    diffense. Denilson who looks much expressive in counter-attacks; this playmaker can play as more attacking midfielder(CAM). Adebayor and Eduardo should play in the same position. Adebayor should play just like the Berbatov is playing this season, both are excellent in the air.

    This is my opinion. What do u think guys?

    Post the opinions soon!!!


  29. ARSENAL 4 LIFE Says:

    December 10th, 2007 at 6:00 am
    Rosicky had to do everything in midfield… Gilberto had a shite game, as he did vs Newcastle. I have never rated him at arsenal… he is forever giving away the ball and looking lost.

    Never rated Gilberto at Arsenal, haha shows how much you know. You’ll say the same about Henry, Bergkamp & Pires soon.

    Leave off Gilberto he has had a bad couple of games but he has only had a couple of games for christ sake. Most people would have been happy for him to be named Captain at the start of the season and were wondering why Wenger was starting Flamini over him. It’s only because Flamini has suddenly decided he is actually sh!t hot that Gilberto has lost his place.

    As for Adebayor, please remember he is only 23!!!! Not bad considering and Eduardo what kind of fans are we getting on his back already! I’m starting to lose my patience with some of these so called fans rather than the players.

    WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE AFTER THIS SMALL BLIP AND ARE MOANING ALREADY. We would have taken this position if offered to us at the start of the season!!! Get behind the team

  30. I thank the guys that wrote about the shite called Adebayor. He is terrible. He is no striker and no arsenal material as far as i’m concerned. He was terrible againat newcastle and against Boro. But thats the story of Ade. Bad first touch, bad control, no anticipation and bad finish. I love Gilberto. He was a rock fpr arsenal but I must admit it’s time for him to move on. Flamini is definitely better. If we can get back two of Cesc, Flamini and hleb then we will beat chelsea. Just 2 of these 3. Still a gunner for life and I will continue to hail Wenger.

  31. 16 games played. 8 home games and 8 away. 11 wins. 4 draws and just 1 defeat. Top of the table. Thats not bad going in anyones book, in fact its excellent. Have faith..

  32. You cant compare Gilberto with the likes of Henry, Bergkamp and Pires.
    Henry, Bergkamp and Pires are/were different class to Gilberto and most fans would say that.

  33. Unfortunately the players werent committed today. Errant passing, no communication, lack of runs being made, this team just played like shit. Maybe it was because our main playmakers are out, but this team has done no better in the past 3 games that they’ve played in. Things were better with Bendtner n Walcott in, but including them we had no game changers on the pitch.
    We are sorely missing the engine that is Cesc, Hleb, n Flamini.

  34. I find it pretty hard to blame Wenger everytime we drop a point or lose a game.

    The injuries we have have all come in the same area, something that happened a few seasons back at CB.

    We can come back from this, the players need a bit of a rest, and I would like to see some youth come in for the CL game.

  35. Hey unfortunately what we are seeing is that we do not have the all conquering squad that everyone was led to believe…. remember we only have Cesc Flamini and Hleb missing from our REGULAR midfield, surely we are not a club that alone relies on just three players? From watching the recent games when Gilberto has played, all of the problems that were there last season have suddenly returned (coincidence…I don;t think so!) It also has shown that Eduado is not yet up to the job of the EPL, Diarra is pretty ordinary, Rosicky is a constant disappointment, Eboue is a liabililty with his ott reactions and he was bl**dy lucky to not be sent off. Clichy had no support on the left…Sagna had little or not support on the right, the cover in front of defence was woeful, the support and creativity to Adbeyor was non existant……. making Ade look bad. Our othe options Denilson, Walcott & Bendtner are not the quality needed to improve on this situation and we must obtain quality midfielders to improve our options…..if not there is only one way we will go from here on in and as we are at the top you know that there is only one other way to go!!!!!!

  36. You are a cunt. A fucking wanker.

    The kind of dick who was probably bitching all summer that we didn’t bring in big names.

    And then the last few weeks bigged it up to all your faggy friends at what a god Wenger is and how he’s gonna land the title.

    And now you slag him off.

    You’re a fucking scumbag, your thoughts mean jackshit and you will NEVER do anything with your pathetic little life besides write your bullshit blogs on some bullshit website.


  37. get real guyz, dont blame Edwardo too much. Ade lost the ball 10 times in first and 18times in 2nd. there are things that are basic in football: Control and Pass. Ade couldnt do either yesterday. to me he should be on the bench. let bendtner play with Edw.

