Do Arsenal Fans Want Joey Barton?

As the games most intelligent footballer Joey Barton ended his Newcastle career with a series of controversial “tweets”, speculation grows (although more like complete fiction) that Joey Barton has interested Arsenal.

While the sensible point of view would be that it would never happen in a million years, do Arsenal fans want Joey Barton at Arsenal?

Yes, he’s volatile, yes, he’s a nut case, but whatever you say about him he’s got balls, which is something severely lacking in this current Arsenal squad. He could possibly destroy the club from the inside, but he is such an enigma that he could give Arsenal that something extra.

Something other than more red cards before you say that!

Over the last few seasons, Arsene has loved bringing in players for free. We had Sol Campbell, Jens Lehmann, Marouane Chamakh and Amaury Bischoff – some of which were much worse than Joey Barton.

But unfortunately Wenger only wants players that listen to him and do exactly what he says, and Barton isn’t exactly the type of personality that would take orders lightly. Myles suggests that Joey Barton could be great alongside Jack Wilshere, and vice versa, and why couldn’t he be good at Arsenal?

In Barton we have a player that obviously has something to prove, and we could have a much worse backup midfielder in the team. He has a high ratio of assists and has one of the best assist records from set-pieces. And because he’s free if he does start to become a disruptive influence then Arsene can always throw him into the reserves.

It would be crazy but it could be just about crazy enough to actually work.


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33 thoughts on “Do Arsenal Fans Want Joey Barton?

  1. If Joey Barton signs for arsenal, i will be done as an arsenal fan until the current administration has cleared out and left. The man is a disgrace, and can only bring disgrace to our club.

  2. Strange as I have just posted the following tweet on my timeline:

    “the more i think about it @Joey7Barton to #Arsenal could be a good match… you have to be open minded about these things”

  3. fuk yess. He would not feel like the top dog at arsenal which would tone him down whilst challenging himself to raise his game. Has got bottle and quality and is english

  4. Yes. He has stayed out of trouble lately, he is trying to better himself, just look at his twitter feed, and will bring us what we need. Lets give him an opportunity to complete his life turn around. He is a top footballer.

  5. We certainly do need someone with balls at Arsenal but we do not need that kind of SCUM here. Arsene needs to pull out his finger & spend the cash the board keep saying we have. Let Fab go, let Nasri go b4 we lose him for nothing next year then spend the money on DECENT stars that deserve to wear the Arsenal shirt.

  6. Totally agree. I love the thought of a battler in the squad who can be thrown on when things get a bit hairy…

    Not sure about Barton though i think the decision would come back to haunt the club in some way

    Plus i dont think Diaby would be too pleased and hes the chosen one.

  7. I think arsenal realy needs a rude dude like barton,wenger indeed need an outspoken player to put him right in d masters plan of his,yes to joey barton.

  8. I’d love Barton at Arsenal.

    Then we’d finally have some steel, bottle and bollocks.

    Arsenal have been a bunch of fairies for far too long now and it hasn’t worked. If we had Barton we wouldn’t have lost the Carling Cup Final, Birmingham would have been far to busy having a fight with him!

  9. Post 1. Matthew, if you are going to BE DONE at Arsenal if they get Joey Barton then you’re as fickle as all post 1998 these glory boys who are whining about not winning this and that etc.


    Barton has got an attitude – I agree – It don’t make him a bad footballer.
    Barton has had off field problems. So what. He walloped Dabo, so what. He hot jail time for asault, so what. I don’t give a shite so long as he gives 100% of what he’s capable of for the club.

    MERSON was a druggy and alcoholic
    ADAMS was an alcoholic
    PARLOUR wasn’t far behind

    All three are seen as Arsenal men

    Wenger for all his faults got a big fee for Merse and helped give both Adams and Parlour an extended career plus winners medals.
    If there is anyone who can transform Joey Barton as a man then its Wenger. If anyone can drive a player it is Wenger. Barton is already good – With us he’d be made great.

    Read Myles Palmers slant on it at re: Jack Wilshere/Joey Barton – interesting reading, and I think he’s right.
    Palmer’s not everyones cup of tea – But he’s right

    BARTON is better than Song, better than Diaby and better than Denilson. AND HE’S ENGLISH and won’t be at the ACN.

