Who Else Predicted This Total Collapse?

I said weeks ago, before the first Barcelona game, and when all of the fixtures started to build up, that this could be the start of an Arsenal collapse.

Unfortunately, I was right.

Since beat Barcelona in the first leg of the Champions League, whatever could go wrong for Arsenal has gone wrong. We’ve lost Walcott, Fabregas, van Persie, Sczcesny and now Djourou for important games. We’ve been unceremoniously dumped out of the Carling Cup, Champions League and FA Cup within the space of 2 weeks.

The problem that we Arsenal fans all know about is the lack of mental strength this Arsenal team has, and the inability to grind out a result when it matters.

But then again, I suppose I’ll be labelled as a Spurs fan or plastic Arsenal supporter.


23 thoughts on “Who Else Predicted This Total Collapse?

  1. To be totally honest, I thought we would have won the c cup, but none of the others. We have a very soft underbelly, and our b team is not as good as most would have believe. God, what a shitty 2 weeks!

  2. who actually thought a team contianing Diaby and denilson could beat any team. Utd didnt break sweat beating us, let us have the ball all night long with that slow pas the ball here pass it there but dont pass it forward quickly until they have their defence back . I am glad we just have the league to concentrate on.

  3. Oh look. Chins up. The league is still there for the taking. I’d back Miquel for a C.H. spot any day. Sure, confidence is low. But I’d take the league over the F.A. Cup any day. Some might say that’s not the point but this game is out of the system now and Wenger will use it to his advantage. The self-pity is over now. Let’s go and support the team to win this league.

    (And by the way, the Barca game wasn’t that bad, in spite of what the papers and pundits say. It was a terrific defensive performance and 11 v 11 with half an hour left at 1-1 would have been a different proposition.)

    Fight the good fight people!

  4. So you predicted we would lose away to Barcelona and Manchester United. Not exactly Nostra-fucking-damus, are you?

  5. Did you hear Wenger in the BBC interview afterwards? He said ‘what can you do’ twice in under 2 mins. Sums up his and the player’s attitude these days. It’s over.

  6. your so right my friend. Im sick of hearing how much money arsenal fc have made this year. The bean counters must love wenger. The same thing happens every year we get to march and our season implodes.we can all see the problems with the team why cant wenger. Im not one of the wenger out brigade but even my patience is wearing thin. The moneys there to improve the team so spend it. cheap french imports and kids will get you so far but we need quality players. empty seats at the grove may force him to start spending!!!!!

  7. You are right- of course-but we still have a chance in the league-a chance to finish in the top 4 by this substandard injury ravaged side.
    We clearly are not the best side this year- I would put us fifth or sixth-so we should look on the bright side we have performed well.

  8. Arsenal will never win another trophy under wenger. While talking to a friend a few days before the cup final game he seemed to think it was a dead cert. I said it would be a lot harder than both he and ultimately Arsenal thought it was. I also said that if we allowed that to slip that we would collapse in spectacular fashion. And so it’s come to pass the lack of depth and experience has come back to haunt us for a 6 consecutive season. We are told every year that this team is gaining experience and getting better. It’s true we have made progress, but the problem lies completely at the feet of wenger. Denilson, Diaby, Bendtner and Rosicky should all of been out on their ear last season. These players will never be good enough to help us challenge for honours. The fact that the spuds got van der varrt for £8m is a travesty, and it’s pretty clear wenger has lost the ability to identify weakness in his squad and replace it accordingly. Confidence is at an all time low after a complete collapse in 2 weeks. Anyone who thinks we will win the league in this form with these injuries is deluded and will be sadly dissapointed come may. Now will be a succession of drab displays scraping draws with a few losses until the utd game at home drives the final nail in the coffin that is this season. This is not a typical knee jerk reaction seen across blogs this evening, but more of a fairly measured assumption of the rest of the season based on the events of the last 6 years. Walk away now wenger while you still can. Your project is in tatters and there is now nowhere to hide.

  9. CC Final was disappointing. Against Barca we defended really well and with 11 v 11 it might have been very different.

    Today’s game was a cracker. Man U defended really well

    Things aren’t all that bad. CC Final & today the opposition’s GK got Man of the Match so it means we had plenty of chances and plenty of shots on target.