  38. I can’t stand these 15 year old wankers who think they understand football.
    We have a decimated side playing its fourth away game in a row and they were knackered to boot. F**k me we lost a game, I ask you!

    Grow up you pathetic cunt. Arsene Wenger is God and you aren’t fit to lick his underwear let alone criticise him for anything, you sad tosser.

  39. I can understand people’s frustration concerning how we lost the match against sruggling boro yesterday. I believe in most of the comments here, but one should really and I mean it really look at Adebayo’s committment. He just not care. He can’t run. No. You see other strikers how they charge for ball possession. Could somebody please tell me when last or once you see Adebayo charge for ball possession with determination to win it back. His passes are so error prone.

    Believe me, Adebayo cost us more pain than anyother I can see on the pitch.

    He’s just too full of himself. Thinking he’s a superstar. somebody already said it and it’s what I’ve been seeing since last year before Henry’s departure. Adebayo is Henry like. He takes one out of 10 chances. You call that a deadly striker or sleeping striker. Just like Gerrard Houllier said of Emilly Heskey. “A Sleeping Giant”.

    Please Wenger should look into this because it’s not about losing, but about the attitutes of the players. Fans are hurt not by losing match but the player’s attitudes.

    I hope the injured ones come back quickly to safe our dripping jaw now. By God’s grace, we will come back sound and dangerous against the Russians.












  41. Sorry mate – but you’re a blithering idiot. “Wenger should have done this”, “Wenger should have done that”. Get over yourself.

    Wenger bought tons of midfielders at the beginning of the season. Looks like a good choice now huh? Play Denilson over Gilberto? Don’t be stupid – Gilberto is a world-cup winner.

    Everything is rosy as far as I’m concerned. 1 point ahead in December, after our horrendous two years. yay!

  42. Adebayor said it himself….” Arsenal will only consider selling me if an offer of 100 million is thrown” Arrogant twit. Always disliked him, always will. He is too fulll of himself yet no committment what so ever. He converts 1 in 20 twenty chances and that should be the ratio of a defender and not a striker. Ade is a major problem and will always be.

  43. Denilson d guy is improving a lot. Diarra and Gilberto were not in d game, Kudos to young Denilson who did Fabregas job. Our striking force really have to improve on their game. Gonners let put the defeat behind and pray for Hleb, Flamini, Fabregas and Vanpersie to recover in good time.

  44. I completely agree with a number of points made in this blog, and it seemed fairly obvious to me that we were going to struggle on Sunday, after the Newcastle game, with a lack of creativity coming from midfield and Eduardo not quite ready yet for the premiership. But also you have to take into account we have lost 4 of our starting 11, and quite honestly the heart of the side. CF, AH, MF control the style of football we play and RVP is just a great player. Any side would struggle without this much class, imagine ManUre without Rooney, Ronaldo, Scholes and Carrick, there isn’t going to be a lot of goals coming without that lot! And as to say our squad isn’t big enough, is just rubbish, you can’t easily fill the holes left by players of that quality, and anyone that can isn’t going to want to sit on the bench when they return and go straight back into the team! We have some great youngsters coming through; such as Denilson, Theo and Bentner, but they are still young and we have to get them used to playing the Arsenal way without killing their confidence. There is no better manager to get young players used to the premiership than Arsene Wenger, so we know they will become great players, we just need to give them time.

    Like the rest of the Arsenal fans I am sitting here hoping that our injured players will be back for Chelsea, but even if they are not, Arsene very rarely makes the same mistake 3 times and I doubt Eduardo is going to start anytime soon, and Rosicky won’t be kept out on the left when we have no other creativity in midfield. But to get this negative after just 2 bad games is stupid and as has been pointed out a number of times…………….. WE ARE STILL TOP!!!


  45. Great headline. Wenger’s mistakes have cost Arsenal – lol. Ungrateful cunt.

    Yeah, injuries are hurting us – midfield has been ripped apart and replaced by Diarra – only his 4th game for the club, Gilberto, 3rd game this season, and Eboue, not a right midfielder by any stretch of the imagination.

    The team has over-achieved this season. It’s still young, lacks experience, and three hard games on the road with 4 key injuries has cost us – as it would any club with 3 tough away games on the bounce.

    You slag off Wenger, yet with nowhere near Chelsea, Utd, Liverpool or even Tottenham or Newcastle’s money he has put us top by buying kids for peanuts.

    You are all ungrateful cunts and glory hunters who know nothing about football. Fuck off and support Chelsea I say and keep Arsenal for real fans who understand football, the club, and love it.

