Disrespectful Adebayor Is Truly Deluded

As if Adebayor couldn’t get any more unpopular with Arsenal fans, he’s come out with this rubbish after leaving us for Manchester City:

“People who think that I have joined City for the money are wrong. If I had made a move for that reason then I would have been playing for Barcelona or Milan last season.

“I want to win silverware and trophies. That is my ambition.

“The team has quality and a manager who knows what he wants.”

This is despite being paid a reported £170k a week at Manchester City, almost double what he was on at Arsenal.

And he’s moved from a team that has regular Champions League football to a team that doesn’t. I have to laugh when he actually believes he could have been playing for Barcelona last season. This was a side that won the treble – Adebayor is kidding himself if he thinks that he’s on that level.

He’s ended up at Manchester City!

If Barcelona or Milan really wanted him then they would have got him.

And the idea that he’s left Arsenal to win trophies and not for the money is comical. How are Barcelona not on course for trophies? They’re the best side in Spain and the best side in Europe so why didn’t you leave last summer to ‘win trophies’ eh?

Pull the other one, Ade.

The sad fact is none of the big sides wanted you, and in the end you engineered your won demise at Arsenal.

I thought we’d heard enough of his idiocy over the last 12 months but it seems it isn’t going to end soon.


68 thoughts on “Disrespectful Adebayor Is Truly Deluded

  1. I don’t really understand whhy you care, he is history as far as we are concerned.

    Just another in a long line of players who wasn’t really good enough for us, who we bought and sold for a huge profit.

    He had one great season, half a reasonable season, and last year was frankly awful. We all know he left for the money, and at the end of the day, if an inferior company to the one you work for offered to double your salary, would you turn it down?

  2. £170k a week, where did you read that, the Daily Mail? Over £100k, sure, but not by much.

    Four years at Arsenal, no trophies despite his goal every other game. Speaks for itself. Surely no Arsenal fan could argue that they’re not going backwards.

    Very bitter. VERY bitter.

  3. hes not bitter he was a class act and we didnt want him or like him welll some sections of the prawn sancdwich section.

  4. I don’t think there’s any coincidence that City have been trying to sign African players given the location of the next world cup and the potential marketing opportunities. Eto would have been the capture to lead that but Adebayor is a reasonable alternative with possibly Toure moving across as well if Terry stays at Chelsea.
    I don’t think we expect greatness from Adebayor but unfortunately he is better than what we had last season and he’ll earn us some cash and notoriety as the UAE bunch try to take City global.

  5. if it does not mean that much to you, why are you obsessed with writing about it. just get on with it and lets see who you buy as a replacement. Typical moaning sothern softie cocknies.

  6. What an utter pile of crap – Wenger sold him – Adebayor did not leave of his own volition – he did not hand in a transfer request and i certainly dont think City was his first choice – Wenger wanted rid it is as simple as that and made that clear to the player – this is nothing to do with the player and if i was him i would definately demand my “loyalty bonus” for basically being kicked out of the club.

  7. if someone offered you double your salary to do the same job…you would not hesitate so lets not get too hyporitical.

  8. I’ve a great deal of time for Arsenal, but they’re a selling club, it’s as simple as that.

    2009 Adebayor £22m
    2008 Hleb £12m
    2007 Henry £16m
    2006 Cole (Swap for Bill Gallas)
    2005 Vieira £14m

    Good players want to leave, the club has to sell, the manager’s losing the plot. They’ll be lucky to finish in the top six this season.

  9. all you fans are bitter ade was a world class striker thats why he went i remember you all saying chelsea would do nothing and cant even finish above them we need money thats why wenger sold ade not the other way around fab will go next you watch as wnger said last year we are a selling club we have fallen out of the elite in europe.

  10. Silly manc twats. Been in the shadow of Utd for so long, you get a bit of money and you think you can buy the title. Not a chance. All of your signings this summer are all greedy people with no team skills. You have no defence and a weak midfield. A manager with no pedigree and a shit record in the transfer market. At least the red half of manchester conduct themselves with a bit of dignity!! 6th place at best..

  11. we are going no were fast the mancs are building we are selling its crap.and it the same old excuse were building a great bteam we built the emirates quicker we need stability i reckon we’ll finish 6th this season and you know im right.

  12. Get it Ted!! You Arsenal fans crack me up! You know Ade is a class act when motivated. He has accepted a new challenge from the biggest story in world football, and along with others outside of City it`s obviously just for the money. Let`s see what we all finish up with shall we? At least City supporters don`t think they`re football genius`s just because their team did well 5 years ago. I suggest you worry about your own future. We`re not a bit worried about ours. Welcome to the real Manchester Manny. The best team in the land and all the world. Oh how that now old song is going to reverberate throughout world football. Lovin it!

