I Just Can’t Believe The Comments About Eduardo

Have you taken in the image above? Good.

Now tell me – what the f*ck does Taylor think is going to happen with his studs showing high up right against the leg? He has leapt off the ground and therefore gone in with all his weight and force. There’s only one outcome from that photograph and we all know what that was.

The Eduardo tackle was like pushing someone in front of a train and killing them. But it’s okay, because you didn’t have any control of the train flying by did you? You only pushed someone. The fact that a train was passing by at the time is completely irrelevant.

Just look at Cesc’s face. He knows it’s horrific even before contact is made.

I’m careful with my choice of words here, and you will notice that I refer to the so called “tackle” as an incident, and never as an accident. An accident is forgetting to switch the lights off when you leave the house, not breaking someones leg and putting their whole career in jeopardy.

I’ll ask a serious question now – how can you win the ball with your studs showing and that high legitimately? The answer is you can’t. The bodyshape of Taylor alone shows he is out to harm Eduardo. Okay, he might not have meant to break his leg per se, but it’s crystal clear that he wanted to at least rough up Eduardo.

Anyway, it won’t surprise you that Taylor used to play for Blackburn Rovers. Once a bruiser, always a bruiser eh?

And from that, let’s see how stupid some of the people in the media and at Birmingham City really are.

Idiot #1: Stephen Kelly

Birmingham defender Stephen Kelly had this to say about the incident, criticising Arsene Wenger’s comments and justifying the tackle:

“I think Mr Wenger’s comments after the game were so harsh.

“That is disgraceful talk from Arsene Wenger. It is terrible. You know the way Martin is. He slid along the ground.

“He has gone in with one foot. You see players going in week in and week out, diving in with two feet, and lunging and that sort of thing is a disgraceful challenge.

“I don’t think you can send a player off for that. That’s football. It can happen. It is an accident.”

Slid in on the ground did he? Well f*ck me, I must have missed that one. He did come from Spurs though so it’s hardly surprising that he’s a total retard and a dumb c*nt.

We know footballers aren’t exactly of the greatest intellect but this fella takes it to a completely different level.

And if he thinks showing your studs that high against someone’s shin is acceptable then I wonder if he would justify the tackle if someone did exactly the same against him next week. Thought not. Although he is the guy who said Taylor “slid along the ground” so we already know he’s a complete f*cktard.

Idiot #2: Alan Hansen

BBC Pundit Alan Hansen tries to justify the tackle by saying it wasn’t as if Taylor ran in from 20 yards and went in with two feet:

“It is a horrific injury but I think what you’ve got to understand first is that Taylor’s not run 15, 20 yards and jumped in with two feet.

“He’s made the tackle from a standing start and he’s just been done by a bit of pace.”

I love the way he nonchalantly says “he’s just been done by a bit of pace”. Yeah, it happens all the time broken legs, you know, with the pace and everything? To say that is completely absurd. On that basis Cristiano Ronaldo and Theo Walcott would have career-damaging injuries.

And the other strange comment is about saying he didn’t jump in with two feet. It’s quite obvious that he didn’t need to isn’t it! Unless Hansen wants Eduardo to have both his legs broken? God knows what he meant.

He also says that Martin Taylor didn’t run 15 or 20 yards as well. Well if you think about it maybe it would have been better if he did run 20 yards before making the tackle – at least Eduardo would know the f*cking challenge was coming!

The fact is dangerous tackling is characterised by high lunges and a players studs showing. Whether it is one or two-footed quite frankly is irrelevant. I was slightly surprised by Alan Hansen’s comments to be honest, because he does usually talk sense.

Idiot #3: Alex McLeish

Then here’s the Birmingham manager himself. I’m sure he told his players to get stuck in from the off, and he said:

“Martin is distraught.

“It’s not in his nature to commit a malicious tackle. He didn’t feel there was much contact.

“It seems like the boys studs got stuck in the turf and that made the contact worse.”

It’s good to know that Taylor didn’t think there was much contact. If you leap from the ground and have you studs up then only something bad is going to happen. And why the hell bring up the fact Eduardo’s studs were caught in the pitch? That does no justify flying in like that, and doesn’t make the tackle any less reckless and shocking.

