Wenger Must Rest, Rotate And Go For Broke

A few things have become clear over the last few weeks.

I think everyone can agree that while Arsenal have been excellent this season, the squad was just lacking those extra 3 or 4 players who would have helped us push on in the latter part of the season. The squad has been stretched to the absolute limit, and we have just ran out of steam.

We’ve also been incredibly unlucky with injuries, while our rivals have enjoyed better luck. United seem to have world class players in reserve and coasting in the Premier League at the moment, and while you can argue they’ve had millions to spend the fact is they are top of the table. Eduardo and Rosicky would have really helped us over the last few weeks, and the number of games Robin Van Persie has missed hasn’t exactly helped – although to be fair for the majority of his absence we were coping well.

Then there has been some shocking refereeing decisions. They say that teams win the league not when they are firing on all cylinders but when they’re not playing well and still winning, which we haven’t managed to do. And while we haven’t played well in those games, a bit of luck and more efficient officiating could have seen us with a healthier points total.

But we haven’t and we’re out of the title race.

So that is why Arsene has to rest his main players in the Premier League. Go for broke and give everything to the Champions League.

Because while we’re still in it getting past Liverpool, and then possibly Chelsea is one massive task.

This is Liverpool we are talking about here. They are the masters of the Champions League. They might not play stunning football or set the world on fire but they qualify. If it takes a single set-piece to get the job done they will do it.

They are so dangerous in this competition.

So Wenger should rest the big guns in the league. Players like Fabregas, Hleb, Adebayor and Clichy have been playing virtually every game now and they are running on empty.

Give them a rest.

What’s the point of making them play on a wet pitch at Bolton?

Rafa does it and look at Liverpool’s record in this competition, and believe you and me, he will be giving everything to get into the next round. Liverpool rotate and do well in the Champions League, and do rubbish in the Premiership.

But the Premier League race is over now so it’s time to forget about it and go for the trophy Wenger’s been craving for.

Every team does it apart from us.

Before big European matches the Italian teams do it, the Spanish teams do it, and Liverpool do it. Rotation is something Wenger’s never really done much though and to be honest I don’t think he will do here.

Which is a shame because I fear the league games could cost us in Europe.


7 thoughts on “Wenger Must Rest, Rotate And Go For Broke

  1. he doesn’t do it because the reserves are all rubbish and he knows it. everytime they come in we lose. but i do agree with you, the league and 2nd are gone and 3rd or 4th make no difference so give up the league games now.

  2. I go to the gym 3 times a week without fail, sometimes 4 times.

    I do 30 minutes on the rowing machine, 20 minutes jog and then 45 minutes on the bike.

    I don’t ever feel tired as my body is used to it and I’m PAYING to use the gym… not getting paid thousands to do it!!

    It’s a bloody disgrace when players get “tired”. It’s their f*ckin job and is no excuse for a poor performance especially since the matches haven’t been so close together.

    Adebayor isn’t tired. He’s just a player who needs luck to play and his luck has run out. He’s always been playing the same but he started to nick a goal here and there and nobody realised how the rest of his game was so poor until he stopped scoring.

  3. agree with most of the article.
    I think that beneath arsenal’s first choice 11 there are maybe 1 or 2 players genuinely god enough to come into the team and not affect the way we play and results. beyond that, its a drop in quality and with the way we play ie neat on the ground to feet style football, if those ‘reserve’ players cannot handle it they become a weak link. When arsenal have a weak link, I dont know why, but it always seems to be found out by the opposition.

    But tomorrow I would certainly go with Nik Bendtner. he is one of the few players that looks on form right now and with more experience he could yet become an important player for us.

    I mean Bendtner and Eduardo (pre injury) are the only two players outside the first choice 11 that can come into the team and not affect the quality. walcott is a good sub. everyone else is substandard.
    its no wonder that wenger does not trust the likes of Diaby, Denilson Traore, Hoyte, Song and Gilberto to come in and give the first team players a rest because he knows they cannot win us premier league matches as evidenced by the 5-1 mauling we took. he does however seem to trust Eboue, but I think he is useless. eboue is OK as cover for Sagna but thats as far as it goes.
    even so as you say, the likes of Ade, cesc and Hleb really need a rest tomorrow so the fringe players will have to do the business. for what its worth, at least some of them are not completely knackered and that might work in their favour.
    I think ADe is tired because he has played so many games and a lot of them as a lone striker. he has put in so much work for a big bloke too and I just think it would benefit us if he plays no more than 30 mins tomorrow in preparation for Liverpool.

  4. This controversial yet hopeful idea is very interesting. Perhaps Wenger adopting a different strategy at this stage of the season (obviously much sooner) is exactly what they need to combine their focus for the final push in either domestic or international competition. They must do something quickly to save the season. I don’t know if this is the right course to follow- to rest some key players, but something must be done. And hey if other top European clubs do it why can’t the Arsenal.

  5. My God what is wronge with people continuing to trust ADE? he is just nothing, he has been getting goals out of luck not the strikers sort of goals, he is just not AFC class, just wait next season, he will be nothing too.

    I would prefer AW to give chance to N Bendtner and Van Purse, N Bendtner is a clever striker, has ball control, cool, and times his movements and positioning than ADE, Most fans believe, N Bendtner MUST be the first choice strike partner to Van P next season. Forget ADE, let him be on the bench and should come in 20 minutes to time.

    AW should just see off Rosicky, he is too injury prone to depend on, EBOUE has the same thinking like ADE, the same with DIABEY, so, having the 3 on the same team just cant help AFC, Wenger has to think now.

    On the other hand, GILBERTO is a nice guy but no longer the quality AFC need, LEHMAN is just chewing the coinsfor nothing; HOYTE shall never be a real AFC Class, all in all, 6 players SHOULD BE Shortlisted for transfer next season; lets stop pretending that they are gonna come good.

    AW should promote: DENILSON, WALCOTT, BARAZITE, CARLOS VERA. Then MUST think of buying atleast BEN ARFA, MODRIC, a defender, BENZEMA or ETO.


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