Why Didn’t England Get The 2018 World Cup?

What a f*cking disgrace.

We have the best infrastructure, the best stadiums, the best fans and the best facilities. And at least we wouldn’t have those bloody Vuvuzelas at the grounds.

It’s a massive shame, because for me one of the beautiful aspects of English football is the multicultural diversity. On the pitch, in the crowd, it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white or orange. English football fans are fantastic and all that matters is the colour of the shirt.

And it’s also a shame because from the two major tournaments we have hosted, one produced a semi-final finish and we won the other. Home advantage is key for England to perform at a tournament.

We would have guaranteed full stadiums and a fantastic atmosphere at every game.

Expect Arshavin to get booed next week by the opposing fans!


19 thoughts on “Why Didn’t England Get The 2018 World Cup?

  1. If England had gotten the 2018 World Cup, we would’ve seen 4 of the world’s biggest sporting events held in the UK over a span of only 6 years.

    Olympics 2012
    Commonwealth Games 2014
    Rugby World Cup 2015

    I think it’s a bit much to expect such a small country to be allowed to host all of these in such quick succession – would seem a little unfair no?!…

  2. I personally don’t mind to see WC hosted in unprecedented countries. Russia has a decent fan base and a booming economy, so fair choice. Qatar????

  3. If England could only do well in WC with “home advantage” as you put it, then it’s really sad. Anyway, I for one am looking forward to the World Cup being taken place in two countries who NEVER hosted the tournament before. It is called WORLD Cup after all. It belongs to the world, not just a few traditional big football nations.

  4. FIFA are a bunch of corrupt so and so’s.

    The other bids were half-arsed, and Russia’s was based on building amazing stadiums in the future, if they won the World Cup bid.

    It should go to the country that already have the setup.

  5. What is the difference between Russia and England?
    Russia have underworld tactics, England don’t. Any allegation relating to votes is headline news in England but in Russia, you will never hear it. Why?
    Ever heard of the Russian Mafia? Hahaha. Say no more

  6. garnbage artcle. England has no god given right to host the games, does not have the best fans and it is fair to give others a chance. Leave Arshavin alone and remember that the British Empire is (almost) over. By the way I am a die hard Arsenal Fan.

  7. I would be so pissed if anybody boos Arshavin against Fulham. What did he do wrong? I can’t believe that us English are talking about how we should have the World Cup when we are saying that. It is a disgrace. I think we should cheer for Arshavin.

  8. Whenever decision is against England, it is the fault of others Calling it a fix and Mafia’s influence. If Mafia is so powerful, Russia would have won everything in football from Europa league/Champions League by Russian clubs; winning Euro and World up by Russia national team. It will be Mafia’s influence again should Russia win World Cup 2018

    Winning just two votes against Russian’s 13 says it all. Blame it all at English FA thinking having Sir Sebastian Coe and David Beckham will give England a great chance. It is more than that.

  9. England’s chances went up in smoke when Aston Villa’s and Birmingham’s fans rioted. There may very well be fans issue in Russia but the riot at Birmingham coming 2 days before the vote was a no brainer.

  10. I pity you guys who still don’t know why England did not win the right to host 2018. You still do not understand that many people beyond your shores do not like England. Much as they do not like America. Americans and English think the same – that everybody loves them. How wrong. How sad you don’t get it.
    More people rejoice that England did not win than Russia winning.
    You still don’t get it? Nobody likes to be told by you or Americans what to do. Everything you touched dies. Every country you and USA had influence over suffered from it. Neither UK nor US has got good karma, and that will continue.
    You preach divisiveness, now we see it in your bid campaign. What goes around comes around.

  11. KLV has a point, although he/she went a bit overboard on it.

    It’s just like the Eurovision song contest. All countries outside the UK hate England. Not because everything we touch ‘dies’ though, but because everyone else is bunch of racists.

    Places like Russia, Spain, Italy, etc. are a complete disgrace. They abuse black footballers and the federations do absolutely nothing about it. In Spain and Italy, Eto’o has been abused God knows how many times. And if a black player plays in Russia it’s exactly the same.

    And Russia is such a huge country that hosting a World Cup in what is effectively a size of a continent is hardly practical. And there are 9 different time zones! The reasons for hosting it there are ridiculous.

    And don’t get me started on Qatar…

  12. KLV is spot on! No one outside England wished England to host Worldcup. Wenger Immortals you are true English…and that is what we say made England loose out, Exactly those thoughts! You think you are not racist because you are English, ask the foreigners next to you! In my country we have a quote that say the Baboon doesnt always see its red back sides .. it keep on laughing at the other backside

  13. Quite unfortunate that we have people who still think that the world stops at their doorsteps! I dont see any problem in Qatar hosting an event of the WC magnitude as long as they can afford to have the facilities in time. England was never created with the facilities you are talking about and the word “world” in the name “WC” is not limited to a few countries, it also includes South Aftrica, Qatar, Rassia, Egypt e.t.c unless you want to call it “the egland cup!”


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