  46. Jesus, we all know how much Wenger has done for the club, but it doesn’t mean he’s immune to making mistakes does it?

    I do feel that Wenger feels like he ‘owes’ Gilberto a run in the team, especially with 4/5 midfielders out injured. But the fact is that he started with Flamini instead this season because he thinks Gilberto is past it. You all know what he’s like with the over 30’s.

    In the past Gilberto slotted in well into the team because it was more experienced and giving the ball away didn’t matter as much. But now with a young team whose game is based on possession if we lose the ball it costs us – look at the goal Newcastle scored.

    Gilberto was a great player but his confidence is shattered and he’s no good for the team.

  47. That was,I think,the worst Arsenal display under Wenger.At least in previous seasons when we lost in the North it was generally after out-playing teams but failing to convert our chances and then being robbed at the end by,for instance Everton and Blackburn last season,
    I think the rot started when Wenger messed with the team in Prague instead of securing the group first.Since then we’ve been ordinary.
    Everybody was poor yesterday but I thought the worst thing of all was the lethargic walking pace at which we played the game.Its too easy to slate individuals but I did think that Denilson did add a bit of control and more accurate passing.Also I am reluctant to slate Eduardo too much as Wenger seems to have him playing on the left touch line all the time rather than in areas where he can definitely be dangerous.
    Must go before I start breaking my own pledge not to start criticising individuals such as Flamini,Diarra,Adebayor,Eboue etc

  48. Well most of these blogs have spam filters now so you must have posted a link or your IP address has been blacklisted by WordPress.

    You stupid f*cking retard.

  49. adebayor is not good enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    forget about his goals…even i chicken will put some ball in the net when given the kind of service he recieves in arsenal.. am not talking about y’day’s game, am talking about all games in general…he is not consistent and not good enough for a top club like arsenal. period!!

  50. Two bad results and you slate the whole team? Were you even at these games? Gilberto was poor against Newcastle, but he was effective at Boro. I agree that maybe Walcott should have played more in both matches. But have faith.all teams are weak without three or four of their best players. Look how poor United were earlier this season without Rooney & Ronaldo, they were crap!

    We can win without Cesc, and a little bird tells me that we are full strength for Sunday, so lets wait and see…

  51. Throughout every season there are small decisions that, when taken together, influences the course of the season. In Arsenal’s case it was the decision by Mr Wenger to play Fabregas against Sevilla while resting Rosicky. FABREGAS SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ON THE FIELD AT SEVILLA AND ARSENAL WILL SUFFER BECAUSE OF THAT ONE DECISION. Arsene Wenger is a great coach but he messed up big time on that one.

  52. ARSENAL CAN’T PLAY WITHOUT HLEB AND FABREGAS!!!!! When the two of them are in the side, the press technique used by Newcastle and Boro and Villa in the second half after Hleb went out injured gets punished because both players can hold the ball up really well under pressure or move it quickly to find the the open man. Teams that press up the ball do so at risk because when three men are pressing one player somewhere on the field one or two players are wide open. That’s why with the two in the side the games at Newcastle and Boro may have had different outcomes.

  53. It’s about picking your games and Sevilla was one Arsenal were never going to win. He left out Flamini, Gallas, Hleb and Adebayor so why bother playing Fabregas or Toure? I don’t get why Wenger persists in playing Toure IN EVERY GAME. I know he’s off to the African Nations in January but surely it would be worth resting him for games we need to WIN in the Premiership?

    I bet Toure bloody plays against Steaua this week in a nothing game!

  54. We lose ONE match for the first time this season and the plastic fans are back in full flow again writing on the plastic web site. Thank f*ck none of you c*nts are managing Arsenal. So full of shit – the same people slagging off Hleb last year now singing his praises this year are the ones now slagging off eduardo. You couldnt and wouldnt recognise talent if it came up and kicked you in the bollocks. Thank f*ck Arsene is choosing the team and not you tossers. It was a bad match and we played badly but it happens – get over it FFS. Doom mongering plastic supporters get right on my fucking tits. Go buy a prawn sandwich and go and support chelsea you stupid bags of shite

  55. We’ve lost 2 of the last 4 actaully you retarded cuntface and the other two games we were lucky to get anything from them at all! It’s about the performances you fucktard not just the results.

    If anything, you sound more like a Chelscum fan than anyone else you stupid faggot.

    You seriously think Eduardo is ready for the Premiership? Then you sir are completely fucking stupid.

