Devastating Adebayor Smashes City’s Home Record (w/ Player Ratings)

Manchester City (1) – (3) Arsenal
Adebayor (8′, 88′), Eduardo (25′)
City of Manchester Stadium, Manchester

Talk about a player on form.

Emmanuel Adebayor scored two goals and made one, but that hardly tells you the level of performance from the Arsenal striker.

He was everywhere.

Out wide, through the middle – he was playing most of the game up top on his own against Micah Richards and Richard Dunne and caused them all kinds of problems.

I’m not sure how close Togo were to actually qualifying for the African Cup of Nations, but count our lucky stars Adebayor is still with us! His form of late has been simply sensational.

And today is yet another game Arsenal have failed to lose in the Premier League when Adebayor has scored.


A brilliant record, and Arsenal managed to do what no other team (including Manchester United) has done this season – which is to beat Manchester City at home.

Arsenal were sublime in the first half an hour, forcing wave after wave of attack and Adebayor opened the scoring after only 8 minutes after some smart play on the right from Hleb and Sagna.

The second goal was stunning. A cross from Clichy found Adebayor at the back post, who layed off a cool header to Eduardo on the edge of the 6 yard area. He chested the ball away from goal and swivelled in one movement to lash the ball into the bottom corner. I’ve said it before but this guy Eduardo is a killer and scores some amazing goals. It was breathtaking.

There was a question of offside when the ball came to Eduardo but he still had to finish it off and he didn’t disappoint.

After that Arsenal were in cruise-control and it was a rare mistake by Gael that gave Manchester City a chance to get back into the game. The ball was running towards goal but instead of passing it or hitting it out Clichy dilly-dallied and Corluka took advantage by gaining possession and playing it sqaure to Fernandes who slotted the ball home.

City finished the first half strongly, obviously galvanised from that goal and realising the game was far from over.

Arsene tightened things in the second half, pushing Diaby inside to stop the runs of Ireland through the centre and letting Eduardo run in from the left side. It seemed to work because in the second period Manchester City didn’t really trouble Lehmann at all. Then again, he was rarely troubled in the first half, albeit the mistake from Clichy.

It was pretty comfortable in the second half for long periods, although I suppose the tension I felt was that one mistake or set-piece could cost Arsenal the 3 points. Most (if not all) of the attacking play was from Arsenal though, and Adebayor got his reward for his display with his second of the match and Arsenal’s third. Hleb knocked the ball to Ade on the halfway line and Elano cynically hacked down the Togan, but Arsenal played on and eventually Adebayor’s desire paid off as he coolly slotted into the corner.

3 points away at a ground the home team haven’t lost at – you couldn’t ask for more really could you?

Player Ratings

Jens Lehmann: 7/10
Didn’t really have anything to do at all apart from the Manchester City goal. Couldn’t have asked for an easier game to return to.

Bacary Sagna: 9/10
Brilliant yet again. Easily won the battle against Martin Petrov and showed awesome running in both halves. At times was taking on both Petrov and Ball single-handedly on the right and caused Manchester City all kinds of problems. His fantastic run and cross made Arsenal’s vital first goal for Adebayor.

William Gallas: 8/10
One of Arsenal’s most consistent performers put in another solid display.

Philippe Senderos: 8/10
Really has stepped up his performances since replacing Kolo Toure, and like in the last few games today we was excellent. I was one of those who thought we would really miss Kolo but the truth is Senderos has been exceptional. After being out of the side to Gallas and Toure to play like he has is a great credit to the young man.

Gael Clichy: 7/10
Overall a good game but really did make a hash of the situation that lead to City’s goal, which on another day could have cost Arsenal points. But to be perfectly frank though that’s the first real mistake I’ve ever seen the guy make in over 100-odd appearances and is one of the most reliable players we’ve ever had.

Alexander Hleb: 5/10
I am a huge fan of Hleb’s but he was not at the races today at all. A big part of his game is excellent ball retention but his passing was off and he did not look 100% fit, because he was letting Sagna do all the running down the right hand side. Usually Hleb is taking on players more regularly but just didn’t look right today.

Cesc Fabregas: 7/10
A steady performance but nothing spectacular. Kept the ball moving well but suffered a bit with lack of movement from Hleb and the lack of an out ball without Rosicky making those positive runs that Fabregas usually picks out.

Mathieu Flamini: 8/10
Helped the defence keep Manchester City’s attack quiet as well as midfield runners Ireland and Fernandes. Passed the ball well alongside Fabregas and rallied the troups when Arsenal could have faded in the second half.

Abou Diaby: 7/10
His decision-making has clearly improved of late and today his passing was quicker and he was picking out the more sensible passes. Still prone occassionally to giving the ball away cheaply or trying the difficult pass but much better than in recent games.