  13. Ade is a good player no doubt. Most Arsenal fans got frustrated with his poor attitude and poor application and eternaly being offside. I for 60,000 (it seemed like the whole of the Emirates wanted shot of him) am glad he has been sold and 25 million is a lot to us and pocket money to City so everyone is happy.

    It would be foolish to write off City’s chances of breaking into the top four but also equally foolish to assume it would be Arsenal who exits the top four. We had one bad season. The season before that although 3rd we were only 5 points behind man U (1st). We slid from top spot when we lost Eduardo and Rosicky, and guess what, they are both back! Man U are weaker, Chelsea are older and Liverpool were very lucky for much of last season. This year no one knows what will happen, but it will be very interesting how it all unfolds.

  14. eh the truth my friend you know the old saying read it and weep well we will and we will regret selling your just pissed off cause you know what im saying makes sense were screwed this season and my knowledge is from what i see not what i hear.the club is going nowere wenger should be out he cant go any further.

  15. If we don’t win anything this season (and by anything i mean either the title or Champions League) then we have to replace Wenger, simple. He’s been a great manager here, has won titles and has turned the club round from top to bottom, but for all the occasional fancy football is nice to watch, no trophies in five years really isn’t good enough.

  16. Greedy Bastards XL? Why cal them bastards? I don’t understand the hatred supporters have that players dare to leave to double their wages. All the players who have joined us have done so when their clubs accepted offers from us so presumably all clubs involved are happy, City are happy and the players are happy because they have bigger wages AND could well be joining a club that will be very successful in the near future. I find it ridiculous that everyone thinks it is lacking ambition when a player joins a club outside the top 4. If all players thought that way then the top 4 would remain forever. That might be what you lot want but I would have thught it would be generally considered a good thing that players are a bit more open minded than to only want to sign for the curent top 4. I don’t remember people criticising Charlie Nicholas for joining Arsenal and you were pretty poor at the time. Nobody said, “what a greedy bastard, why hasn’t he joined Liverpool?”

  17. It’s funny how all these City fans are suddenly coming out of the woodwork…

    The fact is you’re not as big as you think you are. You went after Kaka (unsuccessfully) and ended up with Robinho. Now as quality as he is, what where did Citeh finish last season? You finished 10th!

    And that’s with adding players like Given, Elano, Benjani, etc. Don’t forget the spending spree started once Sven got there and you are still a mid-table team.

    All you lot do is buy second rate players, with the exception of Tevez, who let’s be honest isn’t good as you think. At most, he played a bit part in United’s last two seasons. He was in the shadow of Ronaldo, Rooney and Berbatov, and he even admits he never played in the major games.

    You tried to get Kaka, you got Robinho. You tried to get Eto’o, you got Adebayor. You tried to get Terry, no doubt you’ll end up with Phil Jagielka.

    Nothing but a poor version of Real Madrid’s Los Galácticos (post 2002) and look at how much they won.

  18. I have been a season ticket holder at arsenal for the last 7 years. So after whitnessing the invincibles, it has bee n hard to watch the teams decline. But this team is without doubt a title challanging team this year , and better off without adebarndoor. All we need now is for Eboue to fuck off also and sign one defender, midfielder and perhaps a back up keeper. Watch Bendnet flourish this season and Arshavin being played in his proper position. We are solid and well and truley on the up. Bono must be a Chelski fan!!

  19. fair play goona77 at least some one is thinking the same we need fresh faces and fresh blood we havent done a tap in five years silver ware is what we want.

  20. Wow…you mancs really are a disillusioned bunch. I’m a season ticket holder at the emirates and week in week out Ade was a waste of space. He was easily the most disliked player in the squad…even Eboue got more respect. Your building a nice team of money hungry mercenaries who will want to leave as soon as a bigger club comes calling. I can’t wait to watch you next year. You’ll have a different attack every game, the players will all start complaining and your shit defense looks like it will stay the same….useless. I thought that Chel$ki were souless when they were bought out but your arabs have no clue what they’re doing with their money. Arsene knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s laughing all the way to the bank. Another player he’s sold for an incredible profit..bought for 6, sold for 25. Top 4 my arse, same old city, top 6 if your lucky.

