Cesc ‘Spitting’ Is Just A Smokescreen For Allardyce

As Arseblog has already said, Phil Brown and Sam Allardyce are good friends. They worked together at Bolton Wanderers, they appeared on Goals on Sunday together and no doubt both bought their bluetooth handsets at the same time.

And since last night there’s been all kinds of stories flying around. The Times have been stirring with a video which they believe shows Fabregas spit in Ballack’s face when we played Bayern in the Champions League a few years ago. I remember watching the game and seeing replays at the time and it was clear back then Michael Ballack was trying to get Cesc booked by pretending he got spat in the face. Straight after he got up and didn’t wipe anything off his face – let’s not make any mistake here, if Ballack got spat in the face he’d be wiping it and showing the spit to the referee.

But there’s nothing like a grainy YouTube video to sway the idiots.

Cesc came out and said:

“I categorically deny that I spat at anybody after the match. I have never done this in my whole career on the pitch, so why would I do it when I am not even playing?

“I can understand the frustration of losing a game to a dubious goal, that has happened to me many times in my career as well. But this is not the fault of me or any of the Arsenal players.”

And to be fair, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Cesc spit while playing football. Ever. And I watch a lot of Arsenal games.

Riquelme on the other hand is a different story. When he was about to take that penalty against Lehmann in the Champions League I saw him spit 15 times. I actually counted.

But on the other side, Phil Brown has been made to look quite stupid. Many (if not all) of his accusations against Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have been found out to be completely false. He is quoted as saying that he wasn’t surprised that Arsene Wenger didn’t shake his hand since he didn’t when Arsene refused to when Hull beat Arsenal earlier in the season at the Emirates. Although this picture would suggest otherwise.

And on this post-match interview with the BBC, he says that he saw Cesc Fabregas spit Brian Horton and goes on to say ‘whether it’s at his feet, his face, his body, it doesn’t matter…’ What the hell does that mean? Apparently there’s also discrepancies with his stories – saying he saw the spitting incident just off the pitch, and then inside the tunnel. Cesc must have been busy!

But it’s funny how all the disgraceful antics of Blackburn Rovers have been forgotten.

Firstly the shocking and diving ‘tackle’ by El Hadji Diouf. That was so bad it’s untrue – and the worst thing about it all is that 4 days on it’s completely forgotten. How can the FA not look at that and issue any kind of punishment? The ball was nowhere near Almunia at that point and to be quiet honest we’ve seen less serious incidents punished retrospectively.

If anything it was worse than the Eduardo tackle, and it’s clear that Diouf flew in and intended to hurt the player. And if we’re on the subject of spitting…

Then there was the dive from Morten Gamst Pedersen. Now when I saw the reply I admitted I actually laughed – it was that ridiculous. And the fact he got up and put his hands in the air asking for a penalty made it a million times worse.

It should will be one of the ‘hilarious’ clips played around the world for years to come.

But obviously because of Phil Brown being a c*nt all these things are now just a distant memory. I’m just glad Almunia is still walking.


20 thoughts on “Cesc ‘Spitting’ Is Just A Smokescreen For Allardyce

  1. I just watched the 3 Stooges on Setanta – have you ever seen a more motley crew than that? – and even Sherwood was saying what a great bloke Cesc is and he he couldn’t imagine him spitting at anybody. Then McManamananan chips in to say that Horton has been in the game a long time, therefore it is hard to believe he would lie, therefore it clearly was true and Cesc is disgusting. What a bunch of twats.

    Do you remember the game at the KC Stadium? Brown came on afterwards saying that Djourou was guilty of GBH – How did he know? Because Brian Horton told him so and he has seen millions of football matches and should know. It seems like Pinky and Perky feed off each other, so as to excuse their lies.

  2. pressure is getting the better of phil. and from the sky and bbc 5 interviews its easy to see he’s lost the plot. opening his mouth to lie was the easy bit, the repurcations could well prove too costly for him to handle.

  3. Good blog once again, you really shoud write more often.

    Especially when we’re going through a bad spell – one whinge of yours and suddenly we raise our game. Hehe. It’s true!

  4. I didnt want to read any further than this:

    “… and no doubt both bought their bluetooth handsets at the same time.”

    Best deadpan comment I have red for ages :))

  5. Why would Horton bother making up a daft story about Fabregas spitting at him down the tunnel?! WHY?!!!
    Getting tired of Wenger’s defiance. Some of his players are clearly prats – that’s all there is to it. Fabregas is guilty and I hope he gets a lenthy ban, or better still, community service around the Hull area in that daft bin man jacket he was wearing!

  6. WHY?!!!, Trevor? I’ll tell you why. Because he’s a cheating lying cunt, that’s why. Because he was getting himself so totally wound up all during the game and he lost the plot. Fabregas then vclearly tweaked his tail with a bit of goading and he totally lost it. He lied to get back at Fabregas because he was so angry and didn’t have the intelligence to channel that anger in a better more sensible and more effective way. Now, do one scouser.

  7. God, you’re as deluded as Wenger! Maybe the music they pipe into The Emirates at half time has lulled you into a semi-concious hypnotised state. Assuming you go to the Emirates – never can tell with Arsenal fans.

    And the only cunt in this saga is Fabregas.

  8. Oooh trevor, put your handbag away you p*ssy.

    The only reason for your comments is that your as scared of Fabs footballing talent as your shite team are. Of course you would love to see him banned wouldnt you. Your almost as much of a t*sser as PB, HOrton and that Stevie Me. WHat a bunch of c*nts.

    Still look on the bright side, once the FA have investigated, PB and Horton are going to be joining the majority of you dirty scousers on the dole… 🙂

    …But it could be worse, you could be scouse, eating rats in your council house…

  9. Besides, there is one PROVEN LIAR in this episode – yes you guessed it, the ol permatanned cyborg himself. Have you looked at the evidence? DIdnt shake my hand…hmmmm thats clearly a lie. And where did the alleged incident occur again? was it on the pitch, oops he forgot that there were cameras about, so he changed his story to in the tunnel, where conveniently there was no-one around but him and Horton, a likely story. His stories got more holes in it than Hulls defence.

  10. Trevor, you are a complete idiot.

    I suppose you believe Brown when he said Wenger didn’t shake his hand in the previous two games between Arsenal and Hull? And when questioned by Five Live on what he saw he couldn’t answer.

    I actually liked Phil Brown and what Hull City had done this season but he’s just shown himself to be a complete cunt.



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