Eduardo Da Silva: 8/10
Took his goal fantastically and linked up well with Adebayor and the midfield. Looks settled now and gives Arsene no problems in selecting him in a two-man attack. Slotted to the left side in the second half and did the job well.

Emmanuel Adebayor: 9/10
Pretty much the complete performance. His finishing really has improved over the season and at the moment looks like Arsenal’s most important player. Great energy, great desire and fantastic attitude. He held the ball up well and was everywhere. One of the few players in the Premier League who can play alone upfront and cause teams real damage.


22 thoughts on “Devastating Adebayor Smashes City’s Home Record (w/ Player Ratings)


  2. I agree with Franny. You are being a bit harsh on Lehmann. Goalkeepers’ contributions can often be overlooked in a game like this. I thought Lehmann had plenty to do coming out on more than one occasion in anticipation of the through ball from ManCity. I distinctly remember one instance in the second half when he took out both Sagna and the ball to hack it to safety while the points were still in doubt.

    Nevertheless, a very good performance all around and three valuable points. Glichy should not be too disconcerted about his mistake, however. Afterall, he has been faultless up to this point and can be easily forgiven.

  3. You’ve been very generous with Clichy and Fabregas. Clichy was the weakst link in our defense, he time and again cheaply gave away the ball and to me it was one of his poorer performances. I’d give him a 5, same as Hleb who I’m surprised he stayed on the pitch for as long as he did. Diaby dallied on the ball and made more than a couple of wrong decisions but he won the ball more often, 7’s a good call. Eduardo was excellent in the first half but petered out n the second, 7 for me. Otherwise been spot on on the other ratings.

  4. A fantastic result,The Arsenal now top the Pl by a clear 2 points. Ade is proving all his critics wrong, he’s been absolutely top notch all season! The spud’s have done us two favours today, firstly by holding Manure to a 1:1 draw, and secondly by releasing Defoe to Portmouth as he scored a debut goal to hold Chelsea to a 1:1 draw. C’mon you Gunners.

  5. i disagree with your opinion regarding cesc. i thought he was brilliant again. he holds the ball. always finds space and keeps the attack going. he is always making runs into and around the box that on another day may pay off. 8
    flamini is awesome. 9
    sagna gets better and better. 9
    clichy one mistake ever. 8
    eduardo tireless,emotionless, very skillful. 8
    hleb not himself, but still showed touches of brilliance.8
    ade. his game today needs no explanation. 9+. the commitment he showed to get into the box for his 3rd goal when he was fouled is an example to all young players watching. after all his hard work he still found the energy for one last push. brilliant.

  6. I’ll take a beating from Spurs in the Carling Cup anytime so long as they can gift us four points in the fight for the premiership title as they did today ( two for the draw with ManU and two from Defoe against Chelsea) I shouldn’t be saying this but, thanks Spurs. Good looking out :-))

  7. I think that’s harsh on Hleb. He didn’t dominate the whole game or his play at exactly 100% but he generally did the vast majority of things well and did quite a lot of good bits of skill and passes, as well as getting in the right place to set up Ade’s goal (even though it was an accident how it bounced) and he generally dominated their midfield and caused them a lot of problems. He was no 10/10 or 9 or anything, but anything below a 7 is very harsh. Whoever said Clichy was poor. What?! He made a bad mistake and did almost nothing else wrong all game, including crossing for Ade nicely to set up Eddie. Why do people always take one bit of magic or one terrible mistake to judge a whole performance?

  8. Hello my employers,

    I am Bak Sagna and I would just like to say that right backs do not get the same respect in the game as forward players. If the player of the season was about who has been the most consistent of the year I would definately win hands done.

    Not once has a player got the better of me this season. Ronaldo bangs in a hit and hope free kick and everyone crows, what about my tackle in the 47th minute or my header in the 13th!

    I am not only the best RB in the league, I am also the best transfer this season.

    Thank you my employers for bringing me to north london to ply my trade.

    BTW dont you think my English is bloody brilliant since I have been here all of two nano seconds.



  9. I think Rob got it spot on Clichy and Hleb had there worst games of the season for me although Im not complaining and I’m afraid Diaby by dwelling on the ball for so long seems to drop us in the muck to often. Just one other thing this chap Adeybayoooooooooo is this the chap that ‘old strawberry nose’ said ‘couldn’t trap a bag of cement’ . . . just as well they play with a football

  10. Not sure about the Diaby rating, I don’t think he played that well at all. When we were 2-1 up he gave the ball away in the middle which Citeh almost scored from! Only quick thinking from Lehmann prevented a free chance on goal for Vassell. Diaby should have got a 6.

    The only other rating I don’t agree with is the Lehmann one, he deserves an 8 because he didn’t put a foot wrong. Apart from that though the ratings seem to be spot on.

