Ipswich Totally Deserved To Beat Us

There was only one team that wanted to win tonight and it wasn’t the men in yellow.

Arsenal were completely useless. Arsene obviously values the Carling Cup (we think) from the team he selected but the players were shockingly bad.

I feel for the Arsenal fans who travelled to Ipswich as I was at the Wigan game and the trip home isn’t fun when the team just hasn’t performed.

But where was the urgency? Where was the motivation? Where was the respect?

The performance was slow, sloppy, lacklustre, lazy… Basically the players turned up and expected a walk over. And we got exactly what we deserved, nothing.

Arsenal will still be favourites to progress with the second leg at the Emirates, but if Ipswich manage to nick a goal then our task is made much harder. And you just wonder with the terrible result tonight that it might come back to haunt us.

Arshavin yet again was pitiful. I don’t know what is going on with him and it’s got to the point where you actually feel sorry for him now. Maybe some support from the crowd might help, at this stage it’s worth trying anything. But he wasn’t the only poor performer as his form and effort seemed to be contagious as the rest of the team did exactly the same.

Anyway, there’s not much else I can say is there?


27 thoughts on “Ipswich Totally Deserved To Beat Us

  1. We are wank!!!
    Its time for change we are going backwards we need a manager that will spend money and want to win things. Wenger is to stubborn to see his youth policy does not work, we need experience and some steel. A new spine cb df and a proven striker

  2. 6 reasons why we wont win fuck all
    1/ Arsenal have no players to force the game if its not going our way.
    2/ Arshavin hes gave up

  3. As far as I am concerned if we fail to win this competition this year then we need a total overhaul (manager maybe and certain players definitely).

    The more I see of this group of players the more I see an attitude and mentality problem. The coaching and ethos of the club has to take a portion of the blame for this. They are not winners and quite simply do not do the basics well (simple defending and set pieces- both in attack and defence).

    Vela, Rosicky, Bendnter, Denilson, Eboue- nothing I have seen from any of these players suggests that they are good enough to be in a squad aspiring to win the title.

    Arshavin and Walcott- objectivley judging them on performances and not the ability we believe they have- quiter simply not good enough. The only difference is Arshavin HAS done it- just not for us.

    There is an ‘Emperors New Clothes’ sysndrome at this club- if the fans are repeatedly told that players at the club are quality then we begin to bleive it.

    Our reserves were beaten 10-1 last night….TEN F**KIN ONE! The reality is that the players we have are not as good as we have been led to believe.

    The Carling Cup is there for the taking- if this team don’t win it this season they will never win anything.

  4. Did you hear how Keown tore into them after the game.He outlined exactly what we all feel,no urgency,lazy,complacent and worst of all a complete lack of desire.

  5. The players/team reflects it manager it always has done. This arsenal team reflect wenger, wenger is the man who thinks this team deserve to win something, can you see what the problem is there? You dont deserve to win something until a trophy is in your hands but arsene has bought these players up believing they deserve to win things without yet winning anything. Yes sack wenger.

  6. Dear HATE WENGER, there was only one French player in the team tonight you xenophobic muppet. I assume you purport to be an Arsenal fan. Just suppose Arsenal do actually win something this year, what on earth will you do? Support your team and your manager is my advice. Maybe you are one of the people that goes to the Emirates and sits their moaning and booing, who knows? Come on you Gooners

  7. 3/ Denilson hes so bad i think i could have more of an effect on arsenal matches
    4/ just soddin buy a proven cb
    5/ we have not got a forward who can score over 15 goals a season
    6/ The keeper we wont play the young pole again this season

  8. too many useless players /bentner,arsh.,ebue,djuru/no passion and respect to travel.supporters,wenger has to buy now or never at least 3 class players/neeed £50mil./,need to sell 3-4 now or we will never win even carling cup with these lot!!!

  9. Dear God, let Wenger go. We dont need him, he only takes our money and gives them to yanks and other shitty owners, who dont give a fuck about our club and wining things, as long we are in big 4 and CL. ‘

    FUCK OFF WENGER !!!!!!