It might not be in “Taylor’s nature” to commit a horrible tackle but the pictures don’t lie. As I’ve mentioned before, what the hell does he think is going to happen when he goes in like that?

Idiot #4: Sebastian Larsson

Well just read it:

“It’s idiotic and childish for Wenger to say things like that. Of course it’s horrible to see, but everybody who knows Martin would also know he would never hurt anybody on purpose and for Wenger to say things like that just prove he is a sore loser.

“Then again, his whole team were the same. Arsenal were in a bad mood all game. They were very unsportsmanlike.”

I’m not sure I have any words for that really. Retardation on a grand scale.

Idiot #5: Didier Drogba

Okay, he hasn’t actually said anything – but his performance in the Carling Cup Final was a disgrace. One of his fellow professionals has just had his leg broken and doesn’t know if his career is over or not and there’s Drogba diving and jumping around in agony like he got shot every time a defender got near him.

He hasn’t done that in the last season or so but now it seems he’s become the diving and petulant cheat he was when he first came over to the Premier League.

Emmanuel Eboue should take note.

But I guess he got what he deserved in the end though when it was the man he was supposed to be marking that scored the winning header.

Idiot #6: The British Media

Look at the tackle on Eduardo by Martin Taylor. And now look at the comments from Arsene Wenger after the game. If you listened to the majority of the media in this country you would think they were equally bad!

I struggle to understand the mentality of these people. Arsene Wenger is getting completely chastised for his post-match comments, which surely people can understand? On of his players careers could be over from a horrific tackle and instead of looking at Taylor who made the challenge people just can’t wait to have a go at Wenger.

Emotions are running high for Christ’s sake.

But they know that. But it doesn’t stop them sticking the knife in does it? This is a golden chance to wind up Wenger and it’s just a too good an opportunity to miss isn’t it?

And then you’ve got the idiots comparing the Gallas kick on Nani to Taylors tackle! Anyone who has played football on any level knows they are completely different. I’m not defending Gallas’ kick – it was petulant and stupid – but it is nothing like having your studs up right against someones shin with your whole bodyweight behind it.

The Daily Mail have reported that it looks like Taylor shoud “recover” from the terrible ordeal he’s experienced over the last few days. My heart goes out to the poor lad, but the good news is he’ll be back for the Reading game on March 22nd.

When is Eduardo available to play again? Oh yeah, they forgot about mentioning that one.

A Small Ray Of Light…

When you just think everyone is completely retarded, there are a few glimpses of intelligence and class out there.

In a nice gesture, AC Milan issued a small statement on their official website wishing Eduardo all the best. It wasn’t needed or expected, but shows the class of a club like Milan over the ridiculous reaction from Birmingham City. Saying that though, I hope the boys stay focused and remember they are here to beat Milan and get into the next round of the Champions League.

Arseblogger links to the opinions of Tim Allardyce who believes that Eduardo could have lost his foot. And has he says, it makes a joke of all the f*ckwits who are making light of the injury.

And Finally…

The official Arsenal website is collecting messages and compiling a book to give to Eduardo so I urge you to send in your messages here.


Just as I finish writing this article, news has just come in that  the official Arsenal website has released a statement that Eduardo – all being well – could return in an Arsenal shirt before Xmas! The club said:

“Earlier today (Monday 25th February), the Orthopaedic surgeon and Arsenal medical staff assessed the extent of the damage and possible time scale for a full recovery.

“All being well, Eduardo will have his leg in plaster and using crutches for the next six to eight weeks. After that time, partial weight-bearing exercises will be scheduled into a slow rehabilitation process.

“It is hoped that Eduardo will be running again in six months time and making a full recovery after nine months.

“Eduardo will be released from hospital in a few days.

“The Arsenal medical team would like to take this opportunity to thank Birmingham City FC for their assistance on the day as well as the surgical and ward staff on S2 at Selly Oak Hospital for their expert medical care.

“In addition, and on behalf of Eduardo, the Club would like to thank everyone for their many touching messages of support.”

That’s fantastic news!