    If Jags and Cahill are on about signing this week plus the matter of Mata – Then Barton would be an ideal acquisition.

    If he signs – You see how many people/fans will change their minds about him.

    One thing he’s not is a shirker or a showboater.

  10. Diaby should seriously just retire. And I mean in the least malicious way possible, but ever since he had his ankle fractured/broken he can’t stay fit long enough to get a good run in the side and get some form.

    Good footballer, good skills, good on the ball but unfortunately I just cant see him ever playing 20-30 games a season.

  11. Look on the bright side. Diaby might give Wenger a ‘him or me’ ultimatum.
    Seriously speakiing, i think our we are getting a bit too precious at Arsenal. One thing for sure is that it would give us a decent ball winner in midfield who would adopt a winning attitude at Arsenal very quickly. Besides i saw him getting kicked all over the place by the Wolves players last season with reacting.
    Don’t get me wrong> i’m not his biggest fan. However i don’t see us signing the 2nd coming of Michael Essien any time soon.

  12. Barton is a very good player, he would not be my first choice, that would be Parker, but he wouldn’t be a bad second.

    Got to be better than sitting idle and signing unproven youngsters or cheap foreigners with no premier league experience.

  13. South Yorkshire Gunner are you fucking kidding me ???Joey Barton and his ilk is pond scum trying to compare him to Three greats is treason you sorry son of a bitch.Joey B is a self confessed right wing nationalist he socializes with the worst scum of the earth some like Anders Breivik would be a buddy of his,he is a racist a sadist and generally really bad company.If wenger got him signed it would be the very end of my support just like martin. Shame on you South Yorkshire Gunner !!!

  14. Yes face it we cud do with him n we need players face it how much bad can he do we’re playin rubbish at the moment the worst he can do is make us stay the same n wenger u need 2 buy players n fast clocks tickin !!!!!!!!


    Why is he a racist – cos he walloped Dabo?
    Cos I critisised Song, Diaby and Denilson?
    Cos I mentioned Myles Palmer?

    I DON’T CARE who Arsenal sign as long as they are good and give 100%
    Barton is good and he’d give 100%

    I suppose you’d prefer Eboue who’s shite, showboat, makes mistakes and who cheats?
    But hey, forget about that – He’s African and he makes everyone laugh….

    I suppose you’d prefer Bendtner who’s lazy, bigheaded and misses chances?
    But hey forget about forget about that – He’s Danish and shite

    Danish Gooner – you’re a prick

    I DON’T CARE who Arsenal sign as long as they are good and give 100%
    Barton is good and he’d give 100%

  16. Yes we need players with balls to complement the players with talent but without balls ala Arshavin, Diaby and Song. We bottled it against teams like Stoke and Birmingham and I couldn’t see that happening if we brought Barton on who also has an excellent assist record

  17. Barton would be a great signing for Arsenal we need someone who dont care about anything and will fight for the club
    he is also very passonate about the game

  18. As a Black and White and a decent (i think ) person. You really do not want this player. He will disrupt your dressing room. He will miss games(lots and lots) through suspension and maybe even prison again.
    What you will also get is a good player but lets face it Arsenal are not short of those. Barton is not a good tackler and not a holding midfielder. He is an attacking central midfielder who can play wide on the right, but there are numerous who are better and who do not come with the baggage.
    If you think the second is more important than the first then good luck to you but you are what is wrong with football, sport, and the country.

  19. JB @ Arsenal? Well the No 4 and No 8 shirts will soon be vacant so why not take a gamble on a proven Premier League performer? Yes he was a bad boy at Man City & he’s upset the hierachy at NUFC – but if you read his “tweets”, he’s being honest about the way the club’s being run. Mike Ashley isn’t spending any money on new players & the best ones are being sold. He’s obviously proud to be a NUFC player or he would take his £60k pw pay, go to training & then go home & say nothing. He does care about the club – and to be honest, the lack of ANY comments from our current No4 & No8 speaks volumes about their “love for the club” as Wenger states. They don’t give a shit about Arsenal – just the size of their pay cheque. Let them both leave & they will both earn much more – while warming the benches of MCFC and Barca respectively. Get someone like Barton in who has a pair and is not afraid to show how much he cares, even if it costs him a place in the team. We need some steel in our team, which is full of fragile, five foot speed merchants who can’t handle the physicallity of the Prem. You know for a fact that Joey will be up for a scrap & will battle with every fibre of his being to get 3 points. Don’t see that type of commitment from any of the current team – except for maybe RvP and Verminator. Get him in, get him training & get him battling for our team. He’s a WINNER and with him in our squad, he just might be the missing piece of the puzzle that makes the rest of the team winners as well!! UP THE GUNNERS!