    Eduardo needs a season playing with the kids to get used to the league, like Theo, Denilson and Clichy in previous years. Rushing him for the sake of it will shatter his confidence.

    Wake up you stupid twat.

  56. It was a metaphor you cunt – though you probably dont know what that is given the level of intelligence displayed on this site.

    Lost one match in a game that didnt matter and we have played the rest with three/four key players missing. Did you honestly expect the same performance because you are fucking dreaming if you are. Its not arsenes mistakes its injuries and away schedule that was a fucking killer taking a toll. Like I said get the fuck over it and get behind your team rathe than slag off wenger. What would you have done cuntard? Whats your amazing solution other than slag off every player under the sun when you dont win. Didnt see you moaning about players or squad when we were fucking winning every match. like I said plastic fucking supporters plastic fucking web site.

  57. You are truly retarded aren’t you?

    Of course I realise 3/4 key players are injured you stupid fuck. And obviously I don’t think we’ll play the same way either without them – where the fuck did I say that you fat twat?

    The fact is Arsene knows about the away schedule (I thought I’d make that clear for you Steve since you like assuming things unless I make them perfectly clear) and against Sevilla he should have played a second string team instead of risk Toure and Fabregas. Now Fabregas is fucking injured.

    And to play 4-4-2 at Newcastle and Middlesbrough with Eduardo is suicide without Feb-Flam-Hleb-Van and more defensive 4-5-1 would have made more sense as not to lose.

    But I suppose there’s no point explaining it to you is there? To say we’re plastic supporters because we complain sometimes is ridiculous. I suppose you’re one of those twats that stood there and didn’t care about Dein and the Russians trying to take over the club aren’t you? We complain because we care about the club and if anything a stance like yours (everything is happy happy and everything is always alright) would be more like a glory hunter.

    Thinking about it, it seems clear you must be a chav because Arsenal fans are far more intelligent.

  58. And 99% of Arseblog’s fucking reader comments are less than 4 fucking words for christs sake! At least people here understand how to form sentences and paragraphs and don’t say 1st gun all the fucking time!

    Apart from that though Arseblog is a very good site!

  59. You really, really don’t get it do you?

    AW has to consider more variables than a Cray comuter trying to predict brownian motion. Some of those variables he controls and some he doesn’t. They are claculated gambles which for the most part he gets right. (fundamentally the difference between a bad and a good manager). AW is just one of the best at removing as many of the variables as possible but some still remain no matter what. Fab could just have easily been injured in the Villa game as Sevilla and we would still not have had him for Newcastle and Mboro. (How do you cater for that? – it happened to Hleb incidentally in case you missed that!) That kind of fucks your argument straight away. Sevilla may not have relevance to you but it did to AW and how he wants to play and manage the team. Finishing top of the group may well have been in his thoughts for example) It may not have worked out in this instance but in the long term more often than not AW seems to gets it right, not wrong. The thing that pisses me off about these articles is that they are based on short term ‘ oh my god we lost a match – Wenger fucked up up type thinking’ with so little thought put into the big picture and the whole gamut of issues he faces. we are so lucky to have this guy managing our team. Look at the scum and what they have had to put up with over the last 10 years. The only place for articles like this is when the manager starts to fuck up all the time a la Steve McClaren. Until then give the guy a break and let him do his job.

    Last season hleb had the same sort of mare that Eduardo is having this season and yet AW persisted with him. If he listened to the usual forum lurkers he would have been sold in the summer and we wouldnt be seeing the real Hleb this season. same goes for eduardo. Puttting him in the reserves for a season? He’s a fucking international for christs sakes and just tore our own (admitidly poor) national team apart. You have no idea about man management and whats needed. Do you honestly believe that putting him in the reserves is going to motivate him to perform or prepare him for the first team football in the pemiership? Its a different scale. Or would you encourage and perservere with him the same way that AW has with so many of our average players, now stars. I know which way works for me and them!

    Thankfully AW is at the helm not you. Stop thinking short term, start thinking long term look at the bigger picture and try to undertstand the full scope of what AW has to deal with. If you can get that big picture in your head then maybe, just maybe you will understand why this article and the comments here are just so much shite.

    btw 1st gun is a completely different site to arseblog so not sure where that comes from.

  60. Lighten up guys, we’re all Arsenal fans here (probably)

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion so lets not resort to petty language more on the level of the Mancs and the Chavs.

    Does anyone know when Hleb, Fab and Flamini are officially due back? I’m just praying that Van The Man comes out of tonights game unscathed!


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