50 thoughts on “I Just Can’t Believe The Comments About Eduardo

  1. Thank you for writing up this article. I’ve been extremely angry since Saturday and this post sums up why. Usually I can take the bias shown toward Arsenal, but to have to take it in addition to certain people trying to minimize the incident and losing the game on some dodgy calls is too much. I know there has been much talk at the FA about how to expand the Premiership brand. From my point of view, the two most important things that need to be done are addressing the clear bias there is towards one team and foreigners, and the acceptance that kicking a team off the pitch is fair play. Then you’ll have more people tune in.

  2. You forgot Steve Bruce, whose face looks like dough and you’ve rubbed your elbow into it, believing the challenge to not even be worth a yellow. What planet is he on? I just cant understand how a guy can break a fellow pro’s leg and still be defended to the hilt.

    Kelley also said that the ref only sent Taylor off because he saw Eddie’s shattered leg…well you go to jail a lot longer if you shoot and kill than if you shoot and injure. Punishment should be retrospective and scaled with the severity of the injury, but Im sure Taylor will miss 3 games, just like Aliadiere who slapped Mascherano.

  3. cudn’t agree mre, have been listenin 2 all de comments from the media and it’s annoying and unbelivable. alex mcleish is so so, can’t even find de word it’s like nothin as happned and that it’s martin tarylor that was injured. imagine eduardo was an english player.

  4. To eduardo

    I prayed and asked the Man Almighty to keep you safe and put His hand on you and by His Will give you the strenght to pull through……

    I am a Big Arsenal fan and and even bigger Eduardo fan , From me and my 2 sons , we wish you a speedy a good recovery . Also to your Family and the rest of the team , ” Heads up , we are the Arsenal , and we never leave anybody behind ”

    From Ashley Petersen
    South Africa

  5. Another crap comment..

    McLeish : “It was another good point. We played well again and what was all the more remarkable about it was we did it with 10 men for 87 minutes”

    Hey? They finished with 11

    Maik Taylor, Stephen Kelly, David Murphy, Liam Ridgewell, Damien Johnson, Mauro Matias Zarate, Medhi Nafti, Fabrice Muamba, Stuart Parnaby, James McFadden & obviously Mike Dean

    One off the worse refs performances Ive seen. Missed fouls and then imagined ones that never existed!

  6. it’s absurd to see such kind of a tackle in modern football.i appeal to all arsenal fans to condemn but not to over react with an abusive language.as for taylor,he has to air an official apology for his ruthless tackle.Please FA do something to prevent anymore losses like eduardo.dudu,i was impressed by your reaction to the incindent and i pray that u recover as soon as possible.

  7. Please can You include the ratings few of the sites gave to Gallas an Clich? a disgraceful 4 , just like a certain player who played 3 minutes and got a red card? The Times , Sky ( a 5 with a comment of : sent off early on!!? Clichy 5 as well) – so what does a player have to do to merrit a 3 ? or a 2 ? is this some kind of gratification for Taylor? Hard to come by.

  8. The most intelligent summary and comment I have read anywhere. I would also draw your attention to the words of Simon Barnes in “The Times” today (Monday February 25th). You don’t become chief sportswriter of such a newspaper unless you a) have a brain b) understand sport and c) have the guts to write what you believe. This is one paragraph:

    “The terrible injury to Eduardo da Silva, the Arsenal player, caused by Martin Taylor, of Birmingham City, on Saturday is the direct result of all this. Alex McLeish, the Birmingham manager, was at great pains to point out that the act was not malicious. That means – seeing that the referee punished Taylor with a straight red – that the tackle was the result of recklessness or stupidity or incompetence. There isn’t another explanation available, is there?”

    And that just about sums it up for me. I could live with any of those alternatives to “not malicious” – and, in my opinion, that means that he should not be allowed to play football professionally again.

    But, if that’s a bit “strong” how about this as an alternative: He should not be allowed to train with any recognised club until Eduardo can restart training. He should not be allowed to play football for any recognised club until Eduardo is able to do so. And if Eduardo’s carrer is over then . . . . . . so is his. Natural justice. You reap as you sow.

  9. thanks, I have been so angry since Saturday – the incident itself was bad enough both for Eduardo and the rest of the team – but what has happened since in the media has truly sickened me. Its bad enough when unitelligent morons from other clubs post their stupid opinions on websites but the opinions of so called respected and intelligent individuals from inside the game – both managers and media – has in my opinion taken the game to a new low. Its a disgrace! After years of involvement as a player and supporter the continued bias towards certain clubs and players (names not necessary) and the continued bias against our club and players which permeates to officials within the game as was again clearly demonstrated saturday has finally convinced me that this is no longer a sport (if it can any longer be called that) that I wish to be associated with. I suspect I’m not the only one.

