Cattermole / Vieira / Ferguson / Adebayor

There have been rumblings that Arsenal are after Lee Cattermole.

And the usual crap on News Now comes up, but there seems to be new levels of idiocy on the Arsenal blogs these days. I actually read on one blog that ‘Lee Cattermole is just what Arsenal need’. Along with that post, there is one video of him dribbling and taking a shot (which is saved) and then another showing a fight he was involved in.

Now I honestly don’t know if this is an attempt at satire or actually serious.

But if it is real, it is the most retarded thing I have read this summer.

Lee Cattermole! He is just a thug who, if I remember correctly, loves the kind of tackles which break your leg. Just the thought of him training with our squad would give me sleepless nights. We have injury problems in training as it is, so why we would want someone who could take out our entire team beggars belief.

That’s all I’m going to say about that ‘rumour’.

Vieira’s Return

I’ve tried to ignore it as part of the summers silly season, but it does look like there is a possibility of Vieira returning to the Premier League, to join our rivals Spurs.

Harry Redknapp seems to think that Vieira might return to North London, and that the former Arsenal captain wants to join Spurs.

There are a lot of people saying that if Vieira did join Tottenham that he’d taint his legend at the club, but personally I don’t think it matters one bit. Patrick Vieira was and will always be an Arsenal great and he truly is a one of our greatest ever captains, and one of the most successful.

And that’s how I will always remember him.

The fact is Arsene let him go because he didn’t think he could do the job anymore. What Paddy decides to do with his career after that is entirely up to him. Obviously Vieira isn’t going to be the same player he was at Arsenal, so while he will probably improve Spurs they will still be a mid-table club.

And he’s been away from Arsenal for the last 4 seasons. I could see the uproar if he joined them from us, like Sol Campbell did, but he isn’t. And while rubber face Redknapp compares the possible signing to Sol’s move across the divide the fact is it isn’t the same.

Sol Campbell moved at the peak of his career to win honours (and you can’t blame him leaving Spurs can you?) while Vieira is in the twilight of his. If he wants to continue playing and Spurs are his only option then good luck to him I say, and you’d have to say at Tottenham he’s going to need it.

Alex Ferguson and Adebayor, Again

Again Fergie has talked about Manchester City and all their strikers, and he said about Adebayor:

“When someone offers you that kind of money, it is a big attraction.

“That is the reason they have gone there.

“At the last minute, from what I can gather, either Emmanuel Adebayor or his agent phoned us after they had agreed a deal with City and then did the same with Chelsea. He was desperate to get to either Chelsea or us.”

What a classy guy.

I love how he said he joined Citeh not for the money, and then it turns out he was pimping himself out to teams like Chelsea and Manchester United.

And what I love even more is how they weren’t even interested in him.

Fergie also talked about how Manchester City were a small club, but instead of being accused of having a hate campaign against them you can just read about it yourself.


6 thoughts on “Cattermole / Vieira / Ferguson / Adebayor

  1. Gotta disagree with you regarding Cattermole. He is young enough to pick up some technical ability from Wenger and already strong in the tackle. He is also a defensive mid. He might not be an instant starter, but for £10 mil, I’d take the punt.

  2. Agree to disagee Begeegs but we just don’t spend £10 million on the kinds of players you “take a punt” on. To be honest I’d rather keep the status quo than sign Cattermole. Wenger could easily take a punt at half the price on far cheaper players from France.

  3. Totally agree with you regarding Cattermole – unreal that some gooners standards have dropped so dramatically! Must be that super super class we are looking for. Oh dear.

    As for Wenger taking a punt for £10 mil…LMFAO…

    Bishoff was a ‘punt’, and he cost zero £s – now thats a wenger ‘punt’. Its hard enough for wenger to spend money as it is!

    I am fully expecting a lot of pain this year, but I will support the lads none the less.

  4. quote

    “Lee Cattermole! He is just a thug who, if I remember correctly, loves the kind of tackles which break your leg.”

    Excellent. he really is what the Gunners need. Someone who may upset a glamour player with intimidation. Excellent

  5. i disagree wit ur Cattermole statement,all we need is a tackler and something different from what we have and he is english.finally we need more bodies in the team,not 4getting that Wenger can improve his game.

  6. SO why don’t we get Paddy back on the cheap for a year or 2 to add the strength, height & experience we need in our midfield???


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