Have Arsenal Learned Anything This Season?

West Ham United (2) – (2) Arsenal
Van Persie (16′), Gallas (37′)
Upton Park, London

Well that was nothing short of a shambles.

The game against West Ham was literally a game of two halves.

In the first half, Arsenal were energetic, eager and moving the ball around well. We got two goals and only a ‘typical’ Arsenal performance of old would deny us of all 3 points.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened.

The second half typified everything I hated about Arsenal over the last few seasons, and the main reason for my ranting.

A lack of application, desire and passion.

And to let slip a two-goal lead when you’re a team that is challenging for the Premier League title is unforgivable. Seriously, which other Top Five club would collapse like that?

It happened so often last season – remember the 4-4 game at the Emirates against Spurs?

The second half was awful to watch, and every Arsenal fan could see it coming.

Arsenal thought they had won the game, were in cruise control and we’ve seen it time and again – if a team does manage to score against us, just like West Ham did, then because we’ve slowed down the tempo we struggle to get back into the game if we need to step it up.

And that’s exactly what happened.

It was all West Ham in the second half and we had no answers.

Arsene Wenger must have been absolutely furious in throwing away 2 points. There were a lot of ifs and buts, like if Van Persie’s last minute header had gone in, or Fabregas’ stunning 30 yard shot had flew in instead of shaving the post, but the fact of the matter is we were shockingly poor in the second half.

West Ham probably should of had a penalty when Gallas swiped at Parker in the box, and Song had no excuse when he stupidly kicked out at Cole to concede that penalty.

And we have to mention Vito Mannone’s awful ‘save’ which gifted West Ham their opener.

I know the kid is young and still learning but that incident changed the game. The only saving grace is that Almunia probably would have let the freekick in anyway and Mannone did single-handedly earn us 3 points away at Fulham.

I guess I’m still seething because I would have loved to write about United’s defeat and Arsenal catching up with them but I’m just annoyed at not taking advantage.


10 thoughts on “Have Arsenal Learned Anything This Season?

  1. I said after the Fulham game that Mannone wasn’t great as he kept pushing the ball back into the danger area instead of around the post. I can’t even get annonyed about the state of our goalkeeping situation anymore. To go into another season with designs on winning leagues and champions leagues with those ‘joke’ number ones is just mindboggling. How we never signed Shay Given I will never know.

  2. we have no goalie or defensive capabilities, without those being addressed it will be more of the same, some pretty stuff and no trophies. team selection was horrible and substitutions re active and too late as usual. it is as ife wenger and the players never learn. real shame.

  3. Arsenal are missing out on probably their best chance of winning the league since a couple of seasons ago. Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea seem to be weaker than they ever have – they certainly aren’t as invincible or consistent as they have been in recent seasons.

    The annoying thing for me about yesterdays game is we are capable of challenging at the very top but we’re just short in a couple of areas. We are so close, yet so far.

    Vermaelen is a great addition, as is Arshavin. But we just lack that little but of experience which would make all the difference. Players like Diaby and Eboue are liabilities and don’t have the right attitude or desire. When things aren’t going right, those kind of players just disappear.

  4. lets point out individual issues. Glichy is a great defender but I can cross better than him. Whats the point of Fabregas putting him clear down the flank 10 times per game if he cant cross to save his life? and can we please get rid of Eboue once an for all? yes we desperately need a versatile squad player like him, an O’Shea, a Fletcher… but we don’t need a sensitive nut that will loose all his marbles for the rest of the game the minute an opponent or the ref annoy him. He’s done it for years and he keeps doing it…… he should have been another clubs problem for now…. Fabregas, our greatest player no question… but someone else has to take the corners, his are soft and always cut right into the keeper…. VErmaelen Gallas and Bentner need better service.

  5. i dont think it was a game of 2 halves. we were lucky to be 2-0 up. they outworked and outfoght us most of the match. the workrate of this arsenal team was a disgrace yesterday. they didnt wanna know. its a cancer that has always been there with these squad of players. pampered big heads who think they are to good to put the work in. thats why we got a a lucky draw instead of a win yesterday and on wednesday. its a team thats not working and never will work. the buck stops with wenger

  6. This continual failure to hold on to a lead is nothing new.Even in the days of Henry and company such things did happen but we had someone who could score again but not now.AW’s philosophy seems to be attack is the best form of defence forgetting that it’s easier to prevent goals.
    Yes I know Arsenal and fans will be eternally grateful to AW for turning Arsenal into a wc club and third most valuable soccer club in the world.That’s where it all ends. We cannot allow sentiment to take over.
    This seems to be the case with AW. He doesn’t want to sign players because they will put some one in limbo.Well all top managers have to be ruthless. If he can’t get rid of the dead wood he’s asking for trouble.
    We all know the problem areas and if nothing is done in Jan,that’s it.
    Arsenal have a great chance to win a trophy at this point in time.If the team continues to lose a lead,AW’s head could be on the block if they fail to land a trophy.

  7. AW should take a large portion of the blame. (team selection, tactics, substitution)
    Arshavin was the worst, if he is thinking of barca, like to remind him he is not any better than A.Hleb who is only out on loan. Cesc was not his usual self may be of family problem.
    already leak 13 goals in EPL; 4 goals in CPL.
    Always the same excuses: didn’t get final ball to kill the game. If the team can grind out, the game is already won. Don’t understand y other teams can grind out a dodgy 1-0 win. At the end of season they have trophies.
    It is how you play ?? (In CPL final AC Milan 3-0 up at halftime still lose, how often does MU & Chelsea let 2-0 lead turn into draw??) This is where CHARACTER COMES IN.
    Where & when is the ruthlessness coming ? (always like to buy midfielder who can play wide & not deadly striker e.g Reyes over Torres)
    AW likes to play players (Arshavin, Eboue..) out of position, y he didn’t do to diaby as a lone striker baffles me ???
    If continue to let Diaby involve in defence, we will definitely get more similar result & can forget about top 4 not to mention trophy.
    Pls Mr AW don’t be TOO stubborn in substitution, learn from J. Mourinho
    Arsenal have many GOOD wide players who SHOULD supply good crosses & also drift in but rely on Sagna & Clichy for crosses. They are defenders!!!
    In fact all the 4 defenders, Song & RvP played very well. Cesc is ok but can be better
    Pls balance beautiful with miser defence. Solid defence is the foundation for winning (trophies)
    THE TEAM IS NO MORE YOUNG. hope they learn this lesson but very much doubt so.


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