  10. Excellent bit of writing there, I really don’t get why they let Seb Larsson comment at all, as if he was going to say anything else? It was his big chance to try get back at Arsenal for breaking the news to him that he just wasn’t up to standard for the club… surprise, he made himself look like an utter twat!

    I really hope eduardo suffers very little pain in his rehabilitation, I have broken my leg and it can be a slow painful process getting back to normal.

    Irish Gooners thoughts are with you Eduardo, get well soon!

    Dublin, Ireland

  11. if what steve bruce said is true,then no wonder his a former man utd.he’s a digrace to the world of football.please we should behave like humans not demons.once i gain dudu,u remind of jesus on the cross when he said”father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing” n i strongly believe u’ll learn alot from him through out this experience.u’ve set an example to all football players.though am an arsenal fan i loved kaka but now u come in first place.bueno suerte dudu.

  12. This is the best and most truthful article I’ve read in weeks you’ve got every single thing spot on here and every single one of those people who said things are idiots and lack respect for a fellow professional who cant play for nine months while they will be stepping out to play next week or doing their everyday job.
    I think a reality check for all of them is needed

    Get well soon Eduardo

  13. Dear Eduardo,

    As a life long Arsenal fan, I’m sure that I speak for all Gooners when wishing you a speedy recovery.

    I pray that you are able to come back an even stronger person and footballer and once again play for our great club

    At this moment I am truly angry and saddened by the general trivialisation of the needless and reckless tackle that has put you out of the game indefinately and I am also ashamed to come from a country where such cowardly thuggery on the pitch was overshadowed by the bias british media who preffered to concentrate more on the raw emotion shown by Gallas and and Arsene Wenger after the game.

    I, like Arsene Wenger am sick to back teeth of numb nut pundits, jealous arsenal rejects and ex Spud players talking out of their ringpieces and stating the usual cobblers when referring to Martin Taylor as “Not that type of player” and not having a “malicious bone in his body”

    Arsene Wenger was soooooo right to counter the above statements with something along the lines of “How many times do you need to kill someone, to be called a murderer?

    Anyway Eduardo, our thoughts are with you at this time and I truly hope the boys gon onto to win the EPL and CL in your honour !!!

  14. Watch a replay of it again, Dean sends off Taylor before he sees the extent of Eduardo’s injury. Flamini goes up to him pleading for help as Dean has the red card in the air. Dean knew straight away that the tackle alone was a red card offence. I am sick of hearing that Dean only sent off taylor due to the extent of his injury because it is just not true.

    As for Seb Larsson, words fail me. It is truly disgusting. So glad Wenger got rid of him.

  15. Top article. Gooners please cancel your Sky, buy no more media publications and forget this idiotic media. All over Europe, in Italy, Spain, France, people have been lining up to condemn the horrific challenge. Only in the UK will you get arse holes like Alex McCunt and Larsson, and McFadden + Kelly talking out their rectums. It is quite simply, unbelievable and scandalous.
    Could you imagine if the injured player had been Rooney or their darling Gerrard?
    Pathetic. This is one step too far. Incredibly, they have managed to focus on Wenger and Gallas. It shows how much seething envy and jelousy remains. What makes me laugh is…despite the fact that they are alway so quick to slam Wenger; one should never forget that the same media that claim t hate him so much, are the same ones who desperately wanted him to be England manager! He turns them down every time, England continue to be shit, and they act like a jilted lover.
    They are bitter. Wenger is as good if not better than any English manager you could care to name over the past 50 years. How it must gallm how it must humiliate….

    He made them look stupid when he said we could go unbeaten and they were all made to look like cunts. He upset the ManYoo dominance and their darling Ferguson and they hate him for it. He signs the best players and has no time for over-hyped English turd like Bentley and co. and the fact he won’t have English players serves to humiliate even more since it shows they are clearly not good enough. Oh deary me…

    Wenger should boycott the media once and for all. Simple.
    Winning the league this season would be sweet. How we’d stick it to them.

