Arsenal’s Title Challenge: 3 Down, 9 To Go

Before the Sunderland game, I said we needed to win all of our remaining 12 games to stand any chance to winning the league.

At the start of these 12 games, we were 6 points behind Chelsea and 5 behind Manchester United.

And now? After 3 straight wins in a row we’re amazingly level on points with Chelsea (although they have a game in hand) and only 2 behind Manchester United.

Who would have believed that during February?

At the weekend, Arsenal dominated the game both in terms of possession and chances but couldn’t kill off Burnley. We deservedly went 1-0 up with a well-taken goal from Fabregas but after that struggled to get the second goal.

Nicklas Bendtner in particular was guilty of missing sitter after sitter but strangely, I wasn’t too bothered. Of course, I was concerned but it wasn’t the usual annoyance you’d usually feel towards someone who was wasting so many chances. Mainly because you felt that Arsenal should score another soon and that Bendtner scored that hugely vital goal at Stoke last week.

The fact is we’ve got 12 cup ties and the only thing that matters is the 3 points.

So if there’s a game where you want him to miss chances then it’s against Burnley.

But like several times this season, it looked like we would pay for our profligacy. Burnley scored against the run of play through David Nugent, which is always possible with our defending from set-pieces and on the break.

Fortunately though, after that the impressive Theo Walcott put us back in the lead but it was a nervy last half an hour until Arshavin smashed home a third in injury time.

You can talk about the performance, but all I care about is the 3 points.

Well done Arsenal.


9 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Title Challenge: 3 Down, 9 To Go

  1. If we win against Hull, B’gham, West Ham and t’ham I will start beliving we can do it. We do have a long way to go.

    I think that like in B.Tyler song “we need a hero” ,and aside from Fabregas we don’t have any.

    It will REALLY hard to go with Almunia in goal and play at the Lane or St. Anderws. I think Wenger is to blame, cos there are many quality keepers available around. A world class striker is also badly needed.

    Just don’t start this “with fit Van Persie” mantra, because we will never be able to play the whole season without any injury.

    Quite frankly, this team needs a fresh blood. A gk, a quality cd, cdm a winger and a striker are badly needed. ANd Chamakh is not an answer.

    Still belive, but think we will end up empty handed once again and the whole, sick project youth experiment will start again.

    Best wishes. maciek.

  2. Nice and positive there Maciek. Well done mate, we’re really going to win it with that sort of galvanising opinion.

  3. Maciek = fool.

    “Quite frankly, this team needs a fresh blood. A gk, a quality cd, cdm a winger and a striker are badly needed.”

    A ‘keeper? Yes sure.

    A quality cd? Only if Gallas leaves. Djourou is back next season, and he’s got all the ingredients to compliment Vermy perfectly.

    A CDM? No. Song and Diaby are the best partners for Cesc in the middle.

    A Winger? Why we don’t use wingers? We also have Theo and Arsha, and Dudu, and Rosicky, and Nasri, and Wilshire…. oh and I forgot Vela. Who can play there.

    A striker? Again why? Only if RvP comes back from the World Cup with another injury.

  4. Empress: Don’t pick on Maciek we all have a right to voice our opinions…just a shame his are utter bollocks! Not even worth the effort of reading. Maciek are you sure your watching the right team as there a lot of teams that play in red!

  5. i am beginning to wonder if some chelski or spurs fans are posting comments on this blog because a team that was predicted to be outside the top4 and now contending for the premier league title should still be criticized is very surprising

  6. Mike, that post was epic.

    Maybe I’m just used to the Wenger ways, but I don’t think we need many new signings – just one – a top goalkeeper. In defence, we’ve been unlucky with injuries, and Djourou is top draw in my opinion. Midfield is full, we have a lot of attacking options… so it’s not all bad.

    It’s just that we might struggle if both Van Persie and Fabregas are out, because they are our most influential players. But it’s like Liverpool losing Gerrard and Torres, and United losing Rooney and, well Rooney.

  7. I respect Your opinion Guys, but everyone is etitled to his own. I’m not a spud supporter, I support Arsenal since 1993, but ask my question. If everything is so great why we are 4 years without a trophy? Why chelski and mutd are trashing us?

    Song is good, but not as good. Almunia is pants. Vermalen needs rest and needs to have a Sol Cambpell type of defender next to him. A quality striker is BADLY needed, since Robin will always get injured and Bendtner, probably Chamakh and Eddie are not good enough.

    Finally, City, chelski, spuds, Villa, MU, B’ham will strenghten. Knowing us we won’t buy anyone. If we fail to deliver once more, do You honestly think Cesc will stay?

    Are we just a selling CLUB? I love Arsenal, but are we ambitious enough?

    Take care.

    No offence taken


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