  21. God i hate these fans who think we have a divine right to win things. Look at the history books boys. We are good, but we don’t win every year – the Wenger years have been the best (apart maybe for the 1930’s). I would hate that we go the same way as man city or chelski. If we win, we win because of talented manager and players, not because we have an endless cheque book. Grow up or ship out, ‘plastics’. Anyone asking for Wenger to be removed neeeds to be shot instantly.

  22. im not a chelski fan just i was never affected by the arsenal tunnel vision syndrome. i currently hold a season ticket and have since 94 so ive seen it all too and now im pissed off with arsenal playing school boys football graet to watch no end product.

  23. cmon bagga get into the real world wenger knows fuck all should be the slogan,money brings success and trophys chelski proved that utd proved that and city will because thats what happens we should sell to the russian or stan the man.

  24. I can’t believe how disrespectful us Arsenal fans can be to one of our best players in recent years. We’re quickly forgetting the 30 goals he scored only 2 seasons ago. We’re being delusional if we think we are not going to miss Adebayor’s height, power and goals next season. Let’s face it we havn’t won anything for 4 years and now Ade is joing a team with a much better squad and quite likely to take our Champions League place.

  25. I’ve supported Arsenal since the early 70’s. I am staggered at how petulent many of our fans have become. Before Arsene, winning anything was a rare treat, something to be savoured. When we didn’t win something we were usually sat between where City and Everton are now. For idiots to be whining because we have not won a trophey for a few seasons is pathetic and shows how we have been spoilt under Arsene. We have spent less than most clubs in the top ten in the last ten years. We are not yet a rich club (but will be oneday) but have to live within our means and stay grounded – it would be good if our supporters did likewise.

  26. DISRESPECTFUL!!! Where the hell were you when Ade disrespected the team that made him a success. He was a nobody from Monaco, came to Arsenal, compared himself to Henry (not to mention completely kiss his arse), and demanded a HUGE pay rise after trying to get himself bought by Milan…AFTER ONE GOOD SEASON!! I have absolutely no respect for him! He scored a couple of good goals but showed ZERO loyalty and had an appauling attitude. We have a better chance of winning anything now that he’s gone. I can’t believe how anyone thinks it’s a bad thing he’s been sold…FOR 25 MILLION!! He’s shown exactly what type of player he is by going to a non champions league team solely for the money.

  27. I’m not sure that say the Arabs don’t know what their doing with money really holds. These guys are ambitious and once they set their minds to things they see them through. God only knows why they bought us, but they did so I’m pretty happy about that. True next season I don’t think will be our greatest but even to be talking top 6 and better?? Who knows.
    Future seasons will be better as more quality players come in than Adebayor but I’m a little worried for Hughes – not sure he will cope with this. I’d like him too but the ambitions of the Arabs may prove higher than his capabilities.
    True our defence isn’t brilliant but if we get Toure and there are a couple of websites publishing this already then fine, that will help. Or is he rubbish as well?
    BTW: Quite happy being a stupid Northern Monkey – I eat pies too!!

  28. Bagga, he demanded a pay rise because we were paying him zilch. After scoring 30 goals he proved he was one of the top forwards in the premiership. He had to engineer a possible move to Milan in order to get a pay rise. I agree the 25 million is good money, but I fear Arsenal will miss Ade if Arsene doesn’t get a good powerful centre forward in to replace him.

  29. steve you are a typical northern twat ..get back to your whippets and pidgeons and leave the football talk to people who know what they are talking about you mug

  30. I don’t know why so many arsenal fans assume City will have the same defensive problems as last season. Of course, at home our defence was never really tested, as your game with us showed clearly! So it was away we had difficulties – hence finishing 10th. That will change this season.

    One of the difficulties was no centre forward to defend from the front; that’s been addressed with RSC and Adebayor plus the energy and determination of Tevez. Barry strengthens midfield and Hughes will now work on the defence, particularly at centre back, and the result will be a side that will be very hard to beat away from home. Add that to our ability to score goals at home, and the result will be a side pushing the top 4.

    The only reason we might finish outside the top 4 is the need to bed in five new players, which might take six to eight games. You are deluded though, if you think City won’t be far far stronger than last season; why, your own manager has said as much.

  31. bayor got it into his head that he was henry’s replacement the wrong way. he was meant to learn the game and so become arsenal’s focal point of attack, like the king himself. but alas, to him that meant he was the new henry -unfortunatley minus the goals, minus the verve, minus the fear factor henry eluded. i fear bayor will turn out another reyes. with 9 mature strikers can city fans afford his many misses in crucial games games? he reminds me of an aging andy cole who provoked the wroth of graham sounes with missed sitters. so good riddance i say. I know you ADE, you were never, and never will be, thierry henry.