  16. I know many people will give me crap for saying this but this is how I felt about this tackle.

    I felt that the red gave a red due to how serious the injury is – Not because of the tackle.

    I did watch the replay @ footytube and if my remember didnt fail me –

    Tayler throw his leg – Not thrusting his leg forward to eduardo. So to me – This is not intentionally trying to break his leg

    Also I did noticed his the 1st split sec – His stub was traveling towards eduardo foot or just above the ground. It’s the 2nd half of the movement, his body weight push him down which in result his leg somehow move upwards towards the shin. So I highly doubt his out to break eduardo legs.

    Plus if I’m him and really wanna break someone leg – think I will be out to break Adebayor or Csec than Eduardo.. Really – If you are really prepared to get a red card – Why not get the best out of it.. right? No dis-respect to Eduardo but Adebayor & Csec is much more important to Arsenal at this moment..

    Again if I already prepared to get a red – Would I do it so early of the game? AND would you as the manager have you captain to do it? I highly doubt so..

    Honestly I felt that Taylor is trying to wind Arsenal players down.. Hoping to give them a signal – DONT try to dribble the ball around us.. They are trying to kick Arsenal again.. What’s new?

    But too bad he been too clever on his own which result what it is now.. If Eduardo had fall down, roll abit and standup after that – I’m pretty sure it’s only a yellow to him..

    BTW before anyone starts crapping me.. I’m truly a Arsenal fans since 1990- The day when Arsenal came to Singapore for a friendlies against liverpooll..

  17. Leonard learn to speak English you muppet. Taylor is scum and you’re a moron for saying anything remotely positive about him.


  19. All these negative comments comments abt AW and Arsenal from the media and like mean one thing.They all don’t want Arsenal to be champs.
    Only the manure can be champs.If not for AW the red faced team will be champions every year . Then England will be like scotland only Celtic and Rangers matter.i doubt any sane fan will want this.
    I am vry happy to hear the news abt Eduado and hope he can resume his career.
    As for Taylor and his f boss nothing will please me then for them to be sent packing to the championship where they truly belong and hopefully stay there for 100 years.
    Arsenal will take on AV a team managed by another Scot. remember Carews lunge on Hleb who later missed some games.Don’t be surprised the MON may want to do the red faced a favour. I just hope Arsenal beat them and with the feeling running high I have absolutely no doubt the gunners can win by 2-0.

  20. Beggar’s belief! There have been red cards dished out this season for much less intent.

    The ref immediately gave the red and the player walked without any argument!

    I’m sure he didn’t mean to break his leg but there not intent? Didn’t meant it?? Oh do me a favor…

  21. I am lost for words. Do we all remember how the player who broke Beckhams metatarsal was treated over a legitamate tackle. He would have been lynched if he had set foot in the uk then. Further more imagine if it had been Gerard who had been assualted like Eduardo!!!!.There are thousands of bad drivers causing accidents every day, they ‘don’t mean to do it’ but it’s called driving without due care and attention and they get prosecuted I rest my case

  22. Your post is spot on. 3 days later and I am still angry when I think about the incidents, although I try not to cause I cant do anything about it.
    Oh and you forgot the part about Taylor not getting any bans or any fines. Pedro Mendes recovered in 2 weeks after getting that elbow from Thatcher. Eduardo is missing 8 months of his career. That is total bullshit. Taylor deserves those death threats.

  23. Well at least Birmingham took the idiot retard Larsson of us, lets look forward to giving the piece of S**t a good welcome if they stay up this year!

  24. Arsenal have always been knocked down by the media in our history, we’ve dealt with controversy and tragedy and the odd heavy defeat. But every time we get back up and come back stronger than ever. I truly believe the injustice felt by the players, the manager and the fans over what happened on Saturday will awaken a passion in them for revenge and that means proving we are the best and winning this league for eduardo. Fuck Alan Hansen, fuck Andy Gray, fuck sky and fuck the british media. Gooners for Life!!

  25. Even if it was not intended to break bone it was incompetant in the extreme. This sort of ‘tackle’ has no place in the beautiful game. It seems to be a particular British trait too, based on ‘showing your opponent you are there’ rather than skill. You never see the great Italian defences flying into these sort of career threatening lunges trying to maim their opponents. These sort of obscene ‘accidents’ will continue to happen until British players learn how to control both themselves and the ball. There’s little evidence of either at the moment.