  20. 31 shadows

    Once you’ve been in prison when you’ve had everything you wouldn’t want to go there again. Ask TONY ADAMS – an arsenal legend who was imprisoned and was a self confessed alcoholic.

    Wenger inherited a good player with Baggage.

    Wenger helped transform this good player by giving him a longer career.

    Merson played for Arsenal. He was a self confessed drug addict, alcoholic, womaniser and gambler. An Arsenal legend.

    Is Barton any worse ? All Barton’s done is voice an opinion and belted a couple of people. I think we’ve all done that or had that done to us – Especially after a few beers

    Any player who is good and would give 100% is always welcome at Arsenal in my eyes, regardless as if he’d done anything serious he’d still be inside.

    And I’m what’s wrong with the country?

    Another prick

  21. I watched the Emerates cup games and wondered why oh why am I doing this again. I watched my beloved club tip tap across the back line then through and around midfield and then around the box at least 15 times in each match…WITHOUT ANYONE HAVING A SHOT!!! Both oppositions had obviously heard about ‘our style’ and just waited for the breakdown in our play and broke away. Both games our ‘unique defence’ had only a few free kicks and corners to deal with and FAILED AGAIN ! So here we are again….cost in money £80 for two days…..long 1.5 hour journey each way…..eagerly reading blogs for news of desperately needed defenders with 6’5″ height, and Arsene + Gazidis playing games with the clubs future. If the mata deal has gone tits up (as usual) because ,as quoted’ AFC were waiting for the Fabregas money, the once again the board and manager have been telling porkies about our financial clout.

    SO the answer to THE question about Joey Barton… a BLOODY GREAT YES! He is not the sort to fairy around as per denilson, he will not fold before, during and after a match like Diaby, his passing range is equal to most but his toughness and bravery is second to none. So sell Nasri & cesc and get Parker, McCarthy, & Barton immediately. Sell Arsharvin for £15 mill and buy Enrique…….and guess what we still have about £45 mill left over to buy Rossi……blimey what a team we would have? ATLAST!

  22. South Yorkshire gooner is bang on, Barton would be a great signing now he may not be sports personality of the year but he’s a quality footballer and a winner, I’ve never seen him give less than 100% on the field. Far better than a lot of squad members that seem to be happy collecting a pay cheque curtsey of our 6% increase! Barton, mata and a cb now we’re talking…..

  23. 31 shadows and danish gooner.

    Opinions are great – they make the world go around – Even if they do come from the impotent and gutless

    I’ve been following Arsenal since 72.

    As in life I’ve seen great and I’ve seen garbage.

    In life I’d rather be with someone good, who’ll back my corner 100% and will fight alongside me.

    On the football pitch I wonder what Jack Wilshere would want standing along side him…. Maybe someone good, who’ll back his corner 100% and who will fight alongside him….

    You won’t get that with Diaby, Denilson or Eboue….. and Song come to that … Mediocrity… No wonder Nasri and Cesc want to walk

    If Parker was with Arsenal, Song would be playing Carling Cup…

  24. Opinons are good. You may agree or disagree with an opinion, but should you disagree with some one else’s opinion,
    1 It does not make theirs wrong,
    2 It does not make yours any more valid,

    Like I said don’t be so hard on yourself
    You’ve given an opinion it doesn’t make you any less of a person.
    Arsenal without JB will still make the top four and maybe with a more suited player for the club you might even win the EPL.

    My club have JB for 3 seasons which ended in relegation the first year. He missed most of the championship season various reasons and we finished in the bottom half of the premireship when he had his only productive season. All I would say is be careful for what you wish.

    Good luck to the Arsenal next season but maybe not against the Mags.
    (not much chance of any points for the Mags there though).


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