We Are Not Far Away From Being At The Top…

After Manchester United’s draw with Middlesbrough yesterday, you just wonder if Arsenal are cursed. Because if we won against Liverpool on Saturday (which was possible with Hleb’s sitter at the end) we would only be 4 points behind the leaders instead of 6.

We just get the wrong results at the wrong times.

The problem is Arsene is playing a balancing game with his thin squad, but at the moment is getting it wrong.

Having to prioritise things because of squad limitations is tough and just look how the season has panned out.

Portsmouth, Cardiff, Barnsley and West Brom were the semi-finalists in this years FA Cup. If we concentrated on that and progressed that would have been one of the best opportunities of winning that competition in years.

United dropped vital points at the weekend, and we only drew against Liverpool because our focus was on the Champions League fixture. And only a couple of weeks before that we lost a precious lead at Stamford Bridge. If we held on and beat Chelsea, and managed to overcome Liverpool we – despite the shocking form since the Birmingham game – would be amazingly only one point behind Manchester United.

And we still had to visit them at Old Trafford as well.

All we needed was a couple of experienced players to get us through those tough times in the season. We are not a million miles away from being where we should be.

But we’ve been unlucky as well.

Van Persie, Rosicky and Eduardo really could of helped us push on over the last few weeks if they weren’t out injured. Sagna is also missing for a few weeks, and you can’t help think that we could of defended better against Chelsea and twice against Liverpool with his solid influence on the game.

I mean, how would United be without Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez for big parts of the season? And Chelsea without Drogba, Cole and Terry?

So will Arsene buy in the summer?

I don’t think so, unless he gets rid of some players first. His arguement will be that with a fully-fit squad he has enough talent at his disposal. I would tend to agree with that if Rosicky and Van Persie were fit but the fact is Eduardo is out for much longer.

I woudn’t be surprised if Eboue was off-loaded this summer, but in all honesty who would buy him? The only place I could see him moving too would be Pompy with their influx of ex-Arsenal players and a strong African contingent.

The two areas in particular we are weak though is in the full-back positions. If Clichy or Sagna are out for any length of time we will struggle big time. Traore and Hoyte are too inexperienced, although I suppose they need games to get that.


12 thoughts on “We Are Not Far Away From Being At The Top…

  1. Eboue is an OK right back for when we need to attack. Its easier to improve his defending than to make him a midfielder, he doesnt have the technique or intelligence to play when space is limited in midfield and his decision making is so poor in the final third. Hoyte I dont think is good enough for Arsenal. I agree that we were unlucky with injuries but I always thought even if we win it this season we are a player or two short of becoming a great team.

  2. that’s hilarious. if this. if that. do you even know how ridiculous you sound? you got outplayed by liverpool’s reserves on saturday and were lucky to get a point. be grateful for that.

  3. I personally have never been one of those fans that has called for Wenger to buy big names during the off season. But, I have to say, that this summer he needs to spend some funds. While Van Persie has been out much of the season, and Rosicky and Eduardo about half the term, you cannot say that it was completely unforeseen. Rosicky, and even Van Persie, have been hit by the injury bug in seasons past. Eduardo was not a starter for us for most of the season, but he was coming into his own before his injury. I really think that if Wenger buys two or three experienced players this off season that we can win a lot of silverware next season. The only reason we’ve fallen short this season is that the squad is too small.

    If I were in Wenger’s shoes, this is what I’d do during the off season:

    Out: Lehman, Gilberto

    Sell: Eboue

    In: Vela

    Buy: Ben Arfa, Jeskulinen (sp?), experienced backup for Clichy

  4. And if Voronen had kept his nerve and lobbed Almunia….


    And if we were given the two stone cold penalties against liverpool….



  5. We deserve a penalty tomorrow, and how we didn’t get one in those two home games is just ridiculous.

    I’d love it if we got one and it was a gift from the referee. It’s the least we deserve. But it wouldn’t surpsise me in the slightest if the stuffy scousers were gifted a penalty kick for nothing!

  6. The author wrote : “…How would United be without Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez for big part of the season” . I think Alex Ferguson will certainly look for another big name. Such as the case of Larsson and Tevez the last season

  7. Most of Arsenal’s players are overrated (RVP, Ade, Hleb, Rosicky…). They are not consistent and don’t have good mental strength. We need a Drogba or Torres-class main striker, a lethal wide winger (Quaresma) to relieve Fabregas. I rate very high the consistency of Flamini (such as Chelsea’s Essien). Our defence must be strengthen, too. And where are our “young talents” now (Denilson…) ?.


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