  26. I too am still angry, and I am stunned by most of the comments from the media, and so called experts and pundits. Let us not forget Eduardo is not only an Arsenal player, he also contributed to engerland’s failure to qualify for the euros. Just the other day I heard a commentator on talk shite state ‘Singlehandedly, Arsenal have caused more damage to the English game, than any other club’. Such comments demonstrate the ill feeling around our wonderful football club. The Arsenal have never really been the media’s choice, and judging from what I am hearing this will not change anytime time soon. Quite frankly, that ill feeling is now tainted with the rancid smell of racism. Eduardo, I pray that you make a full recovery.

  27. Well done to the writer of this page. I hope to god Eduardo makes a full recovery. Is Larsson a complete twat? He sounds like an disgruntled ex employee, the poor child don’t know a cock from a cunt… Leonard suck a dick with aids on the tip.

  28. I am a Manchester United fan..yup sorry bout that,..but I wud like to say that Eduardo is a fantastic player and believe it or not, I am on Arsene Wenger’s side on this one.Martin Tyler is an asshole..He should be banned for life for that ridiculous tackle..

  29. I’m totaly distraught with birmingham players & manager statements over the tackle on dudu. This is really ridiculous like over protecting the player like Martin who is an experience player could plunge like that and still can smile thru the images captured during the incident.

    He should be banned at least one season. I’m giving my thumbs up to AC Milan players (Team) for their support and concern. This is what ppl are.

    My best wishes to Dudu to recover as fast as you can. There is more to see from you in this era and with arsenal. Go Dudu Gunners!

  30. Could not agree more with this article. The reaction by everyone, the media, Birmingham staff and players is pretty much misdirected. I heard somewhere, someone saying that Arsenal invite these tackles because they hold on to the ball too much. What kind of effing logic is that? Because we can’t get the ball of you legitimately, we’re going to force you off it, regardless of what happens. And the media for lambasting Arsene Wenger, even after he apologised is just straight up xenophobic prejudice. I’d LOVE to see what would happen if something like this happened to Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney, etc. and see the reaction of the media then (not that I wish this injury on anyone else, it’s just an expression).

    It seems that the boo-boys mentioned above are looking for any excuse to divert attention from the fact that they’re unable to cope with Arsenal. You could even say that jealousy is a factor, where, ‘if we can’t play like them, then no one should’ logic prevails amongst this tabloid-esque modern media that we regrettably live in. It seems that Wenger is the only one who has apologised over what he said, which may have been uncalled for, but this just gave everyone else an excuse to divert attention away from the fact that Arsenal are so damn good, if you want to dispossess us, a bone-breaking, potentially career-ending tackle is quite acceptable, as long as its done to a foreigner.

    My greatest sympathies to Eduardo, all our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  31. Good article, but everyone should have a look at the photos from directly after the incident, used on bbc sport. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/a/arsenal/7263029.stm
    Is it just me or is Taylor smiling!
    Anyway what the incident showed me is who the next captain should be. Sagna, he kept his head and comforted Eduardo staying by his side till he left the pitch while other players were shellshocked. He then went on to play a well which he has done all season. All this after he lost his brother on the fourteenth!

  32. I have been beaten to it. I have been comforted by a physio over the last few days, who assures me that people can come back from worse injuries, we just have to hope there is no psychological damage,. I have felt sick to my stomach since the 3rd minute of Saturdays game and can only wish Eduardo Da Silva all the best and hope he does recover soon, quality player. I am not angry with anyone, but like Samuel above, I think praise should go to Bacary Sagna for being a player to comfort Eduardo in times of a sickening injury. Well done lad, you are truly one of the team.

  33. What pisses me off more than anything else is the fact that Birmingham’s premiership course was aided by Arsenal when they loaned them their reserves, two of whom are regulars in the Birmingham side. We even passed on one of our trialists Palacios to them. Where is the gratitude ? The media is truly xenophobic and some of the more intelligent people havent covered themselves in glory over this matter.