  32. arsenal will be shit up front without ade. vp injury prone eduardo injury prone walcoot cant hack it bender useless vela not consistant arshavin our only hope.

  33. I’ve not read all the comments on here but i’ll comment firstly by saying i’m a Man City fan and that i have a lot of respect for Arsenal. You play great football, have a great manager and a great tradition. I genuinely think Adebeyor is a great signing for City and will be a success but i also think Arsenal will get by fine without as you have too much quality not too. Man City will have agreat season in my opinion but probably won’t finish in the top 4 as the top 4 will be the same candidates. However, the 2010/2011 season will be interesting. I hope Arsenal have a good season simply because i hate the scousers, Man Utd and Chelsea. Not all City fans live in La La land and are realistic about our targets this season.

  34. There are some SERIOUS deluded wanky Citeh fans who have sneaked onto this site.

    I live in Dubai. Saw the interview with Rob McCaffrey and Sheikh Nahyan. Asked if had learnt the words to “Blue Moon”, Sheikh Nahyan immediately sat up on his armchair and demanded Rob McCaffrey explain himself. When he did, the Sheikh slumped back in his armchair and said he didn’t know that was Citeh’s anthem.

    What a cunt. But then again, it’s a club full of cunts.

    Forever in the shadows of everything red.

    Mark Hughes is a Welsh cunting minge.

    And they think they can buy success, history, reputation and class. Like the Arab cunt, full of shit.

  35. long live henry and the likes true football heros our team then seaman,lauren.campbell,toure,cole,pires,freddie,viera,gilberto,henry,bergkamp now thats what i call a proper team of stars and footballers.

  36. Glad the lazy bastards gone!

    So he went for the money as we all know. But to be honest if a company was going to offer me twice as much as my present employers I be off like a shot!

  37. I don’t care about what the idiot has got to say. I will only care if we don’t win something next season or at least qualify for the champions.

    He is a world reknown idiot who dumped his ( country Nigeria, I am Nigerian and not really sad as he has no chance in the first place) for Togo. Demanded huge pay day because of 30 goals ( something Henry did painlessly for years) and now he has the guts to say he left fore tropies.

    Only time will tell how many trophies he can win with City..Finger crossed…

    [Link Removed – Spam]

  38. Worried Gooners. Easily the weakest of the BIG four, and the most in danger. Hee hee.

    Will do well to finish ahead of City, Everton, Villa or Spurs next year.


  39. The Adebayor saga shows that my fellow fans of the might Arsenal have become one of the most deluded groups of people in football. That takes some doing but that’s where we are,

    The mancs are rightly happy they captured one of the best strikers in the league.

    Of course the mancs themselves are deluded to think their spending changes anything. Man-for-man, pound for pound Arsenal is still a much stronger team than them.

  40. Yes he scored 30 odd goals two seasons ago so did Kevin Philps for Sunderland acouple of seasons back and that didn’t make KP a world class palyer. Fortunately for the idiot, City thinks he is worth Zillion Pounds, good for them.
    The idiot was a nobody four years ago when he couldn’t score a goal to save his career in Monaco and was earning less tahn 10k a week until AW plucked him from obscurity. All he did to pay AW back was beign disloyalty to the man. In two years to come the idiot will ba forgotten because he won’t get the amount of chances he got in Arsenal.
    If Henry had left Arsenal after three seasons he wouldn’t have been what he is today. AW gives idiots like Ade opportunity and self believe and that is what he won’t get from city because by next season they will see how rubbish he is and with the amount of money they have, replacing him won’t be a problem.

  41. He won zero, zip, nada, nothing at Arsenal over those four years, yet had a very good goal to game ratio in all that time. City with the purchases they have and will make, will soon hopefully be competing for a top four slot. Where would you rather be?

  42. Why can’t we all get along?! Haha
    Right, everyone has there own opinions and therefore
    everyone won’t agree.
    Fact- Barndoors gone, which you either like or don’t.
    (I for 1 am ecstatic)
    Fact- If Arsenal aren’t careful, in the next few years City WILL
    be knocking on the door.
    The new stadiums the cause, unlike City we weren’t given
    ours by the government, and when we’ve paid it off happy days!
    I agree the board need to release a bit more dough, but as were in a
    recession I agree in not going mad.
    Arsenal will finish top 4 next season, and Mr Wenger is rightly planning
    for the future in Wilshere etc.
    Lets not argue.
    Up The Arsenal!

