Aston Villa Game Had A Draw Written All Over It

Aston Villa (0) – (0) Arsenal
Villa Park, Birmingham

I was going to post this afternoon that the Villa game was going to be a draw, but decided not to in fear of ridicule if that didn’t end up happening.

But after the Stoke game I knew we’d have problems.

In seasons gone by, throwing an FA Cup game has ruined our late January and February. A couple of seasons ago we were flying high in the league and then got battered 4-0 by Manchester United at Old Trafford. Then we lost momentum with a string of draws (sound familiar?) and we lost our grip on the title race.

And with games against Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool we face a big test.

Not least because the worst possible news has finally happened – Thomas Vermaelen has been seriously injured.

Arsene said after the game:

“Thomas Vermaelen we don’t know [the extent of the injury].

“There will be an x-ray. He is on crutches and it is a fibula injury. We have to check tomorrow morning if it is just a nerve or a broken bone.”

And our backup, after sending Senderos on loan is Sol Campbell. Things could turn out disastrous as he will have to face an in-form Wayne Rooney, Nicolas Anelka, Didier Drogba and Dirk Kuyt. Okay, he might be able to cope with the last one.

No doubt about it, losing Vermaelen is huge. It’s massive and I realise there’s 4 days left of January but I cannot see Arsene signing a top quality centre back to replace him, nevermind someone in Vermaelen’s league.

Up front, we look toothless.

The only real goal threat is Cesc Fabregas, and while he had a good game tonight the attacking support was no existent. Eduardo is struggling, Rosicky is still finding his form and Arshavin is playing as if he’s disillusioned at the club. He has small spells of inspirational moments but for the majority of games recently he has been ineffective.

Will too many draws ruin our season again?

The positive news going into the killer run in is that they are not must win games. If we can beat United and Chelsea and take points of them then fantastic, but the most important thing is that we don’t lose and have an insurmountable gap after the Liverpool game.

Manchester United will be on a massive high after smashing Hull 4-0 and getting past Manchester City in the intense Carling Cup Semi Final.

But as we’ve seen in the past, we tend to do well when everyone is writing us off so here’s hoping…


6 thoughts on “Aston Villa Game Had A Draw Written All Over It

  1. Sol is a quality centre half and a quality signing. He’s better than Brown and Evans and better than anything else out there that could have been signed.

  2. the tittle has gonne mate. There is only one chance but for me it can not happen. The chance is if we beat man u at home cheski at their bridge and pool at home. But for me as i said its over, its over for the title and of course for the CL. Simply its not fair to say we will win the tittle as long as Denilson and Eduardo are in our team. If we say that then we are insulting peoples’ inteligence. For me Wenger has killed our seasen and our chance to win the tittle by not signing a world class striker and a DM. Next seasen will be much more difficult to win the tittle. I belive this empty seasen( i hope i am wrong and i pray to God for it) will make Wenger think again about his strategy and to understund that he is not going to win anything if he does not buy world class players.

  3. Gallas in on the verge of having a serious injury as well ,goof grief and you won`t shop for a defender,what kinda of team has Silvest as a back up,Arsene is going to lose out again this season,what the fuck does someone need to do to make that man buy .We make great players here eh! we will see ,as i said soon it will be Silvest and Campbell in the CL,how exciting!!

  4. Denilson?…what a waste!!…He’s useless. He aint good enough to wear the shirt.

    Denilson was missing at the midfield that his performances had effect on the other midfield partners especially Cesc. Look how Cesc plays brilliantly when Song is in the pitch. And we need Diaby back ASAP too. Ramsey isnt up to it yet.

    Thanks God Alex Song is back and Eboue too.

    Sol was great but its gonna be difficult for him to play 3 times in a week.

    We need a good striker who can score and change games. Someone good who SCORES goals. Otherwise playing good football wont take us to the trophy in such games. We need to get the points.

    And I hate the ENGLISH football…direct and industrial…that most english clubs are known for. Blackburn, Stock, Aston Villa,…they all SUCK. ENGLISH football SUCKS!!!

  5. simply the title race has ended for arsenal…..END!

    The only way is only if the chans and manures loose points…

    and that happens only if we beat them…IMPOSSIBLE with Denilsons, Eduardos, Ramseys, Almunias…

    AW has killed the season. Its not fair to blame injuries when you dont have anybody GOOD on the bench who can change games like this.


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