  10. Holy f***ing cow – the amount of moaning from Arsenal supporters at the moment is ridiculous. We lost the CC final – shit happens sometimes, and then we got beaten away by probably the best two teams in Europe. I am as disappointed as anyone, but victories at the Nou Camp or Old Trafford would have been extraordinary. There is no shame in losing at either place. Now we have ten to play, nicely spaced out, time to train and prepare properly before each game. There’s a chance – it’s in our hands – so let’s stop f***ing moaning, get behind te team, help lift them out of their disappointments, and back them every minute of every game to win the league.

  11. Hahaha…..Love it……And some of you are still going on about winning the league!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…Quadruple eh…Hahahaha

  12. Sack Wenger. Bring in vic Akers he has won more than ten ladies titles and has the winning mentality we need.

  13. I think i speak for a lot of arsenal fans when i say i am more frustrated than disappointed. I can see that this arsenal team has an immense amount of talent but we are two or three quality players short of having the team that we need to start winning trophies again. Rosicky is the main player that needs to be replaced because he hasn’t got it. What was the point in the new stadium if the club are not willing to spend the money needed to spend money


  14. The collapse is caused by AW’s myopic vision to win the Champions League with a team incapable to do so. The CL dream is a very damaging one. We lose matches before and after CL matches. It has been vey damaging for the past 10 years.
    If only we can accept the fact that we are not strong enough over a season to win the CL, then we should concentrate on Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup. How many times did AW chuck away the FA Cup and League Cup in the hope of some success in the CL?
    And lets face it, CL is won by teams with great players. Apart from Fabregas, RvP and Arshavin, none in the present squad will be great players.
    We have a long way to go. Accept it with humility and plot success somewhere else.

  15. In a way it is good the gunners get thrown out of FA cup.This team is simply not good enough. It’s better they are beaten at this stage than in the final.The defeat would have been more painful.
    To those in Arsene we trust ,the writing is on the wall.This man’s tactical one dimensional style is very easy to counter. Before the match,he correctly predicted MU would flood the mid field and hit on the break.How spot on. The same cannot be said about his ability with regard to tactics.
    I am afraid Wenger has reached his zenith with the gunners.A manager must reinvent and innovate. His innovation with kids has failed to reach the desired std and his convition that they will deliver is admirable but fool hardy.
    Btw dont be surprised Redknapp goes on to win the cl. It’s long shot but not impossible. Here’s a guy who’s pragmatic and plays to win not go into a passing frenzy which I believe is the cause of the gunners losing .
    I will be pummelled by gooner fans but the truth hurts.

  16. What a woeful performance by my team today! Where did it all go wrong for Mr. Wenger? During the summer! The Bear asked Mr. Wenger and Arsenal what was the ambition for this season, winning the C Cup or going for everything? If going for everything, we needed 4 important signings. 2 x defenders, 1 x CM to replace Song if he is injured and 1 x hitman up front. The Bear suggested the best way, if money is the issue was to cut a and prune or sell and buy and resist the bargain bucket players at the end of the season.

    Having stumbled at C Cup, the Bear suggested to bring back 4 x reserve players and get them training with the squad as they will help to save our bacon! Many said ridiculous for they have not the experience.

    Finally, the Bear suggested there is a problem with the trainers and coaches.

    I lov my team to bits, despite the embarrassing displays by certain players that are not fit for purpose. Finally, Arsenal allow the Bear to offer one further suggestion to save the season. If the Ex: Manager of Newcastle C H is available or his eX-pupils Dennis Bergkamp or T Henry are available to use their experiences and eyes.

    Arsene has to patch up Song, Fabergas, Walcott and Djourou and get back quickly to save himself further insults.

  17. Hahaha, can’t even compete in 2 competitions! What a waste of a club when u c fans happy to being knocked out of the FA cup. It’s going 2 b 7 seasons now. Your players are a joke, your club is a joke, your manager is a joke but you fans are the biggest JOKE. Your team play like a bunch of bit.ches.

    Can’t wait to c u fall again and AGAIN and AGAIN!

    Maybe next year you might win the treble, just maybe =>

  18. Wow you must be some kind of soothsayer! Please tell me what you think will happen in the Champions League so A) I can win loads of money on bets and B) I can see the future!

    OK hold on a minute. I think I am getting a VISION. Here we go. I am predicting that BARCELONA MIGHT WIN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!

  19. Joke we might appear to some, but the Bear is not going to support no other team. In the good times and in the lean periods Arsenal 4 life.


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