Retard United Fans Disgusting Hillsborough Shirt

I realise this has nothing to do with us as Arsenal fans, but I was so stunned once I saw it that I had write about it.

A Manchester United fan (by the name of Colm Jackson) has taken it upon himself to get a shirt printed, with a message on the back which says:

Not Enough

The link to the actual photograph is here (it’s on his Facebook profile).

No doubt that the picture will probably be deleted soon, as I’m sure a lot of people will be reporting it.

Don’t get me wrong, hatred for other teams is okay but this is well over the line. To have a shirt like that is shocking, and I’ve supported Arsenal for almost 20 years and never (and I mean never) come across something as distasteful as that from an Arsenal fan. To make fun at a terrible disaster like that really does beggars belief.

From the comments on the picture, it’s clear that it was actually printed at a Sports Direct store in the Arndale Centre, Manchester.

I can’t believe a Sports store would even allow something like that to be printed. Surely they would be liable for printing this filth.

Maybe I shouldn’t be shocked and maybe this kind of thing is rife among football supporters.

But I’ve never come across it with Arsenal fans.

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71 thoughts on “Retard United Fans Disgusting Hillsborough Shirt

  1. Can I say a massive well done in drawing attention and advertising something so utterly repulsive so that the guy can get loads of attention over it now rather than not making a big song and dance and meaning that his (obviously) attention seeking ploy failed miserably.

  2. Mate, fairplay in raising this but you forget about the amount of anti-semetic songs sung, and the fake gas sounds that have leaked out of our end at shite hart lane on many an occasion. Same thing

  3. i hope Colm Jackson gets raped by 7 black men in a pub toilet
    its like the stinking gupta’s that put bin laden on their back C.U.N.T.S

  4. To the author of this article……. ‘ Get off your high horse ‘ ! If it makes you feel good then YES YES you are a wonderful citizen of high morals…. well done !

    Yes the shirt is disgusting but it’s one sicko not worth mentioning. Its also sick the thousands & thousands of Liverpool fans who for years & years well before Hillsborough have sung ‘ Whose that dying on the runway, whose that dying in the snow ……. ‘

  5. It’s good that you raise the issue. I remember the Munich 58 T’shirts for sale at Elland Road in the seventies and eighties.

    But SLICE is right as re: the hypocrasy.
    I see Arsenal fans on blogs calling Spurs fans Yids etc., all the time..

  6. Arsenal fan – you’re as bad as Mr. Jackson you racist little fuck.

    Slice / Kipmonster don’t talk rubbish, it’s got nothing to do with what any group of fans sing. That’s a completely different discussion – a valid one nonetheless.

    This is about the shirt and the shirt alone and it DOES deserve mentioning. I don’t think anyone who sees that cannot be disgusted by it.

    It offends every bit of taste (it’s a ManUtd shirt) and decency (Hillsborough) in me.

  7. Just appalling. We shall never forget April 15th 1989. I remember the Tottenham fans giving the utmost respect to our minutes silence for Rocky, that’s how it must ALWAYS be, yes hate the enemy, non one hates Tottenham more than me, but there is a line to be drawn, and this c*nt has crossed it in the most dreadful fashion.

  8. It’s only hypocrisy if you call ’em Yids yourself. No one is accountable for the behaviour of all fans of a team, just as no one is having a pop at all Man Utd fans here because of this.

  9. Absolutley sick. Also very hypocrytical of an Arsenal blog to get on its moral high horse when itys own house is often our of order. As a Jewish Gooner who has had the mis fortune of hearing fellow fans sing songs about the gas chambers and Aushwitz, I find it hard to understand why we are getting involved with this when there are “retards” in our camp who are equally as bad if not worse. Wheres your blog condeming them?

  10. So it’s ok for Muslims to slag the very country they are living in is it? Like fuck it is. He ain’t racist he’s stating a fact! Not that it’s got fuck all to do with the subject.don’t start preaching racism on ere

  11. Gooner – No I agree that Muslims shouldn’t put bin Laden on their back.

    Calling them GUPTA’s is fucking racist though.

    Take a deep breath and use a bit of common sense you moron.

  12. Silly little cunt…

    To be honest, not quite sure he deserves this kind of attention though (Surely this is exactly what he wanted! As many people offened as possible)…

    But I only have 1 thing to say to you Colm, why don’t you try wearing that shirt round Liverpool son and see how far you get?

    Surely the jokes on you because you’ve gone n’ shed out 50 odd quid on a shirt you probably can’t wear much!

    Fucking child!