  43. We weren’t given the stadium by the council, it is merely on a long term lease. Not only that but the current owners are hoping to purchase it outright and then expand it and the surrounding area. Added to the fact they wiped out all the clubs debts and have made vast transfer funds available. Anyone that has any knowledge of the owner and chairman’s business beliefs will know they have set out a ten year vision, so aren’t exactly fly by night types.

    I think Arsenal are a great team, my favourite of the so called top four, great players over the years and now, with sublime football at times.

    I just think that it will be more, dare I say it “FUN,” if 6 or 7 teams are all going for the top 4 slots.

    Adebayour has gone, the majority of you don’t mourn his passing, he’s now a Citeh player and we welcome him with open arms, surely that should be the end of it. You’ll put yourselves in early graves with all this unnecessary stressing over something that has already passed, chill out! 😉

  44. As a Gunner, this is my thought. I find it very disrespectful the way in which Arsenal fans behave towards Ade. I think he have done well for us and I for one was against selling him. You deluded arsenal fans might not want to admit it but Ade has other aspect to his game that aother strikers don’t have. He can take on a defender one, a good dribbler I must admit. he can hold the ball and pass also. Let’s face it We sold him because we need the money. Keep saying City is a mid table team until they pass you then you will realize than you will see how serious the new owners are. They might buy striker now, but you don’t know if they will buy defenders or mids in the January window. Who say they won’t be knocking on the CL doors next term. Their ambition now is not to win the league but finish in the top 4, and if you ask me they are going about it the right way. They got a decent Mid. Steven Ireland, robinho on the wings, Ade and Santa cruz or tevez up front. That’s pretty decent to me, and they are still buying. So don’t think That fourth spot, if that’s what we are playing for is guaranteed. With our record on injury, i don’t know if we have the correct strike force. City fans, you got a very good striker, appreciate him.

  45. TrueGooner, although not completely alone in your sentiments, you`ve probably summed it up best. Make no mistake you London reds, the whole of Europe has admired Ade`s ability for good reason. The lad is top drawer, and to imagine he won`t be missed is crazy talk.

    I`m a massive fan of Wenger and his footballing philosophy, and fully expect the next proverbial rabbit from a hat because the man is a genius. From the outside it seems your biggest problem is sorting out your boardroom. You have very, very affluent men at your club, but it seems the internal power struggles going on at your place are costing the club the chance to push to the next level. It`s a real shame because you are as entertaining in full flow as anyone else on the planet.

    Popping at City is your prerogative, but makes you seem small minded and petty. Agreed it`s unbelievable good fortune to find ourselves where we are today, and why the hell shouldn`t we shoot for our day in the sun. Would any of you complain if your board had unlimited resources and the will to make it happen for you? Would you fuck. City are as one, on the same page, and looking to do damage to the status quo of football. Like it or not it is going to happen.

    Personally I sincerely hope Arsenal will be around with us, but you really must stop bitchin about lads when they want out when your full Emirates at times have turned on your own. Whether Ade deserves your contempt, whether Eboue did is irrelevant. You support your club and trust them to see you right. There will always be episodes that piss the support off, but while a man wears your colours you do all you can to provoke loyalty and effort from him. It`s been widely reported that Ade can be an awkward bugger, but what modern day great player isn`t? They`re all lost up their own arses.

  46. colinski – what a pretentious twat…after years of doing fuck all and not being headline news…suddenly a bit of money on the firm and man shitty fans think they can shout their mouths off about how some of the top teams operate and will fare next season..for example i am a season ticket holder who loves arsenal yet i was preying the adebayor deal was gonna go through…a small hint that he’s a lazy fucker…thanks for the money you fucking mugs

  47. It`s called an opinion yeti, or don`t you allow them where you live. Your elitist top 4 wankfest is over pal. Get hold of it, and live with it fuckwit. And you`re welcome to the cash for Ade, although Wenger won`t see most of it whilst you pay off your comfy emirate seats and crap it that you miss out on your traditional Uefa slush fund.

    City supporters have endured times that would give you nightmares thinking about, and along with the rest of the country, been forced to watch year in year out the advantage Platini`s cash cow gave you/rags/scousers/chelski. Hardly a surprise that it`s the same four clubs now bitching loudest of all eh. Notice not a murmur from Wigan/Bolton/Sunderland etc, because nothing is going to change in their worlds. And you`ve got the front to call me pretentious? You`re a joke pal.


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