    Just watched MOTD and trust Dawson to f*ck up a 1-0 lead and score another own goal. It’s great United dropped two points but it should have been 3, especially when you look at Keane’s chance. The Mancs got out of jail in that game!

    And Chelsea were lucky to beat Pompy too. Defoe had the clearer chances but I suppose you can’t expect him to be razor sharp since he hasn’t played much recently.

    Overall a good day for the Arse, but it probably should have been better.

  11. Hleb 5! Outrageous. Admittedly he’s had better games but please re-examine the first goal. When petrov miss directs his pass it falls to Hleb. Almost any other player in the world let alone the league would have taken a controlling touch before laying it off, since it was unexpected. But not hleb. He plays it deftly 1st time to fab and moves to receive the return, then waits and waits to play the perfectly weighted ball for Sagna that allows him to drive at maximum speed and do what he then did. These thingsmay seem small and happen a few phases back but without that 1st time ball I doubt the advantage would have been so great. And the first goal is crucial. Imagine if Ireland HAD got on to that early ball. Senderos was awesome today but he was nowhere for that one.
    It’s great to see us flowing again. It’s been a while.

  12. yeah go on gunners! I’m not entirely agreeing with Hleb’s rating. I thought he did a wonderful job in linking up with Cesc and creating chances today. Should have had 7 or at least 6. And Adebayor is really starting to win me over. Last season he really was not consistent and was really frustrating to watch. This season he’s a legend in the making. I’m not sure why Arsene did’nt use all his subs yesterday when the game is done and dusted, maybe give Bendtner some few minutes to show what he can do. And I also think that Eduardo is wasted on the left. He is clearly better as a striker and his razor sharp finishing is something that left the hairs on my back stand up. Also, forgive Clichy for his once in a lifetime mistake. The guy has been outstanding all season, waay better than Cashley will ever be.

  13. I zink zat it iz zilly to rate playerz . it iz zee team that shuud be rated. And as team performances go, this wos eun of ze best.
    For me it iz not Ade or Flam whu ar ze indizpenzibles, but ze whole zeem.
    Gael’z mizteik? Zo? It was an artiztic imprezzion, and fur me zhat iz whaz fuuzboll iz oll about – ze e beutiful game. Zu be ze bezt, yu muzt gif ruum for ze miztake.

  14. just wondering if anyone noticed utds overzealous celebrations at getting a point at spurs now i perfectly understand this reaction to a point gained in injurytime but was it not ferguson that made a song and dance about how arsenal celebrated gallas last minute equaliser against them at the emitates earlier thia season he was trying to make out how the were so great that we were so happy with a draw against them explain yesterdays reaction alex

  15. I disagree re: Hleb, he had a significant part to play in two of the goals even if he was quite for patches, but you can’t ask for more than contributions like that really. I mean, except for goals and key assists, but the way we play successful passes in the buildup to goals can be just as vital as the final ball.

  16. Pat, well said, that’s exactly what I was thinking. That stuff is all part of the Red nosed simpleton’s mind games! Did you also note he was quietly seething, I bet they all got the hair dryer treatment behind closed doors.

  17. ManUre celebrated yesterdays equaliser like they won the league!

    I suppose they forgot that we’re now 2 points clear, and that Arsenal actually beat Spurs 3-1 at White Hart Lane.

    And didn’t ManUre lose at Citeh as well?

    And we won there?

    What a bunch of f*cking retards.

  18. ADEBAYOR IS KING. Thank you for playing at Arsenal. You are truly Arsenal’s top gun at the moment.

    Without him…we would definitely not be top of the table. I am so surprised by his performance. I have never seen such an improvement in a player ever!! Where is Van the man? That is what Ade has done. We don’t even miss Van Persie anymore.
    Words of the best manager in the world (Arsene Wenger):

    And, when you consider that Robin van Persie has been out for much of 2007 while Eduardo and Nicklas Bendtner have been undergoing a process of adaptation for much of the current campaign, it is easy to see why Wenger heaped praise on the 24-year-old at his pre-match press conference ahead of the Manchester City game.
    “Adebayor is the best striker in the Premier League at the moment,” said the Frenchman. “He’s mobile, he’s quick, he’s not scared and he’s brave. For me that’s a fantastic quality, especially in England.
    “He doesn’t get enough credit for his touch. He has good feet, quick feet, and is a complete striker. He can still improve the timing of his runs as he sometimes gets caught offside, and, just with that, he can score 10 more goals each season.
    “He’s a strong character in the dressing room and a winner. He’s a guy who made mistakes at the start of his career, and has realised here that there’s another life rather than being easy.
    “He smells that he can win, and is a winner. When he realised that he could live in the big world of top-class football players it changed him, and today he’s a different animal, mainly mentally. He realised he wasted some time and it was time for him to be serious.


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