  10. I compleatly agree with this post. Arsenal doesn’t deserve even draw (even the goal was from offside). But I can’t blame just Wenger. Most of the players that were on the field were those who need to prove that deserve to be in first team (Arshavin, Bentner, Koscielny, Djourou…). they simple don’t prove anything.
    I hope that, against Wesn Ham, Arsenal will prove that there are no black clouds above gunners…

  11. If we get somehow manage to get past Ipswich we will have a real struggle on our hands if we play like this in an eventual final.Odds before on us wining the carling cup was probably 75 percent now it is 50/50.Any Pl side will beat us if we play like this.

  12. By the way my criticism of HATE WENGER does not disguise the fact that we were very poor tonight, especially Arshavin, Denilson and Bendtner. Shuffling the pack at the Emirates (bring back RvP and Nasri) and we should be able to get to the final. Come on you Gooners! We are only a player or two short of a very good team and – as a long time Arsenal fan (in my 40s) – I have seen some truly dire teams and managers.

  13. as long as losers like f**kin denilson step on the pitch this crest means mediocrity at its best… whatever wenger say the results are better truth, it was really worthless to watch that kind of shit mentality until 4.30 am in my country…f**k wenger, bendtner, denilson and arshavin

  14. Just because we criticise or vent our concerns does it not make us real fans! The real fans care and if change is needed that shows you care to say so

    Many of these players are not good enough. The style of play is predictable and easy to defend against. 1 goal from open play in 3 games??

    Arshavin please go for your own good!! Evoke that was a shocker

  15. Tonight was shameful.

    No more excuses. Too many players here are simply not good enough. What must Cesc be thinking ?
    Cesc cussed Denillson in his post match interview on Saturday after another poor performance and what happens. The same piss poor players start again tonight. Eboue, Denillson, Bendy, and Shava all start tonight. The writing was on the wall.

    This was a semi final of a cup competition. No urgency, commitment, effort, hunger, desire, this should come from within the players and also come from the manager.
    What is Wenger saying to the team before they take to the field?

    Even at half time the play remained the same.
    Our defending is shocking, a long ball and Koselney ( excuse the spelling ) is all over the shop.

    Give Ramsey his chance now, where is JET ? He is so much better than Nic.

    As for Shava, total waste of space, he sums us up with his lack of effort and workrate.
    We will not win anything with this squad.

    Money has to be spent and now.

    Only Jack came out of this game with any credit.

  16. This was the only chance for us to win something this year, and wenger shits on it. well done u old maistro…he is so good picking teams..arshavin is so fucking poor, eboue is a joker like he allways has been, benty and theo are antitalents, at the back no need to say,,,more shit than last year, i dont understand how we are on 3. place in EPL……. ?

  17. More angry as I reflect further and listen to Wenger blaming the amount of games!! Ipswich played on Sunday and have a smaller squad.

    Evoke and BEndtner should never play for us again!! Doujouro was good Walcott tried but Cesc had a shocker

    Still no new CB if JD gets injured were f**ked
    If Song gets injured no cover
    No cover at right back but a 20 players on loan bizarre

    Need a new system fast

  18. Contrary to popular belief, we spend more than most clubs. It’s where we spend that makes us different. Whereas other clubs get hungry they go out & buy a hamburger. When we’re hungry we go out & buy a calf, nurture it till it’s grown, realize it’s diseased, then go & buy another calf & repeat the process.
    Now everyone should realise why we have no money. Too many mad cows & not one damn hamburger.

  19. Before the game Cesc said don’t under estimate Ipswich. If they play at 100% effort we have to play at 101%.
    Our ‘B’ team doesn’t have the experience or bottle to win games. We saw it against Wigan. Leeds and now Ipswich.

    Wenger need sto realise this and wake up. I wonder what Leeds must be thinking! If we can’t win the Carling Cup when all the ‘big’ clubs are out of it….we are not gonna win anything. Not now..not next year….

  20. Our team 2 is pathetic! but i beg to differ on Djorou. Aside from Verm, he’s our 2nd best CB & I feel he’s good. By 2 seasons from now he will be one of the best in EPL. He’s cool, calm & calculated


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