10 thoughts on “This Arsenal Team Will Never Win Anything

  1. Imo the gunners style of play is to be blamed. Wenger is not flexible .His obsession with pretty /attacking soccer is going to cost Arsenal dearly not only now but in future.There are other factors.He want to be like Brazil 1982 version with a weak defence and less than reliable gk.
    At the rate he is going, Arsenal can only win when he goes or ditches his occer philosophy. He can’t have it both ways. Birmingham’ anti soocer won the day.
    If he believes in exposing his defence,that’s it.The Blues winner was the result of direct soccer in its simplicity. This is in contrast to the gunner pattern weaving soccer which got stuck in no man’s land when suffocated by a massed defence.
    Wenger cannot say he i new to this game plan. He is loath to play anti soccer but Mcleish won’t bother because he has won.

  2. The blogger’s response is totally justified. The lack of character and leadership of this team shame the great traditions of this great football club, and the manager is fullly culpable for this, believing that somehow these things do not matter. Time he was held to account rather than endlessly hailed for keeping us in the top 4 during a frankly unwelcome stadium change.

  3. Jekyll you ungrateful bastard.

    Why weren’t you saying this on the day? Oh you waited until after the game and got angry.

    You are a pathetic, unintelligent oxygen-stealer.

  4. D your abuse shames and indicts you. You have no idea what I was saying before or indeed years before the game. You are an ultra-defensive Wengerite who strangely depends on believing he is the Messiah for your mental health.

  5. fantastic. not sure what i hate more, your pathetic, whining, lightweight, cheating, diving scum midfielders fabricarse and sammy nearly or the pathetic fairweather ‘fans’ who blog this putrid shit. all i know is as a club you made £50m profit last year…… congratulations you cnuts. bet you wish you’d spent some of it on players.


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