  13. I’d love you to say that face to face don’t give it the biggun with name calling I’m stating a fact! Muslims are as racist as anybody if not more. We don’t fucking blow innocent people up on tube trains matey

  14. Sheffield Wednesday fan here – that is an absolute disgrace. I hope someone sues the a$$ off the sports store concerned and as for the low-life who have bought it and think it’s funny, you’re inhuman. Imagine if this happened to your loved ones at your own ground, would that be just as funny. Get some perspective – football will only ever be a game.

  15. Gooner – think you’ll find is a tiny amount of Muslims who actually go around blowing up innocents on the tube ( 3 or 5, I can’t remember which ). Now…treating a whole race the same as a tiny minority? THAT’S racism you fucking halfwit.

    You’re a typical internet hard man – hide behind a fake name spouting vile shit through the anonymity it offers you. Bet you’re a pencil necked, spotty, retarded little prick in real life….

  16. Yeah…here’s a quid Gooner…go and buy yourself a clue…

    I’ve got you down as between 5’4 and 5’7, squat with a really slopy forehead (like a caveman), a wife who’s actually sleeping with your best mate and kids who steal from you.

    A real credit.

    By the way clever bollocks…it’s spelt ‘lefty’.

  17. Oh…and I love the fact that I’m not racist that makes a ‘lefty’. Here’s another quid…

    See you’ve also given up trying to prove you’re not racist by spouting racist bollocks. You’ve grown since I’ve known you.

  18. How ironic that a topic such as this has bred so many insensitive individuals into the thread. ‘stating a fact’ – what? ‘one too many’. What’s factual about that?

  19. Gupta’s are indian and hindu not moslem

    Moslem’s are not bombers, idiots are bombers who us religion to spout hate

    Well said Rhyle. I thought we had put the 70’s and 80’s behind us and got into the 21st century but obviously still some cavemen here!

    By the way I have Spurs friends who call themnselves Yids and I understood it was short for Yiddish i.e. Jewish. so shouldn;t be bad right?

    Gas chambers, Hillsborough t-shirts and crap like that are for morons and we shouldn’t ever resort to rubbish like that

  20. Firstly, the shirt is attrocious. Obviously looking for attention and trying to be a bit of a hard man. Hard job when you look a right little tart.

    Secondly, I love being a gooner but it’s idiots like you ‘Gooner’ that spoils it for the rest of us. Grow up, grow a brain or go and support spurs. Fortunately, your kind is part of an increasing minortiy at the Emirates.

  21. To be honest I do not know much about Hillsborough and how the T-shirt is referring to it. But thats just my ignorance. Since most people are able to understand it, it must be a crass shirt.

    I didn’t understand what the whole thing was about “gupta’s” … well, my last name is gupta and I am a Hindu. As far as I know all Gupta’s are Hindus. I am not sure if anyone would have any connection with bin laden.

    Sadly, hate is prevalent across the section of fans and across various communities.

  22. Hate and racism stems from ignornace and low self confidence. IQ and racism are inversely proportional. I was born in South Africa so have an unbelievable amount of first hand experience. Have met thousands of racists, yet to meet an intelligent one.

  23. Well when it come’s to racism, every club has them, as sad it is to hear when it spurts out of the rear end of those cunts. But those who hear it, need to put the ignorant cunts straight, and any gip back should be met with stiff upper cut. Let’s remember where Arsenal is, probably not just London’s but the UK’s most ethnically diverse area.

    So if your anti-jewish, anti-muslim, anti-UK that means you are anti-arsenal, so you can go fuck yourselves and support another team.

    Rhyle _ your top dollar
    Gooner_ you’re a gooner my left testicle
    dave_ never heard the gas chamber song, doesn’t mean it wasn’t sung and any cunts that sing it, deserve to be slung in one.

    don’t blame the shop that printed it, because i didn’t get it, until someone pointed out the YSB bit until somene pointed it out. Chances are the shop attendant might not have.

  24. What a load of boring bullshit……Im not racist, i hate Guptas, Rag heads and Yids all exactly the same amount……..hahahaha. BOLLOCKS

  25. Presently talking to Sportsdirect’s head office about the fact this was made up in one of their shops after emailing them a pdf of the page.

    And I fucking HATE the anti-jewish songs that SOME gooners sing.

  26. Disgusting.

    In my experience the most bitter and horrible fans in the Premier League are Everton, United and West Ham supporters. I’ve been to a lot of home and away games with Arsenal and (I’m not just saything this) they’ve never been anywhere near as aggressive as the above mentioned ‘fans’.

    The worst I’ve heard is the slagging off of our own players!

