8 thoughts on “If Arsenal Had A Decent Goalkeeper, They Would Win The League

  1. It’s better we go for arthur boruc or hugo lloris. Even joe hart is a better goalkeeper than almunia. But igor akinfeev will make better sense

  2. Because Wenger hates English players Joe Hart is out of the question but with a serious bid, I think we can get Akinfeev. He has to come in and play right away though and I don’t think Wenger is ruthless enough to sack both Almunia and Fabianski. For me, Akinfeev first choice and Szesny second and Mannone third and ship out Fabianski and Almunia right away. It’s not going to happen because Wenger is just too nice a guy to make Almunia and Fabianski cry; I mean it would just destroy them! 🙁

  3. To be fair that pitch was a rugby pitch, which is disgraceful. That sort of turf, which I usually play on in my own games the ball is liable to go anywhere after a bounce.

  4. Well stop these blame game please and let the team get on with it, I am not fan of Arsenal Goalie but no one mentioned his finger tip save against Barbel against Pool in last minute. I think any goalkeeper would have no chances with that ball , Also it not that bad united would drop points as well. So let get behind the team instead of always looking for scapegoats or we could end like west ham if we are not careful. We are in good position all we need is noisy fans not whingers.

  5. Arsenal will never win the title till we have Bendter leading our lines & Almunia guarding our lines.

    Both are absolutely hopeless.

    I was sure this wud be the case come end of the season.

    Arsenal have tough matches in Blackburn, Man City & Totenham. We need all 9 out of 9. We drop one more game & we can kiss our sorry asses goodbye!

    ManU & Chelsea have tough games………………..I am sure they will drop points somewhere!

    however, we cannot have Almunia & win the title we cannot have Bentner & win the title………its impossible!

  6. Simple Alumina must be sold this summer, he has cost us too many games this season, a good keeper is worth 9 points a season, ours has probably cost us 9 points, I fear for us against Barca’ with that clown in goal, but the blame has to go to Wenger who did nothing to get a keeper this season when he had ample chances.

  7. Agreee that Alumunia has cost Arsenl a lot these past seaons. The problem is Aw is blind, Until he replaces Arsenal will never win trophy


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