  34. Jeonard that is priceless!! He couldn’t have done it on purpose otherwise he would have got ade or cesc. Mupett is too kind you’re a cunt

  35. I am more angry about what mo***r fu***rs Stephen Kelly and Sebastian Larsson commented about Arsense Wenger. I hope I don’t get to see these 2 fu***** in the PL next season and forever in the PL.

  36. Well Leonard, I am an Arsenal fan from Singapore as well and I think you have completely missed the point. It is not about the physics or the weight shifting or whether ‘taylor is out to break Eddie’s leg’ shit you tried so hard to explain. No one gives a rat’s ass about the physics of that tackle..just that it’s WRONG AND DANGEROUS. The point is a tackle like that should never be justifiable in football regardless of the outcome and I will not justify it even if our own players were to carry out these sort of shit tackles. i.e Flamini on Nani, Eboue etc. It is this ‘stick it up em’ mentality that is killing the game.

    However I am more sympathetic over Gallas’ antic as I think it shows that he cares and his passion to win is incredibly strong. More of the same please but with more control that is.

    As for Brum, a club filled with retards and classless and incompetent footballers. The table dont’t lie.

    Lastly, I would like to urge gooners who have the good fortune to go to the game against villa this saturday to chant Eddie’s name. Hopefully this will give the lads the extra motivation to win.

  37. May The LORD heal Eduardo’s leg speedily!

    Great Reality Article!

    All of these comments show blatant disregard for the injured victim though i do feel that Taylor is a victim of his managers pep talk!
    The other day in Miami a man shot at a chair by some garbage to celebrate the new year but what he didnt know that there was a litlle boy playing hide and seek behind that chair – the child was killed! NOW, who should we feel sorry for or more sorry for? The Child and his loved ones or the man who stupidly pulled the trigger. He obviously did not mean to kill the child and was distraught however firing rounds in public is wreckless and there is a possiblity that u could SHOOT SOMEONE. they tell us every year in Florida not to do this but every year people do and someone gets shot – who do u blame. the child for playing. im sure u get my point…

    Look when u cannot take sports out of the picture and look at things emotionally as a HUMAN BEING u say stupid things. For an ungrateful bitter Larsson to say that Wenger was Childish and the players unSPORTSmanlike just show that he is an immature little boy in not realizing that u can never know how u would behave in such situations. Sports was on his mind not the fact that someone may never walk again let alone play sports! grow up son. The manager has to defend his boy less his boy tells us that his pre game chat influenced him in his rash tackle!

    The FA need to question Managers and Sports Analysts on what this so called “getting stuck in” means – does that mean constant kicking and fouling? is this “getting stuck in” a legal part of the game? what the hell! i suggets to implement a basketball rule where there is a foul limit and if u exceed that limit u sit ur backside down (yep even for Arsenal players)

    This is not a pro Arsenal post but a pro football post!

    God Bless!

  38. How typical of the FA that they have increased The red card ban on Aliadiere to 4 games for retaliating in the incident during the Liverpool game. His opponent who also grabbed him by the chin/throat naturally gets away scott free. The logic is that Aliadiere’s offence was of a more serious nature than that of martin Taylor who only caused near amputation of a foot to a fellow professional. Of course you have to remember that Taylor is English and Aliadiere is french so im sure it makes perfect sense to the FA. Something along the lines of: “Those Johnny foreigners need to be kept in line especially that little dark chap who had the temerity to score 2 goals and set up another during two matches that unfairly put our honest English lads out of the European finals. Their Wags are almost as distraught as Martin Taylor”
    Motherfuckers! No subtle way to put it really and I have tried to think of one.

  39. This just about sums up how I feel about this whole situation and the rallying around Martin Taylor and the defending of him from various deluded people makes me sick. McLeish, Larsson and Kelly should be ashamed of themselves. Anyone who compares this to the Gallas/Nani incident needs their head checking and in all this it seems that the only villain here is Arsene Wenger?? He retracted his comments, what more do people want. Personally, I completely agree with his comments, something like this has been a long time coming, couldve easily been Alex Hleb earlier this season after that disgrace of a challenge from Mark Noble. Now it finally happens and whats being done? Nothing at all apart from help and support for the man who commited the foul and possibly ended someones career. People who dont even think that it deserved a yellow card shouldnt be watching football.

    Get Well Soon Eduardo

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