  27. Do tottenham call themselfs yids???
    I have a Arsenal mate who’s jewish and he calls them yids.
    I will always refere to them as yids.
    and that aint no racist bullshit.

    gas chamber songs i have never heard from us??

  28. No true muslim would write Bin Laden on their back, marking your body in any way is forbidden in Islam, so whoever is talking about muslims – which is completely off topic here needs to talke it easy, stop being influenced by the zionist media and lay off. This is a disgusting t-shirt which shows this boy has a lack of respect and morals. Some people take football too seriously yes its the best sport ever and its so exciting and arsenal make me go the game every time, but some things are more important

  29. Opposition has natural escalation of response. Eventually, left to our own devices, a section of fans will develop verbal abuse to physical to war unless the more balanced majority treats racists and thugs as outcasts. Racism only for the unintelligent? No just the clever ones keep views to themselves. Left hook to a racist? No as violence shouldn’t be a response to weak provocation. Prosecution for outraging human decency and put on FA prohibited list then he can sit at home and keep his views indoors

  30. Just got this email concerning the shirt:

    Thank you for your e-mail concerning the Man Utd. shirt printed at our Manchester Arndale store.

    Please find below a statement concerning this.

    Sports Direct International plc

    Statement re football shirt

    Sports Direct has been notified that an extremely offensive and wholly inappropriate football shirt was printed at one of its stores. The store assistant printed this unknowingly and has been deeply shocked upon being notified of the significance of this and the upset caused.

    As a result, Sports Direct has taken immediate action and changed the administration policy for printing football shirts across its store network. With immediate effect, it will only allow printing of current football players names and numbers on football shirts.

    Sports Direct has contacted Facebook to request the urgent withdrawal of this deeply offensive image from the individual’s Facebook page, and is very apologetic for this spiteful and abusive shirt.

    Yours faithfully

    Mr K Fitch
    Customer Service Manager

  31. Well done Timus, good job.

    It looks like the picture has now been removed from Facebook. Not surprising really given the response to it.

    It’s one thing having the shirt made, but to publish it online is ridiculous.

  32. Glad that the majority on here has responded appropriately.

    Some situations transcend the tribalism that I actively enjoy within the relatively safe environment of a football stadium, and appeal to to better parts of what it means to be human. Hillsborough is one example.

    The only thing about being a Gooner that’s embarrassing is the anti-Semites that are associated.

    Get a life.

  33. Yid refers to Yiddish, a variant of German that Jews that came over from Germanic lands would speak between themselves.

    Yiddish words, Chutzpah, Schmuck etc..

    We used to refer to Spurs fans as Yids and they then took it as their own much in the same way we took on Gooners.

  34. Why does your title say “United fans”, when it’s only one person? I really don’t think one retard is deserved of such attention, or represents a club or its fans.

  35. JGoon

    Your description of the origin of the word Yid may be correct but the fact is that it became used as an insult – as in its a negative thing to be Jewish. Much the same as the word P*ki or the word n*gger, (which is still racist when used as a negative description, even if many black choose to call themselves by that term).

    To clarify, the use of the word Yid as an insult is racist. If you use the term Yid as an insult you are being racist and are therefore racist. Simple.

  36. How about putting pressure on Man U to actually ban this idiot? unfortunately contacting sports direct and facebook isn’t going to do much in the end

  37. my friend is a spurs fan i call him a yid he calls me a gooner its neverr rasist you need to get a life its only a nickname ffs and tht shirt is discusting and he obv not a true football fan as you cannot take such a footballing tradigy as a joke the sick cunt

  38. United fan here, that is just so WRONG!!!! I think anyone who does stuff like that should not call himself a fan. I do not think anyone of us are proud about this!!! The football should be limited to the ground not racist remarks outside of it.
    Not that it matters but I should apologise for the behavior, whether I like it or not the Moron is a United fan

  39. If this thread debate was about a lone stupid individual fan and how distasteful it is to mock any tragedy, I could totally understand and would be happy to join in on the debate.

    Just like any club including yours, there are morons with plenty of room in their heads for a brain cell should one ever decide to grow, but to head a thread on the net like that is just pathetic. The creator of this thread obviously has never watched an Arsenal game, either that or Arsenal fans are saints.

    And as for Clock End Gooner, that’s a rich statement from a dickhead like yourself who raved on about how good the Munich disaster made you feel.
    You related the idiot Utd fan by any chance?.

  40. At the end of the day, Spurs fans call themselves “yids”, so of course we refer to them as “yid cunts”, just as we would if they called themselves “Gargozides”… We’d call them “Gargozide cunts”

    If you new pathetic pc breed football fans can’t handle hearing the word “yid”, may I suggest you either get in touch with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and request them to change their supporter’s nickname they’ve had for decades… Or fuck off to a sport where you are dictated to on how to support your team, like Cricket!

    It’s mugs like you that are ruining the atmosphere at football with pathetic little PC rants like these!

  41. Rivallry is what makes footy great….you cheer for your boys and you cheer against you rivals…

    As a Spurs fan I wish all Arsenal supporters nothing worse than defeat every Saturday (didn’t really enjoy the Everton and Celtic games…lol)…and that’s the way it should be…Well played to all the “Gooners” speaking out against someone who has clearly crossed the line…

    And hats off to K Fitch from Sports Direct for his immediate response in dealing with the problem.

    Good Health and un-ending defeat to all the Gunners fans,

    I hope you wish me the same….

  42. Livershit supporters sing songs making fun of Munich disaster when United lost many players. I dont condone both but yes it is rife.

  43. Rhyle your a fucking halfwit, I really do hate people like you, so with that i invite you to come down to the tarman in the cally and ask for pav, then we ll see what you think of your so called internet hard men you moral high ground cunt, please come down to the cally so I can rip you to shred’s you fucking gimp, lets see whos the “internet hardman” cunt !

  44. There is nothing wrong with this.

    Whats the difference between one teams fans singing about posh taking it up the arse and another teams fans singing about munich, tevez being ugly etc etc.

    Football is all about rivalries and slagging of each others teams.

    If you are easily offended then dont read anything on football websites, papers. Dont attend any games or watch the match at your local booozer.

    Stay at home and watch match of the day and stop bitching.

    This is nothing new to football so dont act all suprised and shocked.

  45. Jules, I think YSB is a strange abbreviation for “Yellow Submarines”, after a famous song from a well known Liverpool band! I’ve checked the link and the guy that put this shirt picture up looks to be about 10 years old so he probably doesn’t understand why it would upset people so much.

    I am aware that fans of all teams will make narrow minded and insensitive jokes about other teams. In some ways this can be just part of the banter that makes supporting your team a bit of fun. But going as far as printing shirts or banners celebrating the deaths of other fans is clearly way beyond the line where it can no longer be classed as banter.

  46. Rhyle u are one fucking nerd. U fucking foreign loving cunt. I hope your slut of a bird or wife starts sucking a Muslims cock and makes u watch u scrawny little politically correct cunt

  47. And rhyle prickboy,if cut you to bits wants anyone to help him with your torture. I’m volunteering u jarvis cocker lookalike knobjockey

  48. wow, some really intelligent comments in this section. keep up the high-brow discussion, you’re doing the (mainly black) Arsenal team proud.

  49. richmac83 you’re spot on mate. It’s on thing slagging each other (which is usually in the heat of the moment) but it’s completely different story when you actually go out, buy the shirt and plan on getting something disgusting like that published.

    Apparently, according to the Facebook group which emerged it’s alleged from United fans that in the 60’s Liverpool fans actually had Munich 58 T Shirts made and were worn by Liverpool fans. I’m not sure how true that is, but it’s interesting if it was true.

    We talk about this ‘Yid’ stuff, but I’ve never seen an Arsenal fan wear something racist or horrible when I’ve been to a game. So yes, in that sense Arsenal fans are saints.

    And YSB stands for ‘You Scouse B*stards’.

    Which is why I’m amazed that this little scrots ‘apology’ has been accepted by everyone. He knew perfectly well what he was doing. It’s amazing that just because he (looks) young then everyone excuses his behaviour.


  50. Actually retarded was the word he used – inoffensive as means ‘delayed developmentally’ rather than the word Retard which is an offensive term use to describe the mentally handicapped.

  51. I’m a racist fuck with nothing else to do than give the hard man big balls to compensate for the lack of control I have over my own life and the fact that my mrs is shagging someone richer, funnier and better looking than me. I mean – the man can actuall spell for fucks sake!

    Sorry for what I said the other day – I was out of order. I’m going to go to a counsellor to get help with my anger. I’m a rageaholic. I love rageahol.

    In future I promise to count to 10 before posting.

    I especially want to say sorry for all that bollocks about cutting people and being hard. I’m 5 foot 6 and built like a small girl, in every department. This has a lot to do with why I get angry.

    Please don’t hate me, the internets is the only place I have friends. That and at the bottom of the glass at the Tarman.

    I love you all, that’s why I’m tugging my cock.

    Gooner / Pav (short for Pavement dweller. It’s the nickname the old bill gave me when I